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Lady Driven: Photoshoot With Female Car Enthusiast Natalie Jemini

Lady Driven: Photoshoot With Female Car Enthusiast Natalie Jemini

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Presenting a diamond jewelry, Swiss watch, and supercar photoshoot with female car enthusiast Natalie Jemini (@nataliejemini) – Lady Driven.

“Lady Driven” has a new meaning, and it’s a far cry from “gentle driver”. When we say Lady Driven, we are talking about women who drive high performance vehicles. Women that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, climb behind the wheel of an insanely powerful car, and get it in on the track…Women like Natalie Jemini.

natalie jemini

Last week, the lovely Natalie Jemini visited Diamonds By Raymond Lee for a photoshoot featuring a few of our luxury watches and various distinct and extravagant diamond & sapphire jewelry ensembles. Being that Natalie is a girl who loves everything cars, the setting was, of course, a clean, white Nissan GT-R…but not just any GT-R, a GT-R Black Edition!

We are going to share some of the photos from the shoot with you here and we are going to tell you a little about Natalie Jemini and her love for cars. We are also going to look at two of her badass builds – her most recent build, a Nissan GT-R Black Edition, and her previous build, an Infinity G37, which she drove across America a few years back. 

women drivers
Once women came into the men’s watch game, they never looked back. They make it look good. Real good. For women, the watch world is their oyster. No watch is too manly. No watch is too big. This Hublot King Power on Natalie is the perfect example of that.

Female Car Enthusiast: Natalie Jemini #LadyDriven

Natalie Jemini is a girl with a love for cars…and it all started at a very young age. 

Natalie grew up around a father who had a strong passion and love for cars. As you can imagine, this meant Natalie was introduced to all different types of makes and models during her childhood. Growing up, her father would always bring her around dealerships. He would teach her about cars and simply share his adoration for the incredible workmanship. Naturally, Natalie’s appreciation for cars blossomed during this time, and it has been a lifelong love and hobby ever since…

ladies who love cars

As with many car enthusiasts, it was only a matter of time before Natalie caught the bug. The high-performance modded-bug. The stock-car-is-not-enough bug. 

“After I got my license, I came across Vossen wheels when I joined Instagram, And I knew from that point on I would never own a stock car again. Slammed with a loud exhaust is the few things a car needs to put a big smile on my face!” – Natalie Jemini 

female car enthusiast photoshoot
Natalie is rocking the Hublot King Power Big Bang, one of the biggest watches in the game. It’s not a watch for everyone, men and women alike…but then again, neither is a supercar. It takes a special lady driven-type woman to pull this off like Natalie does. 
Follow @nataliejemini on Instagram #LadyDriven

Natalie Jemini has an impressive 50K+ following on Instagram and she is sponsored by @Accuair, @universalair, @GTHAUS, and @nia_auto_design

Not only is she gorgeous, but she has the performance fever in a major way. Natalie’s Instagram is full of cars, info on builds, and all around carspiration. Her content is truly awesome and there’s so much you can learn from her. 

Now, before we get into the details on her Nissan GT-R, we want to show you Natalie’s previous build, which she parted ways with a while back. 

Natalie Jemini’s 2012 Infinity G37 Build

female car enthusiasts

Natalie’s last build was a 2012 Infinity G37. She named him Charles, and he was built right here in South Florida.

Charles was slammed on full Aiirrex air suspension, management bags and struts. It also had the full three section GTHAUS catback exhaust that gave it a mean roar.

Natalie ran multiple sets of wheels for Charles, however, Vossen were always her favorite – Vossen (@vossen) is a state-of-the-art wheel factory and engineering team based right out of Miami!

Overall, she kept her Infinity G37 simple, nothing over the top…

That’s what we like to call a clean, respectable build. 

women who love cars
The Parting of Ways

Sometime after completing her mods, Natalie decided to make a huge move to California. So, Natalie and Charles drove across the country to their new home. Sometime later, she decided to move back to South Florida, and it was at this time she and Charles parted ways. Thankfully she has photos to remember their trip across the country and the good times with Charles, her admirable Infinity G37 build. 

Natalie’s 2014 Nissan GT-R Black Edition 

nissan GT-R Black Edition

One of the highlights of the photoshoot was, of course, Natalie’s 2014 Nissan GT-R “Black Edition”.

The Nissan GT-R Black Edition turns the fastest Japanese supercar into something a little more special.

Although it is straight GT-R at heart, with the engine and drivetrain being unchanged from the standard GT-R, the Black Edition comes with some unique, discernible features that make the price increase more than justifiable. 

In stock mode, it comes with exclusive 20” RAYS wheels and a carbon fiber rear spoiler that has a perfectly flush fit and finish.

Recaro racing seats were recruited by Nissan specifically for this version of the GT-R. The seats are designed for ergonomic support for road and track use. So, it’s a true driver’s car in-and-out… 

What’s more, the interior has a gorgeous red and black leather finishing, which extends to the dashboard and doors. Even the gearshift knob and steering wheel have a special “Black Edition” touch, differentiating itself from the standard GT-R in a very aesthetically pleasing manner.

cars, watches and women drivers
This stainless steel white strap diamond Rolex Datejust II is a flawless partner for the impressive wide diamond rings, with the red face offering incredible contrast. Plus, it matches the GT-R’s interior very nicely.


