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Great Pieces to Enhance an Outfit for a Night On the Town

Great Pieces to Enhance an Outfit for a Night On the Town

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An evening out can be the highlight of any night or weekend. After a long week at the office, the ability to let loose is a great way to blow off the steam of the week you’ve just left behind. One thing that we all want to do is look our best when we go out for a social event. Carefully selected outfits paired with excellent jewelry will give you that look you are going for. 

Whether a man or woman, jewelry can really enhance a look for a night on the town. An elegant and sophisticated outfit, whether a nice dress or a well-made suit, paired with a few pieces of high-end jewelry gives the look of sophistication we all want. It shows that we take care of our appearance, the clothing we choose, and the jewelry we wear. It gives others an impression of us without our ever saying a word. 

For your next night out on the social scene, consider the jewelry you choose and how it can enhance your look. 

Men’s Jewelry

When we think about jewelry, we most often think about women. But men can and absolutely do wear jewelry. Depending on the piece and the style, these pieces can give an air of effortless sophistication or bold style. Obviously, men may wear wedding bands to denote their marital status, but we shouldn’t think that this is the only piece of jewelry they can wear. 

Some men wear rings on different fingers. The signet ring is a popular choice for men who want to wear a masculine-style ring on a finger other than their wedding finger. However, there is more than just rings. Some men wear earrings and bracelets as well. But the most common types of jewlery outside the wedding ring that men wear are watches and cufflinks.

Pieces like these can enhance the look and feel of any outfit. Stunning diamond cufflinks can take a well-cut suit to another level of style and fashion. A high-end timepiece allows you to combine form and function into a single piece. It has the practical use of always letting you know the time, but when precious metals and gemstones are used, it is also a work of art. 

Whatever you choose, don’t think that men can’t gussy up a bit for an evening out. We all like to look nice and put together and carefully selected pieces let you do just this. 


Tag Heuer WAE1111 Golf Men's Titanium Rubber Strap Watch

The watch is a great way for men to show off their style and also provides a useful function. Watches have long been popular with men across all classes and styles. It is a useful piece of jewelry that can also give you the opportunity to show off your class, fashion sense, and masculinity.

A high-end timepiece shows discerning taste. Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Tag Heuer, Cartier, and more make high-end timepieces that are as well known for their luxurious style as they are for the precision of the timepiece. All high-end watchmakers strive to combine the best craftsmanship with creative design. Precision is incredibly important for watchmakers as this is how they set themselves apart from the competition.

However, precision is by no means the only focus. There is an emphasis on design and craftsmanship. There is a focus on using only the highest-quality metals and stones. Most high-end watches are handmade using the latest technology. This means you get a timepiece that is incredibly precise, doesn’t need manual winding, and will continue to tell correct time for years to come.

They can also be works of art that create an eye-catching signature piece for a night on the town look. 


Some jewelry elements men wear are a bit more subtle but no less elegant. The cufflink is an underrepresented accessory for men. Cufflinks keep the undershirt connected to an outer sports coat or suit jacket. They can be simple or incredibly complex, depending on your style and fashion sense. 

The cufflink adds subtle glamour and fashion. It is something that catches the eye and shows that the suit has a bit more going on than just a nice suit. It shows that one pays attention to detail and cares about the way they present themselves to the world 

Women’s Jewelry

Most of us closely associate jewelry with women. So it isn’t a surprise that there are so many options for women to choose from. Well-chosen pieces are a great way to take a formal or party look to an enhanced level of sophistication and glamour. A simple dress with a few glamorous and jewel-studded pieces will really help you stand apart from the crowd.

An elegant outfit paired with a few pieces of simple, yet high-quality jewelry is another way to really show off your fashion, class, and style. Attention to detail and ensuring that all pieces you choose work well together create a sophisticated, elegant, and glamorous look that many will want to emulate. 

Women have a lot of choices for jewelry suitable for social occasions. From rings, necklaces, and bracelets, to timepieces and earrings, all of these pieces will take any formal look to a higher level of elegance. 


The ring is a piece of jewelry that we can wear on any finger. We most often associate rings with engagement rings and wedding bands, but rings are far more than that. Cocktail rings are rings that can be worn on any finger. They are often large, bold in style, and feature precious metals and high-end gemstones. A cocktail ring can easily become a statement piece. A large cocktail ring that features a stunning stone or unique design can take any look to another level. 

You can pair a simple cocktail ring or wedding ring with a fashion-forward formal look. You can also pair a simple dress or outfit with a bold, stunning cocktail ring that is highly unique. A well-made stylish ring can easily become a signature piece in anyone’s wardrobe. Special occasions like social events call for these statement pieces.

A ring, whatever style or type you choose, can be an integral part of any formal look. Be creative in your choice of rings. Rings don’t have to be simple gold and diamonds. While these look amazing, there are tons of different types of metals, stones, and patterns to choose from. Different gemstones and different settings create pieces that give off an air of bold fashion, timeless elegance, or even subtle femininity. 

