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Where to buy diamond Rolex watches

Where to buy diamond Rolex watches

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An iced out Rolex watch is the iconic luxury lifestyle accessory. More than a luxury time piece it is a piece of fine jewelry. Elevating the already well known and beloved watches are diamonds and precious gems. These come in all kinds of shapes and sizes of course. From a simple round cut white diamond halo on a classic Datejust watch to the addition of pave diamonds along the bracelet or studding the dial. There are oh so many different ways to ice out your luxury watch. Some famous models and collections that are iced out Rolex watches include the Rolex GMT Master II and the Rolex Daytona Rainbow. The Daytona of course gets its rainbow name from the multitude of different colorful gems it features. This is a well known unique icon. With an entire rainbow of precious gems surrounding the dial it brings an element of unique fun.

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There are many ways to get an iced out Rolex including pairing white diamonds with some precious metals as well. For all of the different combinations there is a perfect look for a certain type of watch. For example the Rolex Daytona comes in a particularly unique iced out version. This is commonly known as the Rolex Daytona Rainbow. It acquired such a name from the rainbow of colorful gemstones set all around the dial. Otherwise you can go with the all time classic all white diamonds set in Oyster steel or platinum watch case and bracelet. Turning the dial into the central player if you will to bring out any unique color combinations. Finally there is the straight and simple. More understated diamond Rolex watch. Featuring diamonds either only on the bezel surrounding the dial or at the hour markers. There is an iced out style look for everyone. 

If you are interested in any of the diamond Rolex watches featured here talk to one of our luxury watch experts at (561) 623-8205.

Rolex 116515 Daytona 18k Rose Gold Oysterflex Sapphire Bezel Watch

The first watch we want to get into is of course as we mentioned before the most colorful of the bunch. This Rainbow Daytona watch is a gorgeous 18 carat rose gold Oysterflex beauty. Made in Rolex’s proprietary Everose combination of precious metals the rose tint goes perfectly with the unique rainbow of jewels set along its bezel. The Sapphire bezel features all of the colors including the reds and pinks to the blues and greens. And of course all of the colors in between. Beyond the sapphires set all along the bezel this particular model also has diamonds added on. The entire dial face is set with pave brilliant white round cut diamonds. Even the three sub dials of the Rainbow Daytona are sparkling with delightful diamonds. On a black rubber strap the watch is fun as well as sportive. And there are still some more details on it.

rainbow daytona rolex watch worn on wrist

Each one of the hour markers on this watch are also colorful Sapphire gems! Cut in the classic sapphire cut these long colorful markers match the section of the bezel where the hour marker is. Whether with the purples or the burnt orange to yellow there is a sapphire matching within. All set in the gorgeous rose gold this is truly a watch for the fun loving and unique soul. A truly versatile piece that catches attention it is a fantastic luxury watch selection known widely. Its appeal is of course how unique it is. The price for this time piece is currently at $38,500.00

Rolex 116758SANR GMT Master II 18k Yellow Gold And Diamond Watch

Another strikingly unique watch is this beast Rolex GMT Master II. A heavy weight watch in its own right this iced out Rolex features a whole lot of diamonds on the 18 carat yellow gold watch case. With the traditional luminescent hour markers intact the entire base of the dial is iced out in pave set round cut brilliant white diamonds. These continue out on to the edges of the lugs. As well as the crown bridge protector. The iconic three link bracelet is left alone in its yellow gold splendor with the brushed centre link. As it is the watch is a stunning look. 

three iced out rolex watches held together from left to right: rolex day date, rolex datejust and rolex gmt master ii

Further enhancing the look are the diamonds on the bezel. These are white emerald cut diamonds set right alongside one another for the circumference of the dial. Then there are black onyx gems set intermittently on the bezel. The top onyx is in a down ward facing triangle shape. A lovely detail matching the luminescent 12 o’clock hour marker as well. This particular Rolex GMT Master II is currently retailing at $85,000.00

If you are interested in purchasing the Rolex Daytona Rainbow or Rolex GMT Master II watches featured here, reach out to one of our luxury watch experts at (561) 623-8205.

Rolex 118206 Day Date Platinum Diamond Bezel And Dial Watch

Moving from the modern and striking looks there are also the Day Date watches. This is a classic of the classics. The ultimate Rolex day watch if you will. The Day Date Rolex was an evolution of the first truly ground breaking Rolex luxury watch – the Datejust. This collection specially the 118206 takes things up a notch. The obvious is that beyond just showing the date this collection of watches also features a day window. The Day Date adds on to the classic date window and cyclops eye located at the 3 o’clock hour marker on the dial. The day window display is located at the top of the dial at the 12 o’clock hour marker. That is how in one single glance you get all of the information that you need from this unique time piece. While all of this innovation is great to make this watch truly unique.

diamond rolex datejust watch worn in front of glass case with rolex watches at jewelry and watch store diamonds by raymond lee in boca raton, fl

It is a diamond Rolex featuring diamond bling and dazzle at every angle. The Rolex 118205 Day Date watch in platinum has a diamond bezel and dial. A subtle look with sparkles it elevates this time piece to a fine jewelry status. The additional diamonds on the dial mark the hours as the round cut brilliant white diamonds surround the entire watch face. Retailing at $26,500.00 this unique look is easy to pair with outfits whether for the day or the night. It is elegant and great for either formal or casual events. Truly a Day Date watch for any day and all occasions. 

