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Omega Speedmaster Watch Series: Professional Vs. Reduced

Omega Speedmaster Watch Series: Professional Vs. Reduced

Omega speedmaster watch series

The Omega Speedmaster watches continue to increase in fame over the past few decades. There is the discontinued Speedmaster Reduced. This timepiece is often mistaken for the more renowned Speedmaster Professional. Therefore, if you aren’t very knowledgeable about the Speedmaster watch series, you need to broaden your knowledge.

It is not only about the appearance of the black dial or the three registers it features at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. Also, it is not just by the sans date window the Reduced model features. There is a lot more to know about these Speedmaster watches. If you do not know these details, you can easily fall prey to the deception of many sellers of these timepieces.

This is one topic that continues to hover around the Speedmaster watch series. It is not a comparison of both watches. Rather, it is a product of the need to understand the telling differences and similarities between these two Speedmaster watches.  

In this text, we will run you through the Speedy world. There you will find the significant differences between the Omega Speedmaster Professional and the Omega Speedmaster Reduced. Keep reading!

A Little Backstory Of The Speedmaster Watch Series

Elegant Speedmaster for men

The celebrated history of the Omega Speedmaster watch series began over six decades ago. For the sake of exactness, it began in 1957. In fact, this year turned out to be a landmark year in the history of the brand. 

That year, the brand released the Speedmaster watches. One of these Speedmaster watches would go on to be the first timepiece to travel to the moon. Again, Omega released the Railmaster and the Seamaster collections

From then till this day, the Omega Speedmaster Professional continues to bask in the glory of its legacy. It has been a lengthy and well-documented journey for this timepiece. Meanwhile, the fame of this line will further increase thanks to a new and recent addition. The Omega Speedmaster Reduced or Automatic. 

This is that sleek, skinny, and often understated part of the story of the Speedmaster watch series. 

However, it is okay if you haven’t heard of the Speedmaster Reduced. This wristwatch ceased to be on the market for the larger part of the last decade. This is as the production of this timepiece stopped around 2009/2010. 

In its own time, the Speedmaster Reduced gave the impression of s “lite” version of the Speedmaster Professional. Simply put, it fully expressed its name, the “Reduced.”

Additionally, the Speedmaster Reduced came in a smaller size. The watch came in a width measurement of 39mm. This measurement is different from the Professional’s 42mm. More so, in many ways, this timepiece departed from the initial design. 

Note: This departure is in a bid to make the Speedmaster collection more accessible and inexpensive.  Also, it makes the Speedmaster watch series more suitable for the current market. The current market is most suitable for automatically-wound wristwatches.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Vs. Omega Speedmaster Reduced: Differences And Departures

Eventually, it becomes clear that there is nothing wrong with any of these watches feature in the Speedmaster watch series. If you like automatic movements, and you a small wrist or a lesser budget, consider the Speedmaster Reduced. It is most likely the way to go for you. 

Nevertheless, when you go in search of a Professional timepiece, don’t be tricked with classifieds or website ads. When the word “Moon watch” is used to advertise the Speedmaster Reduced timepiece, watch closely. 

Occasionally, you can also get a price that truly fascinates you and draw you to this timepiece. Still, you have to ensure you do your homework thoroughly. Failure to do this detailed background check can lead you into the trap of these false promotions.

Below are a few departures and differences between these two Speedmaster watches. Ensure that you pay attention to them when you are out to get any of them. This does not take anything away from either the Speedmaster Reduced or the Speedmaster Professional. They are both amazing timepieces. 

  • A Departure Presenting A Modular Chronograph And Automatic Movement

A look into the Speedmaster Reduced reveals an automatic ETA base caliber. This caliber received an upgrade. Thanks to this upgrade, it now contains chronograph functionality. This is evident with the dial-side module created by Dubois-Dépraz. This upgrade version will own the name the Omega Caliber 3220. 

Furthermore, this movement deviated greatly from the Speedmaster Professional. The latter was prominent as a hand-wound caliber that incorporates a chronograph engine. For some purists, this might be a dive too low by the Speedmaster Reduced. However, the transition in the movement gave this timepiece a few inviting knock-on influences aesthetic-wise. 

In addition, in 1988 the original Reduced editions featured a bolt-on module like the Dubois-Dépraz 2020. This additionally impacts the structure of the crown and the pushers. 

When you cast your glance on the Reduced model from the side, you will see that the pushers sit a little bit above the winding crown. That is different from the straight line you are likely to see on an integrated chronograph wristwatch. 

This is thanks to the engagement of the pushers and the crown. These parts function in what are effectively two distinct mechanisms. Both of these mechanisms come with the ability to function on power gotten from the same power source.

  • The Difference In The Sub-dial Layout

Furthermore, the sub-dial layout presents another difference. On a first look, the Speedmaster Reduced carries every feature of a part of the Speedmaster watch series. You will not notice how much difference exists between this model and the Professional version easily. You will only be able to do this when you place the two side-by-side.

Consequently, the differences become crystal clear. Consider the sub-dials of the Reduced. These dials come in a spaced-out setup. This dial layout is different from the tri-compax stack featured on the Professional. Yet, this does not affect the watch so much as it still comes in a smaller size. 

