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Elegant diamonds cuts

Have you both agreed to go with a diamond engagement ring? Well, that is one huge decision made already. That is one part of the process ticked off. However, that leads you to another big decision. Which of these elegant diamond cuts are you going for? 

The truth is that there are over 10 popular and elegant diamond cuts. Amongst all the cuts out there, there are two of them that are the most distinguished.

The round brilliant cut diamond and the princess cut diamond.

More so, amongst these two, the round brilliant cut diamond leads the race. This cut is the most popular diamond shape out there. More than 70% of the world’s GIA-certified diamonds come shaped into this cut. The square-shaped princess cut diamond only accounts for roughly 5% of these diamonds.

If we leave out these percentages, choosing between the round brilliant and the princess cuts can be a tricky task. This is as they both come with their peculiar pros and cons. 

Nevertheless, to help you with this decision, the focus of this article is on the most significant factors. These are the factors you need to evaluate when making that decision.

If you are ready, then let us dive straight into it! In this guide, we will provide you with the pros and cons of these two most elegant diamond cuts.

We will begin with the princess cut diamond.

Introducing The Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut diamonds

Note first that the princess cut diamond comes second in popularity. It is second only to the round brilliant cut diamond. Plus, this unique style appears like an inverted pyramid. But, this time with a square or rectangular underside and beveled corners.

Furthermore, the princess cut diamond is one of the more recent diamond cuts. This diamond cut only came into the scene in 1961 thanks to a London diamond cutter named Arpad Nagy. This diamond cutter initially christened it the “profile cut.” 

From that time till now, this cut experienced some slight modifications. All of these changes brought us to this present form around 1980. 

Additionally, with this present iteration of the princess cut diamond, we get to see 58 facets. These facets give room for additional glitter compared to most other elegant diamond cuts. 

But, just 20% of the rough diamond gets wasted in the process of cutting princess diamond cuts. This explains why these elegant diamond cuts are more frugal compared to other cuts.

In fact, periodically, you get to hear these princess cut diamonds referred to as a “square modified brilliant.” This is as it integrates a square shape with the grandness of a round brilliant cut diamond.

Introducing The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Round brilliant cut diamonds

On the other hand, here comes the round brilliant cut diamond. These elegant diamond cuts are all second to the round brilliant cut diamond. This cut is by far the most prominent of all elegant diamond cuts for diamond engagement rings.

Meanwhile, this classic cut existed for a long time. It has existed since the 17th century. However, improvements in technology over the years led us to these round brilliant cut diamonds. These elegant diamond cuts present additional accuracy and balance compared to what used to be. 

One similarity the princess cut diamond shares with round brilliant cut diamonds is the 58 facets. Amongst them, 33 facets appear on the crown. Also, the other 25 facets appear on the pavilion. Thanks to these facets, light comes in easily. 

As a result, light refracts from all corners. This eventually adds that excellent grandness and sparkle this cut is known for.

Overall, round brilliant cut diamonds give an even extra glow compared to princess cut diamonds. However, their elegance comes with a cost. This is a whole 60% of the rough diamond going to waste when cutting these round brilliant diamonds. Hence, these elegant diamonds are the most costly of all elegant diamond cuts.

Comparing These Elegant Diamond Cuts Based On Color

Check this out! Whenever you listen to jewelry lovers talking about a diamond’s color, their major focus is actually the lack of color. This is as the loftier in quality a diamond is, the clearer this diamond will appear.

The point we want to make here is that the clearer a diamond is, the easier it is for it to reflect color. In turn, that adds to the brightness and sparkle of such a diamond. As often as the situation arises, your choice should be the clearest diamond you can pay for. 

Another point worthy of note is that these clear diamonds are not the easiest diamonds to come by. However, a good way to know them is through their price tag. They will certainly reflect through a bigger price tag.

When it is a diamond with lesser quality, you will notice glimmers of yellow or brown. The more of these glimmers of color they possess, the less light they can shine. That means their quality is lower. The only exception to this assessment is, of course, when you’re buying colored diamonds intentionally. 

When that is the case, colored diamonds, particularly red and blue, can be more costly compared to the purest diamond. 

Due to round brilliant cut diamonds reflecting more light compared to princess cut diamonds, they hide color more. Hence, they become a nicer option if you’re not able to get a diamond that’s as clear as you want.

Princess Cut Diamonds Vs Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds: Battle Of Radiance and Glitters

exceptional radiance and glow in one piece

Princess cut diamonds and round brilliant cut diamonds are extremely stunning. They reflect extra light compared to other elegant diamond cuts. 

Furthermore, both of these elegant diamond cuts come with 58 facets. For simplicity sake, facets are the word for the number of surfaces a diamond possesses. These facets make room for the diamond to collect, reflect, and express light. 

Therefore, the more facets a diamond possesses, the more radiance and glow it will ooze.

Based on this, they’re quite the same. However, there is a slight difference between these two elegant diamond cuts. And this slight difference goes on to make a ton of distinction. 

Round brilliant cut diamonds express more than 90% of the light that goes through them. On the other hand, princess cut diamonds express just 70% of the light that goes through them.

So, we can say that princess cut diamonds are great based on their radiance and glitter. However, round brilliant cut diamonds take the lead in this aspect.

