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Alexa Collins Engagement To Tom Shields With Our Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Alexa Collins Engagement To Tom Shields With Our Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Alexa Collins Engagement To Tom Shields

How often do you check out fitness blogs, magazines, and the models they feature? For those that do this often, Alexa Collins is definitely not a strange face in any way. 

Alexa Collins built her huge reputation and resounding success from modeling. She is again one of the most beautiful faces you can find in the modeling industry. So, that she gets engaged is certainly big news for all of us.

Meanwhile, you might find her in Fashion nova or modeling for any of these fitness brands that advertise loungewear. That explains how she earned herself the tag of being a bikini model. As for us, our relationship with Alexa Collins is on a different platform.

Alexa is a very good member of the Raymond Lee family. Over time, she continues to affirm her position as one of our best models. This beauty queen is one of our Diamond Girls. And you must know by now that we do not joke with our Diamond Girls. 

Moreover, Alexa is bigger than all of these. Over the years, this model earned herself a lofty reputation with her undoubted experience of immense growth. 

Therefore, in this text, we will walk you through the different phases of Alexa Collins’s life. From all of these phases, you will then understand why her engagement makes us very happy. We also talk about our very own gorgeous large GIA-certified diamond engagement ring Tom Shields proposed with.

P.S: The 18k round brilliant diamond engagement ring used for the engagement came from your most reliable Boca Raton jeweler. 

Who Is Alexa Collins?

Born on 12th October 1995 in Boca Raton, Florida; Alexa Collins began her life in a secondary school in Orlando. Later on, she furthered her education and graduated from Florida University. 

Well, her social journey began during her teenage years. From then, she earned outstanding popularity and a huge fan base. Alexa took part in Miss Jetset Magazine Cover Model Contest after she got nominated. She was the 29th runner-up.

Alexa Collins 

Safe to say that the contest enabled her to get more popularity and attention. Afterward, her social following grew at a promising rate. In a matter of months, she already had more than a million followers. 

Presently, she has more than 2 million followers across her different social platforms. This will include Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and Subscription Based Portals. Alexa Collins is not only popular on Instagram. She is also a star on other video platforms like Youtube and Tiktok. Alexa on Tiktok is a queen with over 429k followers and fans.

Furthermore, Alexa Collins started photo modeling for numerous bikini and lingerie brands. Why not? Check out her perfect curves. That is enough to make a bikini piece look exceedingly show-stopping and desirable. 

More so, she holds long term paid social media partnerships with brands like:

  • Baja Bae Lotion
  • LaBoom Tanning Lotion
  • Fashion Nova
  • Bang Energy Drinks
  • TBS Swimwear 

Growing Up In Boca Raton

Alexa Collins birthplace is right here in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. She had her lovely childhood in this neighborhood. After a while, she relocated to live with her boyfriend in South Florida. 

If you are an Alexa Collins fan, you will know about the house she got with her boyfriend-turned-fiancé, Tom Shields. She made a post of it on her social media platforms.

Over the years, she has given no details about her parents. Similarly, she does not talk about her siblings as well. Possibly, she prefers to give out only limited details about her personal life. And we respect that decision, Alexa.

Alexa’s Educational Background And Her Decision To Pursue Her Modeling Career

Well, for her educational background, she studied up to college before dropping out to pursue her modeling career. 

Alexa Collins acknowledges her parents were not happy with her when she dropped out of college. She did this to focus fully on her dream. This happened when she was 21 years old. According to her, she had that strong belief that she was “onto a killer career.”

That seems to be true now considering her current net worth, her over 1.8 million followers, and other amazing feats. In fact, the latest is her engagement to Tom Shields, a real estate worker. This one is even bigger and highly anticipated news.

  • Her Interview With Fabulous 

She had an exclusive chat with Fabulous recently. There, she disclosed that: “When I left high school, I studied communications at college for three years but I decided to take a break year before graduating – and never went back. It took three years for me to see a big growth in my business, that’s when I left college as I realized this was what I wanted to do. I was already working with a lot of big brands, so I realized there were opportunities there. You need about 50,000 followers to start making money, that’s when you become a micro-influencer.”

As for her parents, she explained that: “My parents were not too happy about it. Because of their generation, they didn’t understand what Instagram was or the power of social media. They were set on me going to school, but I told them ‘guys you have to listen to me, understand this is the new age and what I’m going to do’. I was super confident going into it and it turned out great.”

Presently, Alexa works with top brands like Fashion Nova, Urban Decay and Tart Cosmetics and PrettyLittleThing.

  • Pursuing Her Modeling Career

Alexa grew up specifically in Palm Beach, South Florida. Also, she started using her Instagram page in 2014. In no time, this became a business for her.

According to her: “At the time I didn’t see it as a full-time job, I always thought it would be something on the side – but I knew Instagram was the way things were going to go. I started modeling when I was 18 and used the photoshoot pictures to build a social media presence. Over time, I became more of an influencer.”

