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Kristin Pavlick Completes Boca Raton’s First Large Scale Wall Mural on N Federal Hwy at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Kristin Pavlick Completes Boca Raton’s First Large Scale Wall Mural on N Federal Hwy at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Kristin Pavlick

After a scrupulous 3 month process, artist Kristin Pavlick completes Boca Raton’s first large-scale wall mural on North Federal Highway at Diamonds By Raymond Lee!

The entire south side of our showroom building has been transformed into a vibrant artwork masterpiece depicting the brand image, character, and passions of Diamonds By Raymond Lee. 

The wall mural not only brings exuberance to those who visit Diamonds By Raymond Lee, but it also enkindles energy and life for Boca Raton’s North Federal Highway. 

wall mural boca raton

Read on to learn about the procedure for getting approved by the CAB (community appearance board); artist Kirstin Pavlick; the creative process; and to see pictures of the wall mural blossoming into existence.

Inspiration for Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s Colossal Wall Mural 

wall mural on north federal highway boca raton

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we are passionate about art and we deeply appreciate it in all forms. 

Ultimately, fine jewelry and luxury watches are works of art. We wanted to extend our veneration for art beyond the glass cases within our showroom. For all of Boca Raton to see. 

What’s more, we wanted to bring some vibrancy to Boca Raton. As residents of Boca Raton know, North Federal Highway is a wonderful area. However, it is certainly lacking vitality in the form of creative art. This is surprising considering it would be very suitable for our city and the people within it. Especially Federal Highway.

If you go to Delray Beach, they have a very powerful art scene that draws many people to their city. This effectively helps the economy of the city. Moreover, it produces great vibes for the inhabitants of Delray Beach. This was a big part of our inspiration as well.

Our Wall Mural Idea 

diamonds by raymond lee wall mural

Our concept was to do a colorfully rich and vivid wall mural that covered the entire south side of our building (the wall facing North Federal Highway). We wanted the imagery to represent our company and Boca Raton beautifully and in an eye-catching, captivating way. This is exactly what we got thanks to Kristin Pavlick. 

Now, while the general concept was simple and came to us naturally, the process for getting accepted by the Boca’s Community Appearance Board (CAB) and choosing the right artist took time and effort. None of this would have been possible without the CAB and the incredibly impressive artist Kristin Pavlick. 

Here’s how it all played out…

Community Appearance Board

community appearance board boca raton

The first step was getting our idea approved by the community appearance board. You can’t do something of this scale without their approval. It’s completely understandable and even more so appreciated as they are a huge reason why our city looks so cultivated and tasteful. The CAB handles all public art projects. 

All in all, even though we own our building, changing the outward appearance affects the community as a whole. So, as such, we took our plan to the CAB to see if they would sign off on it. 

CAB Process
boca raton art community

We won’t go into all the details but we will give you the gist of it. 

First, we set a meeting with the CAB to ask for feedback on our project. The response was immediately positive, with one of the CAB members saying “That’s gonna wake up that part of Federal.” 

Because they liked our plan, they gave us a building permit application to fill out. From there, they reviewed it and ultimately accepted our project. 

Then, we went to work on finding an artist!

Kristin Pavlick – Delray Beach Artist

Kristin Pavlick

The next and most crucial step in our wall mural project was to find an artist who understood our vision and could bring it to life. Besides serious talent, we were looking for an artist who we could connect with on a personal level, as we knew this project was going to take a couple months, at a minimum. 

After several rendezvous, we know we found the perfect artist for our art project when we met Kristin Pavlick. 

Kristin Pavlick’s story and philosophy. 

Kristin Pavlick was born outside of Philadelphia. She has been an artist all her life. In 2005, Kristin received her B.S. in Art Education from Penn State University. After graduating, she worked as an art educator in various Pennsylvania schools and was the managing art sales consultant for a major cruise line. 

