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Luxury Audemars Chandelier Watch: White Gold vs Rose Gold

Luxury Audemars Chandelier Watch: White Gold vs Rose Gold

Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch

Audemars Piguet is known as one of the big three, also commonly referred to as the “Holy Trinity” of watchmaking. They have demonstrated incredible skill in horology over the years. The Grande Tapisserie Audemars Chandeliers at one point became the signature mark of the Audemars Piguet. It has a very distinct and unique waffle pattern to it. Add an 18kt gold case and a leather strap and let your wrist look like royalty. The Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch is favored among celebrities such as Jay-Z, Tom Brady, Niel Patrick Harris, and many more. Additionally, it can be seen on the wrists of titans of industry, heads of state, and royalty.

What made the Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch a popular watch? Or, rather, who made it such an iconic model for this top watchmaker? AP can thank legendary watch designer Gerald Genta. He is a watch designer of the highest caliber who had designed some of the world’s most iconic luxury watches during his illustrious career. There was something interesting about his designs. Some of his most famous creations had unconventional geometry. They often had octagonal or polygonal-shaped cases. Many watchmakers have created watches that have a Gerald Genta-inspired design but these shows here are the real deal. 

In this article, we will be looking at the white Gold and Rose Gold variants of the Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch.

White Gold Audemars Chandeliers

White Gold Audemars Chandeliers are available in all kinds of different materials. Audemars Piguet is experimenting more than ever with different materials to use. Ceramic, Titanium, and sapphire, are just some materials that have become more common for watches in recent years.

Naturally, the most luxurious and prestigious are gold and platinum. But when most people think about gold, they think about yellow gold. White gold is also an alternative in watches that many manufacturers use, but that isn’t spoken about a lot.

With this said, we will therefore look closer at White Gold Audemars Chandeliers in this article, what they are all about, and why you should buy one.

What is White Gold?

First and foremost, most people associate gold with bright, striking, and eye-catching yellow gold. This is perhaps not very surprising considering the fact that the purest form of gold used in jewelry has been dated back to 4000 B.C. As a result, yellow gold has a strong luxurious and exclusive reputation.

Over time, jewelers experimented with the material. They found benefits in mixing yellow gold with other materials. By doing so they achieved different looks and gave it different properties. White gold was invented in the 19th century but didn’t become popular until the 1920s. 

The primary benefit of white gold at the time was that it was seen as a less expensive alternative to platinum. But also because platinum was needed for many military purposes. But platinum and white gold, although they may look identical to the untrained eye should not be confused. Platinum is much more expensive than white gold and is also heavier with a grayer hue to it. 

During the 2000s, white gold has become more popular than ever for watches.

A lot of people believe that because white gold isn’t yellow, it doesn’t contain real gold, but this is actually not true. Like yellow gold, it exists with different gold contents, such as 14K white gold and 18K white gold, with 18K being most common in watches.

18K white gold is an alloy that usually contains about 75% gold and about 25% nickel and zinc. When it says 18K, it means that it contains 75% pure gold.

Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch

What’s the point of white gold in White Gold Audemars Chandeliers watches?

Do you know the purpose of white gold in the Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch? Its original purpose was to imitate platinum due to the above-mentioned reasons. When it comes to watches, there are several reasons why people choose to buy a white gold watch.

There are many reasons why people choose white gold watches. Here are the primary reason below:
  • They are heavier than stainless steel, giving a more premium impression.
  • have a brighter, warmer, and more elegant sheen.
  • They are more prestigious and luxurious.

It’s a natural choice for those who want the elegance and Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch, but want something that flies under the radar and is not too flashy. A common term that is used to describe white gold watches is”stealth wealth” and we couldn’t agree more with that.

To a lot of people, it doesn’t make sense to pay essentially a rose gold price but for something that no one will know is just as exclusive, expensive, and luxurious as a rose gold watch. But that’s the whole point. It’s the ultimate choice for those who have nothing to prove and who buy the watch strictly for themselves and not because they want to show off.

With this said, those who buy white gold Audemars chandelier watch tend to be either those who already have a large collection of watches and just want something different or those who are wealthy and feel that they have no need for showing off.

Is white gold White Gold Audemars Chandelier watch worth buying?

Yes absolutely! If any of the reasons discussed above speak to you, you should definitely consider buying a white gold Audemars Chandelier watches. Unless you want to buy a watch to show off, a Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch is more about buying a watch for your own enjoyment. A lot of people argue – and we would agree – that white gold Audemars chandelier watch is the ultimate proof of excellent taste. Far from anyone will buy a white gold watch, and people who say something like ”why would I want to pay X times more when I can get essentially the same watch for much less in steel?” or even ”why would I pay that much when people won’t recognize it?”, are obviously missing the point. Those in the know buy white gold watches for themselves, not for anyone else.

An important reason that makes a lot of people opt for white gold Audemars chandelier watch is its heavier weight compared to stainless steel. The increased weight contributes to giving the watch a much more luxurious impression on your wrist and highlight that you are wearing something truly special. It makes the experience of wearing white gold so much more special.

Is Audemars Chandeliers white gold real gold?

