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Simon G. History

Who is Simon G. ?


Simon g founder of simon g jewelry

The brand would be nothing without the man – the designer behind each and every stunning creation.


Simon Ghanimian began his journey to world-famous jeweler as a young Armenian boy who learned at an early age that creativity was the key to success. His parents taught him that if you could build something with your hands – create something out of nothing – you would never go hungry. It was a lesson that stuck with Simon, and led him to combine the passion for creating with appreciation for luxury.


Ghanimian’s parents impressed upon him the importance of pride in your work. This set the first tenet for how he would later do business – create everything you make with the same care you’d take if you were making it for yourself. They also taught him that is you’re going to make something, do it right, and make it to last a lifetime, to be enjoyed by future generations. Let your jewelry be your legacy. And lastly, stay humble. Those wise words instilled in Simon a desire to craft nothing but the best, and see the greatest pleasure in serving the needs of others – specifically the need for breathtaking jewelry unlike anything else on the market.


He started his company by moving from Beirut to Los Angeles, where he and his wife, Sylvia,  founded the brand. When he went to City Hall to register his new company, the clerk told him his name was too long. And on that day, Simon G was born.


Since that day, the company has expanded well beyond Ghanimian and his wife. WIth over 900 retail locations worldwide, the brand employs dozens of designers from all walks of life. And the more numerous they grow, the more specialized they become.


The designs are unique, cutting edge, and truly unlike anything else on the market. But the fashion-forward, ahead of the curve style of each piece isn’t the defining characteristic. That honor goes to the craftsmanship in each piece. This attention to detail should surprise no one who knows Ghanimian’s background: that pride of artisanship he launched the brand with remains strong.


And how does Simon G perfect the art of attention to detail? With artists, designers, and master jewelers who excel at their craft, and who’ve perfected their signature details.



When you visit the studio, you’ll see dedicated specialists to every Simon G detail. There are diamond setters who work on pave and pave only. There are jewelers whose life’s work revolves around the perfect channel setting. And still more jewelers who have mastered innovative and heirloom quality prong work. Their metal working colleagues, meanwhile, hand craft their own specialty details, whether that’s milgrain, scroll work, filigree, and artistic engravings.


The rings are always hand-polished to perfection before they’re finished on both the interior and exterior surfaces. Even the parts of the rings that only the owner’s finger will ever see bear the brand’s signature craftsmanship. Additionally, before it ever leaves the design studios, each one is individually inspected by a dedicated team of quality control professionals.


simon g hand polishing

Hand polishing is a part of the creation process in every Simon G. ring


Every ring starts with the Old World inspiration of timeless romance, combined with the urge to create something entirely new, that is cutting edge, and unique. Something that immediately announces the ring as a Simon G original. The designer draws up a sketch, refining it until the details are just right.


Next, a CAD (Computer Animated Design) model is developed so that every craftsman who will work on the ring can examine it from every angle. This lets each specialized jeweler focus on their particular architectural detail and how to make it sound enough to last several lifetimes. This stage alone can take days of back and forth between the entire team ensuring every last thing is perfect.


Next, a wax mold is created to begin the process of casting. As it’s formed, each separate component is closely monitored for quality control. Every metal used is alloyed to last for generations. Every detail from bead work to filigree is celebrated as an individual component – no one is more important than the other, and this adds depth and richness to every piece.



Setting a center stone with the utmost care


Simon G pieces contain micro-set set accent diamonds by hand. This is why the final inspection of each and every stone must be done under a microscope to ensure it’s done properly. Each style of setting has a dedicated artisan who works exclusively on that discipline: pave, channel settings, or prongs. With a master working on each style, it means every Simon G ring is consistently a masterpiece.


Because it’s Simon G, naturally the industry standard is never enough. Rather than using glue, or only two prongs to set diamonds, they use four prongs to both protect the diamonds and prevent stones from ever falling out.




