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Round Cut Loose Diamond Ring

Round Cut Loose Diamond Ring

Round cut loose Moissanite 

Round Cut Diamonds are among the most popular and most sought-after gemstones. They offer brilliance and shine. This is why they are the standard for engagement rings. However, several styles of rings can fall under the round cut classification. Round Cut Loose Diamond Rings are what grooms look out for to sweep their brides off their feet. Just as the name implies, it is round, brilliant and attractive.

We are all aware of the fascination with rings and how they symbolize the quality of an engagement. We are also conscious of the role rings play in the status of a relationship. So, it should not come off as a shock that the Round cut loose diamond ring makes the list of top jewelry pieces suitable for engagement and wedding purposes. There is a reason the Round cut loose diamond ring is set apart amid a diverse range of gems and jewelry. It is a unique type that potrays brilliance, elegance and significance. Many brides have a wonderful romantic story that wraps around round cut loose diamond engagement.

In this article, we are going to talk about Round Cut Loose Diamond Rings, the best type of engagement your bride-to-be will never take off for the rest of her life.

Let’s dive in!

Pros and Cons of Round Cut Loose Diamond Rings

Planning an engagement proposal can be very tasking and scary with many ideas running through your mind. ‘What if she says NO?’ That is one of the ideas that may be running through his mind. However, purchasing a top-class diamond engagement ring like Round Cut Loose Diamond Ring, your confidence is backed up with style. Here, we will learn about the pros and cons of round cut loose diamond rings. This way you can decide whether it is a good fit for your needs or not.

Pros of Round Cut Loose Diamond Rings

  • Hardness

With the Mohs scale, we can get the level of hardness or softness of a gemstone. In this case, the scale ranges from 1 to 10. With one being the softest and ten being the hardest. Using the Mohs scale on the Round cut loose Diamond gave more insight on its level of tenacity and toughness. The Mohs scale showed that Round Cut Loose Diamond has a hardness of 10. From the result, it is clear that the Diamond is a sturdy gem, second to none

  • Fire and Brilliance

We associate diamonds with fire and brilliance. This particular diamond is a finely cut diamond designed with elegance. Check out the picture below and see for yourself. Pictures cannot even do justice to how it looks in real life. When you hold these diamonds, you will wish they were yours already.

differences between round cut diamond and Moissanite. 

  • Clarity

It is no longer news that scientists made this beautiful piece of greatness in a standard laboratory. With all the scrutiny we know them to have subjected it to, we should expect it to be eye-clean. So, yes! We can bank on this diamonds to have less visible flaws when it comes to clarity.  With dedication and the right budget, this is the best diamond ring type for your engagement.  

  • Color

It is a no-brainer that we find natural diamonds on earth. The different environments and ways of finding them breed diversity. So, you can expect your Diamond to come in different colors. Colors that range from icy-water clear to yellow or grey hues are possibilities.  

Round brilliant cut loose diamonds is one of the more popular shapes today. While loose diamond comes in various cuts, Round brilliant is the most common. With their sparkles, loose diamonds has become one of the most popular choices. They stand out among diamond alternatives.

Cons of Round Cut Loose Diamond Ring

When we say the round cut loose diamond ring is an almost perfect engagement ring for today couples, believe us. It is really difficult trying to find its cons and setbacks. It was designed without flaws, structurally and aesthetically. The most common con of round cut loose diamond ring is that they are quite expensive. Well, the costlier a gem, the better the quality. We are sure you won’t the price when you feel its presence, sitting pretty on the finger of your wife-to-be. Three factors determines its price: size, carat or color. Once you decide your budget, you can easily the best one for you.

What is special about the Round Cut Loose Diamond Ring? 

Round cut loose diamond ring has different facets. They have different facets in common with natural diamonds. They have the stone in many  facets that reflect light back and forth. The reflection happens throughout the stone to create a dazzling sparkle. It’s this sparkle that makes them so attractive. But, there is more to the round cut loose diamond rings than their aesthetics. Some of the special things about a round cut loose moissanite are: 

  • Durability

The purpose of getting any luxury ring apart from aesthetics is durability. Round cut loose diamond rings serves both purposes. It is a great piece of Diamond which is very tough and highly resistant to chipping and breaking. You should know by now that freedom from dirt keeps your stone in great condition. 

Since the presence of carbide makes it a sturdy piece, there is no reason to worry about its strength. If there is something the round loose diamond ring will give you after beauty, it is durability. 

What is special about Round cut loose Moissanite?

