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What You Need To Know About Precious Opal Rings

What You Need To Know About Precious Opal Rings

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Opals are one of the most unique gemstones in the world. Unlike other gemstones, opals have a very wide range of color characteristics. No two opal color patterns are alike. The only commonality is that all gem-quality opals have an iridescent “play-of-color”. Opals can be milky white, fiery red or a variety of dark-tones, all with a kaleidoscope or swirl of glowing, vibrant hues. Because of the opals stunningly distinctive beauty and long history of desirability, they are the perfect semi-precious gemstone for a ring.

On that note, here is everything you ought to know about opals and opal rings…

opal rings

The featured opal rings are considered “right hand rings”. However, they can be worn on either hand and any finger you please. If any of these rings sparks your interest, please contact us for pricing. These are all available now at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.


Opals are classified as a mineraloid due to its amorphous character. They can form in the fissures of almost any kind of rock, but they are most commonly found in sandstone, marl, limonite, basalt, and rhyolite rocks. Opals are made up of tiny silica spheres, which form when silica-rich water seeps into cracks and voids in the Earth’s crust.

There are two main classes of opals: precious and common opals. Precious opals are a type of semi-precious gemstone and what jewelers use when crafting fine jewelry. Unlike common opals, which can sometimes be attractive in their own right, precious opals display a magnificent play of color and they are much rarer.

precious opals

Where are opals found?

Precious opals are found across the globe. However, 90% come from Australia. The rest are found in Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, and USA, among other countries. Each location produces opals of a unique variety. For example, Ethiopian opals are white and have an absolutely amazing play of spectral colors, Australian opals have darker opaqueness, often with majestic blue and green iridescence, and Mexican opals are usually a fiery transparent orange (fire opals are the only kind of translucent opal, in fact).

Mohs Hardness Scale

All precious and semi-precious gemstones are measured on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This helps you understand the gems durability.

So, while the opal is unbelievably beautiful and a popular gemstone for jewelry, it is not extremely hard. It is a delicate stone measuring 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

For reference, diamonds are a 10, sapphires are 9, and pearls are 2.5-4.5.

As such, opals require a little more delicacy and care if you want to avoid scratches or chips.

where are opals found


There are many kinds of natural opals. However, the one’s most sought after for jewelry are white, black, and fire opals.

White opals, or light opals, are white, yellow or creamy colored. They are the most commonly found bodycolor for precious opals.

white opal rings

Black opals, or dark opals, have a dark body color. They can have a black, dark grey, light grey, dark blue, light blue, or green background color. Because of their dark nature, they display their “play of color” in a much more vibrant way than white opals. True black opals are the rarest and most valuable. Australia is the only known place where they are found.

dark opal rings

Fire opals are bright yellow, bright orange or bright red, hence their name. They can display a play of color like other precious opals, but they are often absent of a noticeable play of color. Fire opals can be translucent, unlike other precious opals. They are often found in Mexico and form in the depths of ancient volcanoes.

fire opal rings


Body tone is among the top factor when pricing opals. It refers to the underlying color of the opal (background color). Body tones range from black to dark to light. Black and dark body tones are generally the most valuable because they tend to display colors much more vibrantly.

Dark opals can range from $30 to $1,500 per carat. However, as the opal becomes bigger, such as the 5-10 carat range, the price per carat jumps significantly due to scarcity. High-quality black opals are very rare and will cost significantly more than the aforementioned range for dark opals.

White opals typically range from $20-$200, but they can be much higher depending on the quality of the stone and size.

As for fire opals, they can fetch a very high price. High quality fire opals can fetch anywhere from $50-$10,000 per carat. It depends on the intensity of the play of color and level of transparency.

All in all, like with all precious and semi-precious gemstones, there is a wide range of prices. For opals, you need to consider the type of opal, body tone, brilliance, color pattern, color bar thickness, play of color, and any flaws it may have. On top of that, you have quality of the cut and polish, as well as the size of the opal.

Speaking of cut, let’s discuss how opals are most often cut for jewelry…

how are opals cut


When opals are used as gemstones for jewelry, they are cut and polished to form a cabochon.

A cabochon is shaped and polished rather than faceted. They have a convex (rounded) top with a flat bottom. Cabochon was the standard method of preparing gemstones before gemstone cutting came about.

The opals in the rings you see here are all cabochon.

There are two basic reasons why cabochon is the default method for opals. First, they are delicate stones that actually contain water. Cabochon is the best method for protecting the gem from chipping and breaking. Moreover, the polishing and smoothing of a cabochon allow opals to showcase their beautiful rainbow of colors best. Secondly, faceting an opal just doesn’t make much sense since they are usually opaque. Translucent stones are faceted because it allows light to shine through them better. Faceting a solid color opal will have no special effect. There would be no significant reflection of light (i.e. brilliance). The facets will simply remove opal and give it a different shape. The only time it makes sense to facet an opal is if it is a translucent one that has the potential to sparkle.

opal jewelry


The word ‘opal’ is thought to derive from the Sanskrit word ‘upala’, which means “precious stone”. And later, the ancient Greek “Opallios”, meaning “to see a change of color”.

