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4 Majestic Matching Rolex Watches & Gemstone Jewelry Sets

4 Majestic Matching Rolex Watches & Gemstone Jewelry Sets

matching jewelry and rolex watch set

Want some inspiration on how to match jewelry and watches together? Do you adore precious gemstones and colorful jewelry? If you are thinking, “YES!”, then you are going to love what we have in store for you. Below, we will peruse 4 absolutely majestic and breathtaking matching Rolex watch and gemstone jewelry sets, which include emeralds, sapphires and rubies. We also have a rainbow, mix-and-match set for those who appreciate a bit of clashing.


Emerald jewelry and watch set

For this ring, bracelet and watch combination, we have a Rolex Hulk. The obvious choice here for the green Rolex Submariner is emerald jewelry, but before we get into that, let’s first talk about the Rolex Hulk.

The Rolex Hulk

In 2010, the Rolex Submariner Hulk, reference 116610LV, supplanted the Rolex 50th Anniversary Submariner known as the Rolex Kermit, which was the first Rolex ever to use green in its design. Like the Rolex Kermit, the Rolex Hulk has a green bezel. However, unlike the Rolex Kermit, Hulk has a green dial as well.

Rolex Hulk, which of course is a nickname given to the watch by the entrenched Rolex collector community, was an instant hit and is now considered one of the all-time classics. The name refers to both its larger size (thanks to the then-new Supercase design) and, of course, its color.

The price on the second hand market for the Rolex Hulk has steadily increased over the last decade. And with it being discontinued earlier this year, having been overthrown by the same watch it superseded 10 years prior, its value is only expected to increase.

Overall, it’s a fantastically beautiful watch with immense collector status. And not just for men, women love the Rolex Hulk too, which is why we are presenting it here for this emerald jewelry and Rolex pairing.

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green jewelry and watch set

White Gold Emerald & Diamond Jewelry

With the Oystersteel case and bracelet and emerald-green face of the Rolex Hulk, a white gold emerald jewelry pairing is absolutely flawless.

We decided to go with an emerald and diamond bracelet and three-stone ring, as well as multi-colored gemstone bypass ring just to show you that an additional splash of color can look magnificent with an otherwise perfectly matching watch and jewelry set.

18k White Gold 3.29ctw Pear Shape Emerald and 2.18ctw Diamond Bracelet

This is unlike any other bracelet you’ve seen before. That’s because it is one-of-a-kind. It features 3.29 carats of pear shaped emeralds and approximately 2.18 carats of white round brilliant diamonds.

The pear emeralds are surrounded by a halo of white diamonds and separating each emerald halo is a set of four round brilliant diamonds.

The contrast between the emeralds and the small round brilliant diamonds is magnificent. Emeralds provide unparalleled vivid green luster (there is no other gemstone with such a beautiful, deep green color as the emerald), while the diamonds deliver that fire, brilliance and scintillation that only a diamond can.

And although this bracelet is very lavish, thanks to the green and white combo, it is very restful for the eyes. It will standout, but not in an obnoxious way. That’s beauty of emeralds and green in general. It has a healing power that calms you emotionally.

Side by side the Rolex Hulk, it doesn’t get any better.


18k White Gold 2.02ct Emerald Three Stone Ring With Diamonds

On her ring finger we have an emerald ring with an elegant three-stone design. The emerald, which is a whopping 2.02 carats, has a classic emerald-cut. This cut really makes 2 carats appear like 3 or even 4 on the finger. The ring is big.

The side stones are trapezoid diamonds. With the white gold setting and the diamond side stones, you have a contrast that makes the emerald pop majestically.

All in all, this is a very sophisticated and smart looking ring that is bound to be an heirloom piece for the owner.

emerald rings

18k White Gold 0.25ctw Diamond and Multi Oval Gemstone Ring

The final touch for this jewelry and watch pairing is an unexpected one, but wonderfully fitting nonetheless.

On her index finger, we threw on a white gold ring that features three different oval shaped gemstones – a sapphire, emerald, and ruby.

This beautiful ring displays that a jewelry and watch pairing doesn’t have to be perfectly coordinated. While, the overall look of the watch and jewelry set is, this ring adds just the right amount of contradistinction and divergence to let everyone know that you like to have fun. However, at the same time, it doesn’t at all take away from the principle look of the set.


Sapphire rings

While green is very calming for the eyes, there’s nothing as peaceful and cool as blue. This watch, bracelet and ring set provides that effect in full. It’s extravagant and stunning, yet it still doesn’t manage to come off as overstated.

For this set, we have an aftermarket diamond Daytona, which has special touch of sapphires in the bezel, paired with diamond and sapphire jewelry.

Have you every seen anything quite as exquisite?

Aftermarket Gem-Set Rolex Daytona

Although the Rolex Daytona is the only sports watch in the entire Rolex catalog that sees factory-set diamonds and gems, there is no Rolex Daytona straight from the Rolex factory that looks like this. That’s because this Rolex Daytona has aftermarket customizations. The watch itself is genuine, but the gem-setting was done by an expert, master jeweler.

The custom gem-setting on this Rolex Daytona took many hours of meticulous craftsmanship. It was done to absolute perfection and as experts in the field, we can say that it is up to par with Rolex’s standards, which is no easy feat.

The dial is that of a Daytona, with the three subdials for the chronograph and running seconds, but the base is now completely encrusted with micro-pave diamonds. The radiance this dial produces is unbelievably brilliant. Pictures can only do it a small amount of justice.

In the bezel you have baguette diamonds, with sapphires placed at each hour marker. You will notice that there are four diamond baguettes in-between each sapphire. This means each baguette is a minute marker, so you can use the long chronograph seconds hand in a functional manner…nevertheless, this watch is less about the normal functionality of the racing watch that is the Daytona, and more about being a work of art.

