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It is a rather obvious fact that classic watches are the new big things. Everyone wants to own at least one of the best modern classic watches today. And, when you talk about a highly sought-after classic watch, the Rolex Sky Dweller Oyster Perpetual comes to mind.

So far, this exquisite and modern classic timepiece makes an impression as soon as it appears on the wrist. From its launch in 2012 till today, the watch continues to rank top among the best classic timepieces out there.

This explains the notable presence of this wristwatch model on the wrist of several top celebrities. Some of them are:

  • Jay-Z when he sported the 18K yellow gold and champagne-colored dial version
  • Also, “The Notorious One” Conor McGregor rocked the 18K Eve rose gold and chocolate-dial edition.
  • Then, we saw Tom Hardy, one of the best actors of his era wearing the 18K white-gold and ivory-dial model.

However, the prestige of this timepiece exceeds its striking wrist swagger, its 14mm case height, or its 42mm case measurement. This watch parades itself as being on the same level as a mechanical supercomputer.

The biggest pro of this wristwatch stems from its blend of the two most functional complications, the GMT function, and the annual calendar.

Additionally, the style and setting of the timepiece produce phenomenal legibility and simplicity. So, there is no glitch when you read the time, date, and month, for both home and local time. 

Moreover, thanks to the ingenious and completely distinct Ring Command system, the watch boasts another advantage. This mechanism is the link between the winding crown, the rotatable bezel, and the movement. 

Thanks to this, the Sky-Dweller remains one of the easiest and most intuitive timepieces. The annual calendar feature adds to that quality.

In this text, you get to feel the grandness that comes with this wristwatch. And the suitability of its functions for every traveler that loves a luxury watch. You have the multi-time zones and the annual calendar features.

Beyond that, the Sky-Dweller still boasts other intricacies to the delight of every traveler. But, we will begin with a background to this timepiece.

Background: Why The Label Sky-Dweller?

First, you must look beyond the obvious and witty play on the words “Sea-Dweller”. Clearly, the name given to this Rolex’s popular saturation diving time tool holds a different aim.

The reason for the label Sky-Dweller is rather different from the tool watch’s practical background. A development towards the model’s launch in 2012 gave this new model its name.

Rolex understood how much traveling grew in prominence all around the world. It became a daily routine for most business people. Likewise, the society of trans-global luxury travelers started to move around the earth severally in one year.

Rolex realized that for those experiencing a new day in a new city every day, an efficient timepiece will be helpful. To go through lengthy journeys and waking up daily in a new city, something must keep you set and acquainted. That way, you can guide your path through the explorations that encompass modern life.

Therefore, Rolex decided to make that supreme partner for every contemporary traveler. That supreme partner is the Sky-Dweller Oyster Perpetual wristwatch.

This is a watch that, in a glimpse, you get a detailed reading of time wherever you might be always. This watch offers you a faultless and straightforward reading of both month and date. You have a timepiece that boasts intelligence. It recognizes which months have 31 days and which months have 30. Again, this tool watch modifies the date for you according to this knowledge.

On a final note, the Oyster Perpetual, despite all these remarkable functions, remains simple. It is easy, intuitive, and fun to use. Welcome to the ideal luxury watch for travelers! Welcome the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller!

  1. Into The Sky-Dweller’s Annual Calendar Feature

You must understand certain facts before delving into the intricacies of this feature and its benefits for every traveler out there.

To begin with, what exactly is an annual calendar? 

Also, why is the annual calendar the most practical and effective complication out there? 

The first thing to note is that the Sky-Dweller is on the genius level of smartness. And, this wristwatch still delivers fun and easy-going niceness.

What Is An Annual Calendar?

Imagine a MENSA-qualified supermodel that parades an IQ of 162. This supermodel reads Martin Heidegger when she is free. Also, she solves very difficult mathematical problems together with Ashtanga inversions.

Even with all this, she remains laid back enough to enjoy a football game with the boys. Plus, she does it with a bottle of beer alongside. That, right there is the full package, and that is the Sky-Dweller Oyster Perpetual wristwatch.

The watch has an annual calendar that can decode each month of the year and the days in them. The watch recognizes months with days and the months with 31 days. What that means is that as long as you keep it wound, corrections are only necessary once every year.

Moreover, it is easy to keep it wound. In no time, it’s 100% efficient bidirectional rotor can charge its barrel. And that’s all you need to keep this watch wound.

Origin Of The Annual Calendar

The annual calendar is a product of the perpetual calendar. With the perpetual calendar, a watch can automatically balance the shifting 30/31-day rhythm of the months. Similarly, the watch can account for the 28 days in February. Even when there is a leap year, this watch can pick out the extra day. These are all functions from the perpetual calendar.

The perpetual calendar was first featured in a watch produced in 1762 by British watchmaker Thomas Mudge. Shortly after, it became a prominent feature of pocket watches. From the next century, it became a yardstick to know a gentleman.

The annual calendar was a rather new-age innovation which is contrary to the perpetual calendar trend. It was until 1996 before the first annual calendar was introduced.

