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Cuban Link Chain Necklace in Yellow Gold

Cuban Link Chain Necklace in Yellow Gold

Men’s jewelry goes far beyond the wristwatch and wedding ring, as a Cuban link chain necklace in yellow gold shows. The thing is, accessories can do a lot for your look. They can give you that put-together look of effortless style that so many of us want. Because who doesn’t want to put their best proverbial foot forward? And, just because we wear accessories doesn’t mean we have to look like we spend all day fussing over our appearance. A few well-chosen accessories will give you a signature look that is all your own, as well as give you that effortless style that we all want.


Cuban link chains are a great accessory. We see them most often as necklaces – such as we see here – and bracelets. They come in a wide variety of different sizes, gauges, and lengths. This means it is easy to find the perfect chain for your taste and style. Not to mention, for those who want something a little glitzier, there are Cuban link chains that also boast inset diamonds. Here, we have a classic link chain in yellow gold. This chain will pair well with a huge range of different looks and can easily pair with other accessories as well. It makes a great option for daily wear. 

The Power of Your Accessories

Accessories probably aren’t something most men think about very often. But the thing is, they can have a lot of power. Think about those first impressions. This is something that we most often form before we even speak to another person. And this goes for other people’s impressions of us as well. The way we dress, the way we carry ourselves, and, yes, our accessories, can tell others a lot about us – that means they can have a dramatic impact on someone’s first impression. It makes sense that we would want to make the best possible impression on others we can, so thinking about the accessories we wear actually does make sense.


Something like a Cuban link chain necklace in yellow gold is a great accessory, whether we are wearing it for a special occasion or as a part of our signature look. It is a masculine and simple style that will elevate the look of anything that you pair it with. This necklace will pair well with both formal and casual attire. And, you can easily pair this necklace with any number of other accessories to create a look that is all your own. But more on that is below. 

Show Off Your Personal Style


None of us are the same, not even identical twins! We all have our own unique personalities and sense of fashion. There are so many people in the world that it can feel impossible to stand out, but by creating a look that is all your own, you can do just that. A lot of people are at a loss as to how to create a signature look but it really isn’t all that hard. Obviously, the way you style your hair and the type of clothing you wear is going to have a huge impact on your overall look. By choosing unique accessories to pair with your attire, you create a unique and personal look and style.


And you don’t have to go overboard. It isn’t like you have to be covered in jewelry to stand out from the proverbial crowd. A few good pieces that are paired with clothes and a hairstyle that accent the look will help you create that unique look that is fitting to your style and personality. Something like a Cuban link chain in yellow gold is a great addition to any signature look since it is so versatile. We know that you will have an increase in confidence when you have a look that is all your own and that you are proud of. 

Men Can Wear Necklaces, Too!


Sadly, when a lot of men think about jewelry and high-end accessories, they think about jewelry for women. For many men, jewelry extends about as far as a wristwatch and maybe a wedding band. We feel that this is sad as there are a lot of great accessories for men. Above, we discussed how accessories can help us make a good first impression, as well as allow us to create a unique signature style. And you can do this with a wide range of different pieces, not just those bog standard pieces people associate with men. A great example of this is the necklace. Many people think of the necklace as a piece of jewelry for women, but it is for everyone.


The yellow gold Cuban link chain necklace we feature here is a great example of a necklace for men. This is a chunky, sporty, and masculine chain that will look great with a wide range of fashions. You can easily wear it with a well-fitting suit or hip-hop and casual attire. It is also something that you can easily pair with other accessories as well. That makes this a versatile piece, which is why it can so easily become part of your signature look. 

Cuban Link Chains

The Cuban link chain is a popular style of jewelry for men. It was made popular, first in the 70s and 80s, by hip-hop culture in the Miami area, dominated by, as the name implies, Cubans. You may also see these chains called Miami Cuban links, but most often, they are simply Cuban links. 


While it may have started in the 70s and 80s in a particular scene, they have come back with a vengeance and are popular in a wide variety of different fashion circles. One of the things that people like about these chains is their smooth, chunky, masculine look.


The unique interlocking nature of the links gives the overall chain a flat and smooth appearance. This is part of what sets it apart from other types of chains. And the way the links interlock gives the links a chunkier and sportier look and feel. You often see these chains worn as bracelets or, as we see here, necklaces.


