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The Growth And Success Of Two-Tone Rolex Datejust Timepieces

The Growth And Success Of Two-Tone Rolex Datejust Timepieces

two-tone Rolex bracelet

Before diving into the world of two-tone Rolex Datejust timepieces, we must begin by clearing the air over certain misgivings. Certain things are pardonable when it comes down to wristwatch preferences. Like the thought that Rolexes people only care about steel sports timepieces such as: 

  • “Hulk” Submariners
  • The ceramic Daytona
  • BLRO “Pepsi” GMT Masters
  • BLNR “Batman”
  • “Orange Hand” Explorer 2s. 

Presently, the steel version of the Rolex Datejust 41 is evolving into a premium timepiece. This Rolex watch is gradually making its way into the grey market. More so, there is a rise in vintage prices compared to other bigger market leaders. And that leaves watch enthusiasts in a purchase decision quagmire.

Moreover, white-gold Daytonas come in as less cheap options to steal timepieces of the same period. Plus, yellow gold versions as well retain their own market and are set to take off in grand style. However, there is a Rolex watch type that is still under the radar when considering the modern and vintage sections. These Rolex watches are THE TWO-TONE ROLEX DATEJUST TIMEPIECES.

Specifically, the combination of steel and golf in the makeup of a Rolex wristwatch can come in varieties. And, the two-tone Rolex bracelet can also be called steel-and-gold, two-tone, bi-color, or Rolesor.

Note: Rolesor is Rolex’s official term for the two-tone Rolex bracelet

The Rise In Acceptance Of The Two-tone Rolex Bracelet

Furthermore, some of Rolex’s most renowned and celebrated introductions in the last two years feature Rolesor bracelets. Also, Tudor introduced its own limited edition of the dish with Steel-and-Gold (S&G) Black Bays. With these recent events, it is time to consider the two-tone Rolex watches from a different perspective.

Two-tone Rolex Datejust watches

A well-known Mayfair watch dealer who is also a lover of the two-tone Datejust had the following to say anonymously, “The beauty of steel-and-gold is that it matches both white gold and platinum jewelry as well as yellow gold. These pieces were always a great option for lady customers, but now men are also wearing a lot more jewelry and so it is a consideration for them, too.”

Overall, we live in an era where blending and matching is the new big thing. Now ladies and gents wish to match their wedding rings with their watch metal and belt buckle color. This trend is utterly irrelevant. Albeit, two-tone Rolex Datejust timepieces present themselves as the ideal option for the modern man.

The History Of Two-tone Rolex Datejust Timepieces

It was never in doubt as to how distinguished Rolex is as a watchmaker. This level of prominence cuts across all parts of the watchmaking world. Rolex is itself, one of the best-known matchmaking brands in general, all over the world. Therefore, one can easily conclude that this is the outcome of outrageous marketing budgets and other less-tangible conditions. Well, these aspects as well, play a part 

However, to ignore the history of the company and its products would be a significant disservice to the Rolex story. More so, the Rolex Datejust is one of the earliest models that still exists today. Hence, the Rolex Datejust easily offers a true lens through which we can explore why Rolex is, well, Rolex.

  • The Rolex Backstory

Rolex began its watchmaking adventure in 1905 thanks to Hans Wilsdorf. At the start, the brand operated from its location in the United Kingdom with the name Wilsdorf & Davis. Later on, in 1920, a new name, Rolex SA appeared. This change followed Wilsdorf’s relocation to Switzerland where he had his major suppliers. That move gave birth to the company we have today. 

From the early years of Rolex, we can draw out certain insights to assess Rolex’s journey into this prominent brand. You might want to consider Wilsdorf’s insistence that his brand’s name is easy to pronounce. This stance, he maintained regardless of the language. 

Additionally, he wished that the name remained short. That way, it is easy to place it sleekly on the dial of his timepieces. Here are those minor choices that went on to effect huge influences down the line.

  • The Two-tone Datejust Backstory

As for the Rolex Datejust itself, the journey began in 1945. That year, the very first Datejust hit the wristwatch world in grand style. The Rolex Datejust came in as a way Rolex celebrated its 40th anniversary.

The unveiling of this timepiece happened at a jubilee celebration which led to the name, Jubilee bracelet. That was the new bracelet that came with the watch from its launch. This launch took place at the Hotel des Bergues in Geneva. Wilsdorf himself took charge of the introduction of this timepiece. 

In addition, the two-tone Datejust became the first automatic wristwatch featuring an automatically changing date window. That is one feature anyone with a timepiece might not give any regard to today. Yet, in the 40s, such a feature was revolutionary.

Timeline Review Of The Rolex Datejust Wristwatch

Two-tone Datejust timepieces 

From the start, the Rolex Datejust of course came in an Oyster case. That was another groundbreaking Rolex invention. In 1926, the Oyster case presented an additional feature; becoming the first waterproof wristwatch case. The production came serially and as the first fully-integrated waterproof case.

Meanwhile, there was also the Perpetual rotor that would automatically wind the movement. That rotor came in as one of the few designs not done first by Rolex. Rolex achieved this three years after Harwood already did. Harwood offered the first automatic movements as early as 1928. 

In addition, Datejust introduced the new bracelet mentioned above, the Jubilee bracelet. Initially, Jubilee was speculated to be the name of the watch itself. Nevertheless, it ended up simply as the name of the fine-linked bracelet that we still have today. 

  • The Rolex Datejust Ref. 4467

The earliest Datejust released by Rolex was reference 4467. Then, this version was only available in yellow gold. Also, it had a complementary yellow gold Jubilee bracelet to go with it. Plus, it featured an open creamy white dial. The dial as well highlighted applied gold batons to signify the hours. There was also a “roulette” date window that indicated even days in red and odd days in black. 

