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Color-Fade Cocktail Ring

Color-Fade Cocktail Ring

Special events are a great time to bust out a bold piece such as a color-fade cocktail ring. There aren’t all that many events that really allow us to dress to the nines and show off our fun and formal style. So when these events come around, we say make the most of them and really show off your inner princess. The great thing about cocktail rings is that their large size and look-at-me style make them a great accessory for those who are looking to see and be seen. High-end jewelry is a great investment, both in yourself and for the future.

Not only is it nice to have high-end, high-quality pieces that you can bring out for those special occasions, but they are also of really high value. High-grade gemstones and precious metals do not tend to lose their value with time. And, in an uncertain economy, something like gold is always going to be a great thing to have, in any form. But more than any of this, having a huge, eye-catching, and elegant cocktail ring is a really fun way to show off at your next cocktail party or other social events. 

Stylish Accessories

The accessories we choose go a long way toward creating a unique style that is all our own. There are a lot of different accessories and ways to wear them. Whether you are looking for something classic for daily wear, or you want something bold like a color-fade cocktail ring, accessories are great fun. And, they can tell others a lot about you without your ever having to speak. The thing is, first impressions are hard to get past. And most of us make our first impression of something before we speak to them. It is through the way they dress, accessorize, and carry themselves that this opinion is formed.

When we wear something like a color-fade cocktail ring, we are showing others that we take care of our appearance. It shows that we have put thought into the presentation that others see. Not to mention, it shows that we have a fun and whimsical style that loves a little splash of drama and color. There aren’t nearly enough occasions to bust out our best pieces, so we say take full advantage when those opportunities do present themselves. 

Bold Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are an awful lot of fun. These are pieces that are too formal, too bold, or just too nice for daily wear. What this means is that these are pieces that we will set back for those special occasions. When the holiday season rolls around or we are invited to a cocktail party, we get the opportunity to really show our style with these pieces. One of our favorite pieces of statement jewelry is the cocktail ring. Here we have a bold color-fade version of the ring that has crystals in a range of hues, ranging from clear to a bright pink. Statement pieces are great because they really let us show off our unique style and call attention to our assets or our favorite accessories. 

We can easily pair statement pieces together to show off our fine and bold style. Whether you are looking to really show off your style or you simply want a bold piece to accentuate your look, these statement pieces are a lot of fun to wear and do a great job in helping us achieve a desired look. 

Occasions to Show Your Style

Formal events don’t come around all the time, so when they do, we think you should take as much advantage of it as possible. Most of us think about the holiday season in the winter as the prime opportunity to bust out something fun and formal such as the color-fade cocktail ring we feature here. It is a great time of year for formal attire and fun jewelry. This is because we have so many social events at this time of year. There are holiday parties and formal gatherings among friends, family, and colleagues. It is also a big time of year for charity events as well.

However, something like a gala or a cocktail party can come around at any time of the year. And these, too, are also great occasions for that fun, formal attire, as well as our favorite jewelry. In fact, since in the warmer months, we can wear more revealing clothing, it can be a better opportunity to show off our accessories than in winter. We love the way the color-fade cocktail ring we feature here looks with attire for all the seasons. The soft color and bright sparkle of this eye-catching ring are elegant and stunning no matter the time of year.

A Focal Point or Accent

There is a lot to love about statement jewelry. It is often our finest. These are the pieces that are too nice for just any occasion. Or, they are pieces that are just too bold for a trip to the local park with the kids. We love having fun, over-the-top accessories for those special events around the year that allow us to really shine. The color-fade cocktail ring we feature here is a great option for events at any time of the year. Elegant color and a soft sparkle combine to create an eye-catching, yet timelessly beautiful, piece of jewelry. One of the things we love most about this ring is that it can either be the focal point of your look or it can serve as an accent piece.

If you want the cocktail ring to be the main element of your aesthetic, you simply pair it with a simple dress. If you pair either of the color-fade cocktail rings we feature here with something simple like a black dress, you can allow those pieces to take the proverbial center stage. However, you can also pair these rings with an equally bold dress or other pieces of eye-catching jewelry. 