The larger the gauge, the thicker, heavier, and larger the chain will be. You can find these chains made from pretty much any metal you can imagine. From stainless steel to gold, from platinum to diamonds inset into gold, there really is something for everyone. There are some people who like the drama that a longer chain provides, whereas others like a thicker and heavier chain. What will work best for you will depend on your personal taste and style. What we do know is that this is a style that looks great on men of all ages and fashion senses. 


Yellow Gold


When most of us think of gold, we probably imagine that buttery yellow hue of classic yellow gold. Since humans found the first nuggets and flakes, we have been drawn to this rare material. It has been something that has led to war and conflict, but it is also something that brings a lot of beauty and happiness as well. Since we learned the art of metalworking, we have formed gold into a wide range of adornments for the human form. From crowns of kingship to Cuban link chains, gold jewelry has long been – and still is – a prized accessory. 


A lot of people like the look of traditional gold. It is a material that gets its name from its very color. The bright, smooth yellow of traditional yellow gold is incredibly unique and something you don’t see from any other metal. However, something a lot of people don’t know is that gold jewelry is never made from pure gold. This is not for the sake of economics, it’s a functional thing. You see, in its pure form, gold is incredibly soft. If you were to try to make a piece of jewelry from pure gold, it would not have the strength to keep its shape. The material will easily deform. Therefore, to make jewelry from gold, it is blended with a variety of other metals to different percentages. The percentage of pure gold in the material is how it gets its carat weight.


When gold is blended with these other metals, it retains that elegant color that so many of us love but has the strength and durability to be forged into fine jewelry. 

Masculine and Stylish

There are a lot of reasons to like Cuban link chains. They are elegant and unique accessories that will work well with a wide range of different looks and styles. The style is quite simple, but also unique. It consists of interlocking round or oval links. These links are flattened on the ends to give the finished piece a smooth and flat surface. This style of chain became popular with the rise of hip-hop culture in the late 70s and 80s and persists to this day. That is because this is really a timeless style. It has an urban look and feel that somehow doesn’t go out of fashion. And the great thing about these chains is that there are a lot of options to choose from.


There are shorter and longer chains, depending on what your personal taste is. You can choose a higher gauge of link, which will lead to a larger and heavier chain. The chains make great necklaces or bracelets. Some people will wear one around their wrist and one around their neck. This chain looks great in pretty much any material. From something simple like stainless steel to something really elegant like diamonds inset into gold, this chain will look great. 


The One-Stop Shop for Fine Jewelry 


At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we want to show men that fine accessories are for them, too. To do this, we have a huge selection of fine, rare pieces for men from all walks of life. We all have a different senses of style and taste and because of this, we strive to provide a broad array of options to choose from. And we don’t stock pieces that you can find at your run-of-the-mill shopping mall jewelry store. We have the best selection of rare, high-end pieces in the Boca Raton area. The way we achieve this is by hiring only the most skilled buyers. These are people who know how to spot rare finds and have the connections to source the best pieces from sales all over the world. 


And while we have a great selection of Cuban link chains and other pieces, we know we can’t have everything. If you have something specific in mind, be sure to check out our custom jewelry design services. Our skilled jewelers use the latest technology and work closely with our clients to ensure that they get exactly what they are looking for. We also offer a comprehensive array of jewelry repair services as well. 

In Closing


Accessories are for everyone. Women shouldn’t get to have all the fun! The thing is, they don’t have to. There are a ton of high-end masculine, high-quality accessories that will look great on men of all styles. One of the best kinds of accessories for men is the Cuban link chain. This is a flat, sporty chain that comes in a wide variety of configurations. It looks great on men of all ages and pretty much any style. This is a style that first became popular in the late 70s and 80s as the hip-hop movement began in earnest. Since then, it has remained popular with men from all walks of life for its versatility and great design.


These chains can be worn as bracelets, or as necklaces such as we see here. You can find Cuban link chains in pretty much any metal you can think of. The piece we feature here boasts traditional yellow gold. You can find these chains made from anything from stainless steel to gold inset with diamonds. What works best for you is a matter of taste and preference. But we know that you will love the way it completes your look and gives you an effortless style. 


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