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Rolex Submariner is a Status Watch for a Reason 

Rolex Submariner is a Status Watch for a Reason 

Rolex Submariner

Choosing a Rolex submariner watch when shopping is never a mistake. If you have been a lover of the Rolex Submariner for a while, you already know this. And if you are not, it is not too late to add this Rolex piece to your collection. You would be glad you did! 

Although the love for a thing as subjective as a watch is more about preference. There is something about the Rolex Submariner watch that unites many people in love with it.

Introducing the Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner line of watches presents an elegant, durable, and precise line of watches. Since its first introduction in 1953, this watch has been popular amongst those who lead active lifestyles ever since. This was the first diver’s watch that was waterproof up to 100 meters (300 feet). This alone makes it the perfect watch for the water enthusiast.

You don’t have to be a diver to appreciate the value of a waterproof timepiece. Today, this watch is even more durable than the original. The modern version of the watch is waterproof up to 300 meters (1,000 feet)! While this watch does look incredibly elegant, it was designed to be an underwater survival tool and it still retains all these features. 

The watch features a large 41 mm Oyster case. This not only gives it a more masculine look and feel but also makes it easier to read underwater. Additionally, it also features a dial with naturally-luminescent hour markers. This also improves visibility. The bezel is a unidirectional rotatable bezel. The use of natural luminescence, which the company calls Chromalight, makes it easier to see the face of the dial underwater, even in low lighting conditions.

While many elements are incredibly useful to the professional diver, you don’t have to be a professional diver to appreciate the quality, utility, and luxury of this timepiece. This is a high-performance timepiece that will withstand far more than just water.

Rolex Submariner: A Status Watch

Rolex Submariner watch

Like all Rolex watches, you get Swiss-born craftsmanship and engineering in the Rolex Submariner. These watches feature the finest designs available. Many of the elements are Rolex-exclusive. This means you literally can’t get these pieces anywhere else. And with the company’s long history of innovation, these are some of the most cutting-edge timepieces on the market. 

These watches are not only gorgeous to behold, but they are also some of the most precise timepieces you can find. They feature the most cutting-edge internal components, many of which are exclusive to the brand. Not only are they precise, but they are also durable and reliable. These watches are meant to withstand a wide range of different elements, which makes them the perfect timepiece for people who live more active lifestyles. 

This is a timepiece that can go where you go. And it still imparts that look of luxury and elegance. Anything you pair it with will take on an instant look of effortless elegance. This is just one of the reasons the timepiece makes such a great accessory.

The Growth of the Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner watches

In the beginning, watchmakers wanted to create a waterproof product. With the right amount of effort, they got things right. And of course, in 1954, the first Rolex Submariner debuted at a Swiss watch fair. 

They designed this watch for deep-sea diving. A true waterproof design – first of its kind. While it was not perfect as the first product, it had important features. Features that showed that the purpose of creating the watch was not in vain. 

During production, the watch was submersible up to 980 feet or 300 meters. There were other waterproof watches before the submarine watch. But, the Submariner came to become number one. Over the years, the watchmakers have worked to improve the features of the watch with newer models. 

One of the proofs of their success is the fact that celebrities seem to be enamored with this watch. In recent times, we have been able to link the Rolex Submariner watch to some popular people. And of course, we have seen it in important places. 

We have seen the Rolex Submarine in Eleven James Bond Movies. We have seen Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Sean Connery wearing this watch. Of course, they all have the Rolex Submariner watch in common. Sometimes, some features make each of the watches unique.

What Makes The Rolex Submariner Watch Special? 

Like most Rolex watches, these features are special for Rolex Submariner: 

  • Accessories Make Our Signature Look

We all want to have our signature look that others covet. Part of how we do this is through the accessories we choose. A Rolex Submariner watch makes an excellent option for part of any signature look. This is a look that we develop in a number of ways. 

First, the fashions we choose will dictate this signature look. Next, the way we carry ourselves will also affect the said look. Finally, the accessories we choose will also be part of this look.

When developing a signature look, we are looking for accessories that amplify our style, but that are also suitable for daily wear. We want pieces that will work for our regular daily activities. We can pair a number of different accessories together to create a signature look that is all our own and a luxury watch makes a great addition to any look.

  • They Make a Great First Impression

We have heard for years to not judge a book by its cover. While this may be worthy advice, a good first impression is still stellar! Any brand, good, or object that can hold the attention of people at first glance has an edge. 

They designed Rolex watches to impress at first glance. The Rolex Submariner is not an exception. From the logo to the crown of the watch, it is not easy to miss it even in a big crowd. 

