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Sapphire and Diamond Rolex Submariner

Sapphire and Diamond Rolex Submariner

It’s great to have a few high-end accessories, like a sapphire and diamond Rolex Submariner, as part of your regular wardrobe. The accessories we choose tell others a lot about us. And we know how important first impressions can be. It is difficult to change that impression once it is set. So it really does make a lot of sense to put some effort into choosing your clothing and accessories. It will help you put your best proverbial foot forward. Whether you are a business professional or just want to make a good first impression, choosing fine accessories will help you have that put-together look that is so important.

And with a watch like the Submariner, you are getting a high-end watch that has a ton of functionality. The addition of diamonds and sapphires makes this classic even more stylish and glamorous. They give it a bit of color, as well as that sparkle and shine we all love about diamonds. It is an incredibly versatile watch, too, which means it can easily become part of your signature look. 

Stunning Quality

We can see the quality with the naked eye, and this is especially true of high-end accessories like fine wristwatches. And there is hardly a brand that epitomizes luxury quite like Rolex. Since the company’s founding, they have worked hard to build a reputation as the finest watchmakers in the world. And this is a reputation that they continue to earn to this day. The sapphire and diamond Rolex Submariner we feature here is a great example of the brand. It is a wonderful blending of form and function. The watch has a ton of functionality and features some of the most cutting-edge internal components you can find.

But, the watch is also incredibly nice to look at. It is made from the finest materials available. Rolex is incredibly strict about their standards, so the materials that make the proverbial cut really are the best you can find. The sapphire and diamond Submariner we feature here boasts the finest quality diamonds and rare, richly-hued sapphires. Such quality gives you the peace of mind that you are getting a watch that is truly a good value and that will stand the test of time. It features Swiss-born craftsmanship and engineering.

Precision Design

While the Rolex Submariner is a watch that has the deep-sea diver in mind, you don’t have to be a diver to appreciate the quality and precision of Rolex design. The Swiss-born craftsmanship and engineering are cutting-edge and top-of-the-line. We can all appreciate precision, even if our lives don’t depend on it. In today’s cutthroat world of business, it takes every little edge to ensure success. Being punctual is a great quality to have. It shows others that you value your own time, as well as theirs. And with the sapphire and diamond Rolex Submariner, you are getting a truly precise, durable, and reliable watch.

Rolex holds patents on a range of different elements that feature in their watches. What this means is that what you get from Rolex really is one-of-a-kind. The Rolex-exclusive internal mechanism is among the most cutting-edge available on the market today. And you can only get them from Rolex. And, the fact that they design, engineer, and craft, in-house, is just part of why the company has such a strong following and high association with quality. Additionally, the watch we feature here is also automatic and self-winding. This means you will never have to wind the watch by hand to ensure it keeps accurate time. 

The Rolex Brand

Rolex is one of those brands that is synonymous with quality, style, precision, and elegance. Since their foundation, they have sought to innovate. They strive to provide both fun and comfortable high-end timepieces, as well as functional and purpose-built pieces. And since Rolex holds patents on many of the elements that feature in these watches, what you get from the company truly is one-of-a-kind. The engineers and craftsmen at Rolex work closely with people who work in a wide range of professions. They want to know the unique needs of this profession and create a timepiece that can provide for said needs.

It is this emphasis on functionality and precision, as well as durability, that has given Rolex such a fine name. And with pieces like the sapphire and diamond Submariner, we feature here, you know that you can find pieces that look just as great as they operate. The company has incredibly high standards for the materials that feature in their watches, so you know that these are the finest diamonds and sapphires available on the market. You can see the clarity and flawlessness of the diamonds, as well as the rich and deep hue of the sapphires. 

The Submariner Watch

rolex submariner sapphire and diamond

The Submariner saw its first introduction back in the 1950s and has been a favorite among divers and the like ever since. This watch is meant to be a literal survival tool, so it has a ton of features that really set it apart from other watches. The enhanced functionality makes it a great tool for the diver or underwater enthusiast, but you don’t have to be a diver to appreciate cutting-edge design and high functionality. 

Submariners feature large cases that have bioluminescent material on the hour markers. This makes it easy to view the watch, even in poor underwater lighting conditions. The unidirectional bezel allows the diver to measure their decompression times, which is a huge safety feature. I mean, the last thing a diver wants is to come up from their dive too early and end up with the bends. While these are huge safety features for divers, you don’t have to be one to appreciate the quality and value of this timepiece.

