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Richard Mille Watches

Richard Mille Watches

Why Richard Mille watches are superior

It’s time to deck up your wrist! You’ve got many options, but here, we are talking about Richard Mille Watches. It does not matter if you’re meeting a close friend or a business associate; you want to make a great impression. You also want to keep a tab on time without depending only on wall clocks or your phone. Thanks to Richard Mille, you can do both of these and more. 

Richard Mille Watches Are Superior 

In essence, Richard Mille is a perfect choice if you want something stylish, well-designed, and purposeful. 

Richard Mille has made a notable impact as a brand that has only been around for some time. It is set to gain more grounds in the fashion world from all indications. 

Of course, these feats are mind-blowing to the random person. But to anyone who knows the history of Richard Mille, the success is not a shock. 

History of Richard Mille Watches

Before the birth of Richard Mille watches in 2001, Richard Mille collaborated with many people. The first collaboration happened in the 1970s. It happened with Finhor, who was a representative of a French watchmaking company then. In 1981, the tides changed when Matra bought the local company. 

After Matra took over, Richard became the manager of the watchmaking operations.  

A decade passed before another transformation happened for Richard Mille. Although delayed, the change eventually happened. After Seiko bought the brand, Richard left Matra and started a new journey with Mauboussin. 

But, of course, that did not last forever, either. Richard Mille knew he had to start his brand. And so, he did. His first collaboration after making the decision was with Audemars Piquet. And the vision of the brand was to modernize watchmaking. 

From what the Richard Mille brand has become today, there is no denying that he has done it. 

He released the first watch named RM001 in 2001. He has released more with the help of his progressive mind and technical expertise. His first release was special, and so are all the others he has released after it.

The history of Richard Mille watches 

The effort to make the best versions of Richard Mille watches has persisted over time. And this has made Richard Mille one of the innovators of this generation. 

If the splendor and exclusivity of the Richard Mille watch appeal to you, then you want to buy one. Either for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. Whatever you decide, it is important to learn how to keep the watch perfect.  

How to Take Care For Richard Mille Watches. 

Poor management is bound to slow down the functionality of a Richard Mille watch. So, you must learn how to care for your Richard Mille watch If you want it to always be in perfect condition. 

Taking good care of your Richard Mille Watches focuses on how you store them and maintain them. And of course, it also focuses on how you clean them. 

How to Store  Richard Mille Watches. 

Dust, light, and heat can cause damage and stop the longevity and quality the brand stands for. In the same vein, moisture and any form of liquid can also be a threat. So, it is a norm to prevent the watch from these things. 

Here are practical ways to make sure you are storing the Richard Mille watch when you are not wearing it: 

  • Store In a Safe

To keep any luxury watch and do it well, you need a safe. The safe will protect you from all the possible damage that would happen in its absence. Not only does the safe prevent dust from hanging on the watch, but it also prevents burglary. So, it is about time you got a Richard Mille watch safe if you do not already have one.

  • Use Watch Storage Case

Using a storage case is quite close to keeping the Richard Mille watch in a  safe. Except, there are a few differences. 

Your Richard Mille Watch does better when resting well in an ideal storage case. So, there is no reason you should not get a storage case as soon as you buy the watch. It does not matter if you choose to watch the Richard Mille on display or out of sight. What matters is keeping it secure. And that is what watch storage does for you. Not only is the watch storage case a means to protect, but it is also a means to help arrange 

  • Use Watch Insert Drawer

Like the storage case, the insert drawer makes a good case for protecting your watch. And of course, it is also a good tool for separating watches. Use the watch insert drawer if you want your watch to stay out of sight. That’s not all; it is also ideal to use it to protect it from abrasions and scratches. 

How To Maintain Richard Mille Watches

Maintaining your watch is vital. It is as essential as securing and storing it. So, here are the maintenance steps you can take to keep your Richard Mille in great condition: 

  • Store your Watch Face Up

It is no news that the means of storing your watch depends on preference. Having established that, when it comes to maintaining it, you only ever do that well if you store the watch face up. 

Watch faces are susceptible to scratches and abrasions easier than any other part. And the face of the Richard Mille watch is also the most difficult part to replace or repair. Now, imagine messing them up by storing your watches face down. You will have to go through so much trouble to get it back in shape. By storing your watch face up, you never have to subject yourself to preparing or replacing the face. And even if you have to, you won’t have to do it often. Another reason you want to store your Richard Mille watch face up is because it allows you to see the watch collection.

