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Hottest Rolex Brand Watches 2021

Hottest Rolex Brand Watches 2021

Hottest Rolex brand watches 2021

We are halfway through the year. And, most lovers of Rolex brand watches already chose the Rolex watch to add to their collections this year. But, some others still wish to see the names that pop up at local authorized retailers before making a purchase. While many others are yet to get over the debate on which Rolex brand watches they prefer to buy. 

However, our constant advice to Rolex lovers out there is for them to buy whatever they admire. If you’re one of these Rolex lovers, keep in mind that personal preference is supreme. In fact, it should be the number one deciding condition when deciding on a timepiece. 

Nevertheless, we cannot deny the fact that Rolex brand watches can most times perform investment purposes also. More so, the likely future worth of a watch is a necessary factor to consider before purchase. Hence, when deciding on the watch to get, you should pay attention to that.

What Are The Hottest Rolex Brand Watches For 2021 Rolex Lovers?

Before we dive right into it, it is crucial to make one point clear. And, that is why these watches are the hottest Rolex brand watches out there. 

Essentially, this text comes in handy to call attention to some presently undervalued Rolex brand watches. Some are references that just recently became discontinued. While others are editions of Rolex brand watches that will possibly become more costly to buy with time.

Therefore, if you postpone that purchase by one more year, you will certainly blame yourself for it. So, let’s get to work! Below are the hottest Rolex brand watches to buy in 2021.

  • Rolex Submariner 

Here are the Submariner models to buy in 2021:

  • Ref. 14060
  • Ref. 116610LN
  • Ref. 16613
  • Ref. 16610

Presently, you can only find a few luxury timepieces in existence that present such a powerful investment option. Moreover, the Rolex Submariner had its fair share of success in 2020. That was a big year for this line of Rolex brand watches. 

the Rolex submariner

First off, Rolex discontinued all existing 40mm versions. Then, the Rolex brand rolled out an entirely new collection of watches featuring 41mm cases. This innovation was to the excitement of Rolex lovers. 

Similar to any newly launched stainless steel Rolex sports timepiece, the open market value for the new Submariner is extremely high. And, this implies that the last generation now embodies a highly desirable value recommendation.

Take away the 1mm distinction in size and other slightly different proportions. Still, the existing ref. 126610LN wears exceptionally similar to the earlier ref. 116610LN. Meanwhile, the former version does not feature the updated Cal. 3235 movement.

At the moment, you can get one of these for a few thousand dollars less than the brand-new model. Yet, they still deliver the same functions to a large extent. You still enjoy a blue-glowing Chroma-light lume, a Cerachrom (ceramic) bezel, and a solid-link bracelet with a Glide-lock clasp.

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 

Here are the Oyster Perpetual models for Rolex lovers in 2021:

  • Ref. 114300
  • Ref. 124300
  • Ref. 116000 
  • Ref. 126000

Here, we have the Oyster Perpetual which is one of the most ancient names in the Rolex brand catalog. More so, for the last many years, these Rolex brand watches remained Rolex’s entry-level line of luxury timepieces. All of these make us wonder why there is not all that much hype on this Rolex collection.

Just like the Submariner, 2020 was a great year for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. With updates to the collection, it stole some of the headlines away even from the highly desirable and new Submariner.

With upgraded movements, plus a variety of animated dial colors, we welcomed the brand new 41mm Oyster Perpetual model. This timepiece then took the spot of the biggest model in the collection. 

Note that the animated dial editions of both the 36mm ref. 126000 and 41mm ref. 124300 are both very prominent. Presently, they trade hands for values in the region of 50% to 150% beyond their brand-new retail costs.

In addition, with the high cost for the present-production Oyster Perpetual 36, the earlier 36mm version gains spotlight. It now suddenly gives collectors a ton of value for their cash. Yet, these timepieces lack the current generation of movements. Regardless, the timekeeping execution remains similar at -2/+2 seconds per day.

Finally, the lugs of the case on the previous ref. 116000 are narrowly bigger than the present version. So, you have a negligibly larger timepiece. Plus, there is now that additional sporty touch on the wrist of Rolex lovers that buy this watch.

  • Rolex Explorer And Rolex Explorer II

Rolex Explorer

Here are the Explorer models for Rolex lovers in 2021:

  • Ref. 16570
  • Ref. 14270
  • Ref. 216570
  • Ref. 214270

The Rolex Explorer remains the Rolex brand’s actual line of sports wristwatches. Plus, the Explorer II made its first appearance in 1971. Therefore, 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of this collection. In the spirit of this celebration, Rolex launched an improved Explorer II.

The Rolex brand also reintroduced the timeless 36mm sizing for the time-only Explorer version. Additionally, there comes a new two-tone edition of the timepiece. 

Furthermore, another unexpected move from Rolex in 2021 was the comeback of the distinctive 36mm case size. This case size came with the latest Explorer 124270. Then, there was the launch of a two-tone Explorer 124273. 

This made several Rolex lovers and collectors very happy. But, the comeback of the 36mm case size does not sit well with everyone. Some Rolex lovers feel that it is too little. Instead, they prefer the sweet-spot size of the earlier 39mm version. 

  • Rolex GMT-Master And Rolex GMT-Master II

The GMT-Master series 

Here are the GMT-Master models for Rolex lovers in 2021:

  • Ref. 116710LN
  • Ref. 16750
  • Ref. 16710
  • Ref. 16760

The Rolex GMT-Master II will always be one of the hottest Rolex brand watches all over the world. Truly, there is huge profit potential in the stainless steel models at a retail level. However, the best investment openings with these GMT-Master watches in 2021 come with the former and discontinued versions.

