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High Fashion Zipper Necklace

High Fashion Zipper Necklace

high fashion zipper necklace on our model

Ready for that special evening out in the town, but you can’t find something bold and eye-catching to fit the occasion? Not many other jewelry pieces fit the bill than a high fashion zipper necklace. This is an elegant piece of jewelry that naturally draws the eye. Not only does the necklace contain tons of sparkly diamonds. Also, it has a unique design that makes it even more special than a typical diamond necklace.

As it is, there are the classic people, and then there are those of us who are bold and daring. We like to have an eye-catching style. And we like to be seen. For people like us, we need something a bit more dramatic and with some extra flair. When it comes to flair, it is hard to beat a ton of high-grade diamonds. And these are diamonds that help maximize the amount of sparkle the diamond puts off in a high fashion zipper necklace.

Diamonds By Raymond Lee: Delivering Top-Quality as Always

zipper necklace on our model

We can assure you that, at Diamonds By Raymond Lee, each piece comes hand-selected. Also, we hold on to our very serious standards. Our buyers have decades of experience and know-how to find the best quality and most interesting pieces that are out there for sale. That is part of how we have earned the reputation as one of the finest high-end jewelers in the Boca Raton area and beyond.

The high fashion zipper necklace we feature here has only the finest diamonds. These diamonds are in place by prongs of high-quality white gold. The diamonds are so flawless that they sparkle to the highest possible degree.

Moreover, at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we ensure that any piece that finds its way to our stores is going to be of the best quality. They are going to be unique, rare, and luxury pieces that will attract people with all sorts of different styles. This allows us to provide a huge range of jewelry across styles as varied as modern and Victorian. We really do have something for everyone, and you get the peace of mind that what you get from us is the best you can find. This is a promise we will continue to meet for many years to come. 

  • Only the Best Diamonds

We care about quality, and we know you do, too. And quality is absolutely something you’ll get with the herringbone diamond necklace we feature here. We know that when you are making an investment in high-end diamond jewelry, you want the peace of mind that you are getting something that is worth the money. 

In addition, we ensure that every diamond we sell is of the highest quality. And we cannot understate the importance of quality. Diamonds are stunning stones. But like any material, they come in ranges of quality.

The higher the quality, the prettier the stone. That really is a rule of thumb. And with a necklace like the one we feature here, the diamonds are the focal point of the piece. The last thing you want is to draw attention to subpar diamonds that have tons of flaws in them. You don’t have to worry about that with any of our pieces. 

high fashion zipper necklace 

Overall, we select only the finest pieces to show in our stores. We have a client base that appreciates the finer things, and we seek to cater to these tastes. Because when it comes to high-end jewelry, only the best will do. 

The High Fashion Zipper Necklace

The high fashion zipper necklace is not one necklace type we see in many places. You might find the zipper design in many cases, but not as often in jewelry. That makes the diamond necklace we feature here a bit more special than your typical diamond necklace. 

In essence, a zipper necklace is a typical zipper design but, this time, in a high fashion necklace. We often see this pattern used in clothing pieces, backpacks, etc., and of course, jewelry. It is a popular design for clothing especially and is also often seen in different types of bags. It makes a nice pattern for a wide range of home decor as well as personal adornment.

high fashion zipper necklace close view

The style takes its name from the zip design. Moreover, you will see this style in many different configurations. It works with practically anything that needs a close and opening. In a high fashion necklace, you get a nice elegant style that pleases the eye. It has a unique shape but still maintains clean lines. It is a nice departure from a traditional necklace, giving you something a bit more geometric than what you normally find. This design is both classic and unique, which makes it a perfect design for a dramatic piece of jewelry like the high fashion zipper necklace we feature here.

  • Stunning and Dramatic

Just like people come in all shapes and sizes, there are almost as many different styles. And that means people may want very different accessories, depending on their styles. Accessories are actually pretty powerful little trinkets. They do far more than just look great.

Think about it – people’s first impression of us is incredibly important, and once it is set, it is hard to change. And most people develop their first impression of us without our speaking. It is based on how we dress, carry ourselves, and even, our accessories. 

This is why a lot of people really make an effort when putting together a look. They want to create the best possible first impression. And some of us want to make a bit of a splash with the pieces we choose. What better way to draw the eye and get the crowd’s attention than with a dramatic and eye-catching piece of jewelry? It will set you apart as someone with a flair for style and a bold sense of fashion. It also doesn’t hurt that the necklace has tons of sparkle.