Opals have a very long history. Once considered the stone for kings, there are many myths surrounding opals.

In medieval times, blonde maidens believed the stone would prevent their hair from fading or darkening. The opal was also thought to make people invisible whenever they wished.

Among other ancient cultures, opals were a symbol of fidelity and assurance. Moreover, opals were thought to have a strong therapeutic value for diseases of the eye. When worn with an amulet, it was supposed to make the owner immune from disease and increase the ability of the eye and mind.

Romans were particularly fond of opals. They ranked them second only to emeralds. They believed the gem carried good luck. The rainbow of colors was said to bring the wearer good fortune.

What’s interesting is, opals were also associated with bad luck at one time. There are stories and reasons behind it, some of which are connected to its fragility, but it has long been proven as nonsense and a monetary induced sabotage to the wonderful stone that is the opal. In fact, opals have a far longer history as being a good luck stone, as most superstitious people consider them today.

Nowadays, the opal’s symbolism is simple – they represent hope, purity and truth. Shared with the tourmaline, opals are the beloved birthstone of October.

opal jewelry in boca raton


Precious opals are a great choice for rings. There is really no substitute for an opal’s beauty. They are one of a kind.

Our beautiful opal rings use stunning, vintage white gold settings. The white gold setting is ideal for colorful precious opals because it creates a stunning contrast. It makes the opal the center of attention, while also adding depth to the design. These are very artistic pieces.

There are twisting shanks, baguette and round brilliant diamond side stones, and tower-like asymmetrical motifs that sit the opal high above the band. Our opal rings are absolutely majestic and regal-like. They have a very vintage quality to them.

The opals juxtaposed between diamonds also add to the polarity of the glaring, almost animated, vivid play of colors. Moreover, it gives the ring a touch of modern sparkle.

how to wear opal rings

How should these opal rings be worn?

The opal rings you see here could be an alternative to traditional diamond engagement rings or they can be worn like cocktail rings for special occasions. They will surely make a powerful statement no matter where you go. They have an unbelievably exquisite look that can’t be compared to anything else. When you look into the opals, it is like looking into a small universe or planet. Each as unique and special as the next…

We have a blue opal with a turquoise play of colors, a transparent orange fire opal with green, purple and red iridescence, a light blue opal with green, yellow and orange swirls, a grey opal with extremely vibrant colors of the rainbow, and a white, creamy opal with a kaleidoscope of green, blue, and orange.

All of the opals rings you are looking at are of the highest quality. You will be hard-pressed to find opal rings that meet these fine standards…

What else can we say besides these amazing opal rings are bound to be someone’s family heirloom someday, cherished and loved for many, many years to come.

how to care for opal rings

How to care for these opal rings?

If you were to purchase any one of these rings, you can be confident that you are buying a high quality semi-precious opal gemstone. Furthermore, our settings are designed to make sure the opal is protected and secure (without taking away from its beauty). The point is, you won’t have to worry so much about keeping it safe.

That said, there are two general rules that will help you avoid any mishaps and accidents.

  1. Don’t wear your opal ring when doing work that’s hard on your hands or during high impact activities. Simply take it off. These rings are not made to be worn at all times. Wear them during calm leisure activities and formal gatherings.
  2. Don’t soak your opal rings in water as they are slightly porous. Of course, washing your hands with your opal ring on is fine, you just want to avoid submerging them for long periods of time. For example, if you want to clean your opal ring, just use a very soft damp cloth. Additionally, avoid chemical cleaners like Windex. You shouldn’t be wearing your expensive opal rings when house cleaning anyway.

That’s really it! Don’t worry too much. While opals are soft by diamond standards, they are not that fragile. They should last you more than a lifetime if you just care for them correctly. After all, a copper penny has a 3 hardness on the Mohs Hardness Scale and an Opal is a 5.5-6.5.

where to buy precious opal jewelry

Where to Buy Precious Opal Rings in Boca Raton?

If you live in Boca Raton or the surrounding South Florida area, visit Diamonds By Raymond Lee or Raymond Lee Jewelers to check out our beautiful fine opal rings. All of the rings featured in this post are for sale now. You can also buy them online. Simply inquire with us for pricing and shipping details.

Diamonds By Raymond Lee Showroom Location: 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Raymond Lee Jewelers Showroom Location: 22191 Powerline Road #12b  – Boca Raton, FL 33433

Want to see more opal jewelry?

Check out some of our opal jewelry online. This is just a small sample of what we have in our showroom. Feel free to contact us if you want to see more!

(561) 750-6744

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