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The Prong Set Engagement Ring

The Prong Set Engagement Ring

prong set engagement ring

In recent years, you will agree with us that the prong set engagement ring is everywhere. Due to the nature of these engagement rings, it is difficult to believe that there was a time when this prong setting was practically absent. 

The period when this elegant style burst onto the scene in the 19th century was memorable. That moment forever remade the way jewelers headline gemstones. The prong setting creates the apparition of the stone floating on your finger. This was the first of its kind. Possibly, the best-known purveyor of prong engagement rings is the legendary Tiffany setting. That setting hit the jewelry world in the late 19th century and made its mark evidently.

To discover more about the prong set engagement ring and the prong setting as well, we refer to the words of Greg Fromont, cofounder of the New Zealand-based jewelry label Meadowlark. We also took insights from the words of Kristen Lawler-Trustey, spokesperson for Forevermark. They both exposed us to more about this ultra-popular ring setting for engagement rings.

Keep reading to discover details about engagement rings featuring this setting. Also, find out the best stone cuts to pair with the prong setting. Lastly, we will expose you to this ring setting’s versatility. All of these details will be key when determining what aesthetic works best for your style.

Putting the Prong in Prong Engagement Rings

the prong setting

The prong setting generally comes with four or six metal prongs. These prongs extend up from the ring’s basket, then over the gem. With that, this setting effectively protects the diamond and sets it right in place. Also, it gives room for more light to reach the gem or diamond.

Gaining popularity with its improved stone-cutting methods, the prong set engagement ring allowed larger, more eye-popping, less-included stones to be discovered. This statement received further affirmation from Greg Fromont. Before the prongs, the majority of engagement rings came with a bezel or rub-over settings. According to Greg, “These older styles hid the stone away but as more fantastical stones were created, jewelers sought to show off the full personality of a stone.”

The Two Sides of Prong Set Engagement Rings

an elegant prong set ring

Prong set engagement rings are famous thanks to their distinctive and timeless appearance. This ring type is also a wonderful way to show the most of your engagement stone. This is as they don’t take up much room on the ring structure. 

Additionally, the small shape of the prongs also makes it easier to clean your diamond or gemstone. You can easily get to the sides and underside of the gem or diamond when the ring features this type of setting. That way, you ensure that your ring has a superior sparkle after each clean.

One likely bad thing about these rings is that a prong setting can easily get something caught on one of the prongs. Therefore, when looking for a prong setting, you’ll want to work with a trusted jeweler like Diamonds by Raymond Lee. That is one way you can get the best options out there. 

According to Lawler-Trustey, ring shoppers “should ensure the prongs are properly finished. Prong settings that aren’t properly refined may catch or snag on fabric or skin.” When the stone is not set equally within the prongs, it could wiggle loose while you have it on. Again, she adds, “Because they are so delicately set, prong settings can reveal inferior workmanship.”

What You Need to Know About The Prong Setting?

  • Which cuts come out best when featured in a prong setting? 

The prong setting is exceptionally adaptable and works with a diversity of cuts. Among them, the best cuts for this setting are pear, round brilliant, princess, radiant, emerald, and cushion. Special antique cuts, like a cabochon, may be a better fit with other setting types.

  • What are the most common types of prong setting? 

Four- or six-prong settings remain the most popular. However, you can also find rings with as little as two prongs and some as many as eight prongs. More so, you will find more distinct prongs that are rounded or tapered to a point. Examples of this kind of prong setting include the claw setting, or the tab prong, which is more square in its structure.

  • Which stones work best when highlighted in a prong setting? 

Thanks to its versatility, the prong setting works perfectly with just about any stone. When you choose a softer stone, this type of setting becomes very vital to bring out the elegance of your engagement ring. Stones like morganite or emerald are major examples. Overall, this setting gives less solid stones more protection against chipping or other damages common to engagement rings.

Taking Proper Care of Your Prong Set Engagement Ring

caring for a prong set engagement ring

To start with, a six-month cleaning and checkup with a trusted jeweler is a good way to make sure your prong set ring stands the test of time. Lawler-Trustey also affirms this as she says, “the jeweler will inspect the prongs of your jewelry for any weaknesses or trauma, making sure that the diamond(s) remain safe in the setting.”

Fromont adds to this saying, “over the course of a long time, the claws holding the stone in will need to be re-tipped, which can be done easily.” One thing they all agree with is that this setting used for these rings helps hold the stone in place. 

If you ever need to re-tip your prong set ring, contact a jeweler. They will fix a wire or metal band to the top of the prong that needs to be bolstered. Meanwhile, the process is rather inexpensive. It costs between $30 to $50 per prong.