What this setup presents is the impression that the movement of the Reduced model seeks ways to break free. It appears like the movement tries to burst out of the case. This is different from the steady and relaxed serenity the Professional dial layout presents.

Moreover, there is another stark difference when you check out the two dials of these related Speedmaster watches. That is in the existence of five-minute figures on the Reduced version. These five-minute figures are not present on the Professional. 

Plus, thanks to the smaller dial, the sight of the Reduced presents a more cluttered image. However, this is not in any way unpleasant.

General Overview Of The Differences 

  • The Place Of Personal Preference

However, you feel about this timepiece is a function of your personal preference as an individual. 

Are you hoping to get a Speedmaster wristwatch in your collection of watches? 

Do you like smaller sizes of something bigger? 

Are you a fan of automatic movements or you want it manually wounded? 

Will you choose active dials ahead of clean and simple setups? 

Depending on all of these choices, the choice is yours. It can either be the Reduced version or the Professional version. 

  • Affordability

This is probably the most desirable characteristic of this discontinued Reduced model. It makes the watch even more desirable for watch collectors. This is that the timepiece is by far more affordable compared to the Professional version 

When you consider the pre-owned market especially, the Reduced version is more affordable. Meanwhile, we can ascribe this affordability to the movement this wristwatch features. 

Another reason might be that this watch model is yet to attain that level of provenance the Professional wristwatch attained. There is a very slim chance that Omega will ever get the provenance the moon landings brought in 1969. Hence, the Speedmaster Professional continues to hold on to that special significance it holds in the brand.

A Closer Look Into The Three Major Differences Of These Speedmaster Watches

Note that most sellers advertise these watches as the same. Meanwhile, the Omega Speedmaster Reduced might be a very delightful timepiece. Yet, it is not a Professional watch. 

These two watches may belong to the Speedmaster watch series. However, there are differences between the both of them. 

In the previous sections of this article, you get exposed to these two watches and a certain overview of their differences. 

You can find the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch present on the NATO strap. Similarly, there is the Speedmaster Reduced inscribed on the stainless bracelet of the Reduced timepiece. But that is not the only difference you can pick out. 

There are also two most striking differences. First is the size of both watches as the Reduced model is a smaller version. Also, there is the “Professional” inscription found only on the Speedmaster Professional. This inscription is right below the bracelet.

In this section, we consider both timepieces side-by-side. From this, we can bring out a couple of vital differences. Follow through.

  • The Size: 42mm Vs. 39mm

There is the first difference in the size of the Speedmaster watches. This is the first way both watches differ from one another. 

For the Speedmaster Professional, it comes in a diameter measurement of 42mm. While the Speedmaster Reduced comes in at a tad lesser size of 39mm. 

Note: This is the correct measurement. Do not get swayed by the 35.5mm written on the Omega website. 

Interestingly, this timepiece is still wearable for a lot of men. However, it is safe to say that this watchmaker uses the exact size for the ladies’ version of the timepiece.

  • The Movement: Automatic Vs. Manual

Likewise, the movement is entirely diverse. As an extension, this clarifies the distinction in dial layout as well. 

The sub-dials come in on the Reduced far away from the middle of the dial. While on the Speedmaster Professional, the sub-dials are nearer to the middle pinion. 

Additionally, the wording “Automatic” is present on the dial of the Speedmaster Reduced. Again, it captions the minutes in Arabic figures at every hour indicator.

Furthermore, the movement present in the Speedmaster Professional is the hand-wound Lemania based chronograph. As for the Speedmaster Reduced, you get an automatic movement. This follows the path of the ETA 2890-A2. This caliber is also known as Omega caliber 3220.

  • The Difference In Price

The cost of getting the Speedmaster Reduced used to be way lower a few years ago than they are now. Yet, you still get an Omega Speedmaster Reduced wristwatch at a far more affordable cost compared to the Professional version.

The cost of a Speedmaster Reduced begins from €1,600. However, if you desire to have the box and papers as part of the package, get ready to pay a little extra. 


It is safe to say that the Speedmaster Reduced presents a really cool exception. This timepiece presence in the Speedmaster watch series for a little more than 20 years produced huge impacts. 

The watch presents a self-winding movement that sets the revolutionary tone as regards Speedmaster watches. Also, there was a couple of special versions. Some of them are:

  • The Schumacher versions
  • Panda dials
  • The blue dial version introduced in Japan

More so, this wristwatch follows the present trend of smaller-sized timepieces. Plus, a few of these editions are still available for resale. And, there come at a considerably lower cost than a standard Speedmaster Professional. This timepiece will be a lovely addition to your collection of watches.

However, Omega continues to give a lot of attention to the Speedmaster Professional over the last decade. Besides, this decade occurred simultaneously with that outbreak of internet coverage of the watch industry. Therefore, the Omega Speedmaster Reduced watches sometimes fall through the cracks. 

Hence, it all still boils down to your personal preference after reading all of these details. If you still consider the status the Professional wristwatch enjoys, it might be your preferred option. But, if you consider an automatic movement as a better addition to your collection, then the Reduced works best.


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