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In 1999, Patek Philippe launched its maiden collection for the ladies. Immediately, this manchette-style Patek Philippe Twenty~4 came into the scene, it enjoyed a wide acceptance from the world of watch enthusiasts. Most of them described the timepiece as a dashing masterpiece.

This wristwatch combines sleek lines with flawless symmetry and a minimalist dial. The flawless symmetry extends down to the diamonds set on both flanks of the bezel. This quartz wristwatch sits pretty as an elegant companion for every woman regardless of the occasion.

Finally, the wristwatch stays true to its name with “24-hour” effectiveness. The watch literally works round the clock!

Patek Philippe’s Constant Regard For Women

Over time, Patek Phillippe’s watch collections remain staunch supporters of the female gender.  Women’s watches retain an enviable prominent position in the brand’s merchandise.

Patek Phillippe continues to set a standard in the watchmaking industry for women’s watch complications. This feat remains unmatched by other prominent watch brands. The various implications over the years include:

  • Minute repeaters
  • Moon Phases
  • Dual time zones
  • Perpetual Calendars
  • Annual Calendars

This watchmaker’s commitment to providing elegantly adorned and standard mechanical timepieces for women is not a recent occurrence. This commitment dates back to the 1800s. In 1868, Patek designed the first Swiss-made timepiece for the distinguished Hungarian Countess Koscowicz.

Also, in 1916, Patek manufactured its introductory repeating timepiece in Caliber 10. This wristwatch was a five-minute repeater enclosed in a 27mm platinum case. This wristwatch was made specifically for women.

In 1997, Patek Philippe came back from an 80 years hiatus. After this, it continued its creation of women’s complications. The women’s Travel Time Ref. 4864 was the watch that reintroduced this production.

Finally, in 2009, women had a landmark year at Patek Philippe. That year, the introduction of Ref. 7071 sparked the beginning of a rising rage in women’s watches. The Ref. 7071 was the first solely designed chronograph for women.

This reference came with a manufacturing movement headlining recent updates. The updates feature a new classic round case with a 38mm measurement.

The Advent of The Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Collection

First off, Patek produces an élite collection of sophisticated women’s timepieces. Again, the brand still provides a modified collection. This collection features downsized and brilliant modifications of most of the brand’s landmark men’s timepieces. Some of the landmark timepieces are:

  • Calatrava
  • Nautilus
  • Aquanaut
  • Gondolo

Regardless, it remains a clear fact that these models began as men’s watches. Hence, these modified collections still live a bit to desire as regards models specifically made for women.

Thankfully, we now have the present-day Patek Philippe Twenty-4. A feminine wristwatch with a small, rectangular, bracelet-like look that is battery-powered.

The wristwatch under review in this text is the steel edition. The ref. 4910-10A is an entry-level edition. It is by far the most affordable Patek Philippe’s wristwatch.

Patek Philippe Twenty 4 “24” 4910: Technical Specifications

1.    Case Details

  • Size dimension of 10.05mm height by 36mm diameter.
  • Available in stainless steel and 18k rose gold materials.
  • Comes with a sapphire crystal case back that is water-resistant to as deep as 30m.

2.    Dial Details

  • Silvery shantung silk, and sunburst chocolate brown dials options for rose gold models.
  • Blue and sunburst grey options for steel models
  • Applied hour markers with Super-Luminova and Arabic numerals
  • Minute hands with Super-LumiNova, and Baton-style hour

3.    Movement

  • Caliber 324 S C which is an in-house automatic movement
  • A power reserve between 28,800vph to 35-45h
  • Gyromax balance or Spiromax balance spring
  • Unidirectional rotor made from 21k gold material
  • Central seconds, minutes, hours, and date
  • Confirmed with the Patek Philippe Seal

4.    References

  • 7300/1200A-001 steel with blue dial
  • 7300/1200R-001 18k rose gold with brown dial
  • 7300/1200R-010 18k rose gold with ‘shantung’ silk dial
  • 7300/1200A-010 steel with grey dial

The Watch That Fills The Gap

In 1999, the launch of the Twenty~4 finally filled the gap. This is a rectangular timepiece with a little Art Deco quality.

