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Old Mine Ladies Rings

Old Mine Ladies Rings

old mine ladies ring

Have you heard the saying: ‘the older the berry, the sweeter the wine?’ That is the case with vintage diamond rings like the old mine ladies ring. These old mine rings add elegance to age-long beauty, making them coveted pieces of ornament. These ladies rings work for every lady that desires a piece of vintage sophistication.

The Old Mine Cut for the Ladies

Like other vintage ladies rings, old mine rings have a softer appearance than modern diamond rings. These old mine cut diamonds have huge facets that generate unusual fire. Additionally, with the elegant imperfections that bestow vintage diamonds with so much character, these rings always stand out.

old mine ring for the ladies

Old mine diamond ladies rings are also famous for their uncommon proportions, unusual fire, and striking culet. Meanwhile, these old mine cut diamonds are, like other vintage diamonds, experiencing something of a remarkable comeback presently. That explains why it is difficult to go a week without hearing them these days.

Besides, rings with this shape of diamond are a familiar presence in jewelry from the 18th and 19th centuries. You will find several Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian era rings accentuating large, stunning old mine cut diamonds.

Moreover, beyond their pleasant appearance, old mine diamond ladies rings play a crucial role in the history of diamond jewelry. These rings also give a different, unusual look than diamonds in modern cuts. This quality makes them a desirable alternative if you need a vintage-inspired engagement ring.

In this post, we provide a thorough rundown of what these old mine ladies rings are. Furthermore, we dug into the history of the old mine rings and their distinct pros and cons. Finally, we provided our expert recommendations to help you buy a high-quality old mine cut diamond for your next ring effortlessly.

What are these Old Mine Cut Diamonds?

Old mine cut diamonds are a distinct type of diamond. They are different from modern diamonds, which come cut and polished with high-tech tools. However, for old mine cut diamonds, we cut them by hand. This gives them a charming, cozy appearance that many people cherish about these antique diamonds.

an old mine cut diamond in a ladies ring

Meanwhile, you might notice that the old mine cut gets referred to online and in some diamond guides as the “miner’s cut.” That isn’t wrong either. This diamond cut was a good centerpiece, used largely throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. This diamond shape headlined a wide variety of diamond rings and other jewelry types.

When you consider the aesthetics, old mine ladies rings share some qualities with modern diamonds. Old mine cut diamonds also have various key distinctions that give them their unusual look. These uniquely-cut diamonds have a square shape with soft, slightly rounded edges. When viewed from the top, regular old mine cut diamonds will have an overview relatively similar to the modern cushion cut diamond. 

Nevertheless, there are also numerous important differences between old mine cut diamonds and modern diamonds. Below are a few of these differences. 

  • Old Mine Rings: A Vintage Relic with Historical Relevance

Old mine ladies rings date back to the beginning of the 18th century. At this moment of that century, diamonds had their cuts and measurements done by hand. Then, the diamond cutter’s skill and awareness play a major part in each diamond’s proportions, look, and overall refinement. 

old mine ladies ring

Particularly, the old mine cut diamond was famous during the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras. Back then, it was arguably the most prominent diamond cut of all. This was the case from the early 18th century until the last few decades of the 19th century. 

Then, in the late 19th century, the old European cut took the reins of power as the new most popular option. The old European cut served as a transitional cut between the old mine cut and the modern brilliant cut. 

  • What Birth the “Old Mine” Name?

Here is another difference between these antique cuts and their modern diamond counterparts. For modern diamond cuts, they tend to have names that get directly connected to their shape. On the flip side, the name “old mine cut” can seem like a puzzle to would-be diamond customers. 

Rather than being connected to the diamond’s shape, the name “old mine cut” stems from the source of rough diamonds generally used in 18th and 19th-century jewelry. To explain this properly, we need a quick history lesson on the early diamond world. 

Down to the late 19th century, the large bulk of diamonds used in jewelry came from mines in Brazil and India. India served as the world’s first large-scale source of diamond pieces. These diamonds got mined in India even from ancient times. This explains why there are certain mining-focused Indian cities like Golconda. These cities gained a reputation abroad as places of huge, dazing diamonds and enormous wealth. 

Then, in 1724, Brazilians discovered diamonds close to the modern city of Belo Horizonte. In no time, Brazil became another major supplier of diamonds all over the world. All through the 18th century, India and Brazil remained the two main sources of diamonds used in jewelry. However, in the 1860s, we found diamonds again in South Africa. This discovery led to a huge boom in diamond mining all over the African continent.

Therefore, originally, the term “old mine” referred to diamonds from mines in India or Brazil. These were, at the time, the “old” mines of the diamond world. With time, the name referred to diamonds from any country that employed this old-style cut. 

  • Old Mine Ladies Rings: The End of an Era? 

Old mine ladies rings remained famous until sometime late in the 19th century. At that point, the old European cut became the most fashionable and beloved diamond shape. 

However, this lasted only till the early-to-mid 20th century. During this period, diamond measuring and cutting technology became more detailed and developed. It was at this point that both vintage diamond cuts mostly phased out. Now, the fashion vogue switched to modern diamond shapes like the round brilliant cut.

