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Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Stylish pieces of jewlery like a sapphire and diamond ring are a great way to show off your personal style, your appreciation for the finer things in life, and your love of unique accessories. With a punch of color and a ton of bling and sparkle, these rings are elegant, stylish, and just plain beautiful. You can wear this ring for a wide range of occasions. It makes a beautiful, yet different, engagement ring. It has traditional diamonds, but it also has sapphires for a unique color and a different overall look.

However, this is also a great piece for your signature look as well. This isn’t a ring that is exclusively an engagement ring. While it can work really well as such, it also looks great on pretty much any finger. It can easily become part of your signature look. Or, you might save this piece to wear on special occasions. Regardless, we know you will love the pairing of these two precious gemstones into a stunning, elegant, and gorgeous ring. 

Elegant and Unique Jewlery

When most of us think of high-end jewlery, we tend to think of diamond jewlery. There is a good reason for this – diamonds are one of the most popular and elegant gemstones that feature in jewlery. And they have a reputation for quality, luxury, and elegance. It is one of the rarest stones you can find and it is the hardest. Its beautiful colorless nature and incomparable sparkle make it a really popular choice for all sorts of jewlery. But what many of us often fail to consider is that we can pair these beautiful stones with other precious gemstones as well.

When you pair different stones, you get something really special and truly unique. The sapphire and diamond ring is a perfect illustration of this. The main stone of the ring we feature here is a large blue sapphire. Rather than a diamond as the central stone, this ring utilizes the stunning blue of the sapphire. Diamonds feature as accent stones to give the ring an extra sparkle and a little bit more glamour. What you get is a unique piece of jewlery that is colorful, elegant, and perfect for a wide array of different occasions. Sapphires give off a rich blue hue and the colorless diamonds provide a ton of sparkle. 

The Beautiful Sapphire

Sapphires are a precious gemstone that has long been a popular choice for a wide range of different pieces of jewlery. This gemstone is a corundum mineral. It is actually pretty much the same in terms of composition to rubies, but the main difference is color.

One of the things that make sapphires such a great choice for jewelry is that they are quite hard. As we know, the diamond is the hardest stone we know of. But the sapphire comes in pretty close. Hardness is determined via a Mohs hardness scale, with 10 being the hardest stone (diamonds). Sapphires are a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale.

What this means is that they are hard enough to take a variety of different cuts. Other gemstones are too fragile for many cuts because they are too soft. With a sapphire, you get a stone that is quite hard and thus can take on more types of cuts than other gemstones. 

These beautiful stones come about because of complex natural processes like heat, pressure, and more. It takes millions of years to create these beautiful stones. Sapphires (and rubies) may also have impurities in them, such as other minerals, and this can affect their hue. Traditionally, the most coveted colors are the bright blue sapphire and the rich red ruby. 

Incomparable Diamonds

Diamonds hardly need any introduction. These beautiful, colorless stones are the hardest stones that we know of. This means they can take on a huge number of shapes and cuts. This is just part of the reason why these stones are so popular. They look really stunning on their own and with other stones, such as the sapphire. Since they are so hard, you really do have your choice in different cuts and shapes. In fact, you can even work with a jeweler to create a truly unique cut, if you so desire. 

Though the hardness of these stones is why they can take on so many different cuts and shapes, it is only part of the reason for their popularity. These stones give off a really amazing sparkle and shine. They are a stone that you just know when you see it. There is an elegance and feeling of luxury that we naturally associate with these stones. You can, obviously, make the diamond the focal point of your jewlery, but it also looks stunning as an accent stone, as we see in the sapphire and diamond ring we feature here. 

Sapphire and Diamond Rings

A sapphire and diamond ring can come in a huge range of different configurations. There can be an equal blending of sapphires and diamonds. Or, you can choose one as the focal stone and the other as an accent stone. It really is up to you and what you prefer. What we know is that you will love the combination of sapphires and diamonds. They make an excellent pairing and the punch of color from the sapphire creates a bold and elegant piece.

The ring we feature here has sapphire as the central stone of the ring. This is a large stone that is flawless and rich in its deep blue hue. It is a really rare type of sapphire in that it is a really deep blue that has a depth and richness that many sapphires just don’t have. Diamonds feature as the accent stones in this ring. This helps to set off the main stone, as well as add sparkle and shine that the cut of the sapphire just doesn’t provide. This ring features diamonds as an eternity band, which is a unique and elegant band for any ring. 