This wristwatch is grandly expressed and comes with an amazing bracelet. The Twenty~4 gives the expression of a chic, ladies watch created for day-to-day activities, Sufficient to run 24 hours daily, just like the name of this watch, it runs around the clock.

In the last 19 years, this timepiece is likely one of Patek’s best-selling arrays. However, the watch never got sufficient coverage in specific watch magazines. This is largely due to it featuring a quartz movement.

It appears as though the Twenty~4 was the type of watch men got for women. This would be right if we assume that they didn’t pay attention to the mechanical movements. They probably got enticed by the wristwatch’s glowing covering.

For most women, this might not be a clear deal-breaker. But, for others, it will pass off a slightly half-hearted aura

Subsequently, times have changed. Presently, more women are purchasing watches for their personal use. Hence, the motive behind most of their decisions is different. It is simply them purchasing a Patek time tool.

A Patek Philippe product offers the wearer all the entire package. This is coupled with a quartz movement. It is simply perfect. It might not be aligned with Patek’s perfected and unique strategy to watchmaking. Yet, it is a top-quality wristwatch in its light.

Patek Philippe Twenty Four “24” 4910: A New Design And A Boosted Movement

The Patek Philippe Twenty Four “24” 4910 steps into tremendous publicity. This is thanks to a deluxe event the brand hosted in Milan.

The modern Twenty~4 shocked everyone with its revolutionary withdrawal in different ways. Particularly, with the shape of the case.

For the shape of the case, the watch takes a major shift. It leaves out the old masterpiece rectangular-shaped case used for the initial collection.

Now, the new collection comes with a more conventional 36mm round case. Additionally, this watch features exactly what everyone with a mechanical bent yearned for. The watch features an automatic movement!

To state it clearly for the record, the automatic movement addition was a great introduction. However, the movement is not. What this revamped collection features is an element from past timepieces.

The Caliber 324 SC was the movement used in the Nautilus Ref. 5711. Also, this movement features several other hour/minute/central second and date timepieces.

Nevertheless, the wristwatch stays true to its next-generation status. The Twenty~4 wristwatch model took us back to the home base. The wristwatch does this with a reference to the bracelet used in the original version. Its large central rectangular link depicts this. The link suspends two-tier outer links on both flanks as well.

The Patek Philippe’s Case: A Case For Liquid Lines

Exemplified in both 18k rose gold and stainless steel cases with four distinct dial colors. The colors were brown, grey, silver, and blue. The 36mm diameter measurement of the modern Twenty~4 is a perfect preference for most women. It sits perfectly on their wrists.

The wristwatch displays a desirable svelte appearance of around 10mm. For lovers of slightly huger watches, this is a great buy. Just as most participants in the event the brand hosted in London, most wristwatch enthusiasts admired this timepiece. This is major as it passes off that confident and stunning look on the wrist, which to many is surprising.

The incorporated bracelet and case are flawlessly designed. They shape up as a harmonious flowing piece. This makes it difficult to specify where one facet starts and the other stops. This watch manages to produce a minimalist and almost fluid impression.

This is thanks to Patek’s designers’ creation of a bracelet that vanishes below the case. The vanish blends perfectly into the bezel of the wristwatch. The main bracelet combines at the 12 and 6 o’clock position to integrate into the diamond-set bezel.

Practically, this is not a feature you will notice immediately. You can only notice it when you look closely. Then, you can see how the links at the top and bottom of the bracelet on the bezel integrates.

The link raises narrowly and isolates from the twofold band of 160 brilliant-cut diamond settings. The outcome is creative and the prevailing impact displays rhythmic and fluid lines.