How about when you need to take care of your prong set ring at home? Lawler-Trustey suggests using hot, soapy water and a gentle brush with a soft-bristle or a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner. Then, follow that up with a lint-free cloth. If you wish to follow a less-traditional technique to cleaning, Fromont recommends soap crystals and aluminum foil. According to him, this technique is a “mostly non abrasive way to clean your jewelry.” 

prong set ring storage

Finally, when storing your ring, be sure to store it away from any other jewelry. When you fail to do this, the other pieces of jewelry could potentially result in scratching or damage to the covering. Actually, having an assigned box for just your wedding ring is a simple strategy to guarantee that it’s properly safeguarded.

Types of Prong Set Ring

  • Rounded Prong Set Ring

The rounded prong set ring is the most popular and conventional of all prong set rings. Here, you find the prongs extend just over the girdle of the diamond. Then, it finishes in a rounded head that contains the diamond and holds it in place. Appearing like small dots when viewed from above, these prongs are only slightly invasive.

A rounded prong set ring is not only simple and elegant, but it also makes room for the diamond to sparkle.

  • Pointed Claw Prong Set Engagement Ring

Whether you call it a pointed prong set engagement ring or a claw prong set ring, they are the same ring type. This ring type of setting presents every lover with a sleek and stylish choice for their engagements. With the pointed prong setting, the rings cover less of the outline of the diamond. Still, it manages to extend farther than a rounded prong. That way, it secures the diamond while emphasizing its elegance.

You can easily notice the allure of the pointed claw prong set engagement ring. These rings feature tiny claw prongs, a less invasive variation. All of these give room for more of the diamond to be noticeable.

  • Flat Tab Prong Set Ring

The flat tab prong set ring or simply “tab” prong set engagement ring provides a uniquely distinct appearance to the round or pointed design. These tab prongs are a terrific option for security and durability. Also, thanks to their lower profile, the prongs are less likely to catch or snag on things.

You can effortlessly fit this style with step-cut diamonds like emeralds. The square design will easily match the long, straight ends of the centerpiece.

  • Double Prong Set Engagement Ring

A double prong set ring will hold a diamond more firmly in place. Nonetheless, by using a double prong style, you establish the illusion of thinner prongs. This is different from if you were to use the same amount of metal for a single prong. 

With that, you have the room to set a large diamond more securely. You do not need the large, overbearing prongs to do this. These double prong set rings can be round or pointed depending on your preference.

Finally, a double prong set engagement ring can make for a fashionable and delicate design. Try it out with a cathedral setting rising to its double prong finish. The result is simply flawless.

  • V Prong Set Ring

The V prong set ring features a setup that enables it to protect the pointed tips of several diamond shapes. Whether it is a pear or marquise cut, this ring setting type still fits around in a “V” shape. That way, it secures the most vulnerable part of the diamond and protects the center stone against chipping.

More so, this style also fits well with the shape of the diamond which makes room for safety with lesser invasion. When using a square diamond shape such as a princess cut, you may feature v-tip prongs on all four corners. As for a pear or marquise, pair it with additional round, flat or pointed prongs.

  • Tulip Prong Set Engagement Ring

Do you wish for a higher input of style with a prong setting? Then, try to create a tulip prong set engagement ring. With this type of prong setting, the prongs clutching the diamond in place form a basket in the shape of a flower-like structure.

A tulip prong setting encloses the diamond with more metal. That reduces the amount of light that can reflect through the stone. Again, it provides a distinctive and stylish take on the classic engagement ring. This type of prong setting also delivers more security and safety for the diamond at the center.

You can have 4 prongs or 6 prongs in this setting type. The 4 prong tulip matches well with square or rectangular shapes like the emerald, cushion, and princess cut. As for a 6 prong tulip, it blends perfectly with a round or oval diamond. A minimalist tulip setting can create an elegant, grand style of diamond engagement ring.

Choosing a Prong Set Engagement Ring

choosing a prong set engagement ring

Truly, the prong setting is, generally speaking, a very simple style to set a diamond ring in. Yet, there is room for things to go wrong if a low-quality craftsman designs it. The same is the case if it features a diamond that doesn’t suit flawlessly with the setting.

Therefore, it becomes crucial that the prongs adequately preserve and secure the diamond. Moreover, at the same time, you don’t want the prongs to become the center of attention in the ring. Overall, a trusted jeweler like Diamonds by Raymond Lee will be able to assist you in picking the right prong set engagement ring. Choosing your prong set ring with us will allow you to make room for your diamond to flourish in your ring.

In addition, these two tips are important areas to pay attention to when you pick a prong set engagement ring:

  • Go for a ring with excellent finishing work.
  • Ensure you check out the prong size and thickness and make sure it suits faultlessly.


Overall, pairing a stunning diamond with the right setting is important. Also, a simple prong setting works with just about any variation. The prong setting is perfect for your engagement ring as it takes no attention away from your center stone. That way, it allows light to hit from many angles. Thus, the outwards helps with the setting to intensify the fire and brilliance of the center stone.

Finally, when choosing a prong setting for your diamond engagement ring, find the balance between style and durability. Work with trusted jewelry vendors like Diamonds by Raymond Lee to find the perfect prong set engagement ring.


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