  • Longevity

You find any piece you own even more enjoyable when it can stay with you over time. You are lucky with a special one like this Round cut loose diamond. The gem makers have ensured that it contains all the parts and features that make it last for a long time. And no, you do not have to worry that it will lose its shine or luster. It is one of those gems with the ability to last for generations. Hence, making it possible for you to pass it on to younger ones. 

  • Versatility

It is no surprise that people of different hand sizes and shapes seek out this particular round cut piece. The round cut loose diamond fits right with a short, slender, or tiny hand. It fits all types of hands, but it is also perfect for any ring design or setting. When picking your engagement ring, are you the type to go for the vintage design? Or would you rather go for the modern ring setting? Either way, the round cut loose diamond, will fit right with your preference. Its ability to fit into all settings and styles is one of the highest points. And, of course, the reason for its continued value and popularity. 

  • Classic

Round-cut stones have been in existence for a while, and we wouldn’t be getting rid of them soon. It is a consensus that the round cut remains one of the most appealing cuts. Many people find it fitting for celebrating different milestones. From weddings to engagements and anniversaries, round cuts will always be relevant. So, yes! We can consider the Round cut loose diamonds a classic among other cuts.

  • Shiny

While the longevity holds its position as the most alluring, its shine is special. The sparkle of the stone is unlike any other. It can shine when the lighting is the brightest or the dullest. The shine handles a lot of things. One of its responsibility is making you stand out among many people in the crowd. 

With all these pros and benefits the round loose diamond ring has to offer, it would not be bad to understand its origin.

Origin of the Round Cut Loose Diamond 

After series of attempt to find the best diamond cut with the most facets and allure, the round cut diamond came along. A diamond shaped in form of a circle was a breakthrough which allowed the stone to accommodate about 58 eye-catching facets. Although there have been several attempts at cutting diamond in a round shape but all efforts to make this a reality was futile until late 1800s.  

The invention of the bruting machine gave us the ability to create and design diamond rings in form of a round shape (perfectly). It was a great invention that led to many other brilliant cuts in the history of diamond rings. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the round brilliant cut did not come around until a century later.

The perfect engagement gift

Factors to consider when choosing Round cut loose diamond.

When choosing a Round cut loose diamond, there are factors to consider. Each factor will affect the cost and quality of the Diamond. So, you want to make sure that you find the right Diamond for your budget and taste.

  • Different Grades of Round cut loose diamond 

Before getting your Round cut loose diamond, you should check different grades. You are at liberty to choose between the ideal, great and good. So, it would help if you jumped at it. The grace to choose was not always an option, though. So, a good way to get the most satisfying diamond is to study the available options. After careful study, you should pick the most fitting for your style without further ado.

  • Sustainability of the Round Cut Loose Diamond

One of the beauties you enjoy when you go for quality gemstones like this is sustainability. The gem makers ensure that most of these stones can function at a certain capacity for a long period. And the round cut loose diamond is one of such stones with the capacity to hold at a high pitch. 

Before choosing the round cut loose diamonds, you should consider the center stone. Do you think the center stone can function at a high capacity for a long time? If yes, you are in luck. But, the center stone should not be the only thing that drives you to decide. The side stones of your Round cut loose diamonds are as essential. They help to determine sustainability. So, you also want to ensure that the side stones fit. Another thing that helps to determine sustainability is the metal. 

  • Resale Value of the Round Cut Loose Diamond 

While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, finding out the resale value does not hurt. If you do not plan to resell at any point, knowing the resale value could provide insight into how valuable it is. And if the plan is to resell sooner or later, you should try to find out the resale value. 

Knowing the resale value before you buy is a privilege. The type of privilege that came with introducing different grades. It would help if you got to choose the most fitting round cut loose diamond ring here 



In this time and age, the demand for vintage and designer-inspired stones has escalated. It is no wonder why Round cut loose diamond rings are becoming even more popular. Round cut loose diamond is one of the most popular shapes today. This shape comes from centuries of tradition. It is the preferred cut for most engagement ring styles and settings. 

This Round Cut Loose Diamond is also common in fine jewelry pieces. We can find them in pendants and earrings. We can also find them in bracelets, necklaces and set with precious and semi-precious gems. So, you can always go for the round cut loose diamond with any jewelry piece you choose. There is a guarantee that it adds fire and brilliance to your setting. For instance, if you check the picture above, it was used as an engagement ring. The bride-to-be loved it; you can see the excitement on her face as she jumped on the man. It is a nice, elegant piece of jewelry you won’t want to miss out on. 

Here is a perfect place to check out different cuts of diamonds. But, more importantly, you get to see the most talked-about; Round cut loose diamonds. 


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