Of course, as Natalie is a purebred car enthusiast, some modifications had to be made…but nothing too crazy. Just a few things to up its driving game and its presence for both the eyes and the ears. 

Let’s have a look at the modifications Natalie made for her new GT-R Black Edition build…

good nissa gt-r modifications

Slammered Inc. is a car specialization company based in Fort Lauderdale.

Their services include things like basic maintenance to more complex turbo kit installations and engine bay transformations. The company’s core values are dedication, hard work and excellence both in their craft and customer service. 

“A way of life, an outlet for car enthusiasts to express themselves, a lifestyle that pushes the boundaries.” – Slammered

Natalie let Slammered know exactly what she wanted and they went to work. They did full bolt-ons with E85 tune, fitted Vossen VFS5 wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports tires, lowered it on Swift Springs, and then installed a Full GTHAUS exhaust system. All of which we are about to get into…

She explained to us how much respect she has for Slammered, which is why they are the only one who touches her cars. 

Full Bolt Ons & E85 Tune

Any modification comes with risks, but with a tuner like Slammered and a full bolt ons and E85 you’ll have zero issues. By doing this tune, Natalies car has more efficiency in making power. Car enthusiasts want more hp’s, both male and female alike. Natalie took care of that real quick. If you want detailed info on how many whp her car makes, you’ll have to ask her

female car enthusiast car show
Not only does the impressive white diamond jewelry add the perfect touch of femininity to the imposing white strap Hublot King Power, but it matches impeccably too. It makes for a breathtaking look that is undoubtedly de rigueur…Now, looking closer, you can see an 18k white gold diamond drop necklace resting above her decolletage. It has over 16 carats of excellent cut white diamonds, with the necklace being made of pear diamonds and a single heart diamond that drops just at its centerline. On her Hublot-side hand, Natalie is wearing a 5.6 carat pear diamond engagement ring with baguette side stones. Then, complementing it all, on her right side is a large three-row round diamond eternity ring and an intricate wide diamond bangle. This entire ensemble is as frosty as it gets. An easy 10 out of 10. 
Vossen VFS5’s wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports

The VFS5’s are the new staple in the Vossen Hybrid Forged Series. The wheels have a split five spoke design that utilizes a cutting-edge flow forming innovation, as to produce a lighter and stronger barrel. What’s the effect? Well, you are looking at the quintessential fusion of affordability and strength & performance via cast, high tech forged wheels. 

Lowered on Swift Springs

Her Nissan GTR Black Edition is lowered on swift springs. This increases her car’s performance while maintaining an OE-type ride. The springs were designed around the functioning stroke of the suspension, which allows the car to be lowered without reducing the longevity of the factory dampers. 

Full GTHAUS Exhaust System

Natalie went with the full GTHAUS exhaust system. This is definitely a costly endeavor, but undoubtedly well worth it. 

The exhaust system is made from stainless steel and it includes center and rear muffles along with the sport catalytic converters. The result is a substantial improvement in throttle response and a respectable power increase. What’s more, it makes the car sound loud and aggressive, in the best way possible.

Natalie’s Sponsors

Being that Natalie is one of the pioneers in the “lady driven” culture, and she is a faithful advocate of the brands above, she is sponsored by a few of them – Natalie is sponsored by Vossen, GTHAUS and Swift Suspension. 

natalie jemini photoshoot
2020 is the year of blue. Sapphires are what women want.  Here the beautiful Natalie Jemini is sporting a massive blue sapphire diamond halo ring and a larger-than-life blue sapphire and diamond bracelet with a blue dial diamond Datejust II to match. It doesn’t get any cleaner, more sophisticated, and stunning than this jewelry and watch ensemble.

Upcoming car show for the female car enthusiast

As many of you know, on February 26th, the Diamonds and Donuts car show is doing an Import Night, featuring many of the hottest fully built, heavily modded import and JDM cars that bless the streets of South Florida. 

This is very exciting as the JDM scene is exploding, especially here in South Florida.

That said, we have more exciting news. Coming soon, we are throwing another car show, but this time for the Female Car Enthusiast, aka Diamonds and Donuts Lady Driven. It’s going to be insane. We are going show the world how South Florida has one of the biggest and best communities of knowledgable, kickass female petrolheads. Women like Natalie Jemini are going to flood Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s parking lot with cars that will knock the socks off of attendees and drop jaws left and right. 

Of course, all genders are invited. But this one is a special meet up for the ladies – the media is going to go crazy over it. 

Stay tuned for more info. 

In the meantime, we will be featuring more female car enthusiast photoshoots. The theme is “Lady Driven”.

women car enthusiasts
Natalie wearing a platinum pear diamond engagement ring, wide mesh diamond bracelet, and three round diamond tennis necklaces of different lengths and widths with a stainless steel diamond Datejust II…This ensemble is unbelievably breathtaking. The sunburst blue dial Datejust juxtaposed between the white diamond jewelry makes for a look that absolutely pops…

More Lady Driven Car Shoots To Come

Leading up to the Diamonds & Donuts Car Show for Women, we are going to be doing more impressive female car enthusiast photoshoots. We will feature some of the finest diamond jewelry and luxury watches at Diamonds By Raymond Lee and tell stories about the girls’ history with cars and their builds. We are really looking forward to this, and we hope you are too.


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