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Sell Diamonds

Your premiere diamond buyer: Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Our expertise isn’t just about understanding diamonds—it’s about understanding you. Whether your life’s chapters are evolving or your tastes are changing, we honor your story and your decision to sell your diamonds. With respect and discretion, we stand as your premier diamond buyer.


Diamonds by Raymond Lee has transformed the diamond-selling experience. We’re not just another buyer; we’re the trusted companion you need on this journey. Our acquisition experts are now readily available for private consultations, offering a convenient, upscale service to the Boca Raton community and beyond.


Recognized for their standard in the industry, we’re eager to purchase your GIA-certified diamonds, offering fair market value and a solid return on your investment.


Selling larger diamonds requires discernment. We are the next generation of jewelers, with a legacy that lends us unique insights into the diamond industry. Our knowledge and experience ensure that your large diamonds are treated with the respect and attention they deserve.


Expertise is key in assessing the value of uncertified diamonds. Our GIA graduates are here to provide an expert evaluation and ensure you receive a fair price without the extra cost of certification.


The sale of fancy colored diamonds, particularly larger or rare ones, can be complex. Our team is equipped to evaluate and offer a seamless and rewarding sales process, bypassing the need for auction houses.


We have a passion for rare diamond jewelry, from antique pieces to vintage and haute joallerie collections. We appreciate the craftsmanship and are committed to giving you a return that acknowledges the piece’s worth.


Diamonds may last forever, but tastes evolve. Take advantage of our upgrade services to find a new diamond that reflects your current preferences, with a 100% credit towards future upgrades.

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