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The Classic Aura of Emerald Ring

The Classic Aura of Emerald Ring

Emerald ring

It is a known fact that emerald engagement rings will always steal the show. This ring enjoys a level of widespread fame, especially amongst celebrities. Over the years, many celebrities have rocked these emerald rings. Notable amongst them are:

  • Amal Clooney
  • Kim Kardashian West
  • Beyoncé
  • Demi Lovato
  • Jennifer Lopez

Introducing Emerald Rings

This is a stone with a rectangular shape and cut corners. An emerald ring comes with step cuts. These step cuts are like huge facets that are in parallel positions to one another. One special part of this cut is its long rectangular structure and its unique layers of facets. This kind of ring is a perfect fit with top-quality diamonds.

It is equally a top-quality piece judging from how it is formed. Emerald engagement rings are products of techniques that are best done by experts. Cutting emeralds demands very keen attention and expertise.

This is one unique amongst other precious stones. And with the right cut, every inclusion will be clearer. Not just that, the color of the stone stands out more. The cut’s straight shape will be a beautiful view on your fingers. The structure makes your fingers appear lean and long.

  • Emerald Engagement Rings: Classic Aura for The Perfect Bride

So, are you looking to get an emerald ring? That cannot be a bad choice considering others out there that want the same thing. You are in good company.

As mentioned earlier, a good number of celebrities are also fans of this amazing piece of jewelry. And, there must be a reason why these celebrities like these several cut rings. Could it be because an emerald-cut diamond ring has a long shape? And, this shape gives the stone a bugger look compared to other diamond shapes.

Or, is it the gem’s steep facets that produce a stunning, mirror-like impression?

Whatever it is, one thing is certain! The emerald cut is a grand cut that sets the tone for an equally grand stone appearance.

Note: If you want a ring that gives you the sparkles, then the emerald cut ring might fall short. This ring does not have the best sparkles out there. Brilliant or round cut stones will sparkle better!

Nevertheless, this is one very elegant piece of jewelry. And as an engagement ring on your finger, the emerald cut will give you that lovely and attractive flatter your fingers deserve.

In all, the emerald cut diamond is the most suitable option for the perfect bride. First is its broad surface area that gives that larger appearance compared to other diamond shapes. Then there is the overall standing-out look this ring has.

In this article, you will be exposed to the best emerald engagement rings to grace the ring finger of a perfect bride. But, before then, let us go through certain details about this epic piece of jewelry. Keep reading!

  • Emerald Rings Through History

According to experts in gemology, the emerald cut engagement ring has a rich history spanning over a very long period. This cut is one of the oldest shapes of the diamond. Again, it has been prominent in the jewelry world for centuries.

The origin of its name, emerald cut, is from the emerald gemstone it contains. So, to cut an emerald gemstone can only give you an emerald cut ring. And for the cut, it has developed over time. With time, gemstone cutters discovered that cutting emeralds the way it is cut presently make them chipless.

Lastly, for a piece of jewelry that has been for centuries, you will wonder how it has remained relevant. Well, emerald rings have not always been relevant. In fact, the ring only became popular again in the early 20th century during the Art Deco era.

  • Beautifully Designed

It is natural to want to choose a ring that is as beautiful as possible. Our engagement ring should be elegant, well-made, and feature only the finest materials. And, as we noted earlier, since you are wearing this every day, it makes sense to choose a classic and timeless style. 

On their own, each of the styles that feature in this ring is elegant, beautiful, and classic designs. The emerald cut diamond is a flawless and beautiful cut that shows off the depth and quality of the stone. The hidden halo adds extra sparkle and shine and even gives the ring a bit of texture.

With a half eternity band, it adds even more shine and gives the ring some lovely symbolism that is a really great thing for an engagement ring. It can really symbolize your love and relationship. Since the ring features only the finest materials, you have the peace of mind that this is an engagement ring that will really stand the test of time. Also, you know that because you chose classic styles, they will still look great in a few years.

Dissenting the Details of this Emerald Cut Ring

  • Yellow Gold Material 

When we think about classic materials and features of jewelry, the type of metal that features in the ring is pretty important. If you really want to stick with classic tradition, the way to go is yellow gold. This is the original color of gold that humans have worked on since its discovery. 

The rich, buttery yellow hue is hard to miss. In the piece we feature here, the yellow gold offsets beautifully with the emerald cut diamond, the hidden halo, and the eternity band. 

Yellow gold is a classic, and the rich and warm hue pairs beautifully with diamonds. Gold is soft, so when you use gold to make jewelry or other items, it is imperative to mix pure gold with other, harder alloys of metal. It’s the blending of these materials that gives the yellow gold the strength it needs to be useful in jewelry and other purposes. 

