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The Hublot Big Bang Wristwatch 1

Here is the entire story of the Hublot Big Bang in one paragraph. The Hublot Big Bang is one revolutionary product. As soon as the watch hit the scene over a decade ago, it changed the game completely. 

Keep that with you as you read on. 

The remainder of this article presents a close look at a collection that transformed the watchmaking industry. In case you missed out on this, this Big Bang wristwatch championed the ‘Big Watch Trend.’ This is a trend you can notice in subsequent watch designs following its introduction over ten years ago.

Similarly, Hublot went on to launch a vast array of varieties of these same Bangs subsequently. These varieties stretch across every material, color, and flavor you can think of. 

However, the brand still holds on to the original timepiece. You can find it in the brand’s catalogs. It is not only present, it still commands a strong presence.

Background Of The Hublot Brand

To begin with, 1980 marked the time of unveiling what will go on to be a game-changing brand. More so, this reflects that Hublot is a somewhat recent watchmaker.

Hublot as a watchmaking brand came out from the city of Nyon in Switzerland. Presently, this single brand delivers its designs online. In addition, the designs are available in 80 boutiques you can find in cities all over the globe. 

Furthermore, Hublot isn’t only prolific for its array of exciting timepieces. Another exciting part of the brand’s pedigree is the credits earned for creating WISeKey. This creation is a system that utilizes a smart card to discover fake watches. The system also validates real ones.

Evolution Of The Hublot Big Bang

The maiden edition of the Hublot Big Bang hit the watchmaking scene in 2005. From that time till now, the collection continues to be a top seller. 

For those that have kept track of the brand’s releases since it began in 1980, you will be familiar with most Hublot watches. Hence, you’ll discover certain features shared by both the Big Bang and the initial Hublot wristwatch launched in 1980. 

First off, there is the look that begins with the distinctive “porthole” layout. This layout clearly displays six uncovered “H-shaped” screws. The arrangement of the screws is all around the bezel. Additionally, the uber-cool chronograph structures that make Big Bang timepieces one-of-a-kind continue to stand out.

Meanwhile, in the past few years, the Big Bang wrist watch continues to appear in several fabulous iterations. This is to the delight of this watch fans all over the world. The varieties lean on features such as:

  • Skeletonized dials 
  • New stunning textures
  • Striking dials and straps 
  • Outstanding jewel styles
  • A couple of very exclusive limited versions

All of these varieties make the Big Bang wristwatch a favorite with collectors in various parts of the world.

Upgrades On The Hublot Big Bang

You must wonder how the brand continues to stay relevant since 1980. Plus, why will a watch introduced in 2005 still sell so much? The simple answer is that Hublot as a watchmaking brand mastered the art of upgrades.

For instance, in 2015, Hublot observed the Big Bang 10th anniversary with three fresh additions to the brand.  These additions include:

  • Big Bang Unico
  • The Big Bang Full Magic
  • The Big Bang Tourbillon 5-day Power Reserve. 

Also, Hublot launched ten Haute Joaillerie Big Bang timepieces. These came fully encrusted with precious stones. Stones like rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. This particular iteration was on sale for $1 million per piece.

Clearly, the Hublot brand is as much an ace in the watchmaking scene as it is in the business world.

The dexterity displayed in the composition and design of this watch is crystal clear. This explains why Hublot CEO, Jean-Claude Biver tags the Big Bang wristwatch as “the art of fusion.” Take a minute to examine the numerous outstanding materials, colors, and textures that feature in each piece. Then, you can clearly understand what that means.

For the materials, they include:

  • Ceramic
  • Red gold
  • Gold
  • Kevlar
  • Tungsten
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rubber

Plus there are other outstanding materials that feature grandly throughout the line. Additionally, every model so far comes in a wide array of color blends. These models comprise a variety of beautiful dial colors, complications, and other attractive details. 

Check out the vast, incredible world of Big Bang timepieces to find out more about these upgrades!

The Case of the Big Bang Wristwatch

The Hublot Big Bang Wristwatch 1

The case of the Big Bang wristwatch is a major part of this timepiece collection. This case is a good signifier of “the art of fusion” tag given to the wristwatch. 

The design of the case provides a detailed and intricate construction. More so, the case design incorporates traditional and modern procedures. Lastly, the blend of materials the watch features crowns the phrase ‘the art of fusion

The “art of fusion” ideology exists at the core of the brand’s essence. It is impossible to talk about the Hublot Big Bang timepiece without asserting the presence of fusion. For example, in 2005, the mix of ceramic, steel, and rubber stood out. However, in the next decade, other brands in the industry caught up with Hublot’s pace-setting moves. 

Regardless, the 44mm case ranks high enough making the timepiece a pleasure to wear. More so, the high range of textures and materials present constantly presents an iconic time tool.

Taking Fusion To A Different Level

Thanks to Hublot’s manufacturing dexterity, fusion is taken to a different level. It is not limited to only uncommon material mixtures. This is what the Big Bang exemplifies with the stylistic fusion featured in the Hublot Big Bang timepiece.

This is a blend of the traditional tropes of luxury sports watch design with an industrial aesthetic on a new level.

The fusion rests heavily on the rim of the bezel as well as the exposed screws. This works perfectly. This explanation of the fusion featured in the Big Bang watch design might seem like something taken from a press release. However, to truly understand the iconic nature of the Hublot Big Bang, you must completely understand the fusion.

