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3 Ways To Incorporate Gemstones Into Your Diamond Engagement Ring

3 Ways To Incorporate Gemstones Into Your Diamond Engagement Ring

gemstone engagement rings

When it comes to picking out an engagement ring, it is usually all about the diamond. The size, the shape, the sparkle. After all, the diamond is what makes your engagement ring stand out, right? Typically speaking, yes…However, there are other ways to set your engagement ring apart, such as colorful gemstones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies. With gemstones, you can add a powerful dimension of color to engagement rings, while also expressing individuality in an artistic way. 

Engagement rings that have a burst of color provided by precious gemstones are vivid, elegant, and dare we say, regal. They make an immediate statement of creativity and vivacity. 

And it’s not as if the engagement ring won’t have the modern tradition of diamonds. A mix of diamonds and colorful gemstones is best, as together, the two provide immense contrast between each other, allowing both the diamonds and the colorful gemstones to pop. You can do this by getting a white diamond center stone with accent colorful gemstones or vice versa. The options these days are endless. 

Below we will discuss the best kinds of gemstones and gemstone settings for engagement rings, including examples so you can see just how beautiful all the various options are. 

gemstone engagement ring settings


Nowadays, engagement rings that have gemstones are highly popular. However, not every woman wants to go against the grain, so they are still something of a sight to see. 

It is a look for those who are fun, confident, bold and unapologetically original… 

Did you know that Kate Middleton, Jackie Kennedy, Jessica Simpson, Empress Josephine, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham, and Princess Eugenie, just to name a few, all have colorful engagement rings thanks to precious gemstones?

Although it is a trend most popular among the elites of society, we are seeing more and more woman move in this direction. 

This is because colorful gemstone and diamond engagement rings are unique and lively in style. Moreover, many gemstones are actually rarer than diamonds, and who doesn’t want to feel rare?

That said, not all gemstones are ideal for engagement rings. You need to consider the hardness of the gemstone. Diamonds are the hardest, which makes them ideal for engagement rings, followed by the other precious gemstones – sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Because of this, we recommend sticking to these three colorful gemstones for your engagement ring. You will likely wear your engagement ring day in and day out, so you want it to be durable. 

On that note, let’s first talk a little bit about the three best gemstones for engagement rings…

diamond engagement rings with gemstones


The following three colored gems are without a shadow of a doubt the best for engagement rings. They have excellent gemstone proprieties, breathtaking colors, and incredible history and meaning. With any of these three gemstones, you will surely have a beautiful engagement ring meant to last forever, both in style and in structure. 


sapphire engagement ring

The blue sapphire is known as the gemstone of royalty. And while it has been one of the most popular choices for engagement rings for princesses and queens since the Victorian era, the appreciation of the sapphire goes much further back. In Ancient Greece and Rome, kings and queens believed the blue sapphire would protect them from envy and harm. It was (as it still is) among the most sought after stones in the world.

The gorgeous velvety blue stone symbolizes wisdom, virtue, good fortune, and holiness for royals. When put into an engagement ring, it also provides meaning to the lover’s faithfulness and sincerity. These beliefs hold true in the modern times. 

It’s unquestionable that the sapphire has a special power on us. Although it may not be an actual “super power”, the powerful feeling you get when you hold and see one is real. The rare and beautiful blue gemstone will naturally make you feel good. 

In terms of hardness, the sapphire has a 9/10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This makes them excellent for jewelry, and more specifically, engagement rings. Like a diamond, you will never have to worry about damaging a sapphire. 

All in all, the sapphire is one of the most valuable and desirable gems in the world. To be able to add this gemstone to your engagement ring is truly a blessing. 


emerald engagement ring

The beautiful, mystically green Emerald is also a gem of Royalty. It is said to be the jewel of kings. Ptolemy, the King of Egypt, Alexander the Great, Henry II, and Queen Elizabeth are all known to have cherished the emerald.

The fascination for emeralds dates back six thousands years. Since ancient times, cultures the world over all believed the emerald had healing powers. They could heal both the wearer and those who gaze deeply into the green gem. 

Additionally, emeralds are said to improve one’s memory and intelligence, even enabling you to see clearly of the past, present and future. To this day, it is a gem greatly prized by psychics and spiritualists. 

Throughout time, it has also been known as a symbol of truth and love, especially for engagement rings of the modern time. One look at an emerald and you can feel positive emotional energy flowing through you. It gives you a sense of security, harmony and closeness to the one you love. 

If you appreciate the color green, it is the perfect stone for an engagement ring. Looking into an emerald is like delving into a different world. Every natural emerald will have a captivating garden of inclusions that form rays in a star-like pattern. 

In terms of hardness, it has a 7.5/10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This makes it less durable than a sapphire. However, it is still perfectly hard enough to wear everyday.

