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White Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring: An Architectural Wonder

White Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring: An Architectural Wonder

Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring

Jewelers take inspiration from art and nature to create one-of-a-kind and spectacular works. Those who value art in all parts of life may be drawn to Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring. This resembles a work of art and is not defined by rigid adherence to symmetry. These rings are for true luxury lovers since they are genuine jewelry masterpieces. Producing such rings necessitates a great level of ability, accuracy, and craftsmanship.

Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring – What You Need to Know

Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring styles have been around a long time. But were especially sought after during the Victorian period. Since then, they’ve continued to be used in engagement and wedding band designs.

Bypass rings give a stylish, elegant, and textural look to any ring design. Here’s what you need to know about bypass ring engagement ring designs.

What is a Bypass Engagement Ring?

Bypass engagement rings became popular during the Victorian era. And feature the elegant curves and swirl distinctive of this period.

Bypass engagement ring in white gold

What sets a bypass ring apart from other types of engagement ring settings? Its how the metal separates, becoming two sections. Instead of a single continuous band, here the band is parted and either overlaps. And even is separated according to the design. This adds detail and texture and elevates the design.

What Does a Bypass Engagement Ring Mean?

If you want your engagement ring to be symbolic of your relationship. Then a bypass ring is a meaningful choice. The bypass ring design features a single metal band. This has two sections, often holding gemstones or diamonds together. The ring design symbolizes two individuals coming together as one. 

Types of Bypass Engagement Ring Styles

Bypass engagement ring

Most Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring feature a single-center gemstone. It holds together by both parts of the metal band. The band is separated into two sections, and while they don’t meet at the ends, they hold the center stone together.

Bypass style ring close-up in white gold

A variation to this style is to have the band separated. But then connected through metal to create a solid front view. This makes for an asymmetrical band with a proportioned face-up view of the ring.

Antique moi-et-toi bypass ring

If the Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring feature two stones. Then the bypass ring setting is known as a moi ET toi, or me and you, ring design. Moi ET toi rings also have several variations. Then the most common style is to have the parted metal holding two gemstones. 

Bypass wedding ring

The bypass ring design isn’t for engagement rings. You can find crafted wedding bands featuring elements of this style. This would complement a bypass engagement ring design. Even so that you could wear both stacked next to each other. This makes for a matching look.

Bypass vintage ring design

The bypass ring design suits vintage styles. To emphasize a vintage look, pick rose or yellow gold. Then you should consider details like filigree or milgrain. For geometric styles consider the Art Deco period. While for nature-inspired elements think Victorian and Edwardian.

What is a bypass setting?

A bypass engagement ring is considered to be both unique and sentimental. You may have heard the term bypass used before but weren’t sure what it means in regards to engagement rings. The term bypass refers to the setting. And this is the part of the ring that holds the center stone and wraps around the finger. What makes a bypass setting distinctive? The line of the shank or band is not continuous. But connects to the center stone from both above and below. And this gives it a distinct asymmetrical effect.

The meaning behind a bypass setting

The symbolic meaning of a bypass can be interpreted as two distinctly different and separate people coming together to form a new family union, represented by the center stone.

Bypass Designs

From a design perspective, bypass rings tend to look very modern and almost futuristic in feel. They first came on the scene in the early 1800’s and have gone in and out of popularity throughout the years. They run the gamut in design and offer many options in look and price point. The bands can be set with diamonds or precious stones or they can be plain or twisted metal. They can also curve out dramatically, make wide swirling arches or hug the stone subtly. This look can be achieved with a single row on each side or multiple rows.

Magnificent marquise diamonds layered like delicate petals curve gently around the top and bottom of the round cut center stone creating a bursting diamond look. The upper half of the bypass style shank, crafted from classic 14K white gold, is lined with pave diamonds for added radiance.

How to Properly Care for Your Engagement Ring

Taking proper care of your Gold Sapphire and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring will increase its lifespan and preserve its beauty. As diamond experts, we recommend cleaning your ring four times a year and having the setting checked for stability twice a year. When storing your ring (like during overseas travel), make sure it’s in a secure place. 

We also recommend insuring your ring for its full replacement value. Consider purchasing your engagement ring from a vendor that offers a lifetime warranty like Blue Nile or James Allen. Follow all of our recommendations below for caring for your engagement ring and protecting your investment.

Your engagement ring is undoubtedly one of your most prized possessions. The combination of the sentimental value and the monetary value make it truly precious—and definitely worth protecting.

Taking care of your Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring is critical to maintaining its beauty and longevity. Proper maintenance also helps ensure you won’t lose your diamond or gemstone due to a weakened prong. Diamonds are durable materials, but they aren’t invincible. Follow our expert guide below to make sure you take proper care of your engagement ring at all times.

Your Engagement Ring: Care Recommendations

Caring for your engagement ring isn’t rocket science, but it is important. Follow these expert recommendations to keep your diamond ring both stable and brilliant.

Have your ring checked professionally twice a year.

