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Rectangular Solitaire with Half Eternity Band

Rectangular Solitaire with Half Eternity Band

Whether looking for an engagement ring or just a classic and elegant piece of jewelry, it is hard to beat a rectangular solitaire with a half eternity band. This is an elegant combination of two timeless styles that looks great with tons of different fashions. Choosing the perfect engagement ring might seem a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You need to consider your sense of fashion and your lifestyle. Since you will be wearing this ring every day, you want to make sure that it is going to fit your lifestyle. If you are more active, you will want to take that into account when choosing your ring. 

Secondly, you will want to choose a style that you can continue to love for many years to come. We not only want our engagement ring to fit with our fashion sense and lifestyle, but it is also great when it has some symbolic meaning as well. With an eternity band, you get that symbolism and it is a beautiful thing, indeed. 

The Power of Timeless Style

Something that is important to think about when choosing an engagement ring is the style. It is tempting to choose something eye-catching and trendy, but this can be a big mistake. Just remember that trends come and go. The last thing you want is for your engagement ring to go out of style a few years after you walk down the aisle. It is for this reason that so many people choose a timeless style for their engagement ring. Even if your fashion sense is more on the trendy side, there is great value in choosing a timeless style for this kind of ring.

Not only will a timeless ring still look great, even with trendy styles, but it won’t go out of fashion with those trends. A rectangular solitaire with a half eternity band combines two timeless styles into a ring that you will continue to love for many years to come. Even if your personal style dramatically changes, you will have the peace of mind that your engagement will still look great. Another great thing about timeless styles is that they are really versatile. This means they will work with a wide range of different looks which is really helpful for a ring that you will wear for many decades to come.

Classic Elegance

Not only are timeless and classic styles, well, timeless, but they are the epitome of elegance. In a lot of ways, these styles may be likened to the little black dress of jewelry. There has never been a time when the classic little black dress hasn’t been in style. And when you think about how quickly and dramatically fashions can change, this really is something special. So it makes a ton of sense that people choose styles like this for a piece of jewelry they will wear daily for the rest of their lives. You never know where trends are going but you can be sure that these classic styles will always look great.

The rectangular solitaire with a half eternity band that we feature here is the perfect blending of two highly elegant and classic styles into a ring you can easily love for the rest of your life. The two different styles come together to create a really special piece of jewelry that not only looks great, but has beautiful symbolism for your relationship as well. We love the classics and it makes a ton of sense to choose a timeless style like this for a piece of jewelry as important as the engagement ring. 

The Beautiful Solitaire 

When thinking about classic styles, it is hard to imagine anything more classic than a prong-style solitaire ring. This allows us to show off the quality and clarity of a single stone, most often a diamond. It is held in place by prongs made from the same precious metal as the rest of the ring. In this case, that is white gold. The large diamond that is the focal point of the ring is a bit more unique than many solitaire rings. Most often, you’ll see solitaire rings with round-cut diamonds or square-cut diamonds.

The rectangular cut is a unique shape that gives this classic a bit more personality than the more classic cuts. You get the benefits of the square-cut, but with a more unique look and feel. The rectangular cut allows you to show off the quality and depth of the diamond. For this kind of ring, you will want to make sure you choose the finest quality diamond you can afford. Any flaws within the stone will be visible with this kind of cut, so you want to prioritize quality over size. 

The Eternity Band

An eternity band is a really classic and elegant style that many people choose for their wedding band. It is unique in the context of our rectangular solitaire in that it is paired with another classic style, rather than being used as the wedding band for the ring. Eternity bands are really classic and stunning pieces of jewelry. What makes an eternity band such is that the band will have diamonds around all or part of the band. Most often, these are small, round-cut stones that give off tons of sparkle.

There are different types of eternity bands. We see full eternity bands where the diamonds go around the entirety of the band. However, there are also half and three-quarters eternity bands as well. With the rectangular solitaire ring we feature here, the eternity band is a half eternity band. This means the stones go around half of the ring, leaving the part of the band that goes on the side of your finger metal. Many people find this style to be more comfortable than a full eternity band and it still has the lovely symbolism that so many people love about this style. It has all the elegance of the full band, but is better suited for those who work with their hands a lot.