  • Steals the Spotlight 

We all know that certain pieces of jewelry are there to be looked at. And those of us who have bolder and more dramatic senses of fashion can most definitely appreciate this quality in an accessory. If you like eye-catching and bold fashions, and this sensibility also extends to accessories, the high fashion zipper necklace we feature here is a great choice. 

It is going to be hard not to notice all that bling! This zipper necklace comes absolutely studded with tons of fine, high-grade diamonds. And they get cut in such a way as to maximize the amount of sparkle they put off.

You can easily pair a piece like this with something equally bold. It will help you show off your bona fides as a real fashion maven. However, it also makes sense to have this piece be the focal point of your look. In this case, it makes the most sense to pair this high fashion necklace with something simple and even demure. This will cause the eye to hone in on that beautiful piece of jewelry naturally. And really, what is the point of having a high fashion necklace as lovely as the zipper necklace if nobody can see it?

  • High Fashion Necklace with Tons and Tons of Diamonds

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and we fully support this old adage. Diamonds are beautiful, and every woman should have a few pieces of high-end diamond jewelry in her proverbial arsenal. They can help you gain confidence, and, of course, they make anything you pair them with look better by default.

high fashion zipper necklace side view 

Therefore, if you love diamonds (and who doesn’t, really?), the high fashion zipper necklace we focus on here is a great choice. It features tons of high-grade, sparkly diamonds held in place by pure white gold.

These diamonds come brilliantly cut. As the name implies, this allows the stones to reflect a ton of light, giving off that stunning and beautiful sparkle a high fashion piece carries. No matter what the occasion, it is hard to beat the diamond. It will always catch the eye, and there is almost no way for a diamond not to look stunningly elegant. That is the beauty of this popular gemstone. 

More so, since the stones are colorless, you can easily pair them with other pieces of jewelry. You can just as easily pair it with other pieces made from the same metal as well. 

  • Galaxy of Sparkles

While we can think of a lot of reasons to love the diamond, perhaps the most popular reason to love the diamond is its sparkle. Now, of course, not all diamonds are cut in a way to maximize sparkle. There are cuts, such as square or rectangular cuts, that are meant to show off the flawlessness and the clarity of the diamond. This means they have fewer cuts or facets. The facets are what causes light refraction, and that light refraction is what gives us that beautiful sparkle. 

So, are you like many out there, partial to the sparkle of a diamond? Then, you’ll absolutely love the high fashion zipper necklace we feature here. The zipper necklace features tons of high-grade brilliant-cut diamonds. 

Brilliant-cut is a popular cut for those who want the maximum amount of sparkle. This cut has many facets, allowing light to reflect in the most pleasing way. And a necklace that is just brimming with these brilliant-cut diamonds is going to be a sight to behold. These stones are meant to sparkle and draw the eye. This makes them a perfect piece of jewelry for that really special occasion where you want to make an excellent fashion statement. 

  • Flawless and Fit for your Special Event

A piece that catches the eye and that makes a dramatic style statement is one of those pieces that is best held back for special occasions. As much as we love the high fashion zipper necklace, it isn’t exactly a piece that you would wear to the grocery store. And we should all have a few pieces of special jewelry that we bring out for those highly formal or otherwise very special occasions. 

high fashion necklace for a special necklace 

Meanwhile, it makes sense to think of this high fashion necklace as a piece of statement jewelry. This is a piece that is meant to be over-the-top and beautiful. Still, it is really a perfect fit for special occasions.

For a much anticipated night on the town, a hot cocktail party, and the like, a piece like this makes a ton of sense. You can pair it with something equally as bold or pair it with something simpler and let the necklace do all the proverbial talking for the outfit. 

Eventually, it really is up to you and your personal sense of style. Some people like to layer multiple bold looks together. Whereas others prefer to have one bold piece that they show off by making it the focal point of their outfit.


There are as many different fashion senses as there are types of people in this world, so it makes sense that there are so many styles. We talk a lot here about the power of classic and timeless styles, but not everyone likes those looks. Some of us prefer something more dramatic, bolder, and more eye-catching. And we also want accessories that are going to fit our sensibilities and sense of style. For that reason, bold and dramatic pieces like the high fashion zipper necklace we feature here are on offer. 

This is a beautifully stunning piece. It has tons of high-grade diamonds. They are in the brilliant cut to maximize the amount of sparkle and shine they give off. This allows you to really show off the quality of the diamond and get all that bling that so many of us love. Since this is a bit of a flashy piece, it makes sense to reserve it for special occasions. And it makes a really great statement piece. 


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