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Butterfly Crossover Ring in White and Yellow Gold

Butterfly Crossover Ring in White and Yellow Gold

A fun piece of jewelry, such as a butterfly crossover ring, is a great way to show off your style and personality. When we think about fine jewelry, we are often thinking about classic or dramatic pieces. But why can’t we have fun and whimsical jewelry that is of high quality as well? Some of us have a fun and playful personality, others love the great outdoors. And as such, it makes sense that people would want jewelry that represents these elements of themselves. Though just because you like fun pieces doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality.


The ring that is the focal point of this piece is a stylistic piece of jewelry that allows you to show your playful side. But it is made from fine white and yellow gold. The two-tone look of the ring adds glamor and they offset each other in a really beautiful way. Not to mention, each butterfly is covered with tiny pave-style diamonds. The diamonds give the ring a lot of sparkle and shine, but they don’t make the piece too formal or serious. A great thing about a ring like this crossover ring is that it looks great with both formal or casual looks. And, you can also pair it with a wide range of fashion types and even other accessories. It is for this reason that we think it can make a great part of your signature style as well. 

Using Accessories to Show Your Unique Style

Since we are all our own unique people, it is important for us to show this to the world in whatever way we can. While our personality is key, the way we look makes an impression on people as well and we are mistaken to act otherwise. For example, the type of clothing one wears, the way they do their hair and makeup, and the accessories they choose come together to create a look that is all their own. This is what we call a signature look and it really lets you set yourself apart from the proverbial crowd. One of the great things about the butterfly crossover ring that we feature here is that it is cute, but elegant.


What you get with a piece like this is something surprisingly versatile. You can wear this ring with something more formal like a fun dress, but it will also look great with a pair of jeans and a sweater. It will look great with all sorts of styles, from bold to vintage. Additionally, you can also pair this ring with a whole host of other accessories. This ring pairs really well with any kind of gold jewelry. The two-tone nature of the ring means you can mix and match gold at your pleasure. You can also pair this ring with other fine gemstone jewelry as well.


Fun, Stylistic Pieces

The ring is a fun piece of jewelry that we often use to denote our marital status or show off some really amazing bauble. But there is a lot more to jewelry than just showing off fine materials. We can also tell others a lot about who we are and what we love. Not all of us are serious or bold. Some of us are more fun-loving and playful. So why shouldn’t there be accessories that are stunning for us as well? This is the beauty of stylistic jewelry. These are pieces that will use fun stylistic representations of things. This might be in the shape of a flower, a cat, or, as we see here, a butterfly. It adds a playful element to your look and shows the world that while you care about how you look, you don’t take yourself too seriously. 


You can find this type of jewelry in a lot of different contexts. We offer a wide range of unique, fun, and stylistic pieces. This includes rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more. You might also like more Art Deco geometric-type pieces as well. The point is, there is actually a huge range of styles in jewelry that are suitable to any personality type. Whether you want a butterfly crossover ring in white and yellow gold, or you want something geometric and funky, there are pieces to fit that proverbial bill. 


Most often, when we think about rings, we think about the engagement ring or wedding band. These might be the most recognizable kind of ring, but there are many other uses for the ring as well. Just think about fun, oversized cocktail rings. These are simply accents that are meant to accentuate your look but are not there to denote marital status. There are actually quite a few different kinds of rings out there, giving you a lot of choices. Whether you want something simple and elegant or something bold and eye-catching, you can easily find the ring for the job.


We feel like people don’t wear rings enough outside of the marital context. They are fun pieces of jewelry that can accentuate your outfit and even accentuate your hands. Say you have elegant, long fingers – rings are the perfect way to show off this fine asset. Rings can be set aside for those special occasions and make a great statement piece. However, rings can also be worn daily and paired with other accessories to help create a look that is all your own. 

Crossover Rings


As was discussed above, the category of rings is actually a pretty wide and varied category of jewelry. Most of us are familiar with a band ring. These are rings that encircle the entirety of your finger. The vast majority of rings are of this type. You can find this kind of ring in pretty much any material and with any kind of gemstone or other adornment. However, there are also other styles of ring that have a really unique look and feel. One such type is the crossover ring. This is unique in that it isn’t a full band. Rather, you have two ends that cross each other but do not join. This gives the resulting piece a really stylish and fun look.


There are many different kinds of crossover rings as well. While what we feature here is a fun and whimsical version, that is not, by any means, the only kind available. There are also trendy, bold, and eye-catching versions for the trendsetter among us. You can also find more classic versions of the ring that feature those clean lines and timeless styles that look so created with classic and vintage fashions.


