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Today, Cartier is a famous brand thanks to its collection of rectangular and square wristwatches. Cartier wristwatches are favorites in the world of watch collectors. Most watch collectors love to describe Cartier watches as “watches with the screws. In this article, we will be discussing about The Cartier 3601 Ronde Solo Watch.”

In all, these wristwatches resonate with all that luxury watches stand for. Therefore, in the amazing world of luxury watches, the Cartier brand remains a beloved powerhouse. And, for over thirty years, the Cartier brand remained prominent in the luxury watchmaking industry. 

Introducing The Cartier 3601 Ronde Solo Watch 

Moving on, from the long list of grand and exotic watches produced by the Cartier brand, we present this pacesetter.

Generally, the design of the Cartier 3601 Ronde Solo watch is unique and timeless. However, these series come with certain peculiarities. Some of these peculiarities include:

  • The typical round structure of the dial,
  • The huge Roman numerals, 
  • The gold fitting
  • The steel and alligator materials were used in creating this wristwatch. 

In this review, you will discover the intricacies of one of the brand’s legendary timepieces. The Cartier 3601 Ronde Solo Watch.

A Leader In Its Realm

Certain reasons would make the Cartier 3601 Ronde Solo watch unfit for the entry-level category of wristwatches. Some of these reasons are:

  • The watch’s craftsmanship
  • The watch’s in-house movement
  • The design of this timepiece 
  • The entire pedigree of this wristwatch

Nevertheless, the retail price of this wristwatch makes it a very dominant timepiece, amongst others below the $4000 price tag  

A Wristwatch For Everyone

Another exciting part of this wristwatch is its variations. First off, you can get this watch with either a leather strap or a bracelet. 

Furthermore, the Ronde Solo de Cartier features a broad variation as regards its sizes. Some of them are:

  • The 29 mm quartz model
  • An automatic 36 mm type
  • Another automatic 42 mm sized model of Ref. W6701011 

The last one is similar in size to the 3601 type presently under review. In all, there is a Cartier Ronde Solo watch for everyone. 

An Exceptional Design

The Ronde Solo de Cartier takes inspiration for its design from the era of Louis Cartier. Likewise, its vibrant DNA adds to the grandness of its design. The perks that mark the design as an exceptional one include:

  • Large Roman numbers
  • The trademark blue cabochon featured on the watch’s crown.
  • A Chemin de fer minute track 
  • Blue-colored sword-shaped hands

Cartier 3601 Ronde Solo Watch: Features And Description 

The general appearance of this watch is more modern thanks to the stainless steel bracelet. This watch also comes in a strap equipped with a folding clasp.

The amazing design and appearance of this wrist watch make it stand out. Moreover, choosing the steel bracelet version of the Cartier 3601 Ronde Solo watch costs less. You will save yourself about USD 250 when you choose the steel over the strap version of the timepiece.

Finally, consider the addition of a buckle and strap over a bracelet to the leather strap version. The former costs less and sometimes fits better.

The Watch Appearance 

The Cartier 3691 Ronde Solo watch is available in 18K pink gold or stainless steel. Thanks to the large 42mm case the watch comes in, it is a perfect sight on the wrist always. 

Also, the case profile of this watch set at a thickness measurement of 8.53mm affects its wearability. The watch appears rather flat on the wrist because of this. However, the sapphire crystal comes as a slightly domed structure. This gives the watch a thicker appearance from a distance.  

In all, this timepiece is not in any way an ultra-slim type. Yet, the absence of a bezel on the lid of the case gives it that rather tiny appearance. 

The Elegant Arrangement On The Dial

This timepiece comes with a fitted and beautiful silvered opaline dial. This dial features notable and large black Arabic figures. The dial of this watch delivers terrific contrast and readability. 

Furthermore, the watch features blue-colored sword-shaped hands. These hands combine with a central chemin de fer minute track and a military time scale to display the hours. 

The space created for the date at 3 o’clock is sublime. Yet, it is easy to read because of its date disk colored in silver. Then, the disk combines perfectly with other parts of the dial to produce brilliance.

The sapphire crystal passes on various looks depending on how bright the light is and the glare on it. Sometimes, the dial looks lighter, and at other times, it appears darker. For the blue hands, it can either appear lighter blue or nearly black.

The Trademark Crown 

The uniqueness of this watch comes largely from the crown. The presence of a beaded crown set mixed with a blue synthetic cabochon-shaped spinel passes a grand impression.

Cartier 3691 Ronde Solo watch maintains the established norms of the brand’s DNA. The wristwatch carefully keeps one of the trademark elements of any Cartier wristwatch. The crown is one of the major elements that makes the brand one of the most legendary watchmaking brands today. 

Finally, thanks to the wolf-fang-shaped lugs on the crown, the watch passes off a subtle vintage aura. 

A Sturdy Bracelet

The watch’s bracelet headlines mirror-polished links in H shape. The center links on the bracelet come with satin-brushed finishes. 

The bracelet pays tribute to the bracelet featured on the classic Pasha de Cartier wrist. This wristwatch is very sturdy. It comes with a completely hidden double-folding clasp fitting. In all, this delivers a seamless and elegant look when worn on the wrist.

Additionally, the bracelet features several removable links. Therefore, those with a much tinier wrist (below 6 inches in width) can adjust the size easily. Thanks to this, you have no worries about comfort and achieving a perfect fit. 

Presently, the only setback to this timepiece is the absence of the recent “Smartlink” resizing mechanism on its bracelet. Also, the bracelet doesn’t feature the ‘QuickSwitch’ interchangeability system. The absence of these two systems restricts the easy flexibility we expect from this watch.

