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Three Stone Pear-shaped and Tapered Baguette Ring

Three Stone Pear-shaped and Tapered Baguette Ring

a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring

A 2019 survey from The Knot confirms that the average engagement ring cost is actually somewhere around $5,900. Therefore, making sure you pay for the right piece is worth the effort. Moreover, when shopping for an engagement ring, going for a rarity is a no-brainer. And with this three stone pear-shaped and tapered baguette ring, you get just the rarity you need. 

However, before stepping into this world of sheer brilliance, having enough background knowledge is an advantage. This will lay the foundation as you look to make an informed choice on the best of these rings out there. 

Into the World of Pear-shaped Diamond and Engagement Rings

For more details and insights on this unique diamond and ring type, we take from the words of industry experts and bling connoisseurs Ashley Zhang, Grace Lee, and Katie Zimmerman. That way, we can expertly explore all of the insider details about these natural pear rings.

What is a Pear-shaped Diamond? 

A pear-shaped diamond comes in the shape of a teardrop or raindrop! These pear-shaped diamonds come with a rounded bottom and a pointy tip. You will find some Pear cuts that are soft and plump. Meanwhile, other Pear cuts come long and pointed! As a “fancy” cut diamond, you will find a wide variety of cut styles when comparing multiple natural pear teardrop engagement ring options. 

close view of a pear-shaped diamond

On a lighter note, whenever you feel French, you can call your Pear teardrop engagement rings a Pendeloque cut!

Pear-shaped Engagement Rings: Fit for Every Trend

Pear-shaped diamonds or gemstones come in an elongated teardrop structure. These pieces of jewelry are a mixture of a marquise and oval cut.

With a history stretching over 500 years, pear-shaped engagement rings developed and adapted to the ever-changing trend and demand for more modern touches. These rings came from marquise shapes, and today, there are pear-shaped engagement rings fit for every trend. The variety ranges from minimal solitaires to vintage-inspired styles and unique takes with colorful gems. 

In addition, there are super-unconventional settings, which include clusters, double-band rings, and off-kilter stones. These settings are perfect for brides who prefer to forego traditional engagement ring styles. 

Boons and Banes of Pear-shaped Engagement Rings

According to Grace Lee, a Los Angeles–based fine jewelry designer who launched her eponymous line in 2008: “Because of their elongated shape, pear-cut diamonds show larger than some of the other diamond shapes, like a traditional round brilliant. Because of this, they can be a better value with a larger surface area.”

The stones in pear-shaped engagement rings can appear larger per carat. But, due to their teardrop shape, they can also be fragile jewelry pieces. Grace Lee further advises, “[a pear-cut engagement ring] has a very small, pointy tip that can make it vulnerable to damage.” 

New York-based Ashley Zhang is a fine jewelry designer by training and trade. She opened her eponymous brand after studying fashion design and fine art painting at Parsons School of Design also warns, “Placing a prong or a v-prong on the point or choosing a bezel setting around the entire stone can help protect the tip of the stone from breaking or chipping with wear.”

Again Lee says, “Since pear-shaped diamonds are not symmetrical—when comparing the pointed side and the rounded side—they can sometimes appear lopsided and heavy on one side.”

Finally, pear-shaped engagement rings can feel easily customizable. Plus, these rings can be worn with the diamond facing up or down (north-south), horizontal (east-west), or slightly off-kilter. The choice is yours to make.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Pear-shaped Rings

  • What makes natural pear rings high quality?

Here is what Zhang feels: “Pear-cut diamonds, like ovals, can have a ‘bow tie’ or a darker loss of light in the center of the stone. The bow tie on a well-cut pear-shaped diamond should be minimal, and the symmetry of the stone should be even and have nice proportions—not too long and skinny or too wide and stubby.”

  • What are the best settings for a pear-cut diamond?

Lee, who prefers to set pear diamonds at an off-angle in both prongs and bezel settings, says, “Traditionally, pear diamonds have been set in a north-south or east-west orientation.”

  • What metals are perfect fits for pear teardrop engagement rings?

According to Zhang, “All metals work with pear-cut diamonds.” Zhang also notes that these diamonds are likely to show more color than other cuts. Hence, for anyone who wants their diamond to appear very bright—particularly when set in yellow or rose gold—go for a diamond with an H color (i.e., nearly colorless) or higher grade.

Taking Proper Care of Your Pear-shaped Engagement Rings

Giving proper care to your pear-shaped engagement ring requires attention and a knowledge of what you’re doing. Lee advises using a soft baby toothbrush and an all-natural mixture of apple cider vinegar and baking soda to mildly and safely clean your stone.

Knowing that pear-shaped engagement rings can be vulnerable to chipping and damage, it’s crucial always to handle your ring with care. Katie Zimmerman, the chief of merchandising at the Blue Nile warns, “For ongoing care specific to pear-shaped engagement rings, it’s important to remember to remove the ring while being active or exercising. The elongated nature of the pear stone with the point at the end, which makes it so pretty, can also cause it to be the first thing that is impacted if a significant force hits it.”

These safety measures include frequently checking the security of the diamonds as well. Zimmerman also adds, “It is not uncommon for prongs to become loose over time with wear, and checking them will make sure they are always secure.”