But, the prices for vintage Rolex watches can be really high. Plus, the ref. 1675 GMT-Master remains an expensive option for several years now. Still, the successive ref. 16570 delivers this exact vintage appearance and aura with the same acrylic crystal and case.

Additionally, you can even get older versions with matte dials. Although, you commonly get ref. 16750 watches for several thousand dollars less. They are even virtually half the cost of the former gilt dial versions.

Another timepiece almost as affordable as the 5-digit series of GMT-Master II watches is the ref. 116710LN. This is the first of the 6-digit editions of these timepieces. 

It might fail to feature a split-color bezel insert truly. Yet, the reference 116710LN does retain one difference. It is the earliest stainless steel Rolex timepiece to feature a ceramic bezel. More so, it is the only version featuring the color green on a stainless steel Rolex GMT timepiece. 

Pay attention to its rare appearance and its significant position in the history of the Rolex brand. Based on all of these, the price of this watch will not stay this low. Certainly, not for a long time anymore.

  • Rolex Datejust

Here are the GMT-Master models for Rolex lovers in 2021:

  • Ref. 116233
  • Ref. 16233
  • Ref. 16013
  • Ref. 1601

Rolex DateJust as a popular option among Rolex lovers

For regular Rolex lovers, the distinctive two-tone Rolex DateJust remains the most emblematic model of the Rolex brand. Furthermore, the DateJust is the Rolex brand best-selling timepiece of all time. Plus, the 36mm model in stainless steel and yellow gold attained its lofty heights in the 1980s. In this prime, this timepiece became an utmost icon.

Moreover, this watch is quickly recognizable. Also, it is arguably one of the most valuable watches to come out of the Rolex brand ever. Meanwhile, the timeless two-tone DateJust 36 remains an inexpensive option on the pre-owned market. This is shocking when you consider the brand’s other mega-famous timepiece collections.

With its status as a staple of the Rolex brand catalog, the timeless two-tone Rolex DateJust enjoys consistent domination. Together with its fluted bezel, it presented itself as a readily available option over time.

Presently, it comes in a range of various forms on the pre-owned market. Thanks to its availability over the years, it manages to keep its prices down. But, it is no news that the cost of all of Rolex’s other timepieces continues to rise with time. Hence, this distinctive two-tone DateJust is now an undervalued product if you need a used Rolex.

  • Rolex Day-Date President 

Below are the best Day-Date President-watches for Rolex lovers in 2021:

  • Ref. 118238
  • Ref. 218238
  • Ref. 18238
  • Ref. 1803

The Day-Date President from Rolex

Presently, the costs for stainless steel Rolex brand watches continue to increase. This remains the case for many years already. Suddenly, these Rolex brand watches now give great relative value on the secondary market. 

This development receives a boost from the rise in gold prices as well. More so, the economic uncertainty that goes along with a global pandemic does not help matters. These gold watches now enjoy what is a deserving resurgence in fame. You can see that clearly with the Rolex Day-Date timepieces.

Similar to what the DateJust offers, the Rolex Day-Date President is another legendary product. It is also an authentic industry staple. You can recognize this timepiece wherever you see it all over the world. For most Rolex lovers, the Rolex President is a superior gold timepiece.

If you desire a more contemporary appearance and vibe, then go for the ref. 118238. This particular reference delivers a comparable general wearing feel to the present-production 36mm version. This is likely thanks to its solid-link 18k gold bracelet. Plus, its improved case featuring thicker high-polished lugs makes it even better. 

Lastly, the prices presently hover around $23k. So, the ref. 118238 actually gives a substantial step up in value compared to the earlier 5-digit generation. Yet, this is still slightly more than $10k lesser than the retail value of the present edition. But, we foresee this space to close up provided that gold prices remain high.

  • Ladies Rolex Watches

Below are the best Ladies Rolex watches in 2021:

  • Vintage Cocktail Watches
  • Ref. 69138
  • Ref. 69173
  • Ref. 169622

There is a twist with the ladies’ Rolex brand watches. Here, some of the best investment products for 2021 stems from former, discontinued editions. These editions are only now beginning to experience a comeback in popularity. 

Over the years, recurrent trends continued to favor bigger timepieces for women. With that, the prices for certain timepieces remained low. Examples are the distinctly-sized 26mm models and other smaller watches produced by the brand.

Some of these models include the solid 18k gold with diamond bezel Lady-President ref. 69138 and the two-tone Lady DateJust ref. 69173. These timepieces all provide the exact quality and signature design that make the Rolex brand different.

More so, the versions with 26mm cases appear smaller than the present 28mm editions produced by Rolex. Plus, these two 26mm watches come in at approximately half the price of their 28mm counterparts on the pre-owned market.

Latest Ladies Rolex Brand Watches

Presently, it may seem as though ladies can see the amazing value that these timepieces deliver. The huge increase in the prevailing popularity of former 26mm ladies watches tells the story clearly. Presently, we do not expect this to stop all through the remaining months of 2021.

In addition, the new smallest sports ladies version is the Yacht-Master 37. Formerly, Rolex created both 35mm midsize and 29mm Lady Yacht-Master editions. One of these editions was the ref. 169622. 

This timepiece comes with a very decent case diameter. This Rolex Lady Yacht-Master presents itself as a striking option for ladies who prefer a model with sporty styling. It is even better if you are one of those female Rolex lovers who do not enjoy rocking large or oversized wristwatches. 

Truly, it only defines a small premium in price in comparison to a regular two-tone Lady-Datejust from the same period. Still, the Lady Yacht-Master will probably only serve as a more valuable option in the next few years. This timepiece remains that special women’s sports watch produced by the Rolex brand in this era.


From all of these Rolex brand watches, you can now make your choice. There are a wide array of different perks and various utilities on the side. Which one of these amazing options will you add to your watch collections this year?


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