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Rolex Perpetual Submariner: A Classic with Style

Rolex Perpetual Submariner: A Classic with Style

There are some accessories that are just plain classic and the Rolex Submariner line of watches really exemplifies this well. It has both timeless and sporty design features that come together to create a truly iconic, elegant, and reliable watch. Like all Rolex watches, the Submariner line is made to the highest standards of quality. Swiss-born craftsmanship and design come together to create something that is both cutting-edge and classic. This line of watches is inspired by the sea and is as tough and reliable as it is elegant.


The great thing about these watches is that they stand the test of time in every respect. Their classic design features make them defy trends. That is why a Rolex watch from a few decades ago looks just as great today as it did when it was first bought. And, they work incredibly well, too. The focus on design means that what you get with Rolex watches is truly special and one-of-a-kind. These are timepieces that look and work great and will for many years to come. 

The Timeless Timepiece


There is just something about a watch that defies time. Thinking about the most classic and elegant looks of both yesterday and today, it is hard to think of an accessory that looks better than a high-end watch. The Rolex Submariner line of watches is a nice blending of classic and clean design with some sporty features that give it a more masculine look. This is an accessory that looks good with whatever you pair it with. You will look equally great wearing this watch with a well-fitting suit or a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt.


Another great thing is that this watch is one that will continue to work at an optimal level for many years to come. These are watches where precision, reliability, and durability are key. This means you get a truly well-built timepiece that is made from the finest quality materials. And it looks great. Watches are a great way to get that put-together look that so many of us crave. And if you are a business person, the watch is a great accessory for more than just looks. It is one of the few high-end accessories that services a function besides simply looking great. 


The Best Place for All Your Fine Jewelry Needs


At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we have one big focus: quality. We know that our clients have an appreciation for the finer things and want a selection that is both high-quality and rare. This is why we make an effort to source the best selection of rare and high-end accessories in the Boca Raton area. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or you want to invest in a beautiful Rolex Submariner, we have you covered. Our buyers have a ton of experience and connections. This allows us to source only the rarest and finest pieces from around the world, giving us that selection we have become so well known for. 


Additionally, we also offer comprehensive repair services. Say you have an antique watch you would like to see working again. Or, perhaps, you simply need a ring resized. We have the tools and the skills to make it happen. And, if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, we also offer custom jewelry design services. Here, we utilize the latest computer technology, combined with highly skilled jewelers, to turn your dream into a reality.


Professionalism and Style

rolex submariner close face

When we think about a serious and professional look, chances are we think of someone in a well-fitting suit wearing a nice watch. And there are many good reasons for this. The world of business has always been competitive, but never more so than today. This means that you need every little advantage you can get if you want to be a success. Having the smarts and the skills goes a long way, but it also helps to look the part as well. Bearing yourself in a professional manner can give others a good first impression and make it more likely you will be taken seriously.


A well-fitting suit paired with a Rolex Submariner timepiece is a great way to get that professional look that can be so important. A timepiece shows others a few things about you. First and foremost, a Rolex watch shows others that you have an appreciation for the finer things in life and that you care about quality. But a timepiece, more generally, shows others that you value your time, as well as that of others. Being punctual and not keeping people waiting is part and parcel of a successful business career and an accessory like this helps convey that message to others. 

The Rolex Difference

Thinking about high-end timepieces, there is a good chance that Rolex is one of the first brands that comes to mind. This is because the watchmaker has a close association with luxury and quality. Since the company’s foundation, there has been a strong emphasis on cutting-edge design. This Swiss-based watchmaker employs only the finest craftsmen from around the world. This gives you the peace of mind that what you get with Rolex is a well-built watch made from the finest quality materials. These are durable and reliable watches that can withstand the elements and the test of time.


Rolex makes many of its components in-house. The company holds patents on a number of different elements that feature in its watches. This means that what you get from Rolex really is one-of-a-kind. Watches like the Submariner are durable, reliable, and precise timepieces you can count on. Innovation has always been a key part of the Rolex design and any new features that make the proverbial cut will make their way into all Rolex watches. That means even the finest watch featuring high-grade diamonds is also going to be tough and durable, as well as beautiful.


