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Oval-Cut Yellow Diamond Ring with Halo

Oval-Cut Yellow Diamond Ring with Halo

Something classic, stunning, and gorgeous like an oval-cut yellow diamond ring with a halo makes a really great engagement ring – even for the pickiest among us. We know that choosing the right engagement ring is not the easiest thing to do. You are choosing something that will be worn every day for the rest of your life. So making sure you choose the right ring is really pretty important. Whether you are looking for a ring as a couple, or you want to surprise that special someone, finding the perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to be so scary. 


We have a lot of experience helping people find just the right ring for their taste, budget, and style. Here we will discuss what you need to consider when choosing an engagement ring. We will then make a case for the classic styles. Finally, we will take a closer look at a specific ring – a yellow diamond solitaire with a halo and an eternity band – and discuss some of the details of this specific ring. 

How to Select the Best Engagement Ring


Finding a great engagement ring that will fit her taste and your budget might seem impossible to find, but it really isn’t. We have assisted countless people in finding just the right ring, satisfying even the most discerning of people. In our years of helping happy couples choose their engagement rings, we have come up with a few solid tips that can really make finding the right ring a little easier. Firstly, you need to start out with a budget. This will save you a lot of time. There isn’t much worse than wasting time oohing and ahhing over a ring, only to find that it is out of your price range. Next, you will want to consider style. We make a case for the classics below (our oval-cut yellow diamond ring definitely fits the bill!) below. But you will want to have some idea of what materials and cuts are preferable. 


You will also want to consider lifestyle. Is the person the ring is for really active? Do they use their hands a lot in the course of their daily activities? If so, this will guide your ultimate decision. If the person is active, you will want to choose a ring that won’t get in the way of their daily activities. Something simpler and smaller is probably your best bet. 


Why the Classic Matter

It can be really tempting to choose something bold, eye-catching, and trendy for your engagement ring. However, this is not something that we recommend. Think about trends. They can come and go incredibly fast. The last thing you want is to have an engagement ring that is out of style in a really short period of time. It will mean you either have to continue to wear a ring that is no longer in style. Or, you have to make the expensive decision to replace it. Something like the oval-cut yellow diamond ring we feature here is a great example of the power and beauty of the classics. Classic styles are those that, for whatever reason, just stand the test of time.


Consider the little black dress. No matter what is currently in fashion, the little black dress is always a good choice. It is a look that is always flattering and always looks good. There are pieces of jewelry that have these features, too. This means that, even as trends change, you have the peace of mind that your ring will continue to look great. And, since your style is likely to evolve as you get older, you also have the peace of mind that the ring can evolve with your style. 

Yellow Diamonds

When most of us think about diamonds, we think about sparkly, colorless stones. These are the most popular kind of diamonds, but they are not, by any means, the only kind. There is a whole rainbow of what is called fancy-colored diamonds. These range in color from black to pink, from blue to yellow. Here, we are looking at an oval-cut yellow diamond.


Yellow diamonds are unique in that they have a gold or yellow hue – hence the name. These can range in color from a really pale yellow to a rich, deep yellow. The more saturated the color of the stone, the rare and more expensive it will be. People like the yellow diamond as it gives the ring some extra color, but not so much that it will clash with other colors or materials. 


High levels of nitrogen are what give the stone its color. They are incredibly rare, which has led to the creation of lab-grown yellow diamonds. Some people prefer natural yellow diamonds but should be advised that these will cost quite a bit more. 


The Classic Solitaire

When we think about the classics, it is hard to think of anything more timeless than the solitaire ring. As the name implies, the solitaire ring consists of a single large stone that is the focal point of the ring. It may have accents or it may stand alone. Here we have an oval-cut yellow diamond. This is a large diamond that is the proverbial center of attention of this ring. With the unique color of this stone, it is a ring that will catch the eye, but still retains that classic look and feel that is so important. A lot of people like the solitaire style as it is a good way to show off a really beautiful large stone. 


However, another great thing about the solitaire style is that it looks beautiful and elegant even with a more modest stone. And here, we have an oval-cut diamond that also features additional diamond accents. What this does is give you three different classic styles in one ring: the solitaire, the halo, and the eternity band. This allows you to stick to the classics, but still have something unique. 


