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The GMT-Master II Stunner by Rolex 

The GMT-Master II Stunner by Rolex 

GMT-Master II by Rolex

Over time, Rolex continues to grow its reputation and pedigree as a top watchmaking brand. This is not by chance. With its array of groundbreaking and revolutionary timepieces, this is bound to happen in some way. One of these revolutionary products is the GMT-Master II by Rolex. 

In addition, one must commend how Rolex manages to spin out timepieces that showcase watchmaking excellence. All the wristwatches produced by this outstanding watchmaker display a fair deal of creativity and attention to detail. The GMT-Master II by Rolex is one of these products.

When you check the array of luxury watches that feature on the brand’s production line, the quality is always present. This explains why the brand again stunned the world at Baselworld 2018. In that event, the Swiss luxury watchmaker performed similar wonders. Rolex stunned us and the fans with a spanking new Rolex GMT Master II stunner. 

Do you wish to rock this amazing timepiece on your wrist? Then, continue reading to find out all the details of this wristwatch in this review post. 

NOTE: The first release of the Rolex GMT-Master model gave us a different shrill.  Since then, the red and blue bezel continues to be its remarkable trademark. The bezel earned it the nickname ‘Pepsi’. Well, the reason is apparent. The colors present on its bezel are the same colors found on the soda brand’s logo.

There is more to this brand than you read yet. Keep reading as we dive into the full details of this timepiece. 

The GMT-Master II by Rolex Chronicles

GMT-Master II by Rolex

The appearance of the GMT-Master II by Rolex may not pass off as a truly significant timepiece. Yet, it is one of the most iconic releases from the Rolex brand. A very good way to discover the true pedigree and worth of this timepiece is by taking a deep look into its background.

It all began in 2005. That year, Rolex released the yellow gold GMT-Master II Ref 116718LN. The brand made this release on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the GMT-Master line. Rolex seized this chance to also release the brand’s new patented ceramic bezel addition. 

This new addition is watertight. No room for fades or scratches. Indeed, this was an important addition to the offerings of the brand. However, this insert came with a slight drawback. This ceramic bezel only featured a single hue.

Well, over the years, aluminum bezel additions on GMT-Master timepieces always come in two colors. Plus, this trend dates back to as far as the first Ref 1675. This was a release from the late 1950s. 

The motive behind this move is rather straightforward and clear. Thanks to the 24-hour scale featured on this bi-directional bezel, there is more functionality. You can easily keep tabs on two time zones all at once. 

Furthermore, to increase the readability of this timepiece, Rolex ensured the insert appears in two different sections. The red section of the bezel functions to tell daylight hours. And, for the other blue, it reads hours in the nighttime. 

More so, the design of this timepiece is nothing else but iconic. Consequently, this explains why the GMT-Master II by Rolex remains the widely accepted and known brand to date.

introducing The GMT-Master II Stunner 

During this innovative period, Rolex declared the impossibility that lies in the creation of a bi-color Cerachrom bezel. Subsequently, most of the releases from the brand followed this assertion. 

However, it all changed in 2013. That year, the watchmaking world welcomed the release of the Batman GMT-Master II. This is not to say there was no prior production of an all-black bezel in a wristwatch. 

Previously, in 1970, the Rolex brand released a GMT-Master timepiece featuring a black aluminum bezel insert. Truly, these bi-color models were not as famous as other Rolex releases. Nevertheless, the brand did not stop production until the close of the 90s.

With the results that followed, this didn’t make a difference that significant regardless. The new GMT-Master II releases with a new look were widely accepted. Most wristwatch enthusiasts desired the new ceramic bezel addition. 

Therefore, the arrival of the steel version of this wristwatch in 2007, received huge acceptance from watch collectors globally. In fact, due to its widespread acceptance and availability, it became a well-known name in the world of wristwatch lovers. 

Additionally, the GMT-Master II by Rolex was more available than the solid gold and two-tone models. This availability exists regardless of the other watches coming before it. Anyone would enjoy the way the steel case blended perfectly with the rest of this tool watch aesthetic. 

More so, this timepiece paid an underlying tribute to the less famous black bezel GMT-Master.

The GMT-Master II by Rolex: An Stunner in Its Essence

To understand the intricacies and the value of the GMT-Master II by Rolex, come along as we walk through the details. 

  • Styled Like Never Before

Primarily, the Rolex GMT-Master models were made specifically as tool watches for pilots in navigation. Nevertheless, certain qualities stood out in these wristwatches. Majorly, these qualities were its strong and stylish look, as well as its remarkable functionality.

All of these qualities and styling attract gentlemen from other works of life to this exceptional timepiece. The GMT-Master II captions numerous time zone displays. Hence, it presents an appealing image for men who love to travel.

Meanwhile, it will be incomplete to talk about the styling without going over the colors again. For this version of the GMT-Master wristwatch, you have a timepiece appearing in purple color. This is a tad different from the GMT-Master 1675 with a jeans-blue color. The latter came into the scene in the 70s.

Do you wonder why there is no other Rolex product that you can compare this watch to based on color? Then, you are not alone. Statements from the Rolex brand state how tough it is to come up with an exact color blend. 

