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Halos vs. No Halo Engagement Rings

Halos vs. No Halo Engagement Rings

Luxury Halo Ring

A common question amongst today’s Luxury Halo Ring shoppers is making a tough decision. The decision between a halo ring and a No Halo Engagement Ring. While there is no clear-cut answer to a Luxury Halo Ring decision.  There are several factors to consider when making this decision. First, it should be noted that your style and taste should be the biggest determining factor. 

Those that love the halo are drawn to the idea of enhancing the size of the center diamond but the sparkle as well. The tiny bits of sparkle coming from the pave halo are beautiful. And contrast to the large flashes given off by the center diamond. There are many different variations in this style. More so it allows you a lot of creativity for a custom engagement ring as well. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we could help create the halo on your Luxury Halo Ring. So that it transitions to the center diamond without any airspace showing.

Some people prefer an understated look. So they tend to steer clear of the halo style rings as they find it to be overpowering. Besides, many women may not like the halo because they want their center diamond to be the focus. They believe adding any extra micro pave work around it can disrupt the clean look they are after. Some also feel that the Luxury Halo Ring is a fad and that ’everyone has one.

While we tend to disagree with most of these anti-halo arguments above. We do feel there are many beautiful alternatives to this style that should be considered. The three-stone ring is always classic and you can never go wrong with a No Halo Engagement Rings. 

Halo Engagement Ring

Luxury Halo Ring

When you start the time-honored process of buying a Luxury Halo Ring. One of the first varieties you’ll hear about is the halo engagement ring. This has become one of the most popular styles in recent years. To the point that some jewelers and trend observers call it “the halo crazes.” 

If you don’t have a six-figure budget! No problem — you can give a gift like a baller for a fraction of that. And a halo setting is one of the best ways to make your budget go further. Whether you’ve received a request from your partner or a recommendation from a relative. A person that owns a beautiful heirloom halo. Here’s a quick guide to what qualifies as a halo engagement ring. Also, we look at the features, and the benefits of a Luxury Halo Ring, and how to select the perfect one.

What is a halo engagement ring?

Think shape. A Luxury Halo Ring is a type of setting, in which a stone is encircled by a ring of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. Pavé, in French, means “to pave,” and in jewelry, the term refers to a pattern of small gemstones. Gemstones are placed together, creating an impressive field of shine and sparkle.

Different types of halo engagement rings

Even though the halo sounds like a very specific type. There are many different variations, so you have a lot of room for personalization. The halo around the center stone could be round, squarish, or diamond-shaped. 

Here’s a quick guide to the lesser-known styles. Styles that offer even more personalization for your halo engagement ring:

Split shank Luxury Halo Ring

This shimmering style creates even more real estate for accent diamonds. This means more glitz for the girl who loves glamour. With this style, the band of the engagement ring splits when it comes close to your center stone and halo. From the top, this setting looks like a diamond, and its halo is supported by two thin bands rather than one. It’s a popular style for its ability to catch the eye thanks to those smaller gems.

Plain shank halo engagement ring

Plenty of ring shoppers know you can’t go wrong with a classic. That’s exactly what this style is. An elegant polished band arcs up to the diamond and its halo. It also ensures the center stone is getting all the attention.

Double halo engagement ring

On the other side of the spectrum is this style of halo engagement ring for the bride who feels that more is more. The double halo is also a dazzling way to save some dough. Yes, the setting costs more than a single halo, but the little diamonds cost a lot less than a large center stone. And since the single Luxury Halo Ring can make your diamond look a half-carat bigger.  you’re looking at up to a whole carat increase in appearance thanks to the double.

Pave halo engagement ring

Although the plain shank halo has been the favorite for some time, the pave halo ring is catching up. It’s the gorgeous middle-ground for these different ring settings. The extra accent diamonds only extend partway down the shank of the ring. It’s the sweet spot between extra sparkle and timeless elegance.

Benefits of halo engagement rings

The biggest benefit of the halo engagement ring is that it can make the center stone look bigger. This can save you money on the center stone. A halo setting can make the center stone look up to one-half carat bigger. And this can translate into hundreds of dollars of savings. 

The pavé design also creates intense sparkle. Smaller stones also cost less, so you get even more sparkle for your buck. One benefit of the halo is its surrounding stones offer protection for your center stone.

Are you ready to buy a Luxury Halo Ring? At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we are expert gemologists. And we are highly experienced in working within budgets to find the right ring for each couple. 

We also walk you through a diamond’s GIA certificate — which lists a diamond’s carat size. And also measures and rates on various qualities — so you’ll know how to best concentrate your budget.

No Halo Engagement Ring

No Halo Engagement Ring

There is no better choice than a No Halo Engagement Ring. Especially when it comes to symbolizing devotion, emotions, and love.  Whether you choose oval No Halo Engagement Rings or a tiffany engagement ring. It makes an eternity piece of jewel around your band.

The exquisiteness of the No Halo Engagement Ring center diamond makes it a good choice. 

Timeless yet simple, a No Halo Engagement Rings diamond is often a dream jewel. And it’s so for many people as it creates a classic gemstone for special occasions. 