Alexa Collins became a part of the fashion industry when she was 18. Over time, we can say with confidence that she succeeded exceedingly in her chosen career. She has modeling gigs with top brands. She even made it to the cover pages of various magazines in the last few years. 

Well, her career hit the roof following her modeling gig for loungewear.

Thanks to her huge popularity, Collins has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram. Besides, she recently started a YouTube channel. On her YouTube channel, she already has over a thousand subscribers. We already mentioned that Alexa is also a star on TikTok.

Alexa Collins as a model

Hopefully, as her fan bases rise too on these platforms, we might soon find Alexa on Wikipedia as well. She had the following to say about her thriving career as a model:

“My number one displaying position up to this point has been a music video. It was really fun energy and was additionally truly cool to perceive how much exertion and time it takes to get it going. I think once I hit 500,000 the development began to happen quicker. It appeared to be that the foothold happened faster and individuals were beginning to make the most of my substance.”

Getting The Fame, Enjoying It, And Dealing With It

Alexa Collins rose in popularity by doing three things. She posts twice every day, converses with her fans online, and “documenting every single thing I was doing.”

According to her: “That gained interest. People wanted to watch so I started posting more about my life, my routine, how I go to photo shoots and create content. I started to create a little fan base of both men and women. From the minute I wake up at 7.30 am, I spend the whole day on social media – I’m always very busy. I reply to my followers first thing, then I spend my afternoons creating content, going around town taking pictures for clothing brands, make-up brands and swimwear companies. Then I come home and I have to edit my pictures. I also have a YouTube channel now so there’s a lot going on.”

Presently, Alexa lives a life of luxury as she tours the world with her fiancé, Tom Shields. Also, she stocks her wardrobe with designer bags from Christian Dior, Saint Laurent and Prada.

For Alexa: “Travel is the best part of the job, it’s been really cool to see lots of parts of the world I wouldn’t have been able to travel to otherwise. My favorite place I went to was Croatia, I’ve been all over Europe.”

  • Dealing With Male Admirers

Due to her online fame, Alexa gets tons of messages from numerous male admirers. The list doesn’t omit a few popular faces. Well, she doesn’t want to name them.

Alexa explains this saying: “I get quite a lot of male attention, I don’t know if my boyfriend likes that too much. I get a lot of guys asking me out, it’s always interesting getting messages from celebrities, but I don’t tell anyone because it’s probably not good for them. I’ve had American football players, actors and musicians ask me out. But I’m loved up so I don’t reply.”

For us, we love the last sentence and we can now see why.

Who Is Tom Shields?

Tom Shields is an adventure enthusiast that lives in South Florida, U S.A. He is also a Real Estate businessman. Tom Shields, out of his love for adventures, travels a lot. When you check out his Instagram page, you find loads of pictures of him traveling.

Tom Shields

This is the man Alexa Collins is in love with. Tom is in every way a perfect partner for Alexa. Their relationship is one filled with “couple goals” you also will wish for. We love to see them together. 

Finally, we must admit that Tim has an eye for good things. Not only is he with one of the prettiest faces in the modeling industry, but he also chose the perfect ring. The ring he got from us for the proposal is the perfect way to crown a flawless union. 

Alexa Collins Gets Engaged To The Love Of Her Life, Tom Shields

Alexa Collins recently got engaged to her South Florida Based Model and real estate businessman, Tom Shields. These two share perfect chemistry which we can see all over their social media platforms.

Alexa Collins’ relationship with her boyfriend-turned-fiancé, Tom Shields is no news to her followers. These two show us how much they enjoy having each other. Recently, they even decided to live together in South Florida where they got a home.

Alexa Collins talks about this when she says: “My boyfriend, Tom and I have even bought a house together. It’s a four-bedroom home, we have a pool in the backyard. It’s really nice and it’s our first home, so we’re excited.”

These lovebirds are a perfect match for each other in every way. With what we saw repeatedly and what we see now, they are very compatible. So, the news of their engagement could not have come at a better time.

Our perfect and gorgeous large GIA certified round diamond  engagement ring

Congratulations to you two. We know you two are going to live an amazing life together. Finally, two of the nicest people we have had the pleasure of becoming friends with are engaged. 

Conclusion: Why Our Gorgeous Large GIA Certified Round Diamond Engagement Ring?

Engagement rings featuring this classic shape are everywhere. Round diamond engagement rings give that sparkly look that completely outshines every other piece around it. This is the kind of ring you go for when you want a graceful and grand piece. 

It is not only exceptionally brilliant, but it is also one kind of engagement rung you can’t go wrong with.

Industry expert, Olivia Landau has this to say about this diamond engagement ring: “Round diamonds are one of the most brilliant shapes and have great sparkle. They tend to mask color better than other shapes. You can have more flexibility than other shapes. They are great at camouflaging inclusions as well because of how sparkly they are.”

You can hardly find anything bad to say about these engagement ring types. Therefore, we understand why Tom Shields preferred it for this special occasion. 

Thankfully, we were on hand to provide this perfect and gorgeous large GIA-certified round diamond engagement ring.


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