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Trendy Engagement Ring Styles

Trendy Engagement Ring Styles

Our wedding day is the best day of our life, second best only to the day of our engagement. Selecting from the myriad of trendy engagement ring styles may seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. You need to think about this as a lifetime commitment, just like the marriage itself. Regardless of what is trendy, our engagement ring is something we will wear daily for the rest of our lives. This means we want to choose something that will stand the test of time.

Thankfully, many trendy styles do stand the test of time. Some engagement ring styles maintain their popularity because they are timeless. They have a style and an elegance that never goes out of fashion. And since we are wearing this ring every day, this is a very important quality. You want to choose something that fits your personality. However, you also want something that is versatile and works well with a wide range of fashions.

It may seem daunting to pick out the perfect ring to wear for the rest of your life, but it really isn’t. Think about your lifestyle and fashion sense. This will help guide your decision. Remember, something that is trendy may come and go, but engagement rings are forever. While it is fun to stay up with the trends, it is helpful to choose something that features classic design elements, even if it also has a twist.

Today, some of the most popular styles in engagement rings are timeless, elegant, and classic designs. These are designs that stand the test of time. They will look as great ten years from now as they do today. And they go with a wide range of fashions and look amazing for any social occasion. 

The Best Day of Your Life

It depends on who you ask as to whether the day of the engagement or the actual wedding day is the best day of one’s life. Both are very magical occasions. The commitment to get married is one of the biggest we will make in our lifetimes. And the ring that comes with it is one that we will wear each and every day. So it is pretty important that we like what we choose. Who wants an engagement ring they aren’t a fan of? This means we should take our time when selecting the perfect engagement ring.

Whatever is trendy aside, many people recommend you stick with classic and timeless designs. One of the great things about this bit of advice is that these are exactly what is trendy in engagement rings today. Some of the most classic styles, like the halo ring or single-stone diamond ring, are incredibly hot right now. These designs have a timeless elegance that is always in fashion. And these styles look great with any type of outfit. Whether you are wearing something formal or casual, a classic ring will look great.

Trendy engagement rings like multi-gemstone rings are also a great option. These use traditional and classic design elements, but combine multiple types of gemstones into the piece. This allows you to add a bit of color to your life. However, you aren’t straying too far from classic designs that the ring will go out of style in a few years. If you are choosing a piece of statement jewlery, it doesn’t matter if the trends change. But when it comes to engagement rings, we need something that won’t fall out of fashion. 

Trends and Styles

The thing about trends and styles is that, oftentimes, they come and go. However, we should note that there are some styles and trends that seem to stick around and stand the test of time. Take, for example, the little black dress. No matter what is in fashion, the little black dress is a hit. Engagement rings also have styles that are always in fashion, no matter what. They will always be trendy. These make a great choice for a ring that we will wear daily for the rest of our lives.

You should think about your own personal sense of fashion when selecting the best style for you. Think about your lifestyle and how you dress. Choose something that will easily work with your needs and tastes. If you live a more active lifestyle, you will want something different than someone who likes eye-catching bling and glamour. But whatever your lifestyle, you can easily find trendy engagement rings that will suit your personality and needs.

Take your time in choosing the engagement ring. Remember, you have to look at this ring every day and you want it to be something you are happy with. Whether you choose something bold and trendy, or something more modest and classic, careful selection will help ensure you are happy with your choice.

Trendy Engagement Rings

While a lot of trends come and go quickly, the styles of rings are a little different. They tend to stick around longer. And this is a good thing since this is the one piece of permanent jewlery we have. Today’s styles are varied, but there are a lot of timeless and classic designs that are currently high fashion. What’s better than being current with the trends, but also having a ring you know will still look great well into the future?

Today’s trends include classic designs like the halo ring and the single-stone diamond ring. Other timeless styles like the diamond band engagement ring and the multi-gemstone ring are also popular. These styles look great with a wide range of fashions. They will take any outfit to a whole new level of glamour and style. Pair one of these rings with formal wear or a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and they will elevate these looks. 

Versatility and quality are two of the most important elements to choosing a great engagement ring. Take your time and make sure you look at all the options available to you.

Halo Engagement Ring

trendy engagement rings halo

A halo ring is a style that is always in fashion. It is an elegant and sophisticated style that features sparkle and shine unlike anything else. This trendy style has been popular for many years and for good reason. With a halo ring, you can showcase a large, central diamond. This means you want to choose a really high-grade diamond as any flaws will be readily apparent.