Simon G was one of the first pioneers of mixed metal designs. Beyond two-tone, the rings featured tri-tone and creative use of colored diamonds and gemstones with alloys to match. They were among the first rose gold rings in the wave of popularity spreading through the bridal jewelry world. Beyond platinum, Simon G rings come in a variety of 18 karat gold alloys. White gold is alloyed with palladium to minimize allergens and helps the ring remain bright white, meaning low maintenance magnificence for the wearer.

Simon G platinum is alloyed with iridium, which prevents the development of a gunmetal color appearing over time.


The diamonds used in each piece reflect this same variety – fancy colored diamonds set into the mountings themselves are relatively unheard of, except when it comes to Simon G When it comes to white diamonds, pave designs use G-H color, SI1 clarity, and an enormous variety of cuts ranging from brilliant to kite cut.




Every diamond is also guaranteed 100 percent conflict-free. The brand only sources diamonds from Kimberley Process compliant diamond sources. The Kimberley Process is an agreement between diamond miners, producers and suppliers and the governments of diamond-rich countries. It is designed to stop the flow of diamonds from those sources that finance violent activity. The Kimberley Process instead rewards those diamond suppliers who financially contribute to the local economy, legitimate government, and the improvement of their own societies.


Once those diamonds are set, each piece is inspected by a trained expert with a microscope. This ensures that each stone reflects light as brilliantly as its neighbors for a uniform, all-over glittering look. It also serves as a triple check on quality of setting, again going back to the brand’s values. Each piece is designed to last several lifetimes, and this final prong and setting check ensures it will remain heirloom quality, with every original diamond.


The designer uses this same stringent quality control when selecting authorized retailers. Every Simon G partner adheres to the brand’s standards and has impressed the hard-to-impress Simon himself.


Simon G. Collections

While bridal jewelry is the main focus of the brand, that gorgeous, unmistakable design style actually covers several different categories. Simon G designs and manufactures:


  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Bands
  • Men’s Wedding Rings
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Custom Jewelry


Within each category are distinct collections that take the brand’s whimsical luxury and run with it. Some are particular to just the engagement rings or fine jewelry, others span all three categories so the woman who wears Simon G can do so with commitment.


Engagement and Wedding Ring Collections:

Passion Collection – This line features both engagement rings and wedding bands, and better yet sets (a Simon G specialty.) The line features a huge variety, but it all comes back to classic design. You’ll find halos and three stone settings alike, shared prong accent diamonds, tapered shanks with baguettes, and delicate pave work in a variety of colored gemstones and metals. This is classic Simon G – bold rings for strong women with discerning taste.


jewelry image

Simon G. Passion Collection TR446


Garden Collection – Garden engagement rings draw their inspiration from flora and fauna. Delicate vines instead of scrollwork embedded on a ring’s profile. A cluster of rose gold petals bursting into bloom on either side of the center stone. Laurel leaves that fan out from the ring’s focal point. Elegant butterflies encrusted in diamonds. Each ring is an enchanted garden. Several of these rings feature watermelon tourmaline, reflecting pink, green and white to match the fairy tale palette of rose and white metal.


Fabled Collection – Fabled rings come in engagement and wedding band separates and sets. The designs in this line all emphasize geometric patterns and playful architectural elements. Entwined shanks with diamond pave, braided shanks and Art Deco throwback details make up the rings in this gorgeous and unique style. Color is another huge focal point – whether it’s a halo of invisibly set blue sapphires or a braid of not one, not two, but three different gold alloys. Many of these rings shine especially bright in Simon’s signature rose gold, though the white and yellow offerings are just as amazing.


Simon G. Fabled Collection DR349

Simon G. Fabled Collection DR349


Mosaic Collection – Mosaic engagement rings create an impressive, striking diamond profile in a unique and budget-friendly way. Each ring uses perfectly matched, expertly set diamonds to mimic the look of one large stone. The line borrows heavily from Art Deco and revival styles, with plenty of octagonal and emerald shaped construction.