The bracelet is the best component of the actual Twenty~4 collection.

This bracelet is a lovely wristwatch masterpiece. The watch features straight rectangular links at the center. Likewise, it features vertical outer links in tiers. These vertical links flank the bracelet.

What this produces is a bracelet with glows. This bracelet reveals an elegant presence on the wrist. All the complicated aspects of the bracelet and case produce a polished and brilliant sheen. Lastly, this handcrafted bracelet comes with a recently patented fold over clasp fitting.

The Patek Philippe’s Dial: An Embodiment Of Legibility

·         Various Dial Options

You have four dial options at your disposal. The dial comes two per case. There are the 18k rose gold cases that feature either a silvery satin-finished dial or a brown sunburst dial. Also, there are steel models that feature either grey or blue sunburst dials.

·         The Choice Of Numerals Design

Another crucial part of the dial that is endearing is the choice of numerals. As a 24-hour time tool, the watch follows this premise to offer 24/7 legibility.

Moreover, there is a similarity in the numerals on the latest Twenty~4 dials with the distinguished Arabic numerals present on the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time 7234R Lady wristwatch.

The latter is a fashionable pilot watch for ladies. It features GMT functions launched during Baselworld 2018. Also, this wristwatch features gold numerals that are huge and relatively basic. Finally, the whole design wears a Super-LumiNova coating. The baton hands are tipped all-around. That is a feature taken from a different classic Patek collection. This time, the collection is the Nautilus. The inspiration is then finished off with luminescence.

This timepiece passes off the impression of an all-rounder, and day-to-day companion. This impression comes out fully with the pleasingly framed date window positioned at the 6 o’clock point.

The Patek Philippe’s Movement: A Much-Awaited Automatic Movement

Patek finally decides to upgrade from the previous quartz movement to a self-winding movement. Clearly, this upgrade was long overdue. Hence, it was received with cheers.

This movement teams up with the in-house caliber 324 SC to achieve enviable perfection. This movement has an outstanding and unmatched reputation for accuracy. Likewise, it comes with a Spiromax symmetry spring in Silver. Finally, it presents the luxurious handmade finishing the Patek’s movement is popularly known for.

This movement measures 3.3mm in height and 27mm in diameter. The movement is a product of 213 parts, and it beats at 28,800vph (4Hz). Furthermore, the movement provides a power reserve that lasts 35 hours to 45 hours. Lastly, the rotor is not only unidirectional, it comes from a 21k gold material as well.

In summary, the complete timepiece in its fullness features different parts at a remarkable level.

  • A standard automatic movement
  • Outstanding performance
  • Elegant and sturdy casing
  • Lovely bracelet design

There add other parts not mentioned above. In all, the Patek Philippe Seal Of Quality affirms the top quality of this timepiece.

A slight setback will be its power reserve. It is a bit short on this movement. However, it is still self-winding.

Our Overall Impression

At the Patek’s event in London, several journalists swooned over this lovely timepiece. Specifically, the steel model that appears a bit sportier with a grey dial stole the show.

Regardless, the blend of the Rose Gold and Silvery dial remains our preference from them all. This is not simply because of the silvery dial. In addition to the dial, the watch reproduces the natural crisscross structure weave made from wild shantung silk.

The primary reason for this choice is how this shantung silk model appears subtle. The oversized numerals and sporty hands from Nautilus remain minimalist. This is different from how bold and fierce the oversized numerals appear normally.

The overall design is rather minimalist. You might feel this design suppresses certain details. Yet, it simply stays true to the intrinsic brilliance of a typical Twenty~4. This wristwatch is a perfect example of a sporty timepiece.

Nonetheless, there is one major drawback. The wristwatch fails to live up to its tag as an everyday wristwatch. With the wear and tear that comes with everyday use, the wristwatch fails as regards sturdiness.

Check this out for the best of this wristwatch available for sale.


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