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A beautiful model rocking a white diamond butterfly ring

Beyond the general engagement rings’ symbolism white diamond butterfly ring is a thoughtful, romantic emblem of a couple’s union. Also, the butterfly engagement ring is a famous style of figural engagement ring that many couples have preferred in recent years.

Moreover, beautiful butterflies lend a whimsical flair to some of the most distinctive jewelry pieces, especially engagement rings. We’re often fascinated by these butterflies’ rich colors and graceful movements. Plus, there are great myths and legends behind the existence of these beautiful creatures. Butterflies also possess various symbolisms in various cultures throughout the world and have been used in jewelry for ages.

In this text, we will take a look at butterfly jewelry, particularly the white diamond butterfly ring. We will also consider the symbolism and appeal this ring type possesses. 

The Symbolic Essence of the Butterfly Ring

White Diamond Butterfly sitting pretty on the beach

When we look around, we can find thousands of species of butterflies spread across different parts of the world. These species are unique due to their vast variations in wing size, color patterns, and overall shape. 

However, not minding the specific species, most butterflies are considered to be a romantic symbol. These creatures blend very well with the romance and promise of a couple’s commitment to one another, making them ideal for engagements. 

For instance, there is the impression that butterflies symbolize a transformation or rebirth as they shed their cocoons to take flight as beautiful creatures. That particular notion is a good expression of the changes a couple experience as they marry. Plus, several couples prefer butterfly wedding themes to make the most of these creatures’ natural elegance. 

In addition to this, there is the saying “butterflies in the stomach,” which refers to nervousness and anxiety. These are two emotions that are constantly in evidence as a wedding date closes in. Also, the butterfly can exemplify the delicacy and fragility of marriage in its true essence. Meanwhile, in Chinese culture, two butterflies seen together are a sign of love. Therefore, most people believe that if a butterfly lands on a person, it can cause them good fortunes.

Regardless of the reason behind a couple preferring a diamond butterfly ring, it will become a lasting reminder of their relationship and the love they share. 

Finally, as mentioned above, butterfly jewelry can hold diverse symbolisms. These vary from culture to culture across the globe. Below are some of the most notable symbolism of this beautiful creature and its presence on a ring:

  • Symbol of Growth and Change

As we mentioned already, the symbolism of butterflies differs from culture to culture. Still, it’s commonly seen as a symbol of change. The butterfly starts its life as a caterpillar. Then, it hibernates in a cocoon before it finally turns into its delightful butterfly image. For some, it’s a totem creature to call when you want assistance in handling changes in your life.

Additionally, this lovely winged creature can also depict the struggles someone would have to face in life to be a better version of themselves. Do you wish to mark an important milestone in your life? Or are you simply looking for a symbol of your personal growth and progress in life? Then, a white diamond butterfly ring would be the ideal option for you.

  • Symbol of Love and Romance

The image of butterflies is associated chiefly with ideas of love. In addition, there is a saying that ‘falling in love gives you butterflies. Well, this is a product of much more profound significance and essence.

In Japanese culture, butterflies are a symbolic representation of marital bliss. While in China, there’s a legend that tells of a young man who met his true love by chasing a butterfly in a garden. As for those in the West, there’s a wedding tradition of releasing butterflies, wishing happiness and love for the newlywed couple. 

Considering all of these, a white diamond butterfly engagement ring will only make a perfect piece to symbolize a loving union.

  • Cheers to Good Fortunes

In Han culture, the term butterfly is pronounced as ‘hú dié’ When you consider the first character of this pronunciation, it has a similar sound to ‘fú’ for ‘good fortune.’ In that part of the world, the creature is seen as an image of good fortunes. This explains why it is prominent in jewelry designs, paintings, crafts, and even buildings.

As for the second character ‘dié,’ it is related to the sound of the Chinese character for ‘the elders.’ Therefore, butterflies are a manifestation of long life. Therefore, if you want to bring yourself good fortunes and celebrate long life, there is no better way to do it. Simply pair a butterfly engagement ring with a necklace. That is one stylish and meaningful way to attract blessings.

  • A Ray of Hope

Butterflies remain one of the most symbolic insects, often regarded as a metaphor for hope arising. In Celtic culture, it’s recognized as a guide for making better choices when life presents second opportunities. Any butterfly jewelry you choose can be a great gift for someone facing difficulties in life. More so, a diamond butterfly ring can give your spouse hope and help them to look forward to wonderful things with you in the future.

The Special Nature of a White Diamond Butterfly Ring


When you hear of a white diamond butterfly ring, it might not sound like a conventional choice. However,  it’ll surely capture the heart of a bride-to-be always. Moreover, it’s the perfect romantic symbol for a loving relationship and a couple’s commitment to one another, which is the true essence of engagement. Nevertheless, the design may be as challenging to catch as the creature also proves to be.

Regardless, it’s possible to find ring designs with butterflies around the center stone. You might even find engravings on the band. The picture of an engagement ring with butterflies on the sides, combined with the setting to keep a central stone in place, is a subtle and straightforward choice you could go for. 

