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Recap Of The Diamonds and Donuts Car Show 2021

Recap Of The Diamonds and Donuts Car Show 2021

Diamond By Raymond Lee

This last Sunday, the city of Boca Raton witnessed another “city-shaking” edition of our Diamonds and Donuts Car Show. We need not to say that this Diamonds and Donuts Car Show 2021 event was a wonderful one! It was nothing short of what we anticipated.

First off, the attendance was really huge. We had more cars in our parking lots that day than any of our previous car shows. That is nothing short of a totally remarkable feat. 

All of these cars present were not the only highlights of our 2021 car show. We also had more models in attendance than before. Plus, the food was never short in supply. Indeed, it was a merry event with several good sights and treats to go with it. 

diamonds and donuts car show 2021

diamonds and donuts car show 2021

In this article, we provide a brief recap of our Diamonds and Donuts Car Show 2021. We discuss the highlights of the events. How about the presence of beautiful women (our Diamond Girls) all over our parking space? Then, we have the tasty and delicious “donuts” (foods) readily available for our guests to have a treat. 

More so, there was the display of the rarest and sleekest cars all over the country. Finally, the stunning pieces of jewelry our Diamond models rocked to grace their beauty. There is certainly so much you want to read about. So, let’s get right into the event!

About The Diamonds And Donuts Car Show 2021

Diamond and Donuts Car Show 2021

Diamond and Donuts Car Show 2021

The Diamonds and Donuts 2021 car show proved to the whole of Florida why it is one of the city’s biggest rare car showcases. All around the Boca Raton area, participants and other residents cannot get this event off their lips. It is all over Instagram.

This year’s edition features lots of rare cars with some of the most incredible performance parts. This showcase is certainly different from any other car show you will experience elsewhere. What you see on display are one-of-a-kind luxury vehicles.

Besides, you will find these vehicles in their latest models and customized versions as well. We are talking about high-end automobiles of many varieties, categories and versions.

Furthermore, guests at the event enjoyed the sight of some of the fanciest vehicles and the most gorgeous models (Diamond Girls). Plus, there were on display some of the highest-quality jewelry available all around the world.

This event had some regular faces in attendance and a ton of new ones. Several well-known Instagram models like @kimmchampagne graced the event alongside other amazing models. Those were not the only beauties on showcase. Also, we had sleek cars like the Supras and the latest Lamborghinis. 

Conclusively, we had a better show this year than previous editions of the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show.

The Nature Of Diamonds And Donuts Car Show 

classic car show for every car lover

As we mentioned earlier, this show was the talk of the town. Moreover, Instagram cannot stop blowing up with captures and pictures of the show. One thing we can say for sure is that being there yourself is more thrilling than all the videos online. This event falls under the category of those “Seeing Is Believing” kind of events. This is because the nature of the show is so incredible that you might find it tough to believe.

This year, Diamonds by Raymond Lee hosted this event for free. It was open to every member of the public that wants to flaunt their exotic and rare rides.

So, do you need an event to bring out that rare automobile of yours? Or do you wish to flaunt that ride you spent the entire year working on? Here is the perfect platform for all of these and more. 

The event gives you the platform to get a kick out of your love for cars. Also, you get to share this ecstasy alongside other car lovers.

Meanwhile, following the nature of this car show, it was not only about the cars and Instagram models. Our visitors also got to relish a complimentary breakfast, and lunch. Additionally, the bar was open to every participant to wine and dine.

Finally, it was indeed a swell time for everybody present. You surely do not want to miss the next Diamonds and Donuts Car Show slated for August, 2022.

Diamonds And Donuts Car Show 2021: A Swell Summer Time

diamonds and donuts car show 2021

diamonds and donuts car show 2021

Summertime is one of the best periods of the year to get your groove on. There were various events at the time. You now have to choose which of these events you want to get your groove on with. Trust us when we say that the Diamonds and Donuts 2021 event is most certainly worth it.

Considering this just concluded edition, it is true that this is the event to have that swell summer time at. This is an event that promises the entire local community and residents that thrilling summer time. Therefore, people attended this event from far and wide. 

Furthermore, for most participants, this was a fun time with friends. While for some, it was a way to meet with other people who love rare cars and precious jewels. 

So, if you have that same admiration for rare cars or you own a ride you want to flaunt, get ready. The next edition of this event in 2022 will be a perfect way for you to do that.

As a guest, you get the chance to show off your rides. Whatever make or model it might be, get ready to show it off during the next edition of this event. 

Finally, this year’s event had in attendance some of the most popular and gorgeous Instagram models. Our array of show-stopping stunning women featured some of the top-rated models presently. No doubts, these are some of the prettiest women on the planet. 

The Diamond Girls

This event in one sentence is a showcase of beauty in cars, women and jewels!

An Overview Of The Famous Diamonds and Donuts Car Show 2021 Event

Did you miss the event? Oops! You missed out on a rare chance to meet with some of the hottest babes on a hot summer afternoon. Well, this last show was not only about getting to see beautiful women and luxurious cars. You also get to enjoy the pleasurable sight of some of the most high-end jewelry out there.