To give you some reference, a pearl is a 2.5 and an opal is 5.5 on the Mohs hardness scale…or better yet, a steel nail is 6.5 and a penny is 3.5. This means the emerald is very hard, just not as hard as a sapphire, ruby or diamond.

All things considered, emeralds are among the hardest gemstones and they are absolutely stunning, this is why emeralds have been used in high-end jewelry since they were first discovered, and engagement rings since engagement rings became a tradition.


ruby engagement rings

Needless to say, the ruby is a gemstone of royalty. This rare and ancient blood red stone is said to be the King of Gems. So, of course, it has immense regal appeal. 

Kings and queens for thousands of years have coveted rubies, with British Royalty having created some of the most jaw-dropping ruby engagement rings. 

The ruby is a great gemstone for engagement rings as it symbolizes passionate love, as well as passion, energy, power and a zest for life. Moreover it makes a sizzling statement because it is so vibrant. We all know red is the most powerful color of them all. 

What’s more, the Ruby is one of the hardest rocks on the planet. It gets a 9 on the Mohs harness scale. Thus, its durability is as impressive as its rarity and beauty. Obviously, this is the perfect combination for jewelry and engagement rings. 

Overall, if you want an engagement ring that is the ultimate expression of love, passion and power, adding rubies into the mix is the obvious choice. 


There are three different ways of incorporating gemstones into an engagement ring that we recommend. All of the settings include diamonds as well, as the polarity between the white and colorful gemstones is simply astonishing. 


halo gemstone engagement ring

If you want a very bold, regal look, a halo of gemstones that surround your diamond center stone is a fantastic option. 

Halo gemstone engagement rings offer extra size and a ton of dazzle. Moreover, the color is very pronounced thanks to the diamond that is juxtaposed between the gemstones. 

As you can see in this post, we have a few examples of halo gemstone diamond engagement rings, all of which are absolutely stunning.

When creating the halo, the two most common cuts are round or emerald. The step cut halo engagement rings are very reminiscent of the Art Deco era, which is one of the most popular classic jewelry eras. 

The extra touch of richness that you get from a color gemstone will make your engagement ring stand out while also emphasizing the sparkle of your center stone. 

So, for those who want a large engagement ring that pops like no other, we recommend the halo gemstone setting.


gemstone centerstone

On the flip side, you can make the colorful gemstone the main attraction of your engagement ring. Although they almost always will be, even as accents to a standard diamond engagement ring. After all, the eyes are naturally drawn to the burst of color. 

Nevertheless, with a gemstone as your center stone, you will be making an immensely striking statement. And while you can go for semi-precious gemstones, a ruby, sapphire or emerald will always be the ideal choice. 

As for accent stones, we recommend diamonds, as, again, the white diamond will contrast beautifully with the colorful gemstone, and it will make the colorful center stone explode off of your ring. Furthermore, the diamonds will add extra fire, scintillation and brilliance that the colorful gemstones somewhat lack. Therefore, you have the best of both worlds, incredible light performance and a blast of color. 


colorful side stone engagement ring

Probably the most sophisticated style is the three-stone engagement ring with two colorful side stones. 

With this setting, you get the symbolic meaning of both the gemstones and the three-stone engagement ring setting. This is doubling down on the romantic aspect. Not to mention, you get the modern tradition and radiance of having a diamond center stone. 

The gemstones’ meanings we discussed above, but did you know the three-stone engagement ring has its own symbolism? It is called the trilogy ring as well, representing friendship, love and fidelity, and the past, present and future of your relationship.

On top of the meaning behind the ring, you can get really creative with the design of a three-stone engagement ring setting. Your colorful side stones can be almost any shape and cut, such as round, pear, oval or emerald. And, you can size them up or down to meet the demand of budget. The side stones can be as big as your center stone if you so please!

On the whole, this is an engagement ring style that is going to drop jaws left and right. It is the perfect setting for those who are fun, romantic and elegant. The colorful stones sandwiching the white diamond center stone makes for an exquisite, one-of-a-kind look, every time. 


gemstone and diamond engagement ring

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton, you can find a distinct and original collection of engagement rings with gemstones. We have a number of diamond engagement rings that incorporate sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. From various types of gemstone settings to vintage and modern designs, we have it all. Moreover, all of our gemstones are of the highest quality. We guarantee you will find your dream gemstone and diamond engagement ring when shopping with us. 

If you want to see some of our collection of gemstone engagement rings, follow the links below…

Gemstone engagement rings at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Gemstone engagement rings at Raymond Lee Jewelers

You can buy any of the rings you find on our website online and we will ship the same day with fully insured delivery. You can also come into our state-of-the-art showrooms to see them in person and try them on. We also have some special, exclusive gemstone engagement rings for you to check out.

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If you have any questions about gemstone and diamond engagement rings, please feel free to contact us. One of our expert gemologist will help to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction for all your engagement ring needs. 

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