Sometimes, the presence of the butterfly emblem isn’t just a decorative element. Most times, it is the focal point of the ring, embellished with diamonds and precious stones.

In addition, the design of the ring should reveal the uniqueness of the bride-to-be. If you’ve not got a colorful, striking style, it would be best for you to stick to diamonds. And white diamonds rather than stones with flashy colors are the best with a butterfly ring.

If you’re preparing for a spring or summer wedding, butterfly motifs are a delightful, romantic preference! They present you with a wide variety of interesting butterfly-themed jewelry for your bridesmaids as well. You can choose from the hair clips, charm bracelets, pendant necklaces, dangling earrings, and studs, all with butterfly designs. 

One other tremendous choice for earrings would be butterflies shaped from gemstones or filigree style dangle earrings. This is because they all appear romantic and luxurious.

The Different Styles of the Butterfly Engagement Ring

white diamond butterfly ring

All around the world, you can find many different species of butterflies. In the same way, there are many different styles for the butterfly ring. Prominent designs may combine the following features in one piece:

  • A single butterfly built in precious metal that comes centered on the ring’s band as the main piece. With a very huge butterfly, one may have a split shank design as that will give it better balance and proportion.
  • A design with two smaller butterflies on the crown of the ring. They will camp around the diamond; in this case, the white diamond.
  • Butterflies set into the engagement ring mounting on the ring flanks, possibly in a stylized shape that comprises the setting’s prongs.
  • Three or four butterflies that perform not only the role of a decorative element but also as the ring’s prongs. They both hold a central diamond or gemstone in place.
  • Butterflies with wings and body formed from gemstones or exquisitely crafted from wire wrapped around jewels.
  • Butterflies featuring heart-shaped wings drawn up from heart-shaped stones or metal or using pear shapes or marquise shapes for unique wing proportions.
  • The Filigree designed butterflies that may or may not come with gems.
  • Wings slightly lifted or flat against the ring’s band. 
  • Elegant butterflies with pave set diamonds filling in the wings or body.
  • Delicate butterfly patterns set amidst stones in a band.
  • Little butterflies as accents to flower engagement rings or other art deco styles.

All these prove that there are many different ways to integrate the beauty of butterflies into distinctive and beautiful engagement rings. More so, the only boundaries are in the imagination of whoever designs the ring.

Buying a Butterfly Engagement Ring

Not minding the fact that there are several distinct designs for a butterfly engagement ring, they can be hard to find. This rarity is as they are not traditional engagement ring designs. Alternative designers who are specialists in distinctive elements may offer butterfly styles. Also, specialty engagement ring stores are likely to have a selection of butterfly designs for you to choose from. 

Moreover, mainstream jewelers may have a very exclusive line of butterfly ring designs. Still, they will usually be categorized as gemstone rings or right-hand rings rather than engagement diamond rings. You don’t have to settle for the limited range of styles that may be available in local stores. We advise couples to consider looking at the butterfly engagement ring collection we have at Raymond Lee Jewelers. There, they can find what different designs they like best.

  • Considering the Cost

You will find a vast price range for the butterfly engagement ring depending on the types of metal used. Also, the size of the ring, as well as the quality and quantity of any gemstones or diamonds in the ring, matter. 

In a case where the butterfly design comes as the focus of the ring rather than a central gem, the cost may be more affordable. It will be less expensive than designs that use butterflies to frame a large carat weight stone. You may also find some rings with cubic zirconia gems instead of natural stones. That will lower the price even further. But, with a white diamond butterfly ring, the price may be the bane, but the value it delivers makes it worth every dime. 

Overall, a butterfly engagement ring may be as challenging to catch as an actual butterfly. Still, there is no confusing the beauty and romance of the design that is sure to capture the bride-to-be’s heart always. A white diamond butterfly ring is sure to bring out the refinement and charm you need on your special day.

Other Types of Butterfly Jewelry

Aside from the beautiful white diamond butterfly ring, there are other butterfly jewelry. Each of these other jewelry pieces make a beautiful and unique addition to any jewelry collection. With a butterfly design, you have a piece that goes with just about anything.  These are some prominent butterfly jewelry designs you can find on the market today: Butterfly Earrings, Butterfly Necklaces, Butterfly Brooches, Butterfly Bracelets and Butterfly Hair Accessories;

Selecting from any of these other jewelry options is never a bad option. Just as a butterfly engagement ring leaves no slack, any of these butterfly jewelry options will be just as elegant. Overall, the butterfly jewelry opens up an avenue for you to grace your special day with elegance and jewel appeal 

Conclusion: A World of Beautiful Options

Butterflies will always be one of the most magical creatures to have inspired art, fashion, and jewelry styles over time. Being a symbol of love, hope, and good luck, these butterfly jewelry options make an excellent choice in fashion, and wedding jewelry, especially engagement rings. Thanks to the creature’s evolution, from a caterpillar to a beautiful winged insect, there’s enough inspiration to be taken. It is a perfect muse for fashion and jewelry designers around the world.



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