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Single-stone Diamond Rings

Single-stone Diamond Rings

solitaire rings appearance on the finger of a celebrity

Pieces of jewelry like single-stone diamond rings have a timeless class and elegance. People often call this style of ring a solitaire diamond ring as well. It might seem like this is a very simple ring, but there is actually a ton of variation to choose from. There are different diamond sizes, different cuts, and different settings. There are also different bands to choose from. This makes it easy to choose the perfect ring for your needs and style.

The accessories we choose say a lot about us. It tells others about our marital status, our fashion sense, and even our place in society. This is why we take so much care in choosing accessories to enhance our look and outfit. The diamond ring is timeless. It is popular and has been since pretty much time immemorial. This is because it is such a stunning, simple, and elegant piece of jewlery.

Most people don’t think about how versatile a single-stone diamond ring really is. There is so much variety to choose from that it is easy to find something that perfectly fits your style, fashion, and lifestyle. If you can’t find something that sends you, you can even consider having a custom piece of jewelry made. Our jewelers have a long history of making custom pieces of jewlery. We have the skills and experience to create a one-of-a-kind solitaire diamond ring that meets your exact standards.

All our jewlery features only the finest diamonds of the highest clarity. We use only the best quality metals and other materials in the construction of our rings. And we carefully choose each and every piece we sell.

Effortless Elegance

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and for good reason. Who doesn’t love the sparkle and elegant shine of high-quality diamonds? Since a solitaire or single-stone diamond ring features on large diamond (though more diamonds may appear on the band), you want to choose the highest quality diamond you can find or afford. This is going to be the centerpiece of your ring. It will draw the attention of the viewer and if it has a lot of flaws, they will be pretty noticeable.

There is something elegant and classic about a single-stone diamond ring. It looks amazing wiht all the different types of fashions. Whether you are wearing an evening gown or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, a single-stone diamond ring will beautifully accent the look. Any outfit is taken to an entirely new level of style and grace.

This type of ring matches pretty much any occasion. They look great with business attire, formal wear, and casual clothing. Any look gains a higher level of glamour and class. This classic design is something that never goes out of style. A single-stone diamond ring would be high fashion a hundred years ago and will still be high fashion 100 years from now.

Timeless Grace

There are certain designs that are simple and elegant and stand the test of time. Simple elegance is something that is and will always be in style. A basic single-stone diamond ring features high-end diamonds with a simple band. If you like a classic, elegant style, a large diamond that is set in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum looks amazing.

Clean lines and quality materials are what make a solitaire diamond ring so timeless. A clear, well-cut diamond naturally draws the eye to the ring. A solitaire or single-stone diamond ring looks amazing in a variety of different cuts and styles, which we will discuss in more detail below. Choosing a unique cut and quality band materials will ensure that you end up wiht a stunning, elegant, and timeless piece of jewlery. 

If simplicity isn’t really your style, but you like the idea of a timeless piece of jewlery, you can choose a unique cut of the diamond. There are tons of standard cuts and even some eccentric, unnamed cuts. The band of the ring is another place you can really show your style and fashion sense. Rather than a simple band made from high-quality metal, you can choose a more intricate band. These bands may feature twisted and worked metal or even feature smaller diamonds that encircle the band of the ring. 

Simple Bands

single-stone diamond ring

Single-stone diamond rings that feature simple bands are the most classic version of the diamond solitaire ring. The focal point of this piece of jewlery is the diamond so many choose bands that accentuate and don’t draw attention away from the diamond. This is why so many people choose a simple, smooth metal band to pair with their beautiful diamond.

The cut of the diamond is incredibly important for a solitaire ring that has a simple band. You want to make sure that you choose a quality stone. This is the focal point of the ring and will draw the eye to it. Different cuts will have different levels of light refraction. This results in more or less sparkle. Be sure you have a basic understanding of the different cuts of diamonds so you can be sure that you are happy with what you choose. 

Detailed Bands

single-stone detailed band

Not everyone wants a simple band. Some of us have a flashier style or simply want something with a bit more detail an intricacy. A single-stone diamond ring also looks great with a more complex band. Some bands will feature different types of metals, to give the ring a two- or three-tone appearance. You may also see bands that feature twisted or feature other metalwork to create a unique band.

Some people like a bit of extra flash. You can pair a single-stone diamond ring with a band that features small, pave-style diamonds for a truly stunning piece. Smaller diamonds accent the ring and give it an extra sparkle.

Different Cuts for Single-Stone Diamond Rings

single-stone diamond rings

The diamond, as one of the hardest stones on earth, can be cut into a wide range of shapes and cuts. Each cut will give the finished diamond a different look and feel. The cut of a diamond has an effect on the amount of light refraction a diamond will have. This provides the difference in the amount of light the stone will throw.