Combining Two Elegant Styles

The rectangular solitaire with an eternity band we feature here is a pairing of two very classic styles. A prong-style solitaire ring is the epitome of grace, style, and simple elegance. You get to show off the quality of a fine diamond in a simple, classic way. This is not an over-the-top style, even if you choose a large stone as your focal point. It is simply stunning and shows off the quality and clarity of the main stone in the ring. It takes on even more elegance and style when it is paired with an eternity band as the ring we feature here is.

This combination of two timeless styles gives you an egg metal ring that is for the ages. We know that you will love this ring from the day you purchase it and for many years to come. The solitaire is simply one of the most stunning ways to display a fine diamond. And the eternity band allows you to have that sparkle and shine that we all love so much. Who wouldn’t love the pairing of a stone meant to show its quality along with stones meant to shine?

The Perfect Engagement Ring

Since, as we mention above, classic and timeless styles are such a great choice for an engagement ring, it is hard to imagine anything better than the ring we feature here. It combines two of the most lovely and classic styles into a single ring that is stunning to look at and full of symbolism. This ring is simple, yet elegant. A single stone is the focal point of this piece and it is one of the finest you can find. In a rectangular cut, this stone shows off its depth, clarity, and quality. You will not see a single flaw in this diamond.

The half eternity band that pairs with the solitaire gives it that extra sparkle and shine that we all adore about the diamond. Not to mention, there is a lot of beautiful symbolism in an eternity band and that meaning cannot be overstated. This is a ring that will never go out of fashion and that will look great with many different styles of clothing for many different occasions. It is comfortable and suitable for people with active lifestyles as well. 

Lovely Symbolism

While it is certainly important that you like the style of your engagement ring, it is also important to remember that it is a symbol of your relationship as well. It makes sense that you would want to choose something that has a lot of meaning for you and your partner. Whether this is some type of personal family tradition, or you want a classic bit of symbolism, you can ensure that your ring has a lot of meaning for you and your spouse. It might be hard to think of ways to incorporate symbolism into a piece of classic jewelry, but the rectangular solitaire with a half eternity band that we feature here has just that.

The eternity band symbolizes, well, eternity. When you pledge yourself to someone in marriage, you are pledging your love for your whole life (and perhaps beyond if that is part of your belief system). So a ring that symbolizes a connection for eternity is a beautiful way to combine elegance and personal symbolism into one piece of jewelry. This will help ensure that your ring has as much personal meaning to you as it is lovely to look at.

Surprisingly Versatile 

People choose classic styles for many different reasons. Some people simply love the look of these styles and they might fit in better with their fashion choices than other styles. Others like that, since these styles are so timeless, they won’t ever have to worry about their ring falling out of style. This is a great feature for an engagement ring. You don’t want to fall out of love with your ring in a few years because trends have changed.

However, one of the most important reasons people choose classic and timeless styles like the rectangular solaitrue with an eternity band is because they are versatile. Classic styles like this look great with so many different kinds of fashion for pretty much any occasion. This is a ring that will look as great with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as it does with something more formal. You aren’t going to be in formal wedding attire every day, so you want to choose a ring that will look good with your daily fashions. A classic style like the one we feature here defies trends. It looks great with casual, formal, business, and even sporty attire, making it a great choice for daily wear. 

In Closing

There are tons of different styles out there that are suitable for pretty much any lifestyle and fashion sense. The hardest part is finding the perfect one for you. This can be especially difficult when choosing a piece of jewelry like an engagement ring. You want to make sure that it is in a style that you like, but that will also continue to look good for many years to come. Not to mention, you want a ring that will work with your lifestyle. It’s all well and good for a ring to be beautiful, but if it impinges on your daily life, you aren’t going to be happy with it.

It is for these reasons that a lot of people choose classic and timeless styles. The rectangular solitaire with an eternity band that we feature here is a perfect example of this. In fact, it is actually a blending of two classic styles into a single piece of jewelry. And these classic styles are, well, classic. This means you won’t have to worry that the ring will fall out of fashion since the style is timeless. 

This is a beautiful ring that not only looks great but also has a lot of meaning in the design as well. If you are looking for something classic, elegant, and that you will continue to love for many years to come, it is hard to beat a ring such as this one. 



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