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1960s era Piaget watches

Not many brands that dominate the watchmaking scene today can boast an illustrious history. However, there is some certainty that every brand took a spark at a certain point to hit the limelight. Every brand began with a story and a reason to produce. Then, a period that sparks the beginning of their dominance just like the 1960s era Piaget watches.

This is quite the case with the Piaget watchmaking brand too. The brand began with a humble beginning in the late 19th century as a movements-producing brand. Then, there came the much-needed evolution. This evolution welcomed the spark and revolution that changed the narrative. Thanks to the revolution, Piaget watches were out there dominating the scene in the 1960s.

In this text, we will trace the history of this luxury watchmaking brand we all love. The humble beginning, to the spark, what led to the spark, the dominance, and the story afterward. Follow through!

1960 Era Piaget Watches: Where And When It All Began?

The journey began precisely in 1874. It began right in the Swiss Jura mountains set above 1000 meters altitude. Right there was the little village of La Côte-aux-Fées. It’s right here that Georges-Édouard Piaget kindled the passion for what is a presently successful brand.

In detail, Georges-Édouard Piaget discovered his enthusiasm towards watchmaking at a tender age. In 1874, the whole drive began in the hearts of a barely 19-year-old chap. Thereafter, he created his first workshop on the family farm. From the family farm, the brand’s humble beginnings began.

There, in that workshop, he devoted himself to developing high-precision movements and elements. Interestingly, the vision and drive the brand has at the moment did not start recently. Back then, in the brand’s early days, his catchphrase was “always do better than necessary”

It is enough to say that this is what encouraged him to develop a self-developing belief. Subsequently, this belief remained Piaget’s constant motivation till today. 

This is an amazing growth from La Côte-aux-Fées to the world. What began on a farm now extends to the Atelier. The constant drive for Piaget remains the same as always:  a dedication to excellence.

Moving forward, in 1910, the family business recorded sterling progress, This is thanks to the Piaget family toiling together to push on the legacy of Georges-Édouard.

Suddenly, what began as a gift he presented to his wife, Emma, came to be the motivation for Georges-Edouard Piaget watches. The watchmaking enthusiasm you see today and the establishment of the franchise came from this motivation.

Remember the motto by Georges-Edouard Piaget? Truly, that desire to always do better than necessary continues to inspire them till today.

A New Vision Of Watchmaking Championed By Precious Craftsmanship

First off, note that the first Piaget watches came from La Côte-aux-Fées, the true home of Piaget. Plus, the vibrancy of this luxury watchmaking brand comes from its revolutionary style and craftsmanship. And, the style and craftsmanship are thanks to Valentin Piaget. 

Valentine made the best use of his passion for styling. With it, he produced Piaget’s trademark daring and revolutionary style. Consequently, the Piaget brand came to be a renowned name for two different things. The first is their movements. After them, there are the lovely luxury timepieces.

The Redefinition Of Piaget Watches: The 1960s Era Piaget Watches

The Jadite Dial Piaget watches

The redefinition of Piaget watches takes its roots from the 1959 works of the first “Salon Piaget”. This timepiece, launched in Geneva changed the entire narrative of these Swiss watchmakers. 

The timepiece is a product made to be a thriving spot from which Piaget could launch their creativity. The brand wasted no time in displaying its savoir-faire. 

Piaget marked off the 1960s era by exhibiting the maiden set of Piaget’s luxury jewelry products. These products were both made individually and used in the production of newly refined wristwatches.

More so, this made the city of Geneva the home to Piaget’s ateliers. Piaget’s ateliers worked majorly on gem-setting and goldsmith. Thanks to this, the brand can efficiently handle every part of the creation of its lovely timepieces.

Meanwhile, the remarkable jewelry and watchmaking productions of Piaget were not showcased early. Their first proper showcase happened in the brand’s premier boutique in Geneva in the year 1959. These pieces served as an ode to the new glow and loveliness of this brand.

Presently, these fully paved timepieces are the new icon of the Piaget brand as a whole.

  • How About The Brand’s Revolutionary Style?

This is another part of Piaget born out of one of Valentin’s mottos. This motto led to the revolutionary style this brand boasts of today. It shaped a new history for Piaget.

It all began with Valentin Piaget when he instructed the brand’s watchmakers to “do what has never been done before.” 

Thereafter, this instruction would spur a rise in status for the luxury watchmaking brand. This statement gave life to the redefinition. 

A new sensation came to life in the 1960s era Piaget watches with the first timepieces featuring decorative stones. The dial of these watches played host to these decorative stones adding glamour to the already established brilliance. 

1960s era Piaget watches presented a bunch of aesthetic options. Majorly, the variations are in the color of the dial. However, the brand did not stop at that. Afterward, Piaget went further with the era-changing, brilliant, and striking “21st Century Collection”. 

  • The Ice Got Broken

Consequently, these stunning and audacious designs drew in the interest of some of the brightest shining stars of the era. Celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, and Sophia Loren got their own Piaget watches and rocked them in style.

Moreover, this show of artistry is again the propeller and the structure upon which amazing feats built. For example, the amazing friendships with artists like Salvador Dalí in 1967 are all thanks to this new revolutionary style.

Undoubtedly, the brand bringing decorative stones into watchmaking revolutionized the style in which works in watchmaking. In no time, this became a resonant emblem of Piaget as a watchmaking brand.

All through the 1960s era, Piaget encouraged his production teams to aim for outstanding feats in their vision. The results of all of this encouragement are some of the most impressive wristwatches of the era. Some of these watches moved their dominance into the early 1970s.

Meanwhile, most of the 1960s era Piaget watches with hard stone dials were for women. Only an ample minority of these watches were for men. Therefore, most of the big-time lovers of the style continue to hope that new moderations will come soon. 