Butterflies in Motion

It is easy to love diamond jewelry. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that is plain to see. These sparkly gemstones add glamor and elegance to any look and they let us create a look that is all our own. Fine gold will offset high-grade diamonds in a way that accentuates them both. But just because you have jewelry that features these stunning and high-quality materials doesn’t mean you have to stick with boring designs that you don’t find particularly inspiring. If you have a lot of personality and a fun and playful attitude towards life, your look should reflect this. 


A great way to do that is with the butterfly crossover ring we feature here. It boasts two stylistic butterflies, crossing each other, as if in motion. It is a stunning piece that combines a whimsical style with the highest quality materials available. This unique combination of luxury and whimsy gives you a really unique opportunity to own a high-end piece of jewelry that shows off your love of the outdoors and wildlife. The great thing about a piece like this is that, while it has a whimsical design, it is well-made with clean lines and a lovely profile. This means that it will look great with just about anything you can think to wear it with. 

Yellow and White Gold


One of the things we love most about this crossover ring – besides the adorable butterflies, of course – is the use of both yellow and white gold. This gives the ring a two-tone look, which we can’t get enough of. Using both types of gold in a single piece gives you something really special. The colors will accentuate each other and both look incredibly good with high-grade pave-style diamonds (but more on those below). When it comes to metal for jewelry, it is hard to get any more traditional than yellow gold. When most of us think about gold jewelry, this is the metal we are thinking of.


Like all gold used for jewelry purposes, yellow gold is an alloy of gold and other metals such as copper. Since pure gold is too soft on its own for use in much of anything, it is turned into an alloy by blending it with other metals for extra strength. In the case of white gold, which also features in this stunning butterfly crossover ring, the blend will feature a different assortment of metals. Whereas yellow gold is mixed with other yellow metals, white gold is a little different. Pure gold will blend with metals such as zinc or palladium. These are silver metals that help give the resulting gold that cool silvery hue that so many of us love. White gold is often coated with rhodium or platinum to give it that extra cool sheen.


We should note that with white gold jewelry that features a coating such as this, you may need to have the ring recoated on occasion. Otherwise, the white gold will begin to yellow over time. 


Pave-Style Diamonds

While many have waxed poetic on the diamond, we still feel like there is loads more to say. Because, well, the diamond is one of the most stunning and beautiful materials known to man. Since we first found small diamonds in rocks and on the surface, we have placed a high value on them. We have used diamonds for adornment for many millennia and this will continue for many to come. That is because this sparkly, colorless rock is a fine, sparkly material that just begs to adorn the human body. We see diamonds in pretty much any kind of adornment from crowns, armor, and of course, rings and necklaces. 


Since the diamond is the hardest stone known to man, it makes a natural material for use in jewelry making. The stone can be cut into pretty much any shape you can imagine. Our butterfly crossover ring features what we call pave-style diamonds. Pave is a French word for pavement. This cut of diamond consists of very tiny stones that are cut in a round brilliant cut. A continuous row of these stones gives the look of a sparkly pavement, hence the name. The small size of the stones gives the earrings a nice dainty look, but also gives them a maximum sparkle as well. 

Great Signature Piece

We discuss the beauty of the signature look above. Since we are all unique with our own likes and dislikes, we feel that we should have a look that represents that. If you are someone who has a love of the outdoors and has a fun and whimsical personality, we think you should have pieces that express that. But we also think that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality. You don’t have to look towards cheap costume jewelry to find something different. The butterfly crossover ring we feature here is a great example of a fine piece of jewelry that is playful in style. This is a stylistic ring that features two butterflies that appear as if in motion. One butterfly is made from yellow gold and one is made from white gold. 


Both butterflies feature fine rows of tiny pave-style diamonds. So not only is this ring playful in its design, but you also get the unique two-tone look with the use of both kinds of gold. And the rows of tiny diamonds give the ring a lot of sparkle. Since this ring utilizes two different kinds of metals, it can pair with a huge host of other accessories. The ring is casual enough to wear with casual attire, but elegant enough to wear with things that are a bit more formal. These characteristics make it a great option for daily wear. 

In Closing

When it comes to fine jewelry, we feel like there really should be something for everyone. While a lot of people like classic or bold pieces of jewelry, there are also people who have a more fun and playful style. And we think even those who appreciate whimsy should be able to find accessories that not only fit their personality but that is made with the best materials as well. The perfect example of such a piece of jewelry is the elegant butterfly crossover ring that we feature here. This is a two-tone ring that has two butterflies that appear as if they are moving. One butterfly is white gold, the other is yellow. Both are studded with rows of tiny pave-style diamonds.


The combination of fine materials and whimsy come together in a stunning piece that is suitable for daily wear. It will pair well with a wide range of different fashions and other accessories. 


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