Moving out to the case, you can see there are larger round brilliant diamonds running along the lugs to the black leather strap. This is the consummate final touch of diamonds for this gem-set Daytona. It adds a lot of contrasting diamond flare, from big to small and brilliant to step-cut. The light performance of this Daytona is bar none one of the most magnificent of all the diamond luxury watches we have seen.

Matching watch and jewelry bracelet

18k White Gold 10.77ct Emerald Cut Sapphire Flower Bracelet With Diamonds

Size matters when matching a watch to a bracelet, and this sapphire and diamond bracelet fits next to the Daytona perfectly.

The bracelet features a staggering 10.77 carats of emerald-cut sapphires. Each one is surrounded by sizable round brilliants using a shared prong setting. This type of halo settings gives off the appearance of a flower. As such, each sapphire is like a little flower with white pedals and a blue pistil.

In between the sapphire flowers you can see two round brilliants, side by side. With all the round brilliants, you have a total of 7.17 carats.

The bracelet itself is made from 18k white gold, and with the sapphires juxtaposed between diamonds, the polarity of white and blue is simply stunning.

Platinum GIA 18.28ct Oval Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Keeping with the flower motif theme of the bracelet, we have a ridiculously big sapphire ring. The oval sapphire at the center is an astonishing 18.28 carats. Encircling the sapphire are round brilliant diamonds, which themselves are quite large. In fact, they are almost as big as some engagement ring center stones. Together, they total to 4.01 carats!

This is not your typical halo setting, as you can see. At the sides of the sapphire, where the band meetings the centerpiece, you have two trapezoid diamonds. With that, and the fact that the round brilliant diamonds are so sizable, you have a colossal ring that appears like a lustrous blue flower on the finger.

matching watch and ring set

Gabriel & Co. Sapphire & Diamond Bands

For the final touch of this sapphire and diamond watch and jewelry set we have two beautiful white gold sapphire and diamond bands from Gabriel & Co.

The band on the bottom features emerald-cut rectangular sapphires and round brilliants in a bezel setting with milgrain detailing.

As for the two bands on top, essentially they are essentially the same but the shapes are different. The sapphires are cushion-cuts set into a square bezel and the round brilliant diamonds are set into a rhombus bezel.


Ruby jewelry and watch set

Unlike blue and green, which are softer colors, red is the color of extremes. It’s a strong and powerful color for those who are brave and courageous. If you wear this matching watch and jewelry set, you better prepare to attract attention. This is a bonafide showstopper pairing.

Red Dial Rolex Datejust with Diamond Bezel

This Rolex Datejust is among the loudest of its kind. With the vivid, blood red (aka ruby red) dial and diamond Roman numerals and bezel, not to mention this being a large Datejust 41 in white metal, you have a luxury dress watch that can’t be missed. If red is a color that calls to you, like it does for many outgoing, assertive and vigorous human beings, this Datejust has your name written all over it.

Nothing makes red stand out like white, which is why the dial of the Rolex Datejust will surely grab your eyes before anything else in this pairing. Nevertheless, the same principle applies to the jewelry…

matching red watch and jewelry

18k White Gold 9.82ctw Ruby and 2.95ctw Diamond Bracelet

This is a very unique tennis style bracelet, but rather than having the same shape all around, it has ovals, pears and rectangles. And, of course, they are all vibrant rubies!

Encompassing each of the gorgeous rubies is a halo of round brilliant diamonds, which take form in the same shape as the rubies. The contrast of white and red is so dynamic that it is hard to take your eyes off of this ruby bracelet.

On the whole, there are 9.82 carats of rubies, which is about 9.82 carats more than what the average person has. It’s a big bracelet that sits perfectly next to a big watch.

On the other side of the watch, you have a classic, petite diamond tennis bracelet. It really does a marvelous job of bringing it all together.

18k White Gold 1.20ct Emerald Cut Ruby With Diamonds Three Stone Ring

This is a ring that you’d expect to see in a movie, on the finger of a high descent from the early 20th century. It screams vintage, but the shine and perfection of the ruby cut is undoubtedly of the modern time.

The ruby is an emerald-cut and it weighs in at 1.2 carats. At its flanks there are two trapezoid diamonds. The white gold band is smooth and wide, beautifully complementing the size of the ring as a whole.

Overall, this is one of the most elegant and beautiful ruby rings imaginable. It’s simple yet highly sophisticated.

how to wear rings with a luxury watch

18k White Gold 2.90ctw Ruby and 0.53ctw Diamond Halo Ring

On her ring finger rests a breathtaking ruby diamond halo ring. It features 2.9 carats of oval-shape rubies and .53 carats of round brilliant diamonds that surround them. It is a very striking, sumptuous, and dare we say “majestic” piece for a lover of ruby red.


how to wear jewelry with watch

For the final matching watch and jewelry set, we want to show you that not everything has to have perfect color coordination. There are ways to make a jaw-dropping style by mixing and matching.

For this, we have the matching ruby bracelet and ruby halo ring, which were seen in the ruby-based watch and jewelry set above.

Then, we have a rose gold pear diamond ring and a rose gold Rainbow Rolex.

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Mixing metal is a hot trend. This watch and jewelry set does it right.

Besides the mixing of metals, what we really love about this is the resplendent taste of jubilance that the sapphire bezel of the Rainbow Rolex produces. It takes all of the colors of the Rainbow, pulling all of the jewelry together, and even her blue nails, into one divergent yet uniformed family.

With so many colors and different metals, it manages to come off super stylish and in synch. Sometimes, the best style is the carefree, easy-going one.

rolex and emeralds

Want to make your own matching jewelry and watch set?

Check out our collection of jewelry and watches to make your own matching jewelry and watch set.

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