Into the Physical Features Of Old Mine Ladies Rings

Old mine ladies rings share some details with particular modern cut diamonds. Nonetheless, they also have numerous prominent disparities. Below are the visual qualities of the old mine rings:

  • Somewhat Small Table

Similar to other vintage diamond cuts, the old mine cut diamond features a small table. You will see this quality stand out when you view it from above. It gets even more evident when the old mine cut diamond sits next to a cushion cut or modern round brilliant diamond.

  • The Culet is Big and Striking

Most old mine cut diamonds feature a huge culet. As soon as you set your eyes on an old mine cut diamond from above, the culet is always noticeable effortlessly through the table. This culet provides the diamond with the unusual appearance it is famous for.

  • Lofty Crown, Deep Pavilion

Different from most modern diamonds, old mine cut diamonds generally have quite a lofty crown. The crown is the upper part of the diamond, right over the girdle. Then, there is also a deep pavilion which is the lower part of the diamond, right beneath the girdle.

  • The Lower Half Facets are Shorter

It might have a deep pavilion, but these old mine ladies rings have much shorter lower half facets compared to other vintage diamonds. An antique cut like the old European cut is different and this is largely because of the old mine’s big culet.

  • A Total of 58 Facets

Similar to many modern diamond shapes, old mine cut diamonds come with 58 facets. This facet includes the huge culet we mentioned above.

  • Not the Best Proportions

Similar to other vintage cut diamond rings, old mine ladies rings often have flawed facets and asymmetrical details. These are mostly in the form of unusual, fascinating oddities that are popular in diamonds gauged by eye and cut by hand.

When positioned side-by-side with a modern diamond, the proportions of old mine rings can appear too huge and heavy at first glance. Yet, this is all an intentional aspect of the diamond’s design. 

Compared to modern diamonds, which are cut to appear elegant in any setting, old mine cut diamonds have cuts that get viewed under candlelight. So, they should produce a special warm appearance, with soft, romantic sparkle.

Old Mine Ladies Rings: Value for Your Money

Similar to other diamond shapes, the value and cost of old mine ladies rings can vary based on certain qualities. These are the diamond’s carat weight, color, clarity, and quality and elegance of the diamond’s cut. Generally, old mine cut diamonds are 10 to 15 percent less costly than the old European cut. For these rings, you can get a lower 0.40ct for only $300 or a stunning 2ct for $5,500.

Old mine rings and other antique diamond rings sold for barely less than modern diamonds until recently. This is as these diamonds often get recut into modern shapes. That process led to part of the actual diamond going to waste. 

Presently, antique cut diamonds are in demand, particularly because they’re old. Also, they are different from modern diamond cuts. This means they sell for the same prices as similar diamonds in modern cuts. 

Most old mine ladies rings were cut and sold a long time before diamond engagement rings became a mainstream jewelry item. Due to this, old mine rings are often bigger than most diamonds used in modern engagement rings. This is one of the several factors that can influence their worth. 

Also, if a diamond is of ancient or cultural prestige, it may cost a premium compared to other antique and modern diamonds. This is the case with old mine rings. 

Tips to Getting Old Mine Rings that Fit

As opposed to buying a modern diamond, shopping for old mine rings isn’t as easy as you’d imagine. This is because these diamonds are antique and no longer made. So, the supply is restricted, with only a few diamond vendors selling them.

Here, we give our expert recommendations to help you effortlessly and effectively buy the perfect old mine ladies rings. Also, these tips will help you get the best possible deal out there. 

  • Ignore the Diamond Ring’s GIA Certificate. Go for your Preferences

Previously, in other diamond reviews and guides, we suggested looking at a diamond’s GIA or AGS certificate. We emphasized how important it is to buy pretty much based on its grades on cut, clarity, and so on. 

Although these details are still important for antique diamonds, buying the right diamond is more about personal preference. It has more to do with your preferences than factors like the cut quality grade.

For old mine ladies rings, they are full of what we would now call flaws. Some of these flaws can add to the diamond ring’s appeal. Knowing this, while we advise checking the diamond’s GIA certificate, it’s more important to focus on diamonds that you find attractive.

  • You don’t Always Need a Flawless Color

Several vintage diamonds have what’s depicted as a “warm” color. When shopping for old mine cut diamonds, you’ll see that many of the available stones have colors in the K range and less. That range is partly because many colorless antique diamonds (grade D-H) get recut over the years into modern diamond cuts.

As we advised above, prioritize what looks attractive to your eye when you shop for an antique diamond. That warm color you find on old mine rings is an essential element contributing to its appeal. Therefore, it is ridiculous to assess a diamond of this age by modern prerequisites.

  • Your Jeweler Determines the Quality You Get

Old mine cut diamonds and other antique cut diamonds aren’t the very popular and very available jewelry item that used to be anymore. Due to this, you won’t get them from certain vendors, or in any random local jewelry stores. Your best bet will be to buy from specialist antique jewelers. 

So, when in search of old mine cut diamonds for ladies engagement ring, we recommend buying from Diamonds by Raymond Lee. This jeweler specializes in vintage cut diamonds and offers a mixed array of high-quality diamonds and settings. Contact us today to get the best old mine ladies rings out there.


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