There is a real need to understand the role played by the presence of fusion in Hublot’s design procedure. Hublot creates an interplay of textures and materials. This interplay is central to the appeal this timepiece carries. More so, it makes the Big Bang wristwatch fun to rock.

The Dial of the Hublot Big Bang

The Hublot Big Bang Wristwatch 1

Hublot proceeds with its unique use of materials in the dial design. The dial features certain uncommon materials like woven carbon fiber. This adds a texture that varies well with the mirror-like finish present on the ceramic bezel. 

Nevertheless, with all of the fusion present, Hublot holds on to the prime purpose of the Bug Bang wristwatch. The brand manages to tell the time as best as it could. Therefore, the dial is incredibly legible.

The dial features hidden printed subdials, big rhodium-plated indices, and broad luminova-filled hands. You will truly love the numbers and indices. This is as they pick up on the industrial realities that the watch parades. 

Every applied marker features a cut-through with a machined aperture. However, while the aperture itself comes polished, other markers are brushed.

This might appear as a trivial detail. However, this is one detail many lesser brands ignore. This explains why this Big Bang line continues to sell. Simply put, for Hublot Big Bang, the dial completely features materials and finishes at their best. However, the brand does this without losing out on function at all.

The Movement Present In The Hublot Big Bang

Upon its first release, the Big Bang wristwatch got power from an adjusted Valjoux 7750 movement. Presently, Hublot Big Bang features the Caliber 4100 movement. 

This is a high-grade ETA 2894-2 base featuring a chronograph module above it. Over time, this movement proves its worth repeatedly.

Furthermore, the reasoning behind the movement present is valid. There is no point reinventing the wheel if a surviving and accessible movement can do the work perfectly. You should be sure that for this Big Bang wristwatch, an ETA movement will do just fine. 

Nevertheless, it’s worth pointing out that for many, the price tag on this timepiece based on the movement seems overpriced. It is probably a different situation for some consumers who have no issue with this. Yet, the price of this timepiece would make more send on the watches featuring the in-house Unico movements.

The Strap of the Big Bang Wristwatch

The Hublot Big Bang wristwatch strap

You cannot talk about the Big Bang wristwatch without referring to the rubber strap. This is an essential part of the Big Bang’s essence. It is the part of the wristwatch that confirms the luxurious nature of the watch.

With the strap, Hublot manages to insert that trademark identity. In addition, the diamond tread-like pattern is unique and quite assertive. This strap is everything but boring. 

When you look at it, the hooded lugs hide the point where the strap and the case come together. Hence, it adds to the appearance of a seamless piece. In addition, the strap comes with a single-fold deployant that fastens it. This comes in the form of a huge and husky buckle. 

Finally, although it’s strong and steady, the lines appear slightly too sharply machined. That might affect how comfortably it wears.

Influential Owners Of Hublot Big Bang Watches

There is a perfect way to know how prominent a wristwatch is. Simply, check out how many influential owners the watch has. 

Over the last decade, Hublot remained a proud sponsor of various prominent teams and clubs. This includes: 

  • The Los Angeles Lakers
  • FC Bayern Munich
  • Ajax Amsterdam
  • Manchester United
  • Formula One Racing
  • Miami Heats 
  • FIFA World Cup, etc. 

You will always find sportsmen and women rocking the Big Bang wristwatch. More so, Hublot as a watchmaker provides particular watches for referees and other sports officials.

Additionally, in 2011, Hublot became the official timekeeper of Ferrari. From that time, the Big Bang Ferrari line experienced continuous growth. The numerous fascinating new models the brand released affirms this growth. This is to the delight of Big Bang wristwatch lovers all over the world.

To wrap it up, below is a list of well-known Hublot brand ambassadors both in the past and presently. 

  • Members of the Manchester United football team.
  • Diego Maradona
  • Usain Bolt
  • Jet Li
  • Rohit Sharma

How Do You Know A Counterfeit Hublot Big Bang?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a pre-owned Big Bang wristwatch. However, you must be certain as to whether it is an original or counterfeit. To do this, you must watch out for the red flags. 

Do not forget that this is a popular wristwatch. Therefore, you have various fascinating editions to pick from. Due to this, this becomes a prime target for fake peddlers. 

They understand that certain likely buyers are excited by the mere thought of owning one of these pieces. Hence, these buyers may fail to check out the tiny details. This is what these sellers prey on.

There are certain particular details you should look out for. They are red glass pointing out a counterfeit Big Bang wristwatch.

  • A Price Below The Average Market Value

This situation is mostly backed with an unhappy tale of why the seller must sell the watch at the time. Don’t fall prey. 

  • Manufacturing Faults 

This might come in the form of an obvious solder or glue. Sometimes this defect might be blue screws inside in place of the usual metallic colors the brand uses.

  • Misspelling

When “Hublot Geneve” is misspelled or you have any other word spelled wrongly, it is a red flag. Be cautious.

Other red flags include:

  • The absence of Hublot’s trademark “H” shaped screws.
  • The absence of a certificate of authenticity.

If you must escape buying a fake Hublot Big Bang wristwatch, ensure an expert verifies it.


To round it all up, the essence is that the Hublot Big Bang wristwatch is fun to wear. Thanks to the attention given to certain additions and fusion, the result is grand. Legibility is perfect! Comfortability is 100%! This is the timepiece for anyone who loves luxury watches.


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