The clamor is for an innovation that will allow the use of semi-precious stones for the dials of men’s wristwatches. Thankfully, the Infinitely Personal now allows seamless customization that might soon accommodate this need.

However, Chabi Nouri, the CEO of the watch and jewelry brand Piaget urges the Piaget Society to be patient. In her own words, “To do that would mean slicing stone thinner than a human hair, and we are unable to do that.” 

Nevertheless, knowing how open Piaget is to try out innovations, this might seem like “not yet, but very soon.”

The Piaget Society: The Result Of The Glorious 1960s

Based on the brand’s exploits in the 1960s, Piaget became a depiction of luxury, refinement, and “beautiful people”. These people made up the 4th generation of the Piaget family together with Yves Piaget. 

According to the words of Chabi Nouri, the CEO of watch and jewelry brand Piaget, “Today, clients are co-creators. More and more, they want to participate in a design.” 

Here, she refers to this family as members of what she names the Piaget Society. They are an unofficial club of lovers of the brand who love the style and spirit the watches made especially from the 1960s era presents 

All that matters to these fans can be very little things. It can be as little as the sight of another person somewhere else rocking the same watch. 

This is why Nouri has initiated what is the Infinitely Personal. With it, you can now customize your Piaget timepiece. Now you get a service that very practically produces what it states on the box. Essentially, the choices are not exactly infinite. However, according to Nouri, you have a minimum of 10,000 possible permutations. 

You can choose from the following colors. You have the:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Gold 

You can then fit or combine it with whatever color of the hands and bridges you get. There is room to even customize it by adding initials to the main plate. You can even choose from an assortment of straps and buckles. After doing all these, you can go off and rest yourself. At most, it takes the brand nine months to put your wristwatch together.

1960s Era Piaget Watches

Since 1874, this Swiss company, Piaget, has had a long and rich history. The brand will continue to be one of the best jewelers and watchmakers still in operation presently. 

Piaget’s legacy is a product of classic designs and redefinitions in watchmaking mastery. What this implies for lovers of the brand in 1960 is a broad diversity of vintage Piaget watches.

You can choose from any one of these terrific productions that dominated the era. 

  • Beginning with the ultra-thin types. 
  • Then, we had the dress watches. 
  • Afterward, the watchmaking scene went sporty.
  • Finally, the biggest of them all, the bejeweled dials.

We have picked out only a few of these watches. They are the most popular 1960s era Piaget watches to date. Check them out.

  • Piaget White Gold Jadeite Dial and Diamonds Ladies Wrist Watch

Piaget White Gold Jadeite Dial and Diamonds Ladies Wrist Watch

  • Brand: Piaget
  • Period: 1960-1969
  • Date of Manufacture: 1960s
  • Stone Type: Jadeite Diamond
  • Stone Cut: Round Cut
  • Place of Origin: Switzerland

This Circular cased 1960 Piaget ladies Wrist Watch comes in a size dimension of 28 X 24 M.M. Also, it features in a 2 piece case. And, when you assess its factory set bezel of Fine White Round Brilliant cut Diamonds, you have a total of 1.20 Carats measurement. 

It features a Jadeite stone dial, 1/2 inch wide textured integrated links bracelet, and watch length of 6 1/4 inches. There are more details below:

  • 18ct White Gold Bracelet Watch With Lapis Lazuli Dial And Diamond Set Bezel

  • Brand: Piaget
  • Material: 18ct white gold
  • SKU: 2448
  • Features and complications: Cushion case with diamond-set bezel
  • Model: Bracelet watch
  • Dial: Lapis lazuli dial featuring 18ct white gold Dauphine hands
  • Bracelet/strap: Integrated 18ct white gold bark textured bracelet, length approximately 190mm
  • Case dimensions: 24 x 24mm
  • Movement: Manual
  • Caliber: 9P
  • Reference: 9236 A6
  • Accessories: Not Available 
  • 18ct White Gold Bracelet Watch With Diamond And Sapphire Set Dial

18ct White Gold Bracelet Watch With Diamond And Sapphire Set Dial.

  • Brand: Piaget
  • Material: 18ct white gold
  • SKU: 2457
  • Features and complications: Oval case with diamond-set bezel
  • Model: Bracelet watch
  • Dial: Pavé diamond-set dial with sapphire quarters featuring 18ct white gold Dauphine hands
  • Bracelet/strap: Integrated 18ct white gold and diamond set bracelet, length approximately 180mm
  • Case dimensions: 27 x 30mm
  • Movement: Manual
  • Caliber: 9P
  • Reference: 9822
  • Accessories: Not Available
  • Piaget 9902D2 18k White Gold Diamond Pave Dial Watch

Piaget 9902D2 18k White Gold Diamond Pave Dial Watch

  • Brand: Piaget
  • SKU: W3400
  • Case Material: 18k White Gold
  • Crystal: Plastic
  • Case Diameter: 22mm
  • Size: Will fit a 5.5″ wrist
  • Dial: Diamond pave dial with silver hands
  • Bezel: Textured 18k white gold bezel
  • Bracelet: 18k White Gold Bracelet
  • Clasp: 18k White Gold Jewelers clasp
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Additional Details: This item comes with a Diamonds by Raymond Lee presentation box and 1-year warranty!


Are you ready to dive into the rich world of the 1960s? 

The classical and beautiful world of Piaget is the best way to do so. And with Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s extensive roster of 1960s era Piaget watches, you get the best of them all.

This jewelry provider offers a vast range of vintage timepieces at reduced costs. Also, these products come with international guarantees. Thanks to the guarantees, you are sure to enjoy a long-lasting period of classical elegance.



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