Submariner Watches

rolex submariner close

The Submariner line of watches by Rolex is a well-built, elegant, and popular line of watches. As the name implies, the watch is built with the diver and water enthusiast in mind. However, you don’t have to be a diver to appreciate the look and quality of this line of watches. The Oyster Perpetual Submariner saw its first introduction back in 1953.


When it was first introduced, it was the first watch that was rated as waterproof up to 100 meters. Flash forward to today and the technology has gotten even better. These watches are now waterproof up to an amazing 300 meters. This means you have a watch that can go where you go. It is tough and durable and able to withstand a unique variety of elements. 


There are many different models of the Submariner, featuring different materials and configurations. However, there are design elements that will be consistent across all versions of the watch. First is the large, 41 mm dial. It features large, bioluminescent hour markers. This makes it possible to see the face, even in low-lighting conditions. 


All Submariner watches also feature a unidirectional rotatable bezel that has a Cerachrom insert. These are useful features if you are actually using the watch for diving. The Submariner date, which is what we feature here, also shows the date under a unique cyclops lens.


The watch is waterproof, scratch-resistant, shock resistant, and reliable. It features an automatic self-winding mechanism. This means you will never have to wind the watch by hand to ensure that it keeps accurate time.


Beautiful Combination of Yellow and White Gold

The Submariner line is quite varied. You can find versions of the watch in many different materials and configurations. Some versions may feature colorful elements or features. Others may be a bit more eye-catching and refined than others. What works best for you will depend on your personal style. The great thing about this line is that there are enough options to choose from that there really is something for everyone. And, a lot of people will even have aftermarket additions made to their Rolex watch to really make it one-of-a-kind.


Here we have a lovely classic version of the Submariner. It features two-tone gold which gives the watch a really classic look and feel. It is mostly white gold, but there are yellow gold accents, especially on the bracelet of the watch. The elegance of the two-tone gold is unique and very beautiful. The dial features blue design features that give it some extra personality. While these design features make this version of the watch unique, it is still incredibly versatile and looks great with a wide range of different looks.


Precision and Reliable Design


Thinking about Rolex watches, we often think about high-end luxury. And there is a good reason to think this. Rolex has really high standards for the materials that feature in their watches. That means they use only the finest precious metals and gemstones where applicable. And, the internal mechanisms have just as much emphasis on quality. In fact, the precision design of watches like the Submariner line are some of the most cutting-edge and advanced you can find on the market today. Since a lot of the design is done in-house, and they hold patents on many elements, what you get from Rolex is unlike what you can get from anywhere else.


The Submariner line of watches is a literal diving survival tool. It has all the tools you need to monitor your dive time and make sure you come up to the surface properly. For people in this situation, reliability and precision are key. You don’t have to be a diver staking your life on the watch to appreciate the precision and quality of design. This is a truly reliable watch. 

Versatile and Elegant

rolex submariner angle

When we are thinking about high-end jewelry, we probably aren’t thinking about pieces that are versatile. Think about it, a huge stunning cocktail ring looks great at a gala, but it doesn’t look as right at the grocery store. There is, of course, nothing wrong with having fun pieces that are bold and eye-catching that you keep back for special occasions. But it is also nice to have jewelry that you can wear to a variety of occasions and with different looks. A high-end timepiece such as the Rolex Submariner is just one of those types of accessories. It is one that is incredibly versatile and so much so that it can even become part of your signature look.


A watch like the Submariner will, of course, look great with a well-fitting suit or other professional attire. But, it also looks great with something a lot more casual. Whether you are out for a day on the water with friends or just hanging around the house with the kids, this watch will look great. It pairs just as well with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as it does with fine attire.

In Closing


The timepiece is one of those classic, elegant accessories that has the ability to defy time and trends. No matter what is in fashion, a high-end timepiece that features a classic design is always going to look great. The Submariner line of watches by Rolex is a great example of this. It features classic and timeless design features. It has clean lines, but a larger, sportier look than many high-end watches. This is because it is built with the diver in mind. It has all the tools a diver needs to make a safe and successful dive. But you don’t have to be a diver to appreciate the sporty aesthetics and high functionality the watch offers. 


It is a great way to get that professional and serious look people in the world of business need to make a great first impression. But the watch is really versatile. It looks great with pretty much anything you might think to pair it with. The watch will look just as great with casual attire as it does with formal and business attire. That makes this watch a great candidate for daily wear and it can easily become part of your signature look. 


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