Whatever your style, pairing a beautiful ring with your formal outfit will make you look amazing for any special occasion. You can show your fashion sense and others will want to copy your unique and elegant look. 


Amoro 18k Yellow Gold 11.88ct Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Necklace

A necklace is also a great piece of jewelry to pair with formal attire. There are tons of different kinds of necklaces. For classic sophistication, we often think of a string of high-quality pearls. Pearls look stunning with a wide range of formal looks. But this isn’t the only way to dress up your formal outfit for higher fashion and elegance.

Necklaces can be more like chokers, where they cling to the neck. Other necklaces may dangle a bit below the dip in the neck. Others may extend to the cleavage. There are also very long and intricate necklaces. As you can see, there are tons of different styles and lengths. Each style pairs best with a different kind of outfit.

Necklaces can be made from high-quality metals like gold, silver, platinum, or stainless steel. Gemstones of all kinds work great in necklaces. For example, say you choose a daring dress with a deeply plunging neckline. You can pair this dress with a long necklace studded with jewels to create a truly elegant and daring look.

A more simple formal dress paired wiht a simple necklace with high-quality stones gives the air of effortless elegance and style. There are so many options out there that you can easily find something that works with your look and enhances your style. 


simon g engagement rings

Earrings are another great way to dress up a formal outfit for a social occasion. The earring is a bit underappreciated when it comes to jewelry. They come in a whole range of styles and types and can really enhance the look and feel of any outfit. Earrings are often paired with other pieces of jewelry, so it is important to make sure that the earrings you choose work well with any other jewlery you may wear. 

Earrings can be simple or glamorous, they can be classic in style or bold and daring. Made from the finest materials, high-end earrings may be studded with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, opals, or other rare gemstones. The simple diamond stud earring gives any formal outfit a look of timeless elegance and fashion.

Hoop earrings, whether all-metal or made with gemstones, are another great look for formal attire. Hoops may be small or they can be incredibly large. Obviously the larger the earring, the bolder the look they create. A simple or bold pair of hoop earrings pair well with dresses and other formal outfits. They can take your look to a bold and glamourous new level.

Dangle or drop earrings are another great choices. These are earrings that dangle below the earlobe. They can be all-metal and fashioned into designs. However, they may also be studded with diamonds or other gems. Dangle earrings can draw attention to your neckline and add dramatic glamour and sophistication to a formal outfit. 




Bracelets are another great piece of jewlery for a night out. Most dresses are sleeveless or have short sleeves, so the wrists show. There are a lot of different styles of bracelets and what works best for you will depend on your style and the type of outfit you plan to wear. A simple cuff-style bracelet is a great option if you want a classic, simple, and sophisticated look. These bracelets may be thick or thin and are often all-metal.

However, you’ll also find cuff bracelets that feature diamonds and other precious gemstones.

A tennis bracelet is a loose bracelet. They often feature jewels that connect with rings or brackets of precious metals. This is another great choice for a formal look. Tennis bracelets have classic glamour and elegance. While they are timeless in design, they can be bold and highly unique. 

If you have an outfit of muted colors, a bracelet is a great way to add a punch of color and shine to the outfit. If you are wearing a bold and daring look, something more classic and simple will be a great enhancement to the entire outfit. 


We most often think of watches as the accessory for men, but this is underselling the classic timepiece. Women’s watches can be dainty and feminine. They can be simple and elegant. Or they can be flashy and sparkly. Like the bracelet, it is a great accessory if you are wearing a dress that has no or short sleeves. It draws attention to the wrist and gives emphasis to the accessory you choose. 

Women’s timepieces may be dainty, simple, and elegant, which gives an air of prim sophistication. You can find watches that feature diamonds and other precious gemstones. This creates a look of sparkly, daring, and bold glamour and luxury. There are a number of high-end brands, like Rolex, Cartier, Audemars Pigeut, and more that make some stunning and timeless timepieces for women that will make any formal look that much better. 

In Closing

Whether you are a man or a woman, jewelry is a great way to enhance any formal look for a social occasion. Too often, jewlery is considered the purview of women. But men can also wear high-end pieces to enhance their look. Most often, men choose accessories like timepieces or cufflinks. This shows attention to detail and cares for one’s appearance. These pieces can really enhance your look and others will notice.

Women have the luxury of much more choice when it comes to formal jewelry meant for special occasions. There are tons of different pieces that make great accessories to formal outfits like dresses or ballgowns. Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or watches alone or paired together, are great choices for jewelry accessories that will take your formal look to another level.

It is important to take care when pairing different pieces of jewlery. You want to make sure that they all work together and enhance, rather than take away, from your look. A few pieces of well-selected jewelry can make a formal outfit covet-worthy.


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