In 2008, Kristin relocated to South Florida where she continued to work as an art sales consultant. Then, in 2010, after an impromptu visit to Salvador Dali museum, Kristin decided to devote her career to painting full-time, completely altering her life’s course. As a deep-rooted, passionate artist, it was only a matter of time. She now does what she loves, day in and day out, residing in Delray Beach, Florida. 

Kristin uses “visual culture to question the impact on our decision-making process. Pavlick sees our visual culture as an intentional veil that separates us from the truth— encouraging us to act upon a deeply reinforced value system imposed by society. Kristin challenges you to look through the playful imagery to question just how much of our immediate needs act against our collective needs.”

kristin pavlick wall mural
Some of her recent achievements include:
  • Work for Don King Productions, Italian Vogue, Editor Rushka Bergma
  • Many of her paintings are secured permanently at Coral Springs Museum of Art, public art for the City of Delray Beach and the City of Boca Raton, the corporate collections for Double Tree Hilton (Bloomfield, MI), Tree Top, Inc. (Selah, WA), 26 Degrees (Pompano Beach, FL) Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery (Boca Raton, FL), and P.I.T. Fitness (Boca Raton, FL).
  • Her artwork has been exhibited at Cornell Museum of Art (Delray Beach, FL), JF Gallery (West Palm Beach, FL), Electrica Gallery (Miami, FL), Cultural Council (Lake Worth, FL), and Gallery 104 (New York, NY).
  • In South Florida’s vibrant culture, Kristin’s work permanently stands tall at several local venues.

Beyond Kristin’s own creative visions, she enjoys working with clients, executing their ideas for large scale projects – as she did for us, Diamonds By Raymond Lee!

Moreover, she privately holds drawing and painting classes. And she recently helped the City of Delray Beach with its latest public art initiative. So, not only is she a talented and successful artist, but she is also an important member of society. 

See more of Kristin Pavlick’s Work

Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s Wall Mural on N Federal Highway: Progress – Start to Finish

diamonds by raymond lee

After discussing our vision with Kristin, she started by generating themes and brainstorming imagery. From there, she sent us over a digital mockup of the wall mural. Ultimately, she had all the creative freedom. But she collaborated with us every step of the way. Things couldn’t have been smoother. 

Once the composition was arranged and the wall cleaned and primed, she was ready to get to work on the wall with her magic touch.

wall mural process
Kristin’s Tools

For this spectacular creation, Kristin required very little in the way of tools. All she used was a boom lift (as she calls it, her “new ride”)  spray paint cans and a few paintbrushes. 

The entire wall mural was done by hand, and for a vast majority of it, with just spray cans. She would wield a paintbrush here and there for the finer details. 

Art Night Event
art show boca raton

Witnessing her in her zone was truly a sight to see. So much so, that we ended up planning an Art Night event with live music, entertainment, and food as Kristin Pavlick worked away on her mural. 

During this art night event, which included other local artists who created pieces live for guests, Kristin completed the first phase of the Wall Mural. 

kristin pavlick artwork

Towards the end of the event when Kristin put the final touches on the first phase of the wall mural, everyone celebrated the beginning of Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s breathtaking wall mural and Kristin’s artistry.

It was easily one of the coolest events of the year. What’s more, our Art Night event raised awareness for the significance of creative modern art and it benefited the newly formed Art in Public Places Advisory Board in Boca Raton. 

art scene boca raton
Even the kids of Boca Raton were inspired by Kristin and the wall mural. We might have some future artists on our hands!
Street art boca raton
The beginning of a masterpiece.
street art north federal highway
The progress continues.
street art south florida
We are almost done!
wall art boca raton
“About 329 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches later, a mural gets its finishing touches” – Kristin Pavlick

After 3 months, the wall mural is complete and we are excited to show it off! 

We’ve been receiving so much great feedback from customers and those in the community who often drive down N Federal Highway.

Big Thanks to Artist Kristin Pavlick

kristin pavlick diamonds by raymond lee mural

We really can’t express our appreciation for Kirstin Pavlick enough. It was such a pleasure working with her and we were so impressed by her craft. She was assiduous with every detail and the end result was a wall mural that we are extremely proud of. 