In-depth Review Of The Watch’s Parts

In this section, get to know the unique elements of this wrist watch closely. Enjoy an in-depth view of major parts of this timepiece that sets it apart from the rest of the pack. Keep reading!

The Ronde Solo Watch’s Dial

The dial features a perfect blend of the black exterior, Roman figure hours and the interior ‘rail-track minute system. These two work perfectly to pass off an exquisite look on the silvered opaline dial. 

The design of this dial is constant in the different case variants. Both the 36mm and 42mm case sizes of the Ronde Solo watch feature this design.

However, one variant reveals a distinction with the hour and minute figures. In this variant, they appear in white against a sapphire blue dial. 

This sapphire blue functions throughout the day based on the light reflection it receives. Similarly, the dial features an exceptionally delicate sunburst finish and texture. The sturdy silver arrows sparkle under any light condition with incredible legibility. 

Take it from us, this white dial is gorgeous. Yet, the blue dial gives a totally distinctive and exceptional vintage aura. 

You have a “clock-face” vintage carrier as the first inner ring of the dial. This produces more detailed minute readings when necessary. There is a perfect blend between the day and this dial, especially at the three o’clock position. 

Besides, the date dial comes in black color. Again, the date dial employs a slightly slimmer white font for the date feature. Consequently, that produces a legible view of passing on a clumsy appearance to the rest of the dial. 

For the final inner ring, there is a lovely combination of Arabic figures displaying 24 hour time. This feature is a helpful memory aid and at the same time, an outstanding style feature. 

Cartier does not do too much with the texts displayed on the watch’s face. All the face displays are the “Cartier” and “Automatic” wordings. Finally, it comes with a subtly domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. 

With this addition, the sunburst effect is enhanced slightly, and the amazing reflections come out brighter.

The Case Of The Ronde Solo Watch

As mentioned earlier, there are various sizes of the Ronde Solo watch. The watch comes in 36mm and 42mm sizes. And because of the thin bezel, it displays an elegant, huge, and delicate dial. 

The case utilizes a set beaded with a synthetic cabochon-shaped spinel. Also, the case features ridges surrounding it to produce a comfortable grip. Again, the case is very durable with top-notch clicks on this movement. 

As soon as it sits on the wrist, you instantly feel the class in the movement. All you need is to feel the crown of this case. The case of this timepiece is one of the standout perks of the model. Plus, the Cartier Ronde Solo watch comes with an easy and swift date adjustment system.

For both sizes mentioned above, the watch case can come in either rose gold, 18ct yellow gold, or steel variants. The case back material is dependent on the material of the major case and that of other watch models.

The case comes with an identifying serial number placed on the back. Eight screws safeguard this case which ensures. Clearly, this design is not only lovely but an innovative masterpiece. Rather than making use of a circular back or a screw-down, the back is completely different. 

You have a circular back on both flanks. Then a flat shape on the top and bottom sides. Finally, it is settled at a precise angle to display the wordings horizontally.

The 1847 MC “workhorse” movement is responsible for this watch. What you see is a huge wobbling crown wheel furnished with sturdy detents. That feature marks an obvious quality brand piece. 

Conclusively, there is a sensitive bi-directional winding pendulum featured on the watch. All you have to do to get the hands running is to pick it up and unwind it.

The Wearability Of The Ronde Solo Watch

Imagine a bracelet made from brilliant alligator leather. That exactly is what the Cartier Ronde Solo watches feature. 

The scaling of this wristwatch’s bracelet is unique. Plus, it is generally available in both black and brown. Furthermore, Cartier provides users with the ability to select from a range of numerous colors for the strap. The straps come in calfskin leather.

 The color options include:

  • Orange
  • Green
  • Pink 
  • Blue 

This, in turn, produces a totally outstanding twist on this classic timepiece.

From the top of the watch to the end, it measures 22mm in length. While in width, you have a normal 42mm watch.

The watch’s bracelet employs a butterfly clasp together with the ardillon buckle. This is a common feature on most dress watch bracelets. Also, the two half links work perfectly for adjustment. 

The bracelet comes with screws that reveal uniquely reversing motion on each side’s verges. This motion begins from the clasp.

 For the water-resistance level, the watch offers a decent 30m water resistance level. However, the water resistance level is not the best we love to use underwater.

Technical Specifications

  • Movement: ETA 2671 or ETA 2892
  • Case: Steel, Rose Gold, or Yellow Gold
  • Strap: Leather or Steel
  • Dial: Silvered opaline or Blue dial
  • Lens: Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters at most
  • Lume: N/A
  • Dimensions: 36mm or 42mm
  • Crown: Beaded crown set with synthetic cabochon-shaped spinel
  • Warranty: 2 years (extendable to 8 years)


  • Premium refined watch
  • Terrific readability
  • Incredible wearability and strap alternatives


  • Only a few features
  • Not the best product with pricing
  • Low water-resistance level


On a final note, the Cartier 3601 Ronde Solo watch is a lovely and unique timepiece. Moreover, as regards being a Cartier product, the Cartier Ronde Solo has no slack. This wristwatch is a clear representation of all the class that exemplifies Cartier’s premium charm. 

In the Ronde Solo watch, you have all the refined looks that we know the Cartier brand for. Clearly, this wristwatch is a true Cartier and an exceptional one as well. Likewise, the wristwatch borrows some features from the Ronde Louis Cartier. 

In all, the Ronde Solo deserves the credit as an exceptional timepiece displaying Cartier’s agelong heritage.



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