You can go with any number of cuts, from an emerald-cut diamond to a brilliant round-cut diamond. The large, central diamond will have diamond accents that surround the entirety of the stone. These may be tiny pave-style diamonds that give a unique sparkle. Or, you may choose small, round-cut diamonds. Whatever you choose, this extra band of diamonds will give the ring a really nice shine and glint.

For those who want something that really sparkles, this is an excellent option. Engagement rings like the halo ring are versatile. You can choose from a variety of shapes, cuts, and sizes. They look great in pretty much any precious metal. 

Single-Stone Engagement Ring

trendy engagement rings single stone

Regardless of what is trendy, there are certain engagement ring styles that will always be at the top of the proverbial heap. This is true of the single-stone diamond engagement ring. This is such a classic and elegant design that it doesn’t need a ton of explanation. A central diamond is the focal point of this style. A single-stone diamond ring showcases the stone you choose, as well as the metal you select for the band.

Whether you choose a large or more modest stone, you want to make sure it is of a high grade. Since there is just a single stone, it is the focal point of the piece. Any flaws in the stone will be incredibly obvious. Even if it means choosing a smaller stone, it makes more sense to choose a stone of higher quality and clarity. You do not want a flawed stone that draws the eye of the viewer. 

You can choose from pretty much any cut or shape of the stone. Each shape will give the ring its own look and feel. The singe-stone ring is the perfect option for those who like simple, classic, and timeless designs. It looks great with pretty much anything and works for any social event perfectly. 

Diamond Band Engagement Ring

trendy engagement rings diamond band

Some people just want as much sparkle and shine as they can get. One of the trendy engagement ring styles of today is the diamond band engagement ring. This is a pretty versatile style. It may be a halo style, a three-stone style, or something completely different. What sets this style apart from the other engagement rings we discuss here is the band of the ring. These rings will have diamonds that encircle the entirety of the band.

A lot of people like to use pave-style diamonds in this situation. These tiny, sparkly stones create a continuous line of beautiful stones that catch the light in an incredible way. Some choose square-cut stones or round-cut stones. The shape and cut you choose will depend on your personal preferences. These bands look amazing with large, central diamonds, diamond accents, and even other types of gemstones. 

This is the perfect style for those who like bold, eye-catching pieces. The amount of sparkle and shine on these engagement rings is unlike any other style. It allows you to showcase large stones, as well as smaller accent stones to create a truly unique and magical piece of jewelry. A diamond band engagement ring is one fit for a princess. And who doesn’t want to feel this way on the most important day of our lives?

Multi-Gemstone Rings

trendy engagement rings emerald

Just because the diamond is the traditional stone for an engagement ring doesn’t mean we have to stick to the diamond only. For today’s engagement rings, one of the trendy styles is the multi-gemstone ring. As the name implies, this is a ring that features different gemstones in the same piece. When it comes to engagement rings, this will most often feature diamonds as the main stone with some other stone as the accent. However, you shouldn’t feel like you have to go the traditional route.

The great thing about diamonds is that they look great with pretty much any type of gemstone. This means you have a lot of options to choose from. However, if you appreciate the hardness of diamonds, but still want some color, you are in luck. There is a whole rainbow of fancy colored diamonds. These range in color from yellow to pink. If you want something different, that’s just fine too.

Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other precious gemstones pair incredibly well with diamonds to create a colorful and unique ring. For those who want something a bit different, but that will still stand the test of time, a multi-gemstone ring is an excellent option. 

In Closing

A lot of people love being trendy. This is true with their daily fashions as well as the accessories they choose. There is no bigger accessory than our engagement ring. Engagement rings are a piece of jewelry we will wear every day for the rest of our lives. This means we want to be sure that we choose a ring that fits our lifestyle and tastes. You don’t want to be stuck with a ring that you hate!

Thankfully, classic styles are trendy. Timeless designs like that halo ring, single-stone diamond ring, diamond band ring, and multi-gemstone ring are incredibly popular today. These popular styles are elegant and look amazing with pretty much any type of clothing for any occasion. Choosing one of these styles allows you to stay up on the trends. However, since these are classic designs, they will also stand the test of time. These styles will look great well into the future. 

Choosing a ring that perfectly fits your lifestyle and taste isn’t as hard as it might seem. Think quality and versatility when choosing the right option for you. Any of the trendy engagement ring styles we discuss here is a great option. These are elegant and timeless designs that will always be in style.


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