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Trendy Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring

Trendy Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring

a cushion-cut engagement ring

Cushion-cut engagement ring is trendy for its distinctive shape and rounded corners. These features make cushion-cut diamonds increase in facet size also. Hence, they give off an elegant and intricate glow. 

Timeless and versatile, these diamonds look just as good solitaire as they do in a halo or three-stone setting. And when you find the right setting and metal pair for your cushion-cut ring, it rarely gets better. 

More so, no two cushion-cut engagement rings are the same. A few of these rings feature diamonds that are a bit rounder. On the other hand, others tend to look more like a square. In fact, some can even come in an oval silhouette.

Meet the Cushion-Cut Diamond

a cushion-cut diamond in an engagement ring

The cushion-cut diamond is exceptional thanks to its rounded corners and 58 brilliant-style facets that take the form of a pillow. These cushion-cut engagement rings have enjoyed acceptance from brides-to-be since the 18th century.

Here, we take inspo from the words of industry expert Nicole Wegman to gain insight into the best tips and tricks for selecting the best trendy cushion-cut rings. Find out everything from the history of cushion-cut diamonds, the pros and cons, and other details. 

FYI, Nicole Wegman is best recognized for blurring the diverse line between jeweler and influencer as the founder and CEO of Ring Concierge.

Trendy Cushion-cut Rings: An 18th Century Classic 

Appearing in the 18th century, this cut was once called the “mine cut” after the Brazilian miners who cut these diamonds by hand. Back then, in the 19th century, the cushion cut was trendy. This was when most gemstones, not just diamonds, were cut in this manner.

trendy cushion-cut rings

Due to its popularity during a former era, this diamond cut gets often regarded as antique and speaks to old-world style, even though it’s been refined. Many trendy cushion-cut diamonds include 64 facets instead of the original 58.

The Highs and Lows of Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings

The cushion-cut engagement ring is one of the most classic and recognizable diamond ring types. According to Wegman, “One of the most special features of the cushion-cut diamond is how many different ways they can be cut, causing their appearance to range greatly.”

a cushion-cut engagement ring

Be it elongated and square, sharp and defined, or soft and pillowy, cushion-cut engagement rings make room for versatility. More so, the ability to choose a ring that aligns with the bride’s personal style makes it a perfect choice. “This is what makes each cushion truly unique.”

Every trendy bride must not forget that this cut will not give off the illusion of a larger diamond. Wegman says, “Square cushions tend to appear smaller than other shapes. Her clients often request elongated cushion shapes in order to combat this characteristic. However, they are very difficult to find, and you may have a smaller selection to choose from.”

Questions to Answer Before Buying Cushion-cut Engagement Rings

  • How do I know if the ring’s diamond is of high quality?

As with any diamond, you should always watch out for quality. More so, clean cuts and clarity, as well as any authenticity certifications, are of utmost significance. 

With these trendy cushion-cut rings, however, you get a ring unique in a few ways. Because of the way they get cut, these diamonds give off a softer sparkle than other styles. Therefore, if you want a shinier look, go for more facets. In addition, symmetry is important here. Be sure to confirm if the four corners are as similar as possible.

  • What settings pair best with a cushion-cut engagement ring? 

As an older style, cushion-cut engagement rings are perfect for vintage-inspired settings. Still, they effortlessly look right at home in more contemporary settings like east-west, two-stone, and double-band. Moreover, the rounded edges make this style a softer one. Hence, while it looks great in platinum or white gold, it can just as effortlessly glow in a romantic rose gold setting or mixed-metal ring or a colorless one. 

Are you an alternative bride seeking a unique engagement ring? Try out a yellow, pink, or blue cushion-cut diamond. Meanwhile, this cut naturally holds color better than others, and its liveliness won’t diminish with time.

Taking Care of Your Cushion-cut Engagement Ring

As one of the most adored pieces of jewelry you’ll ever acquire, it’s crucial to keep your trendy cushion-cut rings looking just as spotless as the day you said “yes.” Regardless of the diamond type, Wegman advises removing your engagement ring before activities that include contact with dirt, water, or sweat. She explains, “This will both protect the setting and diamond and help keep it clean.”

Getting in the habit of creating a regular care routine for your diamond is the best way to ensure long-lasting sparkle. “To keep your diamond sparkling, clean it weekly with a jewelry cleaner, like our Foam Jewelry Cleaner, or scrub with a soft toothbrush using warm water and dish soap. Make sure you get under your diamond to remove any trapped dirt,” Wegman advises. 

Cushion-cut Engagement Ring Featuring Trendy Accents

The trendy cushion-cut engagement rings with accents bring repute to an already famous type of diamond shape. More so, they are trendy due to several reasons.

For starters, the cushion-cut engagement ring with accents has a unique shape. Similarly, the stones come with rounded corners. These two features (shape and corners) add to the size of the facets. With that, they produce a beautiful, unique, and refined twinkle.

These trendy cushion-cut rings with accents are also adaptable and timeless. The stone cut is perfect when they appear as solitaires. This amazing look is not lesser than the appearance they produce in a three-stone or halo setting.

In addition, you cannot find two trendy cushion-cut rings with accents that are entirely similar. You can find some with round gemstones. And others with square rocks. In fact, some can come with oval-shaped stones.

The history of the cushion cut rings dates as far as centuries ago. However, these rings recently found their way back into the hearts of many ring lovers. A good example is Kanye West gifting Kim Kardashian a gorgeous 15-carat cushion-cut diamond on a thin diamond pavé band.