Still unsure why the No Halo Engagement Rings style makes the right choice for your big day? Here is what we have to say:

Are No Halo Engagement Rings Engagement Rings Boring?

Did you know most people go for No Halo Engagement Rings when it comes to picking a setting style? The No Halo Engagement Rings style is the most common form of engagement setting and for good reason. The No Halo Ring is what people imagine wearing as an engagement ring.  On their big days.

Rose gold No Halo Engagement Rings, for instance, feature an elegant center diamond that stands alone in a lightly adorned or plain setting. The clarity and sparkle of the diamond is accented not by further diamonds but instead by the sheen of the copper and gold tones in the metal. With its classic design, the engagement ring depicts betrothal for years to come.

Why you should choose a No Halo Engagement Rings 

When You Want to Focus on Diamond

Diamonds are timeless and will remain the same in terms of elegance and popularity in the coming years. A Luxury Halo Ring with a diamond No Halo Engagement Rings is enough to steal the show on your big day. The classic No Halo Engagement Rings setting, for instance, creates a striking and pure look. In fact, it is a distinctive symbol for the one who is wearing the Luxury Halo Ring

The single diamond sits atop an ornately designed or a plain ring, with a stone standing alone. Remember that with a No Halo Engagement Rings engagement ring, you invest in the diamond as compared to the ring.

It Goes with Everything

Whether you choose a knife-edge No Halo Engagement Rings setting or a Luxury Halo Ring with a perfect fit, it is eternal and goes with everything. It is especially true when you’re not sure which ring your significant one will like the most.

A No Halo Engagement ring, in this regard, has an everlasting impact as it is a timeless beauty. It will allow your girl to “dress up” the band with other enhancer rings or a Luxury Halo Ring. It impeccably emphasizes the diamond in any design you choose.

Fits Style and Personality

The elegance and classic simplicity of a No Halo Engagement Rings is a perfect fit for your fiancée-to-be’s personality and style. If she wants a diamond-laden band that complements the engagement ring yet likes something less flashy, No Halo Engagement Rings makes an ideal choice.

What Makes No Halo Engagement Rings Different

Since you know why a No Halo Engagement Rings makes the best choice for your big day, let’s see its distinct features.

No Halo Engagement Rings setting typically features a single diamond. It allows the diamond’s brilliance to become the focal point. The diamond endures simplicity that accommodates a variety of sizes and shapes.

Round diamond, for instance, is a stunning choice for engagement rings with No Halo Engagement Rings. However, many women like fancy-shaped No Halo Engagement Rings such as the oval, pear, emerald cut, and radiant. They are larger and look stunning in the engagement rings. 

Although fancy No Halo Engagement Rings make a true statement piece, you don’t have to go for larger ones to create an impact. Moreover, intricate details and metal color are also essential elements of a No Halo Engagement Rings’ distinct look. They can be unique to the personal style of the wearer.

For example, a rose gold No Halo Engagement Rings engagement ring makes for a look that is modern and vintage in feel. It has a warm metal hue that looks striking and beautiful against different skin tones.

You can add unique finishing details such as elaborate hand-engraving or use a natural-inspired setting to make a No Halo Engagement Rings the way you want. From details, color to style, everything of a No Halo Engagement Rings diamond ring is up to you.

Here are some popular Luxury Halo Ring settings for a No Halo Ring Style.


The elegant prongs of this beautiful setting cradle gemstone or diamond securely in an open basket. This design makes a chic variation in a time-honored style.

Four-Prong Petite Fit

A four-prong petite ring is a sleek and classic No Halo Engagement ring. It has a band with round edges to offer optimal comfort. Its comfortable design makes this No Halo Engagement Rings setting ideal for everyday wear. Luxury Halo Ring with round No Halo Engagement Rings are a classic design. A four-prong petite ring has a blank canvas to display your No Halo Engagement Rings to its full sparkle.

Moreover, a gold No Halo Engagement Rings is a sought-after choice. The warm yellow gold in the ring makes the diamond in the center sparkle and pop.


The Esme ring comes with six claw prongs to provide more security to the No Halo Engagement Rings in the center. It is the delicate band that makes the diamond look even larger.


Choosing reverie means taking a classic hit on contemporary. The ribbon of the reverie ring has a precious metal that divides into a shank to embrace the diamond elegantly.

Are you looking for something highly detailed and unique in No Halo Engagement Rings?

The ring is the right choice with its delicate loops. They have no starting or finishing point that symbolizes eternal loyalty, love, and friendship.

Summing Up: Which Luxury Halo Ring Style is better? Halo or No Halo

For sure we can’t tell you that one is better than the other. However, the choice boils down to personal preference and taste. While some might enjoy a simplistic No halo engagement ring. Most couples would enjoy the thrill of a sophisticated Luxury Halo Ring.

Although there are tons of engagement ring styles, if you want something exquisite and dazzling, opt for No Halo Engagement rings. Whether you go for a classic, No Halo Engagement Rings route or opt for a Luxury Halo Ring with multiple designs, it allows your bride-to-be to exude her unique style.


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