The motive behind its production was straightforward. The plan is to remove the mechanism for the leap year. Then, add one that needs adjustment only once every year. That will be on March 1st. That made the movement of the watch more powerful and less expensive.

In all, you have a tool watch that represents virtually every fraction as practical as the perpetual calendar. Plus, it comes at a more convenient price.

The Annual Calendar In The Rolex Sky-Dweller

It all began in 2012 when Rolex unmasked its first-ever watch with the annual calendar feature. This watch was the Sky-Dweller Oyster Perpetual.

Over time, Rolex strives to create a highly dependable, detailed, and robust timepiece. This will go on to be the best of its kind in the world of watchmaking. Therefore, it made sense that the brand chose to concentrate on the more practical annual calendar. This was a choice over the perpetual calendar feature.

As anyone would expect, Rolex’s annual calendar stood at the top of the rank. When considering robustness and ease of use, Rolex’s annual calendar is supreme.

Also, Rolex launched one of the most complicated calibers ever made by Rolex watchmakers, the caliber 9001 for the Sky-Dweller. The brand did so by employing a fresh spectacle that made reading the calendar information exceptionally clear. Fascinatingly, this timepiece earned 14 patents. This is even as it added only four more gear wheels to its standing caliber. This was in a bid to develop the GMT functions and the annual calendar.

  1. Introducing The 24-Hour Display And Dual Time Zone 

Rolex boasts the best legitimacy in the section of the GMT watch over every other brand. In 1955, Rolex produced the maiden edition of a timepiece with GMT-Master complication.

Initially, this complication came out as a navigation tool for professional travelers traveling around the world. This incredible wristwatch came shortly after Rolex became the official watch of Pan American World Airways. This airline brand is globally referred to as Pan Am. And it is the most distinguished American intercontinental airline in that period.

This timepiece paraded certain major features. First, was an extra GMT hand read off a striking Bakelite bezel. This bezel showed time in a 24-hour setup. Likewise, the bezel had two sections. These were the red and blue sections. Each section distinguishes between the hours of the day and night. Another important feature is its rotation to display time in another zone.

From that time, Rolex remained related to the different time zone timepiece. The most popular of them all was the GMT-Master II. This watch was heir to the initial model, launched in 1982. By extension, this aided the capacity to advance and decouple or retreat the hour hand.

With that, a new local time reading is possible. Thankfully, this will not affect the running of the minutes or the seconds. The grand Sky-Dweller unveiled this feature for its first appearance.

  1. The Sky-Dweller With A Highly Functional Dial

The dial of the Sky-Dweller comes in the following setup:

  • First, the minutes and the hours come clearly off the hands in the middle.
  • The home-time display or the reference time appears inside of the dial. This features an off-center 24-hour disc.
  • There is a static inverted red triangle under the Rolex logo. This points to the home time which is always placed at the top area of this display.

Understand as the hands of the 24-hour display continue to run together, this display turns into a very practical a.m./p.m. pointer.

Nevertheless, you can decouple the hands and quickset it to a fresh local time. You can do this when you travel and end up where there is a new time zone. Thanks to the Rolex jumping hour hand, the hour hand can get adjusted alone in one-hour increments.

You can either do this forward or backward. This leaves the reference time, as well as the minute and seconds pointers intact.

Outline Of The Rolex Sky-Dweller Dial

  1. Second’s hand
  2. Minute hand
  3. Hour hand
  4. Bidirectional rotatable bezel
  5. A reference time display on a 24-hour disc
  6. Twin lock winding crown with double waterproofness system
  7. Month display in one of 12 windows (January at 1 o’clock, February at 2 o’clock, etc.)
  8. Date window

The Ideal Luxury Watch For Travelers

There is one fascinating fact about that stage in your life when you can afford a complicated watch. Most times, at that age, your eyesight is no longer at its best. Isn’t that ironic?

You might now have a problem reading the calendar details on your watches. However, that situation does not affect the Rolex Sky-Dweller wristwatch.

And why is that so?

This is as the watch works with huge magnified date indicators, thanks to Rolex’s signature Cyclops lens. This is combined with a very distinct and cool style of showing the months.

Where can you find the month indicator on the Sky-Dweller?

For every other annual calendar, the month is always displayed with the use of either of two things. Either an aperture with a disc or through a sub dial and a tiny pointer.

This is different on the Rolex Sky-Dweller. You can see the months of the year revealed in 12 concealed apertures around the perimeter of the dial.

Therefore, you don’t notice these instantly. This is as they come in the exact color of the dial. You have a total of 12-hour indexes. All of these indexes also serve as the 12-month pointers.

For instance, in March, the aperture placed at the three o’clock index position will turn red. And, when it is November, the aperture close to the 11 o’clock index will turn red. That is how it works.

Furthermore, thanks to the transition to baton-styled indicators, there is a new twist. The windows for the month marker of the Sky-Dweller now all come in uniformly squared shapes. Likewise, the contrast comes in red color. This is the same for every variety of case material or dial execution.


Now, what you have is the best tool watch for any traveler out there based on functions. Thanks to all the qualities above, the Rolex Sky-Dweller Oyster wristwatch is the ideal luxury watch for travelers. Check it out now!


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