Simon G. Mosaic Collection MR2621


Duchess Collection – Another range of differing styles, the element that unites every piece in the Duchess line is feminine opulence. Softer lines, scrolling metalwork, and an absolute ton of accent diamonds (particularly the larger ones.) This line also uses colored gold and fancy colored diamonds to prove its point – that only the best will do for the Duchess. It also has a coordinating line of fine jewelry.


duchess collection wedding set

Simon G. Duchess Collection TR473


Delicate Collection – The delicate collection of engagement rings and wedding bands and fine jewelry honors its name. Every piece revolves around the traditional diamond solitaire, but adds conversation-starting accents. Whether that’s rose gold milgrain, entwined diamond pave shanks, split shanks with garters, bezel set accent diamonds, or nature inspired metal accents, every piece has its own standout feature.


simon g delicate engagement ring

Simon G. Delicate Collection MR2173-D


Caviar Collection – This line’s signature are the round diamond “caviar” sprinkled onto each setting, pendant, bracelet and earring. The styles are all totally different, ranging from contemporary to classic, and use a variety of setting techniques for the round brilliant accents. Bezel settings, pave, shared prong and channel set alike, along with different fancy colored diamonds and coordinating gold alloys, like yellow diamonds and yellow gold or pink diamonds and rose gold. Most of the rings in this line are available as a set, which is perfect for such distinct styles.


simon g vintage style ring

Simon G. Cavier Collection NR130


Simon Set – This line of engagement rings and wedding bands uses the patented Simon Set technique. Simon G master jewelers lay out princess cut, round brilliant and baguette cut diamonds as far as the eye can see and securely nestle each one in precious metal. It gives every piece the look of a solid wall of diamonds and creates major statement pieces.




Fine Jewelry Collections:

Passion Collection – Like the coordinating engagement rings, this line’s focus is on Simon’s special signature styles and techniques. The beauty of these pieces are that you can pair them with a matching style for your ring, bracelet, pendant and earrings alike to create a cohesive look. Bright gemstone colors, bold cuts and rich metal combinations are the signature here.


Garden Collection – Every piece in this line is a nod to nature, with sculpted leaves as pendants, entire rings made of diamond vines, and butterflies taking flight on earrings. Beautiful use of gemstones and colored gold make this collection as picture perfect as a garden.


Fabled Collection– This line of fine jewelry emphasizes structure but turns it on its ear. The rings and bracelets feature bands of intertwining, winding gold in a variety of colors. Some are studded with diamonds. Others simply climb on top of each other for a layered, interesting look. The pendants in this collection stand out with bold, unique gemstones like watermelon tourmaline, slices of boulder opals, and paraiba tourmaline.


Mosaic Collection – Like the engagement ring line, these pieces are perfect for a touch of Old Hollywood everyday glamour. The diamonds used are high quality and plentiful, but are smaller diamonds that are less expensive united than one giant stone would be on its own. The look is a powerful statement with big impact on a smaller budget. This line also plays with natural fancy colored diamonds in pinks and yellow to add brilliant color to every piece.


Organic Allure Collection – Every piece features diamonds and warm, earthy tones of iridescent 18 karat yellow gold. Incredibly lifelike sculptures of nature, and statement making, these pieces are perfect collectibles.


Nature’s Prime Collection – A spin on the expected, this line features natural gemstones in rough cuts and slices framed with organic shapes of white and rose gold.


Virtue Collection – A collection of cross pendants in signature Simon G. styles, ranging from delicate to bold.


Paisley Collection – This line features pieces crafted in stunning tri tone rose, yellow and white gold alloys, along with matching diamonds. A combination of white, fancy pink and fancy yellow diamonds accents every swirl of every piece for a decadent collection.


Buckle Collection – Every piece in this line features the signature Simon G buckle, a gorgeously carved precious metal piece set with pink and white diamonds in a variety of gold.


To shop every Simon G Collection, visit our online showroom.

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