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Solid Oval Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Solid Oval Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Solid Oval Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

There is no feeling in the world greater than the tickles of happiness at the prospect of a love union. Knowing that you get to spend the rest of your life with the love of your life if they say YES is exhilarating. And, of course, everything can move from optimism to perfection if you do it right. It is important to do your best when popping that question. Aside from many beautiful things you already want to do, you also want to choose the perfect ring. Concerning perfection, a solid oval rose gold diamond engagement ring fits right.  

The solid oval diamond engagement ring has been a tool of love for even the best of us. Travis Baker has proposed to his sweetheart, Kourtney Kardashian, using the oval sparkler. Apart from Travis, people like Ariana Grande and Blake Lively wear oval-like rings. Also, Hailey Bieber and Serena Williams, among others, have worn it. The oval diamond is popular among the world’s fashion icons. And, yes, it can make its wearer stand out among the crowd. 

Oval rings seem to be on the rife right now. With continued exposure, its dominance in the fashion world would not be shocking. Given its source and how they found it, we would say that we saw this coming.

Origin of an Oval Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Elongated shaped stones, which we can all agree look like ovals, have existed for centuries. Besides, signet rings were oval as far back as the same period. The 1700s came, and the ring appeared in places like Georgian era England. Its appearance here made it more visible among the English. And then, after 150 years, Queen Victoria brought the Koh-I-Noor diamond. 

Origin of an oval rose gold diamond engagement ring

After acquiring this ring from India, she recut it. From a 186-carat stone, the Koh-I- Noor became 105 carat stone. The royals’ affinity for this stone made them place it in the crown for Queen Elizabeth. This happened in 1937, by the way. Only about 20 years difference from its next heyday. Thanks to Lazare Kaplan in 1957, the world saw a new dimension to the oval stone. This Russian diamond dealer made an oval gemstone. Then, the greatest advantage of his work was that he could produce this shape en masse. Of course, there has been more growth for the oval stone ever since. 

While oval shapes appeared in the 1700s, rose gold engagement rings didn’t appear until the 1800s. It first appeared in Russia. This is why we call it the Russian gold to date. The rose gold ring couldn’t have picked a better time when romance was a high commodity. It was the Victorian era. At the time public affection between Victoria and Albert went viral. Both of them being English Monarchs, it was only right that they made Rose gold rings popular. The ring dipped in popularity for a while, only to return in 1920 through Carter. These trinity rings came in rose gold, yellow, and white. This ring rose and fell in popularity until 1950, when it acquired a level of stability. Ever since, it has continued to rise

The combination of oval and rose gold may not be something that you have envisioned. However, it is a great invention. Its popularity among celebrities and the masses confirms that everyone loves it. It continues to gain traction. Hence, the perfect fit for when you propose to the love of your life. 

Asides from the fact that it is the perfect piece to beautify her finger, there are other benefits. 

The Benefits of Solid Oval Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

There is no stopping the influence of the solid oval rose gold diamond engagement ring. It has continued to prove its importance to many and under many circumstances. It is safe to say that the benefits of the solid oval rose gold diamond engagement ring make them worthy. Here are some of the benefits

  • The size

The size of an oval diamond ring has always been a great advantage. From what we know, a one-carat oval diamond is bigger than one carat of a round diamond. Observing the surface area would let you find that the oval diamond has a larger one. 

So, expect your oval diamond ring to look bigger on your hands. If you are the type who wants your ring to look visible, the oval diamond is perfect. Otherwise, there are always other options to pick from here. 

the benefit of oval rose gold diamond engagement ring

  • The Price 

When the oval rose gold ring is not excelling in size, it is doing well in price. There is no reason to pretend that some engagement rings these days are not pricey. For some people, the ideal engagement ring is the last thing they can afford. You would not have to worry about the price with an oval rose gold ring. The lesser price is because the oval ring allows jewelers to cut away less of the original rough. So, the process of making the oval records less waste when compared to the likes of round diamonds. Hence, the lesser price. 

  • The Unique bow-tie formation

The oval-shaped diamond engagement ring is unique in many ways. One of the things that make it stand out among others is the presence of a unique bow-tie formation. This bow tie effect happens when light does not go back and forth in the middle of the stone. This  does not make your oval diamond ring problematic per se. If anything, it makes it a unique one as the absence of light is due to the way jewelers cut the oval stone. 