The Eternity Band

As we mention earlier, this version of a sapphire and diamond ring features an eternity band. Basically, an eternity band is a type of band that features prong-style diamonds around part or all of the band. This not only gives the ring a bit of extra sparkle and shine, but it also gives the overall piece a really unique and elegant look and feel. The ring we feature here has a full eternity band. What that means is that the diamonds go all the way around the whole band of the ring. 

You often have a choice when it comes to the eternity band. However, you can go for the full band like we feature here, or you might want something a bit different. But, you can get half eternity bands and three-quarters eternity bands as well. What type of eternity band will depend on your personal preferences and your budget. Most often, the stones attach to the band via a prong-style attachment. You can choose from different sizes of stones for the band. The larger the stone, the more dramatic and sparkly the ring will ultimately be. What will work best for you will depend on your personal taste and budget. 

A Punch of Color

When you choose a stone other than a diamond for an engagement ring or special piece of jewlery, you are getting something that has a bit more personality than a traditional diamond ring. This isn’t to say that diamonds don’t make elegant and beautiful jewlery, but some people like something a bit different that has a little bit more personality. This is why something like a sapphire and diamond ring is a great option. You get a really bold punch of color, without sacrificing the sparkle and shine of diamonds. 

Whether you want the diamond to be the focal point of the ring, or you want the sapphire to be, as in the piece we feature here, you are going to get a bold punch of color that clear diamonds just don’t provide. The rich, deep blue of sapphires makes a great choice for something that gives you a bold splash of color, but that will still look great with a wide range of fashions and other pieces of jewlery. The richness of the blue will depend on the quality of the sapphire you choose. The deeper and richer the color, the more expensive the stone. Sapphires can range in color from a dilute blue to a surprisingly rich and deep hue. 

One-of-a-Kind Engagement Ring

Some people looking for an engagement ring want something a little bit different but that isn’t straying too far from traditional. This is a great place for a sapphire and diamond ring. You get something that is truly elegant and with a timeless style, but you also get something that is a bit different from the norm. Most engagement rings are full-on diamonds. You get all that sparkle and shine, but there isn’t any color to go along with it. Some of us really like color and want to find a way to bring in a punch of bold color, even for our engagement ring.

The sapphire and diamond ring we feature here actually makes a great engagement ring. It is an elegant and classic style. It features a large central stone held in place by a prong and also features a full eternity band with diamonds. So what you get is a really classic and timeless style, but with an unexpected punch of color that really sets it apart from other engagement rings of a similar style. 

A Statement Piece

While the sapphire and diamond ring does make a really elegant and gorgeous engagement ring, that isn’t the only reason to get a piece of jewlery like this. It isn’t just a great engagement ring. Different versions of the ring will also look great as a statement piece or something that is part of your signature look. Since this is a bold piece of jewlery, it is the perfect option for a “look at me” piece. It is a dramatic piece of jewlery that will look stunning with formal wear and will naturally draw the eye. 

Since it is eye-catching, it is a great piece to bring out for formal occasions or high-end social events. The bold punch of color will draw others to look at the piece and the sparkle of the diamonds will add to the glamour and elegance of the piece. A ring like this will look good on pretty much any finger and will work with a wide range of formal or high-end occasions. You can easily pair a ring like this with other pieces of jewelry. The main this is, you want to try to stick to the same metal across pieces if possible. If all your jewlery is white gold, keeping with this metal will avoid clashing with other materials. 

In Closing

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or a statement piece of jewlery, a sapphire and diamond ring is a great choice. This is an elegant and unique piece of jewlery that gives a bold punch of color with the sparkle and shine of diamonds that we all know and love. The sapphire and diamond ring we feature here boasts a large, oval-shaped sapphire that is deeply and richly blue. The rich blue stone is offset by a full eternity band of sparkly diamonds. A piece like this is an elegant and bold piece of jewlery that is a little different from a classic diamond engagement ring. 

Pieces like this make a great option for an engagement ring, or they can also be worn as a statement piece for special occasions. The bold and sparkly nature of the ring means it will look great with formal attire and for high-end social events. It even pairs well with other pieces of jewelry, especially if you keep to the same metal across the different pieces. You’ll love the beauty and grace this ring brings to anything you pair it with. Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring or something to bring out for those high-end events, we know that you will love the sapphire and diamond ring. 


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