While there are far more cuts of diamonds than we can review in a short piece, let’s take a brief look at some of the most popular cuts available.

Round Brilliant Cut

This is the most popular cut of diamond available. Jewelers would use this cut just as often hundreds of years ago as it is today. There are different variations on this cut that give each stone its own level of shine and brilliance.

Given the name of the cut, it is easy to see that this is one of the more sparkly cuts you can select. There is a lot of flexibility with this cut. Due to the nature of this cut, you want to be sure you choose the highest grades of diamonds as flaws will more easily stand out.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

This cut of diamond is also very popular. Most often, this stone will be either square or rectangular. Like the round-cut stone, the princess-cut stone refracts a large amount of light, giving the stone a good sparkle.

Most cuts of diamonds display the most color at the center of the stone. Part of what makes this cut so unique is that the color is also apparent at the edges of the stone. This gives this cut a unique way of emitting color.

Marquise-Cut Diamonds

For those who like larger diamonds, this is a great choice of cut. The marquise-cut diamond is a great shape for those who want to have the diamond as the true center and focal piece of the ring. If you want a solitaire diamond ring that is classic and simple in style, this is an excellent choice.

This cut of diamond looks great with a simple band made from platinum or any color of gold. People also like this shape because of the slimming effect it has on the finger. It makes our fingers appear longer and more slender.

The diamond can have a variety of dimension rations. It can be longer and thinner or shorter and fatter. The different dimensions will lead to unique pieces.

Cushion-Cut Diamond

This is a great cut for a single-stone diamond ring and is also a very popular cut. This cut may also come under the name of pillow-cut. It is a timeless cut of diamond. The ring will have a level of class and elegance that is hard to match. 

This cut features round corners and a lot of large facets. This adds to its light refraction qualities. This style of ring has a sparkle and shine most similar to round-cut brilliant diamonds. Like the princess-cut diamond, the cushion-cut diamond may have a round or rectangular shape, depending on your preferences.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

This is one of the more unique diamond shapes. It features rectangular facets in a step-cut. This brings out the natural clarity of the stone. For this reason, only the finest and highest-grade diamonds will get this cut.

This cut will show flaws in the stone, so you want to make sure that the stone you choose is as flawless as possible. It features a rectangular table and inclusions and inner color will be brought out by the cut.

Radiant-Cut Diamonds

This style of diamond features elements of an emerald-cut diamond and a round brilliant diamond. Similar to the emerald cut, the corners of the ring have the same type of edge and trim. The brilliance of light refraction of the stone has a shine and glint like a round-cut brilliant diamond.

This is a versatile cut that looks amazing on its own or you can pair it with a more complex band that features diamonds around the band.

Pear-Cut Diamonds

This is a cut that isn’t as well known as some of the others we look at here. This is a combination of round and marquise cut diamonds. It has one side that ends in a point and the other side is round. And it gives the diamond the slimming effect of a marquise diamond.

However, it also gives the finished ring a more delicate and dainty appearance. They are brilliant-cut so they also have a lot of sparkle and shine.

Oval Diamonds

This is a more modern cut for a diamond. It is growing in popularity. This is popular in engagement rings. This stone has many of the elements of a round-cut brilliant diamond. However, it will be longer and not totally round.

Single-Stone Diamond Ring Engagement and Statement Rings

When most of us think of single-stone diamond rings, we think about engagement rings. This is because they make such gorgeous options for an engagement ring. The versatility and timeless elegance of this style make it a great option for a piece of jewelry you will wear daily.

However, engagement rings are not the only way to enjoy a single-stone diamond ring. Diamond rings look amazing on any finger. Say, for example, you want a statement ring or an alternative for a piece of daily wear jewelry. A solitaire diamond ring is a great option for this as well.

In Closing

The single-stone diamond ring never goes out of fashion. It is a popular style of ring that has a timeless elegance and classic grace. This style of ring puts the emphasis on the diamond, so it is the perfect type of jewlery if you want to feature a high-quality, high-grade stone. The focal point of the ring draws the eye. Since the diamond is the focal point in this style of ring, you want to take care in choosing a quality stone.

Whether as an engagement ring or a piece of statement jewlery, the solitaire diamond ring is a great choice. There are so many different cuts of diamonds that give the ring different looks and feels. You can pair a high-grade diamond with a simple band made from high-quality metal. This creates an effortless look of timeless glamour. For those who like a bit more sophistication, a single-stone diamond ring easily pairs with worked metal, two-tone metal, or bands that feature smaller diamonds around the entirety of the band.


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