Yes, Audemars Chandeliers only uses real white gold for all of its Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch models. The white gold that Rolex uses is 18K and consists of Rolex’s own proprietary blend. Rolex describes the process of making the gold in the following way:

”They are made with only the purest metals and meticulously inspected in an in-house laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, before the gold is formed and shaped with the same painstaking attention to quality.”

Does the white gold Audemars chandelier watch scratch more easily?

It’s no news that gold is softer than steel. As such, it scratches more easily. But due to the alloy difference between rose gold and white gold, there is also a minor difference in how these two scratch. 

As a matter of fact, white gold is slightly more durable than yellow gold due to the addition of nickel and other alloys; however, it’s not a huge difference between these two. In addition, white gold is sometimes coated with rhodium plating which gives it a greater shine and luster, as well as added protection against scratches. 

Rose Gold Audemars Chandeliers Watch

For all the hype rose gold Audemars chandelier watch gets, not many people know what rose gold is. So, what is rose gold? What are the details on this gorgeous and trendy Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch?

We’re going to take you through everything you need to know about rose gold Audemars Chandelier watch. Good luck resisting the Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch

What Is Rose Gold?

Let’s start with the basics. What is rose gold, exactly? This metal that’s also known as pink gold or red gold is actually misleading–it isn’t 100% gold.

Rose gold is a delicate mixture of classic yellow gold, copper metals, and (sometimes) silver metals. The silver and the copper combine with yellow gold to create the pink hue that we’re familiar with when it comes to rose gold.

So, Is Rose Gold Audemars Chandelier watch Actually Gold?

Yes. The Rose gold Audemars chandelier watch is made of real gold, even it if isn’t 100% gold. The higher the karat amount in the piece of jewelry will indicate the purity of gold in the piece. For example, 18 karat gold is 75% gold, while 14 karat gold would have 58% gold.

Why Is Rose Gold a Combination of Metals?

Rose gold is made by combining specific amounts of silver, copper, and gold into one combined substance. When you refer to a karat number, which refers to the “parts” of gold within that piece.

So 24 karat gold would be 100% gold. 18 karat gold, as we mentioned earlier, would be 75% gold, or 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy.

“Alloy” refers to the other metals added to the gold to create the final product. In the case of rose gold, it’s alloyed with both copper and silver.

The metals added to the pure gold serve a few purposes. In the case of rose gold, the copper and the silver add the pink color that’s desired from a metal called rose gold.

But there’s another reason most gold watches isn’t 100% gold. Gold by itself is a soft metal. It’s so soft that any form of jewelry made with only gold would bend, dent, and generally, be destroyed by even sporadic wear let alone daily wear.

Adding stronger metals to the gold allows it to be made into jewelry that won’t be ruined after a few months of wear. A high-quality rose gold Audemars chandelier watch is durable and beautiful thanks to the specific combination of metals used to make it.

Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch

Does the Rose Gold Audemars Chandelier watch Tarnish?

Tarnish refers to when metals lose their luster, darken, and essentially rust due to chemical reactions with the air.

This doesn’t sound pleasant, and it isn’t. Tarnish is usually quite visible on older pieces of jewelry or decor. It is dark and grimy and looks like a layer of dirt over your precious treasures.

The good news? Rose gold Audemars Chandelier watch doesn’t tarnish. It can, however, begin to appear darker and slightly redder after years of wear.

This isn’t because of tarnish, though. It’s the copper part of the rose gold becoming slightly darker and more vintage looking. This can take many years of wear to happen, so there’s nothing to really worry about.

In fact, many people seek out this darkened and vintage look for their watches, since it makes it naturally makes it look like an interesting piece of vintage jewelry.

Is the Rose Gold Audemars Chandelier watch Durable?

We mentioned that gold is soft and that the alloy parts of gold watches make the pieces stronger.

This is especially true for rose gold Audemars chandelier watch because of the copper component. Copper is considered one of the most Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch, even being used for building construction, as electrical conductors, as well as for transportation like trains and cars.

Rose gold pieces of jewelry will last for years, and they’ll only look better with age.

Styling the Rose Gold Audemars Chandelier watch

Now that you know what rose gold is, it’s time to get to the fun stuff–styling your Luxury Audemars Chandelier watch.

We mentioned earlier that the soft color of rose gold allows it to go well with other metals. You could pair your rose gold Audemars chandelier watch with a sterling silver, yellow gold, platinum, or white gold jewelry for a classic and clean look.

The “tri-color” looks of silver, gold, and rose gold has been a hit on the fashion scene for a number of years now. 

This mixing and matching of rose gold Audemars chandelier watch with other metals doesn’t have to be only in reference to other pieces of jewelry. It would pair well with metal fashion items as well, like a gold top, silver shoe, a copper accessory, etc.

The versatility of the rose gold Audemars chandelier watch also means that it can be paired with many different colors and patterns. It would work just as well in a ring with amber as it would in a woven ring with sterling silver and quartz.

Wrapping Up: Is the white gold watch better than rose gold Audemars chandelier watch?

White gold as a material isn’t ”better” per se. 18k white gold contains just as much gold as 18K rose gold.

One of the primary reasons why people will definitely choose the white gold watch over a rose gold one is because they want something elegant and luxurious, but that is still discreet and that most people will mistake for stainless steel. Most people simply don’t care if people mistake it for steel because they buy it for their own enjoyment.



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