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Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Rings

halo engagement rings

Halo engagement rings parading halos of diamonds or other gemstones surrounding a centerpiece have a long history. The first design of a ring in this setting was at least as early as the Victorian era. These halo-set rings enjoyed a rise in popularity in the Art Deco and Retro eras also. With the halo setting, diamond rings can effortlessly highlight the center gemstone by enclosing it in accent diamonds. Most times, this setting makes the center stone appear larger. 

For many, the attraction is with their lovely harmony and versatility. For others, it is how this engagement ring setting designs come in different variants. There are streamlined and modern versions as well as vintage and ornate types. In addition, double halo diamond rings produce an even more attractive look. With their romantic appearance, halo engagement rings in rose gold are one style of this setting that is on the cusp of a market breakthrough.

Very recently, you will discover that this setting is not as spoken of as it is sought after. Halo engagement rings now seem to be the choicest ring for trendy brides. It all started when Kate Middleton showed off her shiny new engagement ring in 2010. It was a striking sapphire center stone set in a diamond halo setting. 

Ever since then, it is no surprise how the halo setting has become a particularly distinguished option for stylish brides. Every bride now wants a feel of the sparkling delight halo-set rings offer

Introducing The Halo Setting

the halo setting

The halo setting comes as a ring of little accent stones, commonly pavé diamonds surrounding a bigger center stone. With a halo setting, you can have it in the same shape as the center stone, or at other times, it can be different. A good example is a cushion-cut halo surrounding a round diamond.

More so, a halo setting does not merely feature a center gemstone entirely encompassed by smaller accent diamonds. The thrill in this ring setting style is the dazzling look it delivers. Halo-set rings accentuating traditional round and cushion-shaped diamonds are the most sought-after of this ring setting type.  This is probably because of their romantic vintage-inspired appearance. 

Also, we all love halo engagement rings because of the way a halo of accent diamonds makes a center diamond piece look bigger. In addition, couples are increasingly attracted to halo-set rings around compass point settings, double halos, and halos with floral elements.

Keep The Right Company Like Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings will remain one of the most fashionable designs out there for stylish brides. When you see that circle of gemstones (or metal) that encircles a center stone, that right there is the lovely halo setting. 

halo engagement rings

This setting style on engagement rings is a fascinating detail to use for emphasis or accent. Also, it adds an upgrade to a stone’s carat size. Halo engagement rings are beautiful and appealing because they can be used with any shape of gemstone as you wish. These halo-set rings are easily customizable to work with any ring design you prefer. 

Furthermore, halo-set rings can be created with distinct patterns and colors to produce a personalized style and setting. With the halo setting, you add extra glitz and glimmer to any ring. Also, they are the kind of rings you find on a princess. 

Meanwhile, it goes beyond halo engagement rings being versatile and easy to customize. These ring settings also make a diamond appear as much as half a carat bigger than its actual size. To know more about this eye-popping setting and how to maintain it, we take a few clouds from some expert jewelers. The recommendations and tips from jewelers Rohan Agrawal and Adam Patrick will provide more information on these halo engagement rings.

Rohan Agrawal is our first expert and he is the co-founder and president of Azeera. Azeera is a family-owned online fine jewelry store. Then, we take cues from Adam Patrick as well. He is a jeweler and the manager of A La Vieille Russie in New York City.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Halo-set Rings

The greatest allure of a halo setting is that it plays up the center stone and matches it with other elements seamlessly. Also, this ring setting makes your ring seem bigger. Agrawal believes, “The halo setting is designed to accentuate the beauty of the center stone by affordably adding size and brilliance. If the center and accent stones are two different colors, then the halo setting draws more focus toward the center stone. It enhances its visual appeal through a contrast of colors and brilliance.”

Truly, a halo setting will make a center diamond appear larger, the excitement comes in the fact that it saves you money on the actual stone. However, it is surprising that this setting style is not always the more budget-friendly choice. Agrawal explains, “More metal and more gems mean that the style is more expensive compared to simpler designs, like solitaire or three stones.”

halo-set rings

In addition, special care is necessary when dealing with the halo setting. There is the risk of the smaller diamonds enveloping the larger stone falling out easily. More so, there is the delicate shape of a halo setting and the way it develops a boundary around the center stone. This aspect of the halo setting makes it slightly difficult to pair halo engagement rings with a wedding band.

Choosing The Right Halo Setting

halo-set engagement rings

When we consider the aspect of choosing the right halo setting, there are certain questions one needs to answer.

  • Are there Specific Cuts of Diamonds that are Perfect Pairs with a Halo Setting? 

Although any cut pairs well with a halo, still, a round diamond is the most outstanding choice. This combination generates better symmetry compared to other cuts. But, Agrawal will choose an emerald-cut center stone to get that special visual impact. According to him, “The linear faceting of the emerald-cut has a pleasant contrast with round-shaped accent stones.”