Kristin Pavlick x Diamonds By Raymond Lee Wall Mural IMAGERY

Let’s have a look at the colors and imagery that make up the wall mural… 

The colors were chosen as they represent South Florida and Diamonds By Raymond Lee (luxury jewelry & watches) perfectly. Moreover, they offer stunning contrast. Vibrant, warm colors that are bright and strikingly beautiful…just like South Florida…And yellow GOLD, the classic precious metal for jewelry and luxury watches. 

The images represent our beautiful city and everything we are passionate about. There’s a classic Omega watch, for our love of Swiss watches; a car, for our enthusiasm and appreciation for the auto industry (Diamonds and Donuts!); and palm trees, for the gorgeous city we live in, Boca Raton. 

What’s more, Kristin referenced some cultural symbols and history within the theme, with the manicule (a symbol in the shape of a pointing hand) and the ancient Greece bust.

“Visually speaking, it created an opportunity to contrast an otherwise flat, black and white symbol with the volume and visual weight of a watch—not only using the illusion of dimension, but to also anchor it with a shadow. I wanted a play in between one of those old vintage signs (I first remember seeing the manicule) and an advertisement!” Hands are often present in classic watch advertisements.
“As for ‘the face’, I wanted to reference a bit of history with an ancient Greece bust. One of my original themes was an ancient sculpture of a female profile dressed in extravagant jewels placed around her as a necklace. I had a lot of creative freedom, so I was able to explore a lot of ideas. I had about 5 original themes that I ended up compiling together as you see it today. And in this process of layering these ideas, this bejeweled ancient Greece bust was best left behind as a very soft, almost ghostly version of itself, forgoing the original details of the exorbitant jewels.”
watches at diamonds by raymond lee
One of many pictures to come with a Diamonds By Raymond Lee watch in front of our new wall mural. 

Why We Did This Art Project Wall Mural at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Some reasons why we wanted to do a huge wall mural on our building at Diamonds By Raymond Lee:

  1. We want our location to stand out. We want our building to have personality. And we want to show our customers and the people of Boca Raton what we are all about. Most people in town know us for all the big events we throw. They are always a blast and our wall mural is a great expression of that. We like to have fun! We are sophisticated like our fine diamond jewelry and luxury watches, but at our core, we are vigorous and lively! 
  2. We’d like to be the catalyst for the art scene on North Federal Highway and in Boca Raton. If this starts a trend, it will be good for Boca Raton. It’s not only fascinating artwork that is pleasant to the eyes, but it also is good for the community on an economic level. It brings more zest, which attracts more people. This, in turn, brings more business. Moreover, it can help launch artists’ careers. We don’t want to see artists fall by the wayside anytime in our future. Art is an integral, innate part of human civilization. So, if we can do our part to keep it going strong, we are happy. 
diamonds by raymond lee art
From left to right: Rolex Presidential, Rolex Daytona, Rolex Yachtmaster, Rolex Submariner – Learn About Yellow Gold Watches

How to See Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s Art Mural

All you have to do is drive down North Federal Highway in Boca Raton if you want to see the wall mural. Our showroom building’s wall facing Federal Highway is completely covered. You can’t miss it.

Location: 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431

About Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Diamonds By Raymond Lee is Boca Raton’s premier luxury watch and jewelry retailer.

We are passionate about Swiss watches, fine diamond and gemstone jewelry, and gorgeous diamond engagement rings that create lifetime memories. We are also wholeheartedly fervent about cars, art, and food. This is why we throw regular events, such as our monthly Diamonds and Donuts Car Show, Food Truck Nights, and Art Shows. If you live in or near Boca Raton, we’d love to have you come in for a visit to see our showroom or stop by one of our events. You can even simply drive down N Federal Highway just to see our huge vibrant wall mural by artist Kristin Pavlick. 


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