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Express Your Love with These Diamonds and Ruby Rings 

Express Your Love with These Diamonds and Ruby Rings 

ruby gemstones at the center

The word “ruben” is Latin for “red.” It is also the origin of the name “Ruby.” More so, in recent years, these ruby rings have become a popular choice for couples who desire an unusual engagement ring. When mixed with diamonds, you get these diamonds and ruby rings that are now the new big thing for celebrities.

Ruby at the Center

When shopping for rubies, the most vital factor to consider value-wise is the quality of the centerpiece. Here is the trick! The more richly red and clearer the ruby gemstone appears, the more its value. Commonly, ruby gemstones are perfect pairs with yellow or rose gold. However, other metals will still produce that amazing look you want for a long time.

Nevertheless, when considering engagement ring options, we most times ignore the option of diamonds and ruby rings present. They might not be the first gemstone that comes to mind, but they do not lackluster and grace in their long history. For a long time now, these gemstones remain a number one jewel-like symbol of passion, love, protection, and royalty. Who doesn’t want to check out their fingers and feel like royalty? 

Introducing Ruby Gemstones

ruby gemstones at the center

Ruby is a gem that varies in color, ranging from bright cherry-red to dark reddish-brown. Also, these gemstones get their color from the trace element, Chromium. Among its color varieties, the most popular shade is blood-red with blue and purple undertones. When we use jewelry terms, we call them Burmese and pigeon’s blood rubies.

More so, when it comes to feeling fresh and modern, diamonds and ruby rings are completely the unusual flair modern brides crave. These ruby rings allow unique settings, contemporary shapes, and, of course, gemstones. In this post, we dive into the world of diamonds and ruby rings. Dive in with us to learn more about these unusual yet desirable center stones. 

Charting the Chronicles of Ruby Gemstones 

ruby gemstones

  • Burma
  • Australia
  • Madagascar
  • Afghanistan
  • Parts of the United States
  • India

Pay a visit to any of the places listed above and you will likely find loads of rubies. This is because these are the few places where you can find these gemstones. The ruby is valuable and held in high regard mostly due to how rare it is to find one. This level of value and stylish flair passes on to diamonds and ruby rings as well. 

Diamonds might have formerly controlled the engagement ring world. But, they soon had to get paired with the ruby in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This pairing was to exemplify eternity and love. For the wealthy, the contrast the stones present became hot merchandise. 

Additionally, the Hindus also thought highly of the ruby gemstone. They separate the ruby into castes. Ruby gemstones came sorted into the upper, middle, and lower classes. These castes show their elegance, quality, and color. As it was then, a lower ruby could not even touch an upper ruby. They believed that such contact would contaminate the upper ruby.

Presently, diamonds and ruby rings are symbols that represent desire through their rich red color. While desire remains an important aspect of ruby’s meaning, love and courage are other depictions. Legend has it that the ruby wasn’t always a stone. According to this legend, it gets hardened with fire which gives it the power to set hearts aflame. 

Overall, being the “Stone of Nobility,” the ruby effortlessly amplifies and brings light and peace into an individual’s life. Plus, with the meaning enshrined in this single piece, there is a belief that the ruby can settle fights between couples.

The Pros And Cons Of Ruby Rings

We begin with the good side, of course. The majority of precious gems out there are much softer than diamonds. But, with ruby rings, you get gems that are a lot more resilient compared to other gemstones. This attribute makes ruby gemstones wonderful choices for engagement rings. They present an option you will treasure forever. 

For a fact, rubies come second to only the diamond on the Mohs Hardness scale. Ruby gemstones boast a 9 while diamonds have the highest rating with a 10. Diamonds and ruby ring also make for a one-of-a-kind ring that expresses your personality. 

According to Anna Bario, co-founder of Bario Neal, “We often tell clients that one of the best ways to choose an engagement ring is to find a stone you intuitively connect with. Many of our clients prefer the more vibrant-colored gemstones to the more traditional diamond engagement rings. Our advice is to always follow your intuition and you can never go wrong!”

Amid several reasons to seek after diamonds and ruby rings, the cost is one setback you must consider. For the highest quality Burmese or “Pigeon’s Blood Red” ruby rings, there is a heftier price tag to contend with. 

However, this doesn’t mean that ruby gemstones are totally out of the question when looking for a more cost-efficient ring. With its wide range of colors, you have different price ranges to select from as well. 

Tip: If you are not fully compelled to choose a red-hued center stone, you can try ruby gemstones differently. You can use your ruby as a side or accent stone in a three-stone ring or cluster layout.

Details To Consider When Buying Your Diamonds and Ruby Rings 

  • Cut Quality

Have you considered the stone cut that will best fit ruby gemstones? If yes, here is your answer. The most popular cut for ruby gemstones is oval or round. With any of these cuts, you can effortlessly bring out deeper shades of red in the gemstone. Other popular cuts you can consider are octagon, pear, and marquise. However, they tend to cost a bit more than the other two cuts (oval and round) mentioned before them.