However, if you truly wish to find something similar, there can be some similarity in the ceramic inlay.

Check out the GMT-Master II by Rolex wristwatch. What do you find? The ceramic inlay of the watch appears like that of the white gold model. Regardless, some particular improvements come in to add to this watch’s grandness. One of these additions comes in the lugs. 

Finally, this timepiece again comes with a unique bracelet that passes off an entirely elegant impression.

  • A Diamond-Infused Timepiece

This is yet another aspect of the GMT-Master II by Rolex that attracts most of the attention it received. This aspect is its infusion with diamonds. To Rolex, this is nothing less than a vital procedure that demands some level of expertise from the craftsperson.

Alt-Image: diamond-infused GMT-Master II 

Meanwhile, this expertise is not only in styling. It further extends again to how precious stones come in to add to the beauty of this watch. 

Do not forget that diamonds are one of a kind, unlike other precious stones. Therefore, a custom GMT-Master II by Rolex can give you that additional glam. Again, it adds that touch of luxury to an already outstanding timepiece. 

  • Affordable and Within Reach

Considering the price of the GMT-Master II by Rolex, there is almost nothing left to worry about. The cost is way lesser than other brands of wristwatches. 

Regardless, the GMT-Master wristwatch still ensures value and grandness in various ways. It makes it even easier to meet the needs of watch enthusiasts. The cost of getting one of these timepieces makes it a desirable product. However, the price might vary a little bit depending on your location.

For instance, the Rolex GMT-Master cost in the UK is not the same as its price in London. This is the situation as well in other countries. Plus, you have little to worry about as you can find a Rolex GMT Master on sale in the UK as well as in London. Certainly, this will help lessen your financial stress.

As regards availability, there is nothing for you to worry about. All over the world, you can find enough supplies for these watches everywhere. All of these timepieces come in a structured supply that makes it easy to send them out evenly.  

Hence, you can easily find models of this timepiece for both men and women. All of these products come evaluated and scheduled properly from their release. That way, it can easily get to every customer all over the world. 

Additionally, there is Rolex GMT Master Finance. Now, you can effortlessly clear any doubts when buying this timepiece. 

The Pre-Owned Version of The GMT-Master II by Rolex

Do you wish to get a GMT-Master II by Rolex timepiece, but you are short of cash? You still have another option you can try out. You can go for a second-hand Rolex GMT Master II wristwatch. 

It can either be a pre-owned or used product that comes on sale again. Meanwhile, being second-hand products, they come quite cheap. 

Moreover, a second-hand timepiece like the Rolex GMT-Master cannot be seen as a common product. Plus, this timepiece undergoes an in-depth and detailed improvement. This improvement comes in prior to the watch being passed down to the likely buyers. 

More on the Specifications

Over time, one fact remains clear, when talking about luxury watches, we pay more attention to their functions. Especially when it’s on sale, attention goes to its functionality. Furthermore, this is the most important part of any wristwatch. Afterward, what comes next is the design of the wristwatch. 

This is one tenet Rolex continues to hold on to. You will see how much the brand references functionality above the design. When you check out these timepieces even to the core, this is obvious. 

Hence, Rolex infused the GMT-Master II by Rolex with a good array of groundbreaking elements. For example, thanks to its huge barrel, you get a 70-hour power reserve. In addition, this timepiece comes with Paraflex shock absorbers and Chronergy escapement. 

For this Swiss watchmaking brand, the goal was to create an upsurge in the power reserve. Hence, the power reserve came with such enablement to allow it to last a minimum of three days. 

What more can be thrilling about this wristwatch? The wristwatch functions within the -2 and +2 seconds every single day. Plus, it functions simultaneously. Also, this falls within the acceptable chronometer requirements.

  • How About the Time Display? 

This is present both in the old and the current edition. Similar to how it used to be, Rolex introduced a 24-hour hand. This feature functions together with a 12-hour indicator. More so, the long red hand works hand in hand with them all as well.

To add to the specs, the rotating bezel appears in a split featuring two halves. Each half tells 12-hour. Also, it is enhanced by showing Greenwich Meridian Time as the name GMT suggests. That particular feature is a perk specifically channeled at airline pilots. They need this to keep track of the second time zone using the GMT feature.

Conclusion: The Modern-Day GMT-Master II by Rolex

A change came on the back of the release of a new crop of GMT-Master II in 2007. Thereafter, Rolex created a new path as regards references, doing away with the former ones.

This is all thanks to the presence of a new and sturdy design that comes with a ceramic bezel. Presently, the GMT-Master II by Rolex passes on this trend. The present crop of this timepiece is all modern tool watches with no similarity to other watches.

Certainly, Rolex built it with elegance and class as the focus. Besides, it is a revolutionary timepiece that does not conform to the trend of its predecessors. 

Check out the bezel, the bracelet, the clasp, and the dial, there is enough to admire. This new timepiece from Rolex passes those subtle hints of a new direction. All of these fresh crops of GMT-Master II by Rolex stand out always from the rest of the pack. All of its parts display excellence. This is a wristwatch to truly desire.


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