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The Incomparable Pave Diamond

The Incomparable Pave Diamond

White Gold Round Brilliant Micro Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but let’s be real, diamonds are for everyone. Clear, bright, high-quality diamonds add a shine and glimmer to any look. Nothing says high status and high luxury like a well-made, high-end piece of diamond jewelry.

Diamond jewelry is classic. However, it is much more than that. There are tons of styles of diamonds in different cuts and shapes. This creates a unique look and feel of the piece.

Whether a ring, necklace, bracelet, watch, or some other piece of jewelry, the diamond still reigns supreme. It gives one a look of elegance and style. Diamonds show our personality and personal style, and they also show our status and can tell the world something about who we are.

A Setting, Not A Cut

Gabriel & Co. 14k White and Pink Gold Double Pave Diamond Stud Earrings

The pave diamond is one that has long, and will always be in style. This style creates the look and feel of understated elegance. The setting creates a sophisticated look of unparalleled luxury that is hard to beat.

This French pronounce the word “pah-vay.” The name, which means paved in the French language, refers to small-inset diamonds. This is what makes this unique setting style. In fact, a lot of people don’t know that pave is not a cut or shape of the diamond, but it is actually the setting and configuration of the diamonds.

Again, pave diamonds is not a cut or shape of the diamond, it is a type of setting. The use of small diamonds with small metal beads between each diamond is what makes this unique look. In a pave diamond ring, for example, the band of the ring will be fully studded with tiny diamonds.

In essence, pave diamonds are small clusters of diamonds, offset by little bits of metal. This type of diamond is used in pretty much any type of jewelry, though many are most familiar with a pave diamond ring. Jewelers use pave diamond settings for bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, and more.

This creates an all-diamond look and the clusters of small, clear, high-end diamonds give off an unmatched sparkle and shine. Most diamonds used in a pave setting are 1-2 mm in diameter, or they may be even smaller. The micro-pave is the result of using smaller stones. A micro-pave creates a truly stunning sparkle to any piece of jewelry.

Timeless Beauty

The setting creates tons of different looks. Depending on how the jeweler uses this setting, it can create a glamourous look of unmatched luxury or a simple, classic, sophisticated piece. It has long been a favored setting for people who like classic elegance and understated beauty. More simple pave diamond jewelry creates a subtly sparkly piece of jewelry that will glint and shine in the sunlight.

These settings are timeless. They have a classic, sophisticated look. A pave diamond engagement ring, for example, is a timeless piece of jewelry that looks stunning in almost any setting.

You can choose a more simple and classic setting, such as platinum or white gold, and off-set the metal with a stunning pave diamond setting. This look is one of timeless elegance and beauty and looks great, whether you are spending the day in the office or a night on the town.

Pave diamonds used in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry make sparkly, stunning pieces of jewelry that refract light and create a unique, classic, and sophisticated piece of jewelry that stands the test of time.

Since the introduction of the pave setting, it has been a favorite of discerning shoppers everywhere. While we most commonly think of pave diamonds used in rings, the setting is also used in a wide range of other pieces of jewelry. A pave setting on a necklace or watch also creates the refraction of light in unique ways.

Classic Elegance

rolex datejust with diamonds

Not only does the pave setting create a look and feel of timeless beauty, but it is also a look of classic elegance. The pave diamond setting is a simple, unique, sparkly, setting that creates a truly stunning piece of jewelry. No matter where you wear this piece, it is sure to catch the attention of anyone around you.

Pave diamonds work great in a range of different fashion styles. The settings look great with classic fashion or fashion-forward styles.

The Two Paves

The pave settings come in two distinct styles. The French or fishtail pave, uses V-shaped grooves to set the diamonds in. These grooves resemble a fishtail, hence the name given to this style of setting.

In this type of pave setting, there is less metal visible than in the other type of setting. This allows the diamonds to take center stage, looking like they float on the surface of the piece.

The beaded pave is another style of pave setting. Diamonds are held in bead-like holders, securing the diamonds in place. This style not only shows off the diamonds but the metal beads that separate the diamonds. In the French style, the metal isn’t nearly as visible, creating a look that focuses only on the diamond.

The beaded pave gives a contrast between the sparkle of the stone and the shine of the metal. The beaded pave isn’t as sparkly as the French style, but it has a unique sheen that is unlike anything you see with other settings.

Cuts and Shapes

18k Yellow Gold 0.26ctw Pave Diamond Heart Dangle Necklace

The pave setting most often uses round or oval-shaped diamonds in the design. Classic shapes like round and oval diamonds create a classic and timeless piece of jewelry. This classic style is great for those who want elegant, classic, sophisticated style.

However, some people want their jewelry to make more of a statement. Others want something truly unique. For those who want something a little different, but that still uses the pave setting, you are in luck. Due to the classic look of the pave setting, it is highly versatile.