  • Settings And Metal Varieties

How about the best settings and metals to use with tiny gemstones? Page Neal, the other co-founder of Bario Neal has the following to say: “Rubies are quite versatile. They’re strong stones, second in hardness only to diamonds and moissanite—so they’re not limited as far as settings go. Just make sure your stone is set so that light can get through underneath, revealing its true color! We’ve set rubies in all metal colors, and although it’s hard to pick a favorite, there’s something special about seeing them set in rose gold or 18kt fair mined yellow gold.” 

  • The Varieties Available

According to Anna Bario, “Rubies range in color, from pink to orange to red. Their color is based on their origin; for example, Bangkok rubies are dark in color due to the presence of Iron and Chromium.” Mario explains that every single shade of diamond and ruby ring is distinct in its way. Therefore, when making a choice, it all comes down to personal preference and taste.

Maintaining your Diamonds and Ruby Rings

Page Neal advises that it’s best to have your jewelry cleaned professionally by expert jewelers. But, when you get the time to do the work yourself, you can clean your ruby rings at home. 

Page explains, “For a simple cleaning at home, we recommend mixing dish soap in warm water, soaking your ring or other jewelry for five minutes, and using a soft-bristled baby toothbrush to gently clean behind stones or settings. Air dry, then finish with a polishing cloth.”

Ruby Rings vs. Diamond Rings

With ruby solitaire, three-stone, and ruby accent gemstone rings, you have rich, elegant options for your rings. Still, some people prefer adding a diamond to the mix. If not that way, they make accent stones and diamonds instead of tiny ruby gemstones. For them, that is what gives those rings an unmatched allure.

How about a round brilliant cut white gold ruby solitaire engagement ring? You get a deep red ruby that catches the eye of admirers all around you. But, try dressing up the band with accent diamonds, or switch small diamonds with rubies all along the band. What you will get is a transition from eye-catching to eye-popping appeal. 

In addition, tri-stone diamonds and ruby rings on a yellow gold band will make a statement in a crowd. Take out the two smaller stones on either side of the center ruby and replace them with diamonds. That swap will bring out the shine of the gold band as well as the vigor of the red gemstone. Get swept off your feet with a dazzling engagement ring that will get anyone green-eyed.

Overall, replacing some of the ruby gemstones in pure ruby rings with diamonds saves you a little bit of money. Also, this modifies the appearance and style of the ring. When considering carat, diamonds are less expensive than ruby gemstones even of the same size. 

Simple, natural, excellent-grade ruby gemstones are rarer than diamonds. So, it is easy to understand why they are considerably higher in value. Therefore, fiddling with the various combinations of rubies and diamonds while shopping for diamonds and ruby rings is rewarding. You get to create a stunning ring that doesn’t cost you so much.

Famous Shapes For Diamonds and Ruby Rings

The most common gemstone shape for diamonds and ruby rings is the round cut. With this round shape, you bring out all the vital qualities of ruby gemstones. This helps you to accentuate the gemstones’ vital details while offering some of the best prices out there. It is a two-way win for you, eventually. 

More so, round-cut ruby rings are a perfect match with other round-cut stones. They leave space to accommodate all types of inventive metalwork in solitaire rings. With this shape, you can try out metal designs like:

  • Floral
  • Filigree
  • Vines
  • Plus other nature-inspired metal designs.

Furthermore, the oval shape is another shape of ruby gemstones commonly used for diamonds and ruby rings. With oval shapes, you can easily pair these gemstones with smaller ovals, round cut gems, and any accent gems. These oval-cut stones often come in a larger look. Diamonds and ruby rings in oval shapes offer refinement and a delicate appearance on a bride-to-be’s finger. The feeling is simply majestic. 

Additionally, there are cushion-cut diamonds and ruby rings. This shape produces great, vintage-looking ruby rings. When paired with ruby or diamond halos and filigree metalwork, these gemstones produce old-fashioned-style rings. Not plain old-fashioned, they still deliver such a modern flair that makes them desirable to even modern brides.

Lastly, there are square-shaped ruby gemstones. These evenly-shaped rings seamlessly match with any of the sharp-edged and cornered cuts. So, you can pair them with ruby rings in the princess cut, emerald cut, rectangle cut, etc. These rings are also a perfect blend of cushion-cut gemstones. They are one of the top ten famous ruby cuts used in designing engagement rings.

Selecting A Setting Style for Your Diamonds and Ruby Rings

  • Pave Setting

This is a popular option for diamonds and ruby rings. This setting style is elegant despite its simple, and traditional design. Also, it works perfectly with accent gemstones, solitaires, tri-stones, and any other setup. The pave setting can also come set in white, rose, and yellow gold, as well as platinum, silver, and any of the other white metal options. 

  • Four-Prong Setting

A four-prong setting is another common face in ruby rings. In this setting style, the ruby gemstone rests securely within the prongs. Also, any band design or metalwork accents complete the stone shapes and cuts effortlessly and elegantly. 

  • Bezel Setting

The bezel presents another popular setting style that brings the best out of diamonds and ruby rings. This setting allows for interchanging gemstone shapes. Also, you have the liberty to choose a center stone that appears bigger than its real size. In addition, the bezel setting also sits well in many of the choicest diamonds and ruby rings metal options out there. 


Diamonds and ruby rings are not the same as other gemstones because of their wealth of history, value, and refinement. These ruby gemstones make the world of difference wherever they feature. Whether as accent stones, or center stones, the result is always a pleasant sight.


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