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Large Marquise-Cut Diamond Ring with Eternity Band

Large Marquise-Cut Diamond Ring with Eternity Band

marquise-cut eternity band

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, you really can’t go wrong with a marquise-cut diamond ring with an eternity band. This is a combination of two classic styles that together, create a stunning and elegant piece of jewelry. Not only is it lovely to look at, but it is made from the highest quality materials available. This gives you the peace of mind that this ring will stand the test of time. And we know that choosing an engagement ring might be daunting and a little scary. Luckily, we have helped tons of couples in their journey and can use that experience to help you as well. Here, we look at the things you will need to take into consideration when choosing a ring.


Next, we will discuss the reasons why classic styles are the way to go for an engagement ring. Finally, we will take a closer look at the marquise-cut diamond ring with an eternity band we feature here. We look at the cut of the diamonds, how to pair it with other jewelry, and more. We hope this guide will give you the information you need to help make finding the perfect engagement ring a slightly less stressful process. Perhaps you may even be able to enjoy it!

Considerations for Choosing the Right Engagement Ring


Selecting the right engagement ring is a pretty difficult decision. You are being tasked with choosing a piece of jewelry that someone will wear for the rest of their lives. That is a daunting task! But there are a few things you can do ahead of time that will simplify the process and help ensure that you choose a good engagement ring for that special someone. First, you will want to consider their style. Do they have a preference for certain materials? Are there particular cuts of gemstone you know that they like? Next, you will want to consider your budget. This will save you a lot of time. The last thing you want is to set your heart on a piece, only to find out it is outside of your budget. 


You will also want to think about lifestyle. Is the person you are buying the ring for a really active person? Do they use their hands a lot in their daily activities? If so, you will likely want to choose a simple, unobtrusive, ring. For those that this isn’t an issue, you really can choose anything you like, no matter how large it is. 

Why Classic Styles Just Make Sense

marquise-cut eternity band

It can be tempting to choose something bold, eye-catching, and trendy for your engagement ring, but we would strongly advise against it. Think about trends. They can come and go so quickly. And our engagement ring is something we are supposed to wear for the rest of our life. The last thing we want is an engagement ring that has fallen out of style. That doesn’t mean we have to choose something boring, but it means that if we stick to more classic and timeless styles, we will likely end up happier with our decision. Classic and timeless styles are, well, classic and timeless. Think about the little black dress of a well-cut suit. These are looks that never go out of style.


There are accessories that have these qualities as well. It is these styles that we think make the most sense for engagement rings. They will stand the test of time, style-wise. This means they will continue to look great and be in style for many years to come. And the classic styles also tend to work well with a larger variety of looks and styles, too. Our style is also likely to evolve over time, as we age. When you choose a classic style, you are also getting a ring that will be able to evolve with your changing look.

Elegant Beauty

We think that we have made a solid case as to why it makes sense to stick with classic styles for an engagement ring. There is a time and a place for trendy pieces, but this, we feel, isn’t it. Not to mention, an engagement ring should be more elegant than bold, in our humble opinion. It does a lot more than just signal to others that you are taken. It is a representation of your relationship. A classic, timeless ring that has a look that will always be in style feels really fitting for the purposes of an engagement ring. The marquise-cut diamond ring with an eternity band we feature here is the epitome of elegant beauty and classic style.


What you have is really two different styles combined into a single ring. You have a marquise-cut solitaire ring as well as an eternity band. The use of the highest quality materials really lets the natural beauty of these materials shine through – pun definitely intended. Anything you pair with this ring will instantly take on an air of class and style it wouldn’t otherwise have. 

Marquise-Cut Diamonds

marquise-cut diamond detail

When it comes to classic cuts and shapes, you really can’t get any better than a marquise-cut diamond. The diamond we feature here is a very large version, showing off the quality and clarity of the stone. However, this cut looks great even with more modestly-sized stones. This is a cut that people have loved throughout history. It has a regal and timeless air to it.


It can go by a few different names such as Navette or football-cut, but marquise is its traditional name. Many think it is a romantic cut that lends itself well to more old-world looks. While it definitely looks good in this capacity, we think it looks great with pretty much any style. It is a great cut to show off the quality and fire of the diamond.