Trendy Cushion-cut Engagement Ring: Flanking Accents and Bling

What sets the cushion-cut engagement ring with accents apart from others are its 58 brilliant-styled facets and rounded corners. Their 58 brilliant facets come in a similar design to a pillow shape. These rings have been a delight and preferred choice for most brides-to-be.

trendy cushion-cut ring

A cushion-cut diamond is a hybrid diamond cut. You have a more contemporary and round brilliant cut shape diamond with an outstanding, ancient mine facet shape diamond cut. Generally, this diamond cut has a delicate square or straight rectangular structure. All of which come with curved edges.

To make it easier, a trendy cushion-cut ring combines a square shape with rounded edges. That gives the ring a look closely similar to that of a pillow. This blend is the source of the cut’s name: “cushion cut.” Cushion cut diamonds are a perfect fit for luxurious engagement rings. Also, we can use them in other fashion items.

Finally, how do cushion-cut diamond engagement rings fare as regards price? Typically, a cushion-cut diamond costs somewhat less than the price of other cuts, such as round brilliant diamonds. Nevertheless, this valuation might increase considerably as its fame continues to rise amongst ring lovers.

What Makes Cushion-cut Engagement Ring Trendy?

trendy cushion-cut ring

Whether or not you opt for a trendy cushion-cut diamond, the goal is always top quality. You want to get a clean and clear cut. Also, you will look for any authenticity certification you can find. These features are of great significance. However, these trendy cushion-cut diamonds are trendy due to certain other reasons.

  • Rare Sparkle

There is a different glow this cut produces. Due to the cut of these diamonds, the glow they give is somewhat softer compared to other cuts. Therefore, if you want a shinier appearance, go for rings of this cut with more facets.  Symmetry is another important feature. Ensure that the four corners are as similar as they can be.

  • A Mix of Superior Color Quality

Note, if you’re an alternative bride who wants a distinct engagement ring, try out any of these varieties.

  • Yellow cushion-cut diamonds
  • Blue cushion-cut diamonds
  • Pink cushion-cut diamonds
  • The Trendy Cushion-cut Ring featured here

The degree of color this cut holds is naturally exceptional. Likewise, the vibrancy of its color is long-lasting.

  • Ideal Pairs with Vintage-Inspired Settings

Vintage-inspired settings are the best settings for trendy cushion-cut diamonds. This is the cut for an older design. Thankfully, these vintage-inspired settings are the new style in vogue. Regardless, certain modern settings still work perfectly with these cushion-cut diamonds. Some of these well-fitting settings are:

  • Double-band Settings
  • Two-stone Settings
  • East-west Settings

More so, this cut is a softer type, thanks to its rounded edges. Hence, it looks as perfect in white gold or platinum as in a mixed-metal ring or romantic rose-gold setting. Finally, cushion-cut diamond engagement rings with accent stones, as featured here, are a great option that has risen in vogue over the years. These rings are particularly ideal for halo settings.

Dissecting the Four Cs of Cushion-cut Diamond Engagement Rings with Accents

Regarding color quality, cushion-cut diamond engagement rings are not the best. So, the colorless type of these cushion cut rings is a good option. You should choose an H color or a better color quality when you shop for cushion-cut diamond engagement rings. As regards clarity, only SI2 or SI1 can give you the best and ultimate value for your money.

Thanks to the large open table cushion cuts come with; an eye-clean SI2 might be challenging to find. Therefore, you might pay a little more if you want a stone with better clarity.

How about the cut quality? When you shop for a cushion-cut diamond engagement ring, go for a depth below 70%. Also, look for symmetry or polish that is Good, Very Good, or Excellent, and a table depth below 70%. You can be more lenient with your choice of the length or width ratio. Explore your options!

Should You Add Accents to your Cushion-cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

Just like any other diamond cut ring, there are merits and demerits. Check out the boons and banes of the cushion-cut diamond engagement ring with accent stones. With that, you can decide if this is the right ring for you.


  • Exceptional level of fire and brilliance. These rings reflect white and colored light perfectly, especially under good light conditions
  • Distinctive cut to produce a more peculiar engagement ring
  • Highly durable thanks to its rounded edges
  • A perfect blend of modern style and classic flair
  • Compared to round-cut diamond engagement rings, they are less expensive per carat
  • Continuously growing in popularity


  • Not the best shape to retain color the best. H grade or higher will work better in this regard.
  • Flaws are more obvious because of the open table these rings have. SI1 or SI2 are better options for a better clarity grade.
  • The names used to refer to this cut are numerous. These names confuse buyers. They include chunky cushions, modified cushions, classic cushions, etc.

If you have an interest in buying a trendy cushion-cut diamond engagement ring, pay close attention to all of these. Check out reviews on any ring you are about to purchase to be sure it is best for you.


There are numerous options available to you when you shop for the cushion-cut diamond engagement rings with accents. With this extensive guide, we hope you have as much information as you need about this trendy cut. The touch of class, history, and uniqueness, plus the accent stones, make them stand out. 

However, before you select one of these trendy cushion-cut rings from our store, consider certain specifications as explained above in this text. 

Overall, with the trendy cushion-cut diamond with accents, you’ve enough in a ring to stand out and stay regal and style. This ring is the perfect choice for a trendy bride hoping to stand out before, when and after they say yes.


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