Tacori Engagement Rings - Diamonds by Raymond Lee
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tacori engagement rings

Tacori Engagement Rings

For the past four decades, Tacori has created some of the world’s most exquisite jewelry. The legacy began in 1969, when patriarch Haig Tacorian left Europe to begin a life in the United States. Settling in sunny California, Haig and his wife dedicated their life to creating high-end jewelry with an original and unique European twist. The Tacorian family continues to take pride in the passion that’s expressed in each piece of jewelry they create. The reason is simple – these fine pieces of jewelry are created from artisans with an unwavering passion for craftsmanship. Handmade out of California, every piece has an intricate design with close attention to detail, bringing to life stunning engagement rings, wedding bands, and jewelry. Keeping the family’s proud tradition afloat, Haig continues to remain the father of the highly regarded jewelry line. Along with his children and several other Tacorian family members, Haig continues to translate his passion into beautifully crafted pieces. Learn more about Tacori engagement rings.

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