  • The versatility

With over 15 settings for your diamond rings, it is good news to know that this one is versatile. We can test its ability to be versatile by pairing the oval stone with all available settings. There is a guarantee that it will fit right with most, if not all, settings. Its versatility makes it easy for different people to explore styles. 

Yes, not everyone with a flair for oval-shaped stone likes the solitaire setting. Some prefer the bezel, while others may prefer the halo, flush, and cluster settings. Whichever setting sounds or looks great to you is fine as it will fit with the oval rose gold ring. 

There is something about being versatile that makes this piece stand out. And, of course, this makes it one of the greatest choices any lover of the oval ring can make. 

  • The popularity

This may not mean much to you in the grand scheme of things. But, you would agree that it does feel like you belong to the elite group to share tastes with the likes of Blake Lively. As earlier stated, Ariana Grande, Travis Baker, and Serena Williams have also worn it. Can you imagine sharing the same beautiful piece with these important people? It sure looks like a great view in your imagination as we are sure it will look in reality. 

  • The Durability

The oval rose gold diamond is one of the most long-lasting rings. It owes its ability to last long to the presence of an alloy copper. So, apart from the beauty and fire that the alloy adds to the piece, it also excels in strength. The strength coupled with its ability to resist wear and tear is magical. This combination handles the long time use. 

Of course, longevity is one of the greatest advantages of any piece. Not worrying about when your ring will wear or tear is a blessing. When your center stone is set to last like the oval stone, you may redesign it. We know that the oval shape fits with any setting. Adding that to its ability to last long gives you options. You get to explore different ring settings and different designs. 

  • It compliments all skin type

One of the things people worry about when they want to get their luxury ring is their skin type. Most times, the color of the stone or the setting of the stone contradicts the skin type. In this case, it can take a lot away from the fire and beauty. When the color does not agree with the skin, it becomes hard to consider it valuable. Thanks to the oval rose gold, you do not need to worry about your skin type. From what we know, the color is a perfect fit for all skin types. 

No doubt, the solid oval rose gold diamond engagement ring ranks high in value. And yes, it will be important as long as their features are intact. 

From the benefits, anyone would consider owning the oval rose gold ring. If you belong in this category of people, there are tips you should consider before getting it. Before picking a solid oval rose gold ring, consider some factors.

Factors to consider before picking an oval rose gold diamond engagement ring 

  • Color

Perhaps, this sounds surprising because the focus is on rose gold color, right? Right! But, oval rose gold comes in two different colors. And of course, these colors are due to the use of copper. The 14k oval rose gold diamond engagement ring uses more copper alloy. Hence, it is pinker. The 18k oval rose gold diamond engagement ring is different. It is more of a champagne color. And this is because it uses less copper alloy. 

Deciding the color you want will help you make the right decision. 

  • Tall or Squat?

Factors to consider before picking an oval rose gold diamond engagement ring

One of the things you cannot but check out before buying this ring is the length to width ratio. It is this ratio that makes you pick your Preference. Some people prefer when their oval rose gold is long. This type favors the length and looks sharper and more pronounced. But, the people that prefer a larger oval get the softer look of the ring. Yes, the preferences will always matter. Although, most people go for the bow-tie 1.30 – 150 length to width ratio for oval rose gold rings. 

  • The bow-tie effect

Like the pear cut diamond, the oval shape ring is susceptible to the bow-tie effect. Are you wondering what a bow-tie effect means? Wonder no more. A bow-tie effect is a darkness at the center due to poor light reflection. Hence, you must check out the HD image before purchasing. While you may not be able to rid the ring of the bow-tie effect in total. Watching out for it can lessen the effect as it helps you go for  the one that is not so obvious. 

  • Is it good for everyday wear?

If you want to get an engagement ring that you can always wear, you should inquire. There are rings classified as a high value that people cannot wear every day. The oval rose gold diamond engagement ring is not one of them. As you already know, gold alloys are popular for being fit for everyday wear. So, you should not shy away from this rose gold ring if you hope to get one that is great for everyday wear. 

Final Thoughts

Many things point to the fact that you cannot make a mistake with this piece. The solid oval rose gold diamond engagement ring is a blessing. And if you see/treat it as such, you are about to have the time of your life with it. 

Have you checked the bow-tie effect, the color and the shape? Do these things meet your expectation of a solid rose gold diamond engagement ring? If yes, you are lucky. A positive answer to these questions is enough to make you go ahead and buy here

As long as you care for it, you need not worry about wear and tear. At least no tear and wear should be happening to it anytime soon. 


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