  • Value Retention

Sometimes, you get tired of a particular type of Rolex submariner. You either want to upgrade or sell the one you have. With any Rolex submariner watch, you do not have to fear that you will lose if it comes to this. Most Rolex watches will always hold their value after years. So that whenever you want to sell or upgrade, you do not have to break the bank to do that. 

  • They are Durable

Rolex watches have been around for a while. So, if you have ever used one, you already know that they are built to last. All types of Rolex watches including the Rolex Submariner watch will last long. They have made the watch with an oyster case to protect them from moisture. They are also protected from dust and bad weather. 

  • Precise Readings

Apart from the aesthetics, you can trust Rolex Submariner to be precise. 

In the face of the most rigorous activities, this watch will hold its own. One thing is for sure; Designers of Rolex watches have precision as a priority. They dedicate everything to working the movements of the watch for new technology. And they seem to be succeeding. 

Before now, Rolex Submariner did not have everything figured out. It started its journey from a place.

Appreciating the Rolex Difference

There are a lot of things that set Rolex apart from other watchmakers, including other high-end watchmakers. They have a long-standing and time-honored history of making some of the finest watches the world has to offer. 

First, the internal components of the watch are some of the best you can find. They feature the most cutting-edge internal components that prioritize precision, reliability, and durability. They work closely with people who work in a wide range of challenging environments and seek to find workable solutions.

This is why they have some of the most durable and reliable pieces available. Their watches can withstand water, dust, shocks, and even magnetic fields. You don’t have to work in an extreme environment to appreciate a durable watch that can go where you need to go. Even for those who live more active lifestyles, a watch like a Submariner by Rolex is built to go where you need and want to go. 

Not only are these durable and precise watches, but they are also some of the most elegant and stylish that you can find. Just as much attention goes towards the look and design of the watch as what goes on the inside of the watch. These are watches that are meant to be seen. They are elegant and stylish, but also incredibly versatile as well. They work with a wide range of fashions and for pretty much any occasion.

Taking Good Care of Your Rolex Submariner Watch 

  • How do you Wear Your Submariner? 

The way you wear your Rolex Submariner watch matters. It not only says a lot about who you are, but it also says if the watch will stand the test of time. If you want to use an hour Rolex Submariner watch for as long as you can, you need to wear it well. 

You write a letter to scratches and blemish when you refuse to wear it well. And, the scratches may grow to become worse. These damages will cost you a lot if you must repair them. 

To be safe, it is always better to avoid getting a scratch. How do you do this? It is simple. You start by ensuring that the winding down crown is fit. The screw-down players on the Rolex at Daytona are very important. 

  • Ways to Clean your Submariner? 

Caring for your Rolex Submariner should not be stopped at storing. You have the duty to ensure that it is always clean. 

To achieve this, you might want to create a cleaning schedule. Your schedule should depend on how often you wear your Rolex Submariner watch, of course. For instance, you may need to organize a weekly wash if you wear the watch every day. And if you don’t wear it every day, you might reschedule. It is important that you clean because dirt causes the watch to look dull. 

You will need warm water and mild soap. The soft brush is also vital. With all the right tools, you would reach the lugs and between bracelet links. Places that may be difficult to wash without the tools.

  • How do you Store your Rolex Submariner? 

If you wear your Rolex Submariner the right way, you have done well. But, there is more. What do you do after pulling the watch off? For safety and security, it is best to keep your watch in a box. If it does not come with a box, you could use a safe. As long as you keep the watch to protect it from harm, you are good to go.

While the watch is in the safe, you also want to keep it far from electronics. 

  • Upkeeping your Rolex Submariner Watch

Before you service the watch, you may notice scratches on your watch. While nothing detrimental will happen if you don’t, you might clean up some blemishes yourself. With some household resources, it would not take the time or too much effort. 

First of all, the polishing paste is always useful. It helps to keep your watch shining and looking new. You may also need other resources like clothes to take away the scratches. 

  • Servicing your Watch

The ideal thing to do once in a while if you own a role is to service it. This time, you should not be the one doing the service or care. You either use a watchmaker or Rolex service center. Both will do the job for you. 

But, it may be at differing prices. So, before picking the right service, you should consider the right fit. Things like the cost, value, and length of time are crucial. So, you make decisions based on these things. 


Rolex Submariner watches stand out among their peers in longevity, brilliance, and beauty. So, never doubt that they deserve your love and commitment. 

The fact that the Rolex Submariner watch has many variants is beautiful. But you know what else is pleasing? The fact that the watch has the guarantee to stand the test of time.


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