The Cocktail Ring

One of our absolute favorite pieces of high-end jewelry for special occasions is the cocktail ring. Most of us probably think of paste baubles such as the costume jewelry our grandmothers may have worn. While this may be where they started, this isn’t the extent of what you can find. There are cocktail rings that are made from fine materials and handmade to high standards of design and construction. What really makes a cocktail ring, well, a cocktail ring, is that it is oversized. Often, these accessories will be large versions of favorites. Halo rings, solitaire-style rings, multi-stone rings, are all commonly seen in cocktail form.

These rings are huge and meant to be seen. Whether you want a large, bolder version of your favorite classic or something completely unique, you will know you are getting something eye-catching if you choose a cocktail ring. They come in a huge range of shapes and styles, as well as levels of quality. You can stick with inexpensive paste and cheap metal pieces, or you can choose something made of finer materials. The color-fade cocktail rings we feature here are a nice blending of fine gold, with colorful crystals. 

Color-Fade Crystals

One of the things we love most about cocktail rings is their bold, oversized look. We often see large versions of classic favorites that turn these timeless styles into something even more special. Here we have a large multi-layer ring. It features fine crystals in a range of colors. The way these stones are inset into the ring creates the look of a fading color. What this means is that the color starts out bold and saturated at the top of the ring. As you go down the rows of crystals, the color starts to fade to a softer purple and into pink. Finally, the pink softens into a nice colorless crystal. 

We love the flowing and natural aesthetic this adds to such a stunning piece of jewelry. The other color-fade ring we feature here also has a range of purple, pink, and clear stones, but they are more amorphous and create this almost space or nebula-like look and feel. We really love the interplay of the different colors of crystals that feature in this ring. We get a nice bold punch of color and their arrangement is such that it creates a neat visual effect. 

Stunning Color and Style

A lot of jewelry features diamonds or other soft or colorless gemstones. Of course, we absolutely love diamonds, but there is a whole world of other stones out there. Not to mention, an entire rainbow of colors to choose from. If you are looking for an opportunity to wear something bold and eye-catching, why not also wear something that has a ton of beautiful color as well? We feel that especially as the warm months are upon us, a bit of color is a lot of fun. Both of the color-fade cocktail rings we feature here offer an elegant style and a lot of fun, soft, and whimsical color.

Both rings offer a blending of different shades of purple and pink, as well as clear crystals. One ring has ever-lightening rows of colorful crystals that start dark and fade to light. The other ring features these colors intermingled in a really elegant and beautiful way. It creates a unique effect that you don’t see in jewelry that features all of the same colors of stone. Since we are already looking to catch attention with a formal piece, why not also catch the eye with a rainbow of soft colors?

The Best Place for Your Fine Jewelry Needs

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we seek to be your one-stop shop for all your fine jewelry needs. Whether you are looking for something like the color-fade cocktail ring we feature here, or are in the market for something completely different, we want to be the first place people think of. For this reason, we don’t carry basic run-of-the-mill pieces such as you can find at any strip mall jewelry store. Rather, we want to be the best place in the Boca Raton area for high-end, rare pieces. This is why we hire only the most experienced and well-connected buyers. This allows us to source the rarest and most unique high-end pieces from sales around the world.

We have the highest standards of quality when it comes to the materials that feature in any jewelry we sell. And, we also have just as high of standards when it comes to the design and construction of pieces we sell. It is for this reason that our clients have peace of mind that they are getting great value when they find something in our display cases. If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we also offer a huge array of custom jewelry design services, which lets us turn your dream into a reality. 

In Closing

When it comes to formal events, we simply can’t get enough! These are the perfect opportunities to dress in our finest and to bring out those special pieces of jewelry that we reserve for special occasions. Statement pieces for special occasions are often our boldest and finest pieces of jewelry. These are pieces that you can’t wear just anywhere. A fine cocktail ring such as the color-fade cocktail ring we feature here, would look a bit out of place at the grocery store. But any time we get an invite to a cocktail party or a gala, we have the opportunity to show off these pieces. What we love about the cocktail ring is that they are oversized and made to be seen.

Here, we feature a color-fade cocktail ring. We have two versions of this ring. One of these rings features rows of fading colors of crystals. The colors start at purple and fade to pink and finally to clear stones. The other ring features these pinks, purples and clear crystals in a blending of different colors that we feel creates an almost space-like vibe. The bright color and slight sparkle of the crystals give it unique characteristics we don’t often see, even in statement jewelry. We know that you will look forward to every opportunity to wear either one of these rings on their own, or together as a pair. 


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