Rolex Datejust Diamond watches 

The Datejust watch is one of the most well known of all of the Rolex watches. This is the classic Rolex collection it is instantly recognizable. At the beginning of Rolex when the Date Just watch first debuted it was an instant winner. Featuring a date window located at the three o’clock hour marker with the cyclops eye this watch is well known. It is arguably the most well known feature out of all of the crowned King of watches’ designs. Let us take a look then at how this iconic classic watch can be turned up a notch or two. With our absolute favorite accessory for luxury accessories – diamonds.

jewelry image

Rolex 16030 Datejust Diamond Pave Diamond Black Roman Dial Watch

A 36 millimetre Oyster steel stainless steel Rolex 16030 Datejust watch this particular model features pave diamonds. Beyond the gorgeous white diamonds studding most of the visible parts of the watch there are lovely Roman numeral markers at each one of the hour markers. Each one of the Roman numeral markers are of course studded with diamonds as well. With the black dial the white diamonds shine and glitter.

This is such a gorgeous and refined watch. A luxury time piece accessory that is absolutely perfect for any occasion. The black dial and of course the absolute all diamond everything style makes it a fine piece of jewelry. The small size of the 36 millimetre watch also means that it can be worn discreetly. While the diamonds and dazzling design bring the flash that is sure to be eye catching. A subtle and refined look this is perfect and ideal

This watch is currently retailing for $15,000.00 and features after market diamonds on the bezel and the dial. The Roman numeral diamonds as well as all of the diamonds studding each and every part of this watch have all been tested. At our state of the art in house workshop we put these diamonds through the ultimate tests using lasers and cutting edge technology to ensure their quality.

Rolex 126334 Datejust Diamond Pave Diamond Blue Roman Dial Watch

Changing it up from the diamond pave black roman dial watch we have another stunning Roman numeral dial Rolex. This time with a striking blue dial and of course diamonds at every turn. This particular time piece is currently retailing at $25,000.00 It features pave set diamonds all along the iconic jubilee bracelet. Different from the usual three link bracelet it is a commemoratory feature that makes this particular watch even more special. It is a more of a jewelry feel and look than the more sportive and athletic three link look. As well as on the watch case and set surrounding the bezel. It is a gorgeous 126334 Rolex watch.

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Every single inch of this Rolex Datejust is covered in pave diamonds. White diamonds stud even the crown fold over clasp holding the jubilee bracelet together. A 41 millimetre watch face in the well known Rolex Oyster steel stainless steel. All of the diamonds on this particular watch are after market. Though they have been tested rigorously at our state of the art in house workshop. Our master craftsmen have been working in this industry for over thirty years and have all of the latest equipment in our stores. That is how you can know and trust that you are getting the very best quality items. For more than thirty years they have dealt with luxury watches and aftermarket diamonds. knowing what the ideal combinations can be.

You can rest easy knowing that a team of experts is on the case always checking and confirming. And if and when you ever need to have a tune up, repair or bespoke modification done they can help you get it under way.

Want to buy an iced out Rolex watch? Check out our Diamonds by Raymond Lee store in Boca Raton at 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton 

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have been serving the South Florida community for over three decades. As a family owned and family run company we pride ourselves in bringing the community together. Through our fun events and charitable initiatives we have grown to build a friendship with our refined clientele. If you have not come and checked us out yet please do. You can come and visit us at almost any time during 6 days a week! Our team of experts will be ready to welcome and help you find the perfect time piece for your growing collection. Enjoy an ice cold local brew beer or a glass of our finest champagne while you peruse the options available to you. 

Beyond our widely curated collection of fine watches we also have fine jewelry pieces. Further the services that we offer mean that you can create your very own dream items with our craftsmen. Whether that is a brand new piece of jewelry that you want to design. Or a watch that you want to transform.

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If you already have your favorite Rolex watch and you are ready to ice it out we can help you with that too. Our master craftsmen and diamond experts can customize your watch into a unique bespoke piece featuring the diamonds and gemstones of your choice. We will sit with you to decide on the look that you want and see how we can make it happen. One of our gem and diamond experts will then help in sourcing the stones that will work. Finally our craftsmen will begin working on getting it all set up for you to rock your iced out fine jewelry Rolex watch. 

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