Finally, it would be best to place your ring in a safe place. You can use a jewelry box or fabric-lined ring box before partaking in any hand-heavy activities during the day. “As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to remove your ring when exercising, washing dishes, showering, baking, gardening, or putting makeup on. This will keep the ring shinier for longer, so you’re spending less time cleaning the diamond and band,” clarifies Zimmerman

Introducing Baguette Diamonds: Subtle and Stylish

close view of tapered baguettes as accent stones on a three stone ring

Baguette diamonds came into jewelry limelight in the 20th century as a modern and functional diamond cut. Presently, these baguette diamonds make a popular option for three-stone engagement rings like this one. This is due to their shape and regular carat size.

We take insight again from the expert takes of three jewelry specialists:

  • Olivia Landau: A diamond expert and the founder of The Clear Cut.
  • Madeline Fraser: The founder and CEO of Gemist, a jewelry brand crafted in Los Angeles.
  • Mason Roberts: The founder of Ringagement.

What Is a Baguette Diamond?

A baguette diamond is a step-cut diamond mostly used as a side stone or accent stone in rings and other jewelry items. They are lengthy and rectangular or tapered and come with 14 facets.

Olivia Landau, a GIA-certified gemologist and founder of The Clear Cut sheds more light on this: “You will usually find baguettes flanking a larger center diamond in a three-stone ring. They are rarely used as a center stone for an engagement ring.” 

However, that doesn’t make them any less glamorous. Baguette diamonds are less expensive than other cuts. Hence, they make an excellent choice if you are on a budget. In addition, their shape adds that beautiful vintage look to any ring.

Highs and Lows of Baguette Diamonds

As for their pros and cons, Gemist founder and CEO Madeline Fraser says, “Cut and clarity matter more when it comes to a baguette-cut diamond. Baguette stones require fewer cuts than other cuts of diamonds. There are only 14 facets in a baguette-cut stone; this means that precision is important. With other stone cuts, you can get away with a lower clarity because many facets help cover up imperfections.” 

If you go for a ring with baguette diamond side stones, you should ensure the diamonds match when laid side by side. Also, you don’t want them to clash with the appearance of the center stone. 

Indeed, baguette diamonds are often accented. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t be the star of the show. Fraser adds, “To really show off the shape and look of the stone, the best setting is solitaire or solitaire pavé. With this setting, the baguette stone can be oriented north/south for a classic look or east/west for a more modern approach.”

Necessary Consideration Before Buying a Baguette Diamond

  • How to tell whether the ring is high quality or not?  

If you eventually pick a baguette diamond as your center stone or accent, keep this in mind. Mason Roberts, founder of Ringagement warns, “They are not as brilliant as other popular cuts such as a round cut or even emerald cut. And because they don’t sparkle as well, their inclusions and color flaws are more visible.”

  • How much do baguette diamonds cost? 

When reviewing baguette diamonds in comparison to other shapes and cuts, baguette diamonds are the least expensive. These diamonds get graded based on a 4C grading scale. What this means is that the higher the grade, the costlier the diamond gets.

  • How wearable are these diamonds? 

Due to their shapes, baguette diamonds are more liable to chip and dull. Should the diamond withstand damage, seek help from your jeweler immediately. More so, the setting you choose will help keep your ring looking its best. Note that the setting will hold the diamond securely if it also has any damage. 

Taking Care of a Baguette Diamond

There is no difference in how you take care of your baguette diamond from how you would take care of any other diamond type. Keep it clean using a jewelry cleaner or soap and warm water. Pay attention to choosing a well-made setting. Landau also adds, “Since baguettes have pointed corners, you want to make sure that when they are set, the corners are protected.”

Tapered Baguette 

A tapered baguette is a somewhat tiny, elongated diamond that sees the two long sides taper inward. This tapering then forms a long trapezoidal shape. More so, the word “baguette” is a French word for a long, narrow loaf of bread. Note that the tapered baguette is a set cut with the distinctive refinement of the emerald shape and not the glitter of brilliant cuts.

tapered baguette accent stones on a three stone engagement ring

Tapered baguettes like other baguettes are incredibly clear. Using tapered baguettes as match pairs mean they should be similar in quality, color and clarity. In addition, they must match the stone they are accents for. In these three stone pear-shaped and tapered baguette rings, they are accents to a pear shape. 

Finally, the step-cut appearance is unforgiving in terms of clarity. Hence, little imperfections are much easier to notice compared to brilliant cuts with many more facets concealing inclusions.

Our Three Stone Pear-shaped and Tapered Baguette Ring: A Refined and Elegant Association 

three stone pear-shaped and tapered baguette ring

Our three-stone pear-shaped and tapered baguette ring presents a rare option in style that stands out from the rest. We have a pear shape that is a beautiful mix of the round brilliant and marquise cut diamond. This pear-shaped diamond is often called the teardrop cut as well. There is one end of this large stone with a perfectly round shape. Then, the other end narrows to a delicate and tapered point. 

Our three-stone setting carries a special sentimental meaning. We have the two smaller tapered baguettes diamonds as side gems. The side gems represent the past and present, while the largest center diamond symbolizes your future together as a couple. 

There is an impressive center stunner in this fancy three stone diamond ring. It is a refined pear-shaped diamond with all the right qualities and charm. This center stone features a delightful radiant color and an amazing, stunning silhouette.

With the complimenting tapered baguette on either side, you have the perfect engagement ring if you wish to stand out. You get something uniquely and carefully mastered as well as a ring that carries a true meaning.


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