Jewelers use almost any cut or shaped diamond in pave settings. Depending on the size, shape, and cut of the diamonds, the resulting piece can display so many different looks and styles. Jewelers will use marquise, cushion cut, and even emerald-cut diamonds in the pave setting. This is especially true with rings. 

Whatever your favorite shape or cut of a stone, it will work well in the pave setting. Any style of cut or shape used in the pave setting instantly gets a classic and timeless feel, but with a more unique overall look and feel.

Due to the inset stones, it can be difficult to resize pave-style rings.

Pave Diamonds in Different Pieces of Jewelry

Jewelers use the pave setting in a wide range of different types of jewelry.  Most of us are familiar with diamond pave settings, but there are so many more. If you like the pave setting, don’t limit yourself to simply rings. Though pave-style rings are stunning, there are many different uses of this setting that create lovely, beautiful, and sophisticated pieces of jewelry.

The pave setting looks great for earrings and other pieces of jewelry. Pave-style earrings feature rows of tiny diamonds. All these stones refract the light so, in the sun, the earrings will throw so much light and create a glamourous look.

The size and specific type of pave setting you choose determines how shiny or understated the resulting piece is. Micro pave diamonds are incredibly small and create more light refraction than a traditional pave setting. If you want a look that is sparkly to the max, a micro pave setting is a great choice.

Jewelers also regularly use the pave setting in necklaces and bracelets. Bunches of pave-set diamonds offset a larger central stone (of diamond or some other precious gemstones). A jeweler may use multiple strands of pave-set diamonds, joined together. This creates a luxurious and glamourous piece of jewelry that is sure to be the talk of any social event. 

Pave settings also find use in pieces like high-end wristwatches. Patek and Rolex are two high-end watchmakers. Both companies are known for using the highest-quality materials and cutting-edge designs. It is no surprise that they utilize the pave setting in some of their higher-end luxury watches.

Using Pave Diamonds As Part of a Signature Look

Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry

A pave diamond band on a ring does not have to be a simple single row of diamonds. There are tons of unique ways this setting can be used in rings and other pieces of jewelry.

In a pave diamond ring, the diamonds don’t necessarily go around the entire band of the ring. Popular styles will go halfway around the band or a third of the way around the band. A fully diamond-studded band is the classic pave style.

Some use multiple bands of pave diamonds in a single piece. Jewelers may join the two bands together. Or they may separate the two bands with another decorative band. This creates a stunning, highly unique look that combines the glamour of the pave setting with a one-of-a-kind style that best shows off your style and personality.

Pave settings don’t have to be entirely diamond either. Again, pave refers to the setting, not the stone itself. While it looks best with diamonds, the pave setting is suitable for a wide range of different gemstones. Many use both diamonds and gemstones in a single pave setting. This creates a truly unique, colorful piece of jewelry. 

A stunning piece of jewelry in the pave setting can easily become part of your signature look. Whether a pave-style engagement ring or a pave-style wristwatch, studded with bling, the style creates a truly stunning look. It sets you apart from the crowd and shows your distinct style and sense of fashion.

In Closing

Choosing jewelry allows us to show off our unique style and sense of fashion. Diamonds are an easy choice for those who want a piece of jewelry that is both elegant and timeless. The diamond is a stunning, unique stone that denotes status and style.

Different settings create different styles of jewelry. One of the most popular settings for higher-end jewelry is the pave setting. The French word for pavement, this setting looks like a road of tiny diamonds. The result is a stunning and sparkly piece of jewelry. These pieces display a timeless and stunning elegance 

The pave setting uses a number of small diamonds to create a truly stunning band for a ring, necklace, bracelet, and more. Petite, traditional, and micro-pave settings each have a unique look and feel and a different level of sparkle.

You can choose from two main types of pave setting – the French or beaded. What works best for you depends on whether you want to be able to see the metal beads between the stones or not. Most often, the diamonds are round or oval-shaped. However, for a less traditional-looking piece, you can choose pretty much any shape or cut of diamond to use in the pave style. 

So Many Options

The most commonly recognized pave style is the pave diamond ring. This classic, timeless, and stunning piece of jewelry is a favorite for engagement rings. Jewelers use the pave style in far more than just rings. The pave setting is a popular choice for use in earrings. The end result is multiple rows of tiny diamonds that create a sparkly, stunning, and classic pair of earrings that look great no matter what you wear with them.

The pave settings are also popular in bracelets and necklaces. Often, strands of pave-set stones are offset against a larger central stone. The setting is also used to create luxurious, glitzy timepieces. Companies like Rolex use the pave setting to create blinged-out, high-end, sparkly watches that are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. These diamond-encrusted timepieces are a perfect blend of form and function. They give you the ability to tell the date and time and also show your style and status. The pave setting is a highly versatile setting that can be used in any number of types of jewelry. 


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