  • What Other Stone Options Works Well with a Halo Setting?

Well, halo rings do not lose an ounce of their appeal if you prefer to meld colored stones in your setting. According to Patrick, “Many halo rings have beautiful emeralds, pearls, or rubies as the center stone, which, design-wise, makes it more interesting.”

  • How do I Get the Best out of the Look of my Halo-set Rings?

Do you want a halo setting precisely to make your center stone appear bigger? Then, Agrawal suggests selecting one with diamonds of the same quality in cut, color, and clarity as the center stone. In his words, “A contrast would pronounce the differences between the center and accent stones and lose the desired effect.”

Caring For Your Halo Engagement Rings

We all want to give our halo-set rings the best care. But, not many can do this confidently because of the fear of damaging the rings due to its tricky setting. With the following tips, you can keep your engagement rings flawless and clean without damaging them.

  • With a solution of dishwashing soap and warm water, you can effortlessly wipe out any dust, particles, or cosmetics. You don’t want them accumulating on your ring. 
  • You should let your ring air-dry or use a soft cotton cloth to dry it. That way, you do not risk damaging it in the cleaning process. 
  • There is no issue with you cleaning your ring yourself once every week. But, we recommend that you take your halo engagement ring to a jeweler once or twice a year as well. There, you can get a more thorough cleaning. Also, the jeweler can review any problems your ring might have.

Overall, halo-set rings are more sophisticated due to the amount of smaller diamonds surrounding the main stone. For Patrick, “Ideally, with this kind of ring, you would want to get a wedding band made to fit around or under the engagement ring. If you don’t, the two will inevitably rub against one another, and over time, will wear away the gallery underneath. It’s an extra consideration, as you need to factor in that you will be repairing or replacing the wedding band at some point if you don’t have one made.”

Metal Options And Settings: Getting The Best From A Halo Setting

The style and design of halo engagement rings can be transformed effortlessly with the help of various metals. With rose gold, you get that vintage throwback allure. But, yellow gold is classic and gives your ring the warmth the stones need. As for silver-toned metals like white gold or platinum, they accentuate the grandeur and radiance of white diamonds. They are also a perfect company with the hues of cool gems.

metal options and halo settings

We already mentioned that halo settings most often comprise a circle of gemstones that encircle a center stone. But, specific setting styles also produce metal halos. For instance, bezel settings feature a halo of metal that keeps the center stone safe. This setting seamlessly plays the role of traditional prongs. With bezel settings, you get a cover for your stone’s boundaries. Also, you develop a picture frame around the stone. Also, this setting style is exceptionally trendy and looks stunning in all metal hues.

  • Thin Halos and Wide Halos

You can find gemstone and diamond halos in all sizes. For some, the larger carat stones are preferable to encircle their centerpiece. When you use larger diamonds used as a halo, they add luster to the setting. It even fits better when the center stone is a colorful gemstone.

Tiny pave diamonds set around a center stone in a halo design are for brides who desire flawless refinement. They offer a radiant accent without going overboard at all. With pave-set colorful gemstones, however, you get more repressed halo-set rings. 

How about velvet-hued gemstones like sapphires, rubies, or emeralds? They provide a rich boundary around the center stone. Not just that you can use a colored gemstone as a halo around other hued gems. You must also make sure that the colors you use match. 

In all, this setting can also generate the illusion of a bigger center stone in halo engagement rings. Still, the halo and the centerpiece must be made up of the same type of stone. By using a diamond halo, you can produce a bigger center diamond. Lastly, a ruby halo can help add weight to a center ruby stone.

  • Patterned Halos

It is not a must that halo-set rings are all of one type of gemstone. Take the liberty of using numerous types of gemstones. That way, you can develop a pattern halo to surround a center stone. Also, you can switch between two or more colors for a halo setting that pops with attention. For brides that want just a slight bloom of hue on their halo, interchange a colorful gemstone with diamonds.

  • Multiple Halos

Finally, know that your ring can accentuate more than one halo! Piling up multiple halos generates a layered effect inside the ring. With this style, you can add a dimension to your halo engagement rings and play up the center stone. With dual halos, you can get a similar size, or the lower halo setting may have larger stones. You can have both halo settings made up of only diamonds or mix in gemstones. You can either design this style with color or go for complete diamond makeup.

With any gemstone, you can create halo engagement rings and the options are almost infinite. You can try tiny beads of turquoise, beautiful seed pearls, or fierce bigger diamonds. They all can comprise a halo setting. Additionally, you can use black diamonds, rubies, sapphires, amethyst, topaz, aquamarine, or citrine. You can also mix and match colors in a halo setting.


Halo engagement rings are the new kids on the block after a brief hiatus. With halo-set rings, versatility is the strongest forte. A halo setting might as well be the best option on your special day. This setting style brings out the glam and grace you need to be the icon that day.


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