A Beautiful Diamond Halo

This oval-cut yellow diamond ring has far more than just a large yellow diamond. While the huge center stone is, of course, going to be the focal point of the piece, it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a little more bling. And why not add yet another classic and timeless style? It will give the ring a more unique look, while still allowing it to retain that timeless look. The oval-cut yellow diamond ring we feature here has two different kinds of accent stones: a halo and an eternity band. Let’s start with the halo. The halo is a popular style that works with pretty much any cut of a gemstone, but it does look best with a round or oval stone. It consists of a circle of smaller stones (most often diamonds, such as we see here) that encircle the main stone.


What this does is allow these smaller diamonds to really offset the main stone. The two-tone effect you get from the pairing of yellow and clear diamonds is beautiful and dramatic. Accent stones are often used to add some extra sparkle and this ring is no exception. The diamonds are cut into tiny round, brilliant cuts, which allow for maximum sparkle. 

The Eternity Band


As we mentioned, there are actually three different classic styles in this ring. Here, we are going to look at the eternity band that features in our oval-cut yellow diamond ring. Eternity bands are really popular and you will often see them used as wedding bands. But here we see the eternity band included in the actual engagement ring. This is a pretty simple and classic style, but it adds a lot to the ring both in terms of elegance and also meaning. The eternity band is a band that includes gemstones (often diamonds, as we see here) inset into the band of the ring. This gives the band a smooth appearance and tons of extra sparkle. 


The diamonds that feature in the eternity band are also brilliant-cut, so they are meant to have the maximum amount of sparkle. It also gives the ring some meaning it might not otherwise have. The eternity band, as the name implies, is a symbol of forever. What better way to signify two lives joining together as one, for the rest of your lives? A lot of people love that, while adding some extra sparkle, they are also adding some meaning to their ring that it might not have otherwise had. 

The Perfect Engagement Ring


With all of this said, we think that we have made a good case as to why our oval-cut diamond ring with a halo and eternity band makes a really great choice for an engagement ring. It is simple and elegant, but definitely not run-of-the-mill. It has that timeless style that we find so perfect for an engagement ring, but it is not boring. Since this ring actually consists of three classic styles in one ring, you really are getting a fun twist on the idea of the classics. You get all the benefits of the classics, but it doesn’t look like something everyone else could have. And with the use of the yellow diamond, this uniqueness is elevated even further. It isn’t every day that you see a yellow diamond. It is subtle and elegant, as well as unique. 


But while it is unique, it is not something that is going to clash with other jewelry or even the most colorful attire. It is a subtle color that is offset by the colorless diamonds that accent the stone. It gives your ring some extra personality. 

The Best Place for Anything Jewelry-Related


At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we know that choosing an engagement ring is one of the most difficult decisions you will make in your life. That is why we are here for you every step of the way. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or simply want to browse our offerings, we look forward to seeing you. We work hard to maintain our reputation as the best jeweler in the Boca Raton area for rare, unique, high-end accessories. Whether you are looking for an oval-cut diamond ring with a halo or that high-end timepiece, we have you covered. 


We also offer other services as well. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, you might consider our custom jewelry design services. Here, we work closely with our clients, using the latest technology, to turn their dream into reality. Additionally, we also offer a comprehensive set of jewelry repair services as well. If you need a ring resized – we got it! Say you have an old antique watch you would like to see operational again – we’ve got you covered there as well. It is our goal to be a true one-stop shop for all your fine, high-end jewelry needs. 

In Closing


Choosing an engagement ring can be both one of the most exciting and one of the scariest things you will do in your adult life. You are tasked with choosing a ring that someone will wear every day for the rest of their life. This is a pretty big deal! We have tons of experience helping couples from all walks of life choose the perfect engagement ring for their style, needs, and budget. Here, we have broken down some of the main considerations you will want to attend to when choosing an engagement ring. We discuss the importance of choosing something that will fit with the lifestyle of the person who will be wearing it.


Then, we discuss the power of the classics. Having a timeless engagement ring that looks great with tons of different styles and that can also evolve with your changing style is really important. When you choose a classic such as the oval-cut yellow diamond ring with a halo and eternity band, you ensure that you are getting something that is timeless and will be able to evolve with your changing style. The ring we feature here is a fun take on the classics. It features three different classic styles in one ring. This makes the ring a lot more unique than it might otherwise be, but still classic and timeless. 



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