The sapphire and diamond version of the Submariner that we feature here has all the elements that make a Submariner such a beautiful and useful watch, but with the addition of fine gemstones. 

Elegant Additions

The Submariner is a handsome and classic watch, but the traditional designs are not the most opulent watches you can find. With a focus on function, they feature the finest materials, but the operation of the piece is the prime focus. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a version of the Submariner that has a bit more refinement and sophistication. The sapphire and diamond version of the watch we feature here is a perfect example of this. While it has all the hallmarks that make the Submariner such a functional watch, it also has the addition of fine gemstones.

The sapphires and diamonds that make up the bezel of the watch are the highest quality you can find. The alternating sparkle with rich color makes for a beautiful watch that is elegant and stylish. It is a lot more glamorous than a traditinoal Submariner. The watch also features more round, brilliant-cut diamonds on the bracelet of the watch. This cut is meant to maximize the amount of sparkle the stone puts off. So what you get is a glitzy, elegant, and really beautiful version of a popular functional classic. This really is a great blending of form and function. 

Sapphires and Diamonds

A lot of us love functionality in design, but that doesn’t mean we want to sacrifice the looks of the piece. The great thing about Rolex watches is that you don’t have to. Even their most blinged-out pieces still feature the functionality and precision design that makes Rolex watches so popular and well-received. But sometimes, we also want something that is going to attract a bit of attention. That is exactly what you get with the sapphire and diamond Submariner we feature here. You get all the features and functionality that make the Submariner such a useful watch, but you also get something really elegant as well.

The watch features some of the finest gemstones you can find. The bezel of the watch alternates between fine sapphires and sparkly diamonds. There are even more diamonds on the bracelet on the watch. What this means is that you get a ton of sparkle and shine which will definitely draw the eye of anyone who sees it. The nice punch of rich blue color also adds a bit more panache to the watch. And this rich blue isn’t so distracting that it will clash with other gemstones or colorful attire. 

Great for Daily Wear

Though the Submariner is a luxury watch, it is actually surprisingly versatile. That isn’t something you often get with high-end jewlery. Just think about most pieces of luxury jewlery – they aren’t exactly something you would want to wear on a trip to the grocery store. But there are high-end accessories that are actually pretty versatile and the sapphire and diamond Submariner we feature here is the perfect example of this. While it is definitely a high-end and elegant watch, it will pair with a huge range of different fashions. This means it will also look great on a wide range of social occasions.

There aren’t many high-end accessories that will look just as good with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a well-fitting suit. But the Submariner actually does! Pairing it with something more casual will give that casual look a style and elegance it wouldn’t otherwise have. And, of course, when you pair it with formal attire, it is going to look right at home. Since it is so versatile, it is a great option for daily wear. There is a lot that is attractive about a high-end piece of jewlery that you can wear with pretty much anything. 

Perfect Addition to Your Signature Look

close up rolex submariner sapphire diamond

And since the sapphire and diamond Submariner by Rolex is so versatile, it is a great option for your signature look. It is natural to want to have a look that is all your own. That expresses your fashion sense and personality. We can do this through the clothing we wear, how we carry ourselves, and the accessories we choose. A lot of people have a few go-to accessories that they wear with pretty much anything and the Submariner is a great candidate for this. Since it is so versatile and looks good with so many different things, it makes sense to add this to your signature look.

It will show others that you have an appreciation for fine quality and precision design. And it will enhance the look and feel of anything you pair it with. We know you will love the instant elegance and glamour something as simple as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt take on when you wear them with one of these watches. You can also pair this watch with other pieces of jewelry as well. A rule of thumb is to try to stick to the same metal across different pieces of jewlery.

In Closing

There are a few excellent examples of high-end accessories that blend form and function into a single piece. The sapphire and diamond Submariner by Rolex is a great example of this. The Submariner is a line of watches that are meant for the diver. It has all the features of a survival tool, which gives divers the peace of mind that they can have a safe and fun dive. But you don’t have to be a diver to appreciate a waterproof watch that is incredibly durable and reliable. Not to mention, it isn’t bad to look at either.

The Submariner is an elegant and stylish watch that features cutting-edge internal components that make it one of the most advanced functional timepieces on the market today. The sapphire and diamond version of the watch we feature here just goes to show that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty and quality just because you want a functional accessory. This watch is elegant and stylish, but also surprisingly versatile. It looks great with a wide array of fashions. It will pair just as well with a well-fitting suit or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It can easily become part of your signature look and we know you will appreciate the style and elegance it brings to your look.



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