If you tried to make a piece of jewelry out of pure yellow gold, it would be too soft. The material wouldn’t have the strength needed for the piece to keep its shape. This classic material is the perfect choice for an engagement ring.

  • The Emerald Cut Diamond

The emerald cut diamond is an elegant and popular cut that features a square or rectangular shape. This is a great cut for those who want to show off the depth and clarity of the stone they chose. Rather than giving off a ton of sparkle and shine, this cut gives off depth and fire.

This is due to the step cuts on the pavilion of the stone. It leaves a large table, which is a flat space that allows you to see into the stone. This causes a neat interplay of light and dark. It is a dramatic-looking stone that can give off really unique flashes of fire and light.

The emerald cut diamond was, unsurprisingly, originally invented for use on the emerald. But this cut looks so great that it soon became popular in cutting diamonds as well. It is a unique alternative to traditional cuts that have more of an emphasis on the sparkle and shine the stone puts off. 

Because this cut shows the interior of the diamond, you will want to choose the finest diamond you can afford. You definitely want to prioritize quality over size here. Any flaw in the stone will be readily apparent with an emerald cut.

What Contributes to the Classic Aura of the Emerald Engagement Ring?

  • Stunning Design

If you have not seen a halo setting with an emerald cut, you miss a great deal of beauty. For anyone who has seen this piece, it is easy to agree that it has one of the unique designs. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a more special piece than one featuring such a rare gemstone at its center. The gem cutters that made this emerald cut were able to create a balance. It is the perfect option if you are gunning for a unique design that is also not overstated. 

  • Smooth Surface

Big kudos to the shape of the emerald cut. There are no complex corners or several angles. It is a flat gemstone with few angled cuts. At best, the emerald ring looks like the smallest size of a four-cornered table design. And so, it is no surprise that it has one of the smoothest surfaces in the history of engagement rings. 

  • Sparkling Gem 

We have established that the emerald ring is not the type to draw attention. It is unlike the round brilliant, which flashes with brilliance for a second time. While the glitter may not be as often with an emerald cut, there is no saying that it never flashes. If you are keen on seeing it glitter, there are angles you have to adopt. So, yes. The emerald ring glitters, if not always, when in the right position.

  • Blends in with Surrounding Stones Effortlessly

An emerald cut with its flat top and four sharp corners is the best shape for surrounding stones. The corners are set for stone/gem placement. And, of course, the rectangular corners are set to bring out the beauty of the arrangement. 

  • A Flattering Finger Piece

If your fingers are slim, then the emerald engagement ring may be the right one for you. It also works if your fingers are long. This is not to say that they are not great on other finger types. However, they shine the brightest and look the best when your fingers are slim or long. 

Maintaining Your Emerald Engagement Rings

Now, you have gotten the emerald ring that suits your needs as a bride or for a bride. What happens next?

You must know how to take good care of this ring. If for nothing, these emerald cut rings are too chic and elegant to be handled poorly. Here, we will run through certain steps to follow to keep your emerald cut rings in the best condition. Follow through!

  • Clean with Warm Water and Soap

Whenever you want to clean your emerald rings, ensure you use warm water and soap. Do not use anything sharp on your emerald cut ring.

  • Scrub Mildly Using A Soft Toothbrush

Again, we advise that you use a mild-bristled toothbrush. Use this toothbrush to scrub the ring mildly. Pay attention to the tiny corners and the spaces between the prongs.

  • At Least One Visit to A Jeweler Yearly

Another step in this home-care routine is a minimum of one visit yearly to a jeweler. This step is necessary as it helps you restore the ring to great condition. Your jeweler will fasten the prongs of your rings to keep the stone in place and firm.

There are other things jewelers do professionally to clean your ring. That way, they restore that beautiful first-time look the ring has.

Here’s the Engagement Ring for your Preferred Style

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your taste as well as your lifestyle may seem difficult, but with a bit of thought, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. The emerald cut diamond with hidden halo and eternity band we feature here is a great choice for someone who lives a semi-active lifestyle and doesn’t need fine use of their hands on a daily basis. 

One of the biggest considerations you have to undertake when choosing the ring is to choose something that you like the way it looks, and will continue to like the way it looks. But looks aren’t everything. 

The ring is something that you will wear every day. This means that it needs to fit in with your lifestyle. Say, for example, you live a very active lifestyle or use your hands a lot for your job or hobbies. In this case, you might want to choose something simpler. 

Rings that have gemstones that extend far out from the band of the ring may not be suitable for those who work with their hands. If this isn’t a concern, the sky’s the limit. You really do have no end of choices.


Whether you’re shopping for an emerald ring for yourself or someone else, Diamonds by Raymond Lee is where to be. This text exposes you to many details. Now, you can make the right choice of engagement ring to bring out that perfection you desire. Check here for more emerald rings.


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