  • Store Your Watch With Silica Gel

If you own a Richard Mille watch, you should protect it from mold and mildew. What better way to protect it from these two than storing it with a silica gel? None. The silica gel is the perfect tool for storing if your Richard Mille watch has a fabric strap. Also, if it has a leather strap. You will need to change the silica gel whenever they change colours.

  • Keep Your Richard Mille Watch Paperwork To Hand

It is a no-brainer that one of the reasons you got the Richard Mille watch is to enjoy increased value. And, of course, there is no way you do this without keeping your Richard Mille paperwork. The paperwork is essential because it serves as proof of ownership if they ever steal your watch.

  • Shield your watch from Sunlight

From experience, sun damage is not the most palatable thing to happen to your watch. While the damage is not always fatal, it can change the color of dials. Sometimes, the black dials change into brown because you have exposed them. 

How To Clean Your Watch 

It would help if you made peace that no storage will prevent you from cleaning your watch. Accepting that should spur you into action and help you keep your watch secure and clean.

When it comes to cleaning, you can start by using cotton buds and non-abrasive clothes on the face of the watch. You can also use these tools to clean the watch case now. 

Of course, the parts you should clean transcend the face and the case. It would help if you also cleaned the straps. If it is a rubber strap, you must detach it from the watch before using a soap solution. But, if the strap is fabric or clothing waterproof, you may use a damp cloth to remove the dirt.

To keep your Richard Mille watch from danger, you must never dip the whole parts into the water. You should not do it even if it were waterproof.

When you clean often, you save yourself the stress of visiting a professional all the time. But, if  it ever comes to using a Professional, it would be worth it. Check here to learn more about caring for one’s Richard Mille watch. 

How to take care of Richard Mille watches

Richard Mille Watch Servicing 

Richard Mille designed the watch with technology and progress in mind. So, you should not expect it to be like the simple, average watch when compared. With the techniques that he has used, it is normal that you use the Richard Mille Servicing. It is the only quality that matches the original manufacturers.

You should be serious about maintaining the procedures of your Richard Mille watch. First, because Richard Mille watches need them to keep their quality. And also, they are difficult to buy because of their price. So, you might not have the privilege to buy it now and then. 

Like many people who have learned about this watch, it is okay to wonder why Richard Mille watches cost so much. Especially when compared to other watches here. 

Why is Richard Mille Watch Costly

  • Richard Mille Watch is Scarce

Richard Mille’s watch is complex and very time-consuming. The engineering process alone takes time. This is because designers make the most parts with their hands. Due to this, they are scarce, and only a few of them make it to the market every year. 

Richard Mille watches are not only about the precision of their product. The brand has stayed true to its vision of creating a high-end timepiece in the market. Even if it means a lower quantity of products per collection, this is why the watches are scarce and always in high demand. We know that the brand makes less than 5000 pieces in a year, making the demands more than the supply rate. 

  • Richard Mille uses Avant-Garde Materials 

It’s hard to imagine a watch that doesn’t use pure metal in its design, but that’s exactly what Richard Mille watches are. The company uses Avant-Garde materials like carbon fiber, titanium, and ceramic

With Richard Mille watches, you get something that is rare. A watch that designers made with Avant-Garde Materials. Richard Mille watchmakers construct these watches from high-tech materials. 

The result is a line of watches with luxurious, lightweight designs. And, of course, incredible durability. The watch can blend with any event,  from casual wear to extreme sports. 

  • Richard Mille has complicated Movements.

Richard Mille is a watch whose most unique feature is its use of high-quality alloys. The designers and engineers made it from a special alloy. The alloy consists of about 90% grade 5 titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium. Materials that are only used in very high-tech industries. 

The materials are what makes Richard Mille watches unique. Materials like titanium allow the watchmaker to create a more modern style. Thereby making finishing techniques exquisite, including hand-polishing satin finishes. Unique finishing techniques help Richard Mille watches stand out from other brands. As the design uses high-tech materials, the movement also uses high-tech materials. These moves are complicated when compared to other luxury watches. 

  • Richard Mille Watches have marketing and status symbol

Keeping track of time is a serious business. Richard Mille watches take this sentiment to heart. Since the company began, it has become the ultimate expression of wealth. When you see someone wearing Richard Mille, you know that they are an elite member. And that they have both the money and the desire to show it off.

The company has done a fantastic job of marketing its products. It creates a sense of exclusivity and prestige that drives much of their business.


Richard Mille has been producing elite watches and continues to adhere to values. The brand uses the finest materials to construct timepieces and focuses on quality. Richard Mille watch is the  handful of brands that offer handmade mechanical designs. Of course, the watches undergo rigorous testing to ensure they fit their purpose. The brand has used this practice to carve a niche as masters of a quality mechanical watch.


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