Everyday wear can cause your prongs to loosen or bend. Prevent any stones from accidentally falling out by ensuring the prongs are securely holding your diamond. Almost every jeweler will do this check for free, even if you didn’t buy your ring at their store.

Clean your ring four times a year.

Dirt, oil and residue can lodge itself into your diamond. If you don’t clean it regularly, your ring will end up looking dull instead of brilliant. Even the slightest film can alter how light reflects off of the diamond. To keep your diamond shining brightly, you’ll want to clean your engagement ring several times a year.

You can have your ring cleaned at a jeweler’s (usually for free) or send it in to online jeweler like Blue Nile or James Allen. Stores also sell jewelry cleaners, such as this Dazzle sticks for diamonds from Amazon. You can also clean your engagement ring easily at home by the following these steps.

  • Step 1: Fill a small bowl with lukewarm water, and then add one full drop of dish detergent. Stir the water and dish detergent with a spoon. Do not use chlorine-based cleaner as it may react chemically with the precious metal of your ring.
  • Step 2: Place your ring in the soapy water for 10 minutes to break down grim and oil.
  • Step 3: Remove your ring and clean it with a soft bristle brush. Gently brush each side, especially the edges and the back of the ring.
  • Step 4: Set your ring back in the bowl of water and detergent. Continue brushing the ring to wash off any loosened dirt and grime.
  • Step 5: Rinse your engagement ring with clean running water. Remember to plug the drain!
  • Step 6: Use a lint-free cloth or hair dryer to dry your ring. If you let it air dry instead, you may notice water stains on your diamond.

Keep in mind: Avoid using bleach and other abrasive chemicals when cleaning your Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring. You could damage the metal and your ring’s finish. If you’re not confident in cleaning the ring yourself, just stop into a jeweler’s. It only takes a few minutes for a cleaning.

Give your metal setting a refresh every few years.

Depending on the type of precious metal of your ring, you’ll want to follow the care instructions to ensure it stays shiny and in great shape. Over time, every type of metal will tarnish due to oxygen and moisture coming into contact with your ring.

Platinum and yellow gold require polishing every couple of years to maintain its smooth surface and shine.

White gold needs to be dipped every few years to replace the rhodium plating and to retain its color and luster. This process is inexpensive and many jewelers even offer the service for free.

Choose a ring with a warranty.

Reputable diamond vendors will usually offer a warranty for their jewelry products. Blue Nile’s lifetime warranty, for example, offers repair and replacement for any manufacturer defects for the life of the ring. James Allen also provides a lifetime manufacturer warranty along with free prong tightening, re-polishing, cleaning services and rhodium plating.

By choosing a reputable vendor, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive care for your ring even years later.

Store your engagement ring safely.

If you’re not wearing your ring every day, or decide to leave it behind when you go vacation, be sure you have a safe spot for your ring.

Choose a fabric-lined jewelry box with dividers, so your ring won’t rub against your Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring. Consider placing the jewelry case in a lock box or a fireproof safe for extra security.

Avoid having your ring resized more than once.

During different life stages, like pregnancy and postpartum, hands tend to swell and change sizes. Rather than continually resizing your ring, store it away in a safe place until it fits again. While you can always resize a ring, having it adjusted often can make the metal more fragile and subject to long term damage.

Remove your ring during hands-on activities.

Take off your Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring during hand-heavy activities like moving furniture, gardening, lifting weights and doing manual labor. You may also want to remove your ring when you swim, kayak or paddle board. You’ll not only increase the longevity of your ring, but you’ll reduce the chances of it getting lost.

We also recommend keeping a ring dish near your kitchen sink so you can remove your ring before you wash dishes. By taking off your ring, you’re limiting its exposure to harsh chemicals and knocking it against hard surfaces. The less wear and tear on your ring, the better.

But don’t remove your ring in public.

While it may be tempting to remove your Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring while washing your hands in a public restroom, it could slide down the drain or you might forget it altogether.

Try to refrain from taking off your ring in public places. Plan in advance for workouts or manual activity by storing your ring safely at home before the day begins.

Insuring Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring’s sentimental value can’t be replaced. But you can be eligible for the full financial investment should your ring ever be lost, stolen or damaged.

Have your ring appraised by a credentialed appraiser and then insure it for its full replacement value. Review a couple of insurance plan options before settling on the one that’s best for you (and gives you the most value for what you’re paying).

Because the cost of diamonds and metals tend to rise over time, have your ring appraised every five years. With an appraisal that’s a decade old or more, the value will likely be far less than what it’s currently worth.

If you’d like help with appraising a ring or finding a Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring that’s truly brilliant, contact our experts today.

Should I Buy Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring?

This style of Gold Sapphires and Ruby Floral Bypass Ring is perfect for someone who loves a unique and stylish look. Because the bypass ring design is so versatile, you’ll be sure to find a style that suits you regardless of your taste.

Whether you prefer a modern, sleek bypass ring or a floral vintage style, and whether you gravitate towards minimalist or dramatic styles, this ring design can be adapted to suit your preferences.


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