The Price And Value Of These Elegant Diamond Cuts

It perhaps won’t be a surprise for you to discover this. The most prominent diamond cut, the round brilliant cut, is the most expensive too. Well, certain reasons justify this assertion.

  • Round brilliant cut diamonds need additional raw material

As we explained above, more than half of a rough diamond goes out as waste. They get wanted in the process of cutting one of these diamonds. 

Due to this, the price goes up. This is as it indicates that it takes additional raw material to create a regular-sized gemstone. This is one of the factors that go into this piece’s general worth.

  • Round brilliant cut diamonds are highly sought after

Keep in mind that these round cut diamonds are very popular for engagement rings and other jewelry. Thanks to this, they’re highly sought after. Perhaps, you already know, this high demand often reflects a higher market value. And, in turn, higher costs.

Yet, the incredible grandness of round brilliant cut diamonds makes them worth that additional investment you make.

The Value and Price Of Princess Cut Diamonds

In their own part, these princess cut diamonds are often less costly compared to an equal round brilliant cut diamond. Hence, they’re a nicer option for you if you are on a budget.

When you are searching for a more inexpensive alternative, go for rectangular or irregular shapes. This is as they cost less compared to the square shapes. 

This lesser cost is a result of the same factor affecting round cut diamonds. This is as the process of reshaping a diamond into an exact square destroys additional material.

The Clarity Experience With Princess Cut Diamonds And Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

In a case where a diamond’s color implies whether it is clear or tinted, the term “clarity” comes in. This word tells whether or not a diamond has flaws. These imperfections or flaws are in two forms. They include:

  • Inclusions: Interior Flaws
  • Blemishes: Exterior Flaws

Similar to the case with color, round brilliant cut diamonds hide or camouflage inclusions and blemishes better. And, this is due to reflections and refractions of light on them. Having explained that, princess cut diamonds do a terrific job in this regard.

Generally, diamonds without flaws cost considerably more compared to diamonds with flaws. More so, a diamond’s clarity rating comes from the established and reputable GIA Clarity Grading Scale. This grading scale features eleven grades. 

Keep in mind that the categories apply when a skilled grader employs 10x magnification.

  • Flawless (FL): Zero obvious blemishes or inclusions
  • Internally Flawless (IF): Zero inclusions. Obvious blemishes
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2): Hardly noticeable inclusions
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2): Negligible inclusions that are not easy to notice
  • Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2): Striking inclusions
  • Included (I1, I2, and I3) – Noticeable inclusions that might influence clarity and radiance

In comparing the clarity grade of these two elegant diamond cuts, the tinier the diamond, the more noticeable the flaws. 

Then, it becomes an excellent idea to opt for a flawless or almost flawless diamond. More importantly when yours is one-carat weight or anything lesser than that.

Princess Cut Diamond Vs Round Brilliant Cut Diamond: Appearance

Let’s consider this mathematically, measuring round brilliant cut diamonds surface appears larger than princess cut diamonds. Yet, optical illusions can be one tricky thing. Plus, our eyes deceive us most times.

Additionally, princess cut diamonds come with larger tables compared to round brilliant cut diamonds. Hence, they appear larger when you view them with your naked eye.

One additional point to keep in mind is that princess cut diamonds are less costly. Therefore, you can get a larger princess cut diamond thanks to the price difference. Judging by that, they are the obvious winner if you’re hoping to do the most “size-wise.”

How To Ensure Whichever Cut You Choose Lasts Long?

It’s not unusual to bother about things like the price and your style when choosing a diamond engagement ring. Yet, there is one other crucial factor you must consider. And this is the lifestyle of the wearer.

For instance, princess cut diamonds have corners. Therefore, they are more inclined to catching and snagging on items around them. Hence, they can get so uncomfortable if you lead an active life.

In light of this, you might go for a round brilliant cut diamond instead. This diamond cut is best for those with an active lifestyle or occupation.

Moreover, try setting the diamond in a shielding bezel setting. Go for a setting that encircles the diamond, not a setting like a prong setting.

Most Outstanding Settings For These Elegant Diamond Cuts

Thankfully, you have a vast variety of settings to select from. Interestingly, you can have one custom-made if you want one. 

However, we’ll concentrate on the most outstanding diamond engagement ring settings for now. 

  • Prong Settings

This is the most common setting for both round brilliant and princess cut diamonds. With this setting, the diamond comes out with support from four or six prongs.

In addition, this setting maximizes the brilliance of this diamond. The setting holds the diamond up for light to pass through it and shine with no obstruction. However, the prong settings are not best for those with active lifestyles.

  • Bezel Settings

These settings protect the diamond fully. This is the second most popular setting for engagement rings. Plus, this setting delivers the best kind of protection and gets rids of snagging. 

However, it also drastically lessens the light that can go through your diamond due to the shield around.


In all, we recommend round brilliant cut diamonds if you desire any of the following:

  • Exceptional radiance and glow 
  • A long-lasting ring that will last for as long as you want it to 

If you want these qualities in your engagement rings, go for round brilliant cut diamonds.

On the flip side, do you want size over brilliance? Do you prefer a larger diamond at the same cost? Then, princess cut diamonds are exactly what you’re searching for.

Either way, both elegant diamond cuts possess their distinct perks. 


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