Rare and sleek cars on display

We must first admit that the Diamonds and Donuts Car Show 2021 event turned out even better than we hoped. First, the event blew the roof with some of the highest attendance we ever had. Additionally, there were also lots of rare vehicles for car lovers to appreciate. 

In this year’s edition, we had over 38 Lamborghinis in our humble parking lot. Pleasurably overwhelming to say the least! Needless to say that these cars are some of the most valuable and high-performance cars globally. So, getting to be in the midst of such a huge number of them is one special and uncommon treat.

By the way, the Lamborghini car is extremely distinguished presently. This is just as it was since the launch of the car’s first version.

Every single year and model came with its own distinct characteristics and aesthetic qualities. It is interesting to say that we saw far more than only Lamborghinis. 

In addition, we offered an open bar, free breakfast, and lunch to everyone present at the event. 

Our Motive

Giving back to the community

Why do we do all these? Our message is that this event is not only a special event for those who adore the finer things of life. But, the event also provides us the chance to do something pleasurable and relaxing for this community. 

These are the ones who assist us year after year. This is our chance to thank residents of the Boca Raton area for supporting our business and other local businesses. 

More so, we take this time to showcase some of the finest pieces of jewelry we now have in stock. And as we love to do our things in grand style. These jewels grace the beautiful presence of no other but our beautiful Instagram models. No one does it better than our Diamond Girls. As expected, the jewels came off flawlessly.

Highlights Of The Diamonds And Donuts Car Show 2021

Wine And Dine

Our Diamonds and Donuts Car Show goes on all through the day. Hence, we had provisions in place for various refreshments for our guests. Above all things, that you feel satisfied and want to stay longer is our pleasure. 

Wine and dine

Therefore, in this last event we provided enough food and drinks throughout the course of the event. That way, we kept our visitors relaxed and pleased. This is one of the reasons this year’s event can be tagged a huge success.

First off, our guests enjoyed a tasty breakfast treat. This treat went alongside the pleasurable sight of dashing exotic vehicles. You also get either a cold or warm beverage to go along with your meal. 

In all, while you chatted with other guests, locals or the Instagram models, you had something nice to munch on. 

An Assemblage Of Rare And Exotic Vehicles

rare and exotic vehicles on show

One of the most distinguishing parts of our Diamonds and Donuts Car Show are these rare and exotic vehicles. In every edition of this event, visitors with the rarest or most modded-out rides get the chance to flaunt them. This year’s event was not an exemption.

The beast truck itself

We enjoyed the sight of some of the rarest and high-performance cars that are available out there. Some of them are limited editions while some are no longer on the market. 

Below are a few of the best cars on showcase this year:

  • Black Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

Black Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

This version of the Lamborghini Aventador is quickly going extinct. As it stands, in 2022, we will welcome a hybrid model of the Aventador. Hence, this is likely one of the last of these “old-school’ supercars that we recognize and adore. Well, that means the presence of this car at the last Diamonds and Donuts Car Show was that of a legend. Cody Kerns is the proud owner of this classic!

Other Lamborghinis at the event include:

Diamonds and Donuts Orange Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

  • White Lambo Aventador with Nitrous by @954_mr_xi
  • White Ford GT

White ford gt by stormy

This car boasts of arguably the best handling among sport cars. This Ford GT is a hardcore supercar, top of its game right now. This Ford GT is technically terrific, lovely to drive, and an all-around knockout. @stormy_56 is the owner of this car.

  • McLaren Sienna

This one is another piece of class featured in this year’s Diamonds and Donuts car show. This ride is one of the regulars in our event. It is arguably Britain’s finest all-time car production. First off, this car is very light and incredibly fast. 

@icreatemillionaires owns this ultra-light speedster. It costs a huge amount of money (2 million dollars) and only 500 of this car is available out there. So, what you saw on Sunday is a rare and limited edition ride. 

  • Dodge Viper ACR

This black Dodge Viper ACR model is hardcore. The car drives as badass as it appears. Another interesting part of this vehicle is that only a few pieces of it came out. Therefore, it is nothing but a privilege to be in the presence of this beast. This car belongs to @vipersrt10

Other persons that paraded cars in the car show are:

Gorgeous Diamond Girls

The Diamond Girls

The beautiful diamond girls

Diamonds and Donuts Car Show 2021 event featured some of the most popular Instagram models presently. These models are names you’ll recognize and faces that are not strange to you. 

Moreover, this year’s event effortlessly topped all year’s before now. This year, we had more models than we ever had in previous editions.

This year, we had 7 beautiful models that graced the event. They helped us with the running of the car show. Also, they modeled our pieces of fine jewelry grandly. Surely, there is no better way to blend it than beautiful cars and jewels and beautiful girls.

Conclusion: A Fun Time For Everybody

It all went down in the parking lot of Boca Raton’s premier jeweler, Diamonds by Raymond Lee. The Diamonds and Donuts Car Show 2021 was a daylong event that served sights, thrills and meals. It is the perfect way to enjoy summer. If you are a car lover and you were there, you will agree that the event was a delight.




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