Note that there was no cyclops magnifier featured in the crystal in this period. That would come in later on the Datejust in 1955. For this particular timepiece, you’ll see that the name Datejust doesn’t appear on the dial. Rather, you can see a “Rolex / Oyster Perpetual” impression set at the 12 o’clock position.

More so, the “Chronometer” appears at the 6 o’clock position. Again, the bezel was lightly fluted, which is one detail that became more emphatic in the 1960s watchmaking affair.

  • Variations That Followed

In the years that followed, numerous variations of the Datejust ensued. We had the two-tone steel and pink gold variations. These variations were wholly steel models. Again, we had watches captioning every detail from stone dials to diamond bezels. 

Afterward, the inscription of Datejust began to surface sporadically on the ref. 5030 and 5031. Yet, this appearance wouldn’t become a stable fixture until the later 6074 and 6075. Just like the history of Rolex, detailing every variation of the Datejust is rather an impossible task. Nonetheless, certain very serious collectors seek it as far as they can.

Presently, there is the 16200 family of Datejusts and the 36mm descendants of the original. The latter is untouched in several aspects. More so, it’s worthy of note that in 2009, Rolex again launched the Datejust II. This time, it came in an updated 41mm size. Regardless, it still retains the same styling and a mixture of details and dials.

Introducing The Two-Tone Rolex Datejust

As stated above, Rolex holds a reputation for producing several iconic models. From this array, one of the most distinguished is the two-tone Rolex Datejust. For Rolex, the two-tone refers to the design that involves both gold and steel featured on one watch.

Two-tone Rolex Datejust watches

If we use the right Rolex term, this is officially regarded as the Rolesor. Following the mixture of steel and gold, Rolex sets a hallmark for its watches. Plus, the flagship model of this variety is the Datejust. This model features the blend of these two signatures to create the two-tone Datejust wristwatch. No surprise it is presently a super successful model and inevitably so.

In addition, these two-tone Rolex Datejust timepieces occupied an integral part of the company’s genes. This model has been featured on the catalog ever since it became popular in the early 1930s. Plus, the term “Rolesor” became a trademark in 1933. 

The two-tone Datejust presents a combination of precious gold and strong stainless steel. This blend offers you as the wearer a good dose of both worlds. 

Moreover, the most distinctive preference for Rolesor is yellow gold and steel. Yet, it also comes in the Everose and white gold variety. Likewise, you can have a two-tone configuration with the predominant steel Rolex headlining bracelet links, a crown, and a gold bezel. Still, there are certain two-tone Rolex Datejust timepieces where gold appears solely on the bezel.

Versatility And Variations Of The Two-Tone Rolex Datejust Timepieces

The two-tone Rolex Datejust timepieces come in various varieties. More so, they feature on every Datejust model. Prominent among the models they feature on include:

  • The Lady Datejust
  • The Datejust II
  • The Turn-O-Graph Thunderbird Datejust
  • The popular 36mm Datejust
  • The recent Datejust 41. 

An essential part of the success of the two-tone Datejust model is its versatility. Also, the two-tone Datejust watches present varieties on every model they appear.

In certain cases, the two-tone Rolex Datejust comes with watches that feature a large case size. Sometimes, the two-tone Rolex Datejust often presents wearers with two available choices. You can either go for the dressier Jubilee bracelet or the sportier Oyster bracelet. 

Meanwhile, the bracelet of a two-tone Datejust is typically where the contrast between gold and steel is most emphasized. A two-tone Rolex bracelet brings out the true depiction of this seamless blend. 

Specifically, the gold center links surrounded by the steel outer links offer the watch its distinguished Rolesor look. Thanks to the striking contrast a two-tone Rolex bracelet offers, the yellow gold and steel combination seems most pleasant. This combination comes in contrast with the more understated option of steel and white gold.

The Fame And Success Of The Two-Tone Rolex Bracelet

When you check out some Rolesor models, you discover how the bracelet does not certainly sport any gold. Yet, the bezel is mostly in gold along with a two-tone Rolex bracelet on Rolex Datejust watches. You can get the gold bezels in any of the white, yellow, or Everose pink gold color options. Similarly, bezels can come in the classic fluted style or the more pleasant domed design.

Moreover, the most distinguished two-tone Datejust is the Lady-Datejust model. This model is rumored to consistently outsell every other model in the Rolex catalog. That fact should not surprise you anymore. 

The two-tone Rolex bracelet on the Lady-Datejust presents women with a grand and versatile luxury timepiece. Additionally, the two-tone steel and gold structure suggests that it’s simpler to fit both silver and gold jewelry. They are perfect additions to hardware on shoes, belts, and handbags. 

Presently, the trend of ladies donning a men’s Rolex sports watch is on the rise. Yet, there will always be that market ready-made for the two-tone Lady-Datejust. It is first a watch for every chic woman out there. Also, it is a famous and ideal watch option for those who want a small-sized wristwatch.

Conclusion: Success Of The Two-Tone Rolex Datejust

In all, the two-tone Rolex Datejust is the definitive and superior luxury dress watch variety. This variety of wristwatches has existed for well over 65 years already. Yet, it shows no sign of slowing down. For several reasons explained above, this is an important timepiece for any wrist watch enthusiast.

Previously, vintage dealers showed quite a hesitation over collecting two-tone pieces. One timepiece kept on doing its bit in a distinct style. That is the two-tone Rolex Datejust. 

Presently, the demand for vintage pieces with a two-tone Rolex bracelet is beginning to rally. Now, collectors and first-time buyers desire this timepiece. We can safely and boldly say that the two-tone Datejust timepieces are back with a vengeance!!! 


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