Fire refers to the rainbow-like hues that emit from the center of a stone when it is in the light. This cut is meant for the best stones. It shows the depth and clarity of the stone. So, on that same token, it will also show any flaws or imperfections in the stone. This is why it makes a lot of sense to choose quality over quantity with this cut.


Marquise-cut diamonds feature 58 facets. This means it will give off a lot of sparkle and shine. In fact, this cut is a modification of the traditional round brilliant cut. Legend has it that this cut took its name from King Louis XV. Whether or not this is true or not, but it is a fun story nonetheless. 


The Eternity Band

The eternity band is a popular style that you will often see used as a wedding band. Here, we see the eternity band included as part of what makes for a stunning engagement ring. So what you end up with is two classic styles in a single ring. This gives you something a bit different from the ordinary. And, a lot of people like the symbolism of an eternity band gives a ring. Plus, there is no need to worry that this accent will overshadow that gorgeous, large, marquise-cut diamond. It is still the focal point of the ring. In essence, an eternity band is a band that has small gemstones inset into the band.


Here, we have a yellow-gold band that has small diamonds inset. You may see other gemstones used in this way, but here we have classic diamonds. There are different configurations for eternity bands. Some have stones that go around the entirety of the band, whereas others may only go half or two-thirds of the way around the band. Comfort may be the determining factor for what kind of band you want. Symbolism is another popular reason for its use in nuptials. The style symbolizes, well, eternity. For a couple that is joining their lives together forever, this is a really lovely look. 


Surprisingly Versatile

marquise-cut diamond eternity band close up

We don’t often think about a large diamond ring being versatile, but sometimes you get lucky and choose a style that is. It is definitely eye-catching, but it is not a ring that is over-the-top. This is a unique look that is somehow both bold, but also fairly simple. The large size and unique cut of the ring give it a bolder look than it might have with a smaller diamond. However, it still has all those elements that make it timeless and so easy to pair. The marquise-cut diamond ring with the eternity band we feature here is actually quite versatile. Not only does it stand the test of time in terms of style, but it will look great with pretty much anything.


This is a ring that will enhance the look of anything you pair it with. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt take on a new level of drama when it is paired with a ring like this. And, as your style changes over time, you have that peace of mind that the ring will evolve with you. Since the ring is so high quality and so well-made, you also have the peace of mind that the ring will still be in great shape in a few decades’ time. 

Makes a Really Gorgeous Engagement Ring


Not only is the marquise-cut diamond ring with eternity band we feature here beautiful, but it is timeless and even quite comfortable. We feel that we make a strong point as to why it makes the most sense to choose classics for your engagement ring and this style is definitely classic. The large marquise-cut diamond will catch the eye, but it isn’t something so overly dramatic that it will look strange with daily wear clothing. In fact, this stunning ring actually looks great with a wide range of different looks. It pairs well with formal attire, business attire, and casual attire. No matter what you wear, it will take on a bit of extra elegance when you pair it with this ring. 


It really does make for a beautiful and stunning engagement ring for someone who appreciates quality and classic styles. You can wear it with other pieces of jewelry quite easily. We just recommend sticking to the same metal across the different pieces, in this case, yellow gold. This is a ring that you will easily be able to love for the rest of your years. And it has a nice symbolism that can act as a reminder of your commitment and love.

In Closing


It might seem that choosing an engagement ring is a really difficult thing to do, but it doesn’t have to be. We have tons of experience helping couples from all walks of life choose the right ring for their taste and their budget. With all this experience, we know some of the things you will need to take into consideration when choosing the right ring. We hope that sharing this information will make your selection process just a little bit less daunting. The classics really do make the most sense for an engagement ring and we feel like we make a solid case as to why this is. The marquise-cut diamond ring with an eternity band that we feature here is a great example of an elegant, beautiful, and classic ring.


This ring features a large stone in a unique cut. It gives the ring an even more timeless feel. Not only does it look great, but it is also pretty versatile as well. You can easily pair it with a wide range of different kinds of fashion and even pair it with other pieces of jewelry. We know that you will love the simple elegance and the quality of the materials. It really is a ring that allows you to show off the true beauty of the materials that comprise it. You’ll love looking down at this ring, its beauty will always be pleasing. And with the symbolism of the eternity band, it will also always remind you of the love and commitment of your relationship. We hope this guide helps you in